[Event] Ⅹ: The Final Update Pre-registration Event

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Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

X: The Final, the final chapter of season 1, will be updated on May 25th (Tue).

To celebrate this grand update, we have opened a pre-registration page for all Raiders!

If you participate in this pre-registration, we will be rewarding you the following rewards: [Soulstone Ticket, Lua’s Unique Weapon Ticket, 15,601 Rubies]

Too bored to wait ‘til the updates? No worries!

Surprise coupons will be revealed on May 11th & May 15th and Countdown Login Rewards will be rewarded starting from May 18th!
※ Please note that coupon rewards that have been received through your in-game Mailbox will be deleted if you do not collect them within 3 days.

We have prepared lots of special events for you, so don’t miss this chance and check our pre-registration page!

▶ Ⅹ: The Final Update Pre-registration [Go check pre-registration page]

We look forward to your active participation!

Thank you.

GM Gremory

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  1. KR2 is coming but 80% of heroes in this game still garbage. Balancing is at a snail’s pace. King’s Raid has no diversity. 댓글:

    Funny how the curtain for Kasel’s story is coming soon but the game is still heavily unbalanced as is for like 80% of the characters.

    80% trash/garbage outdated heroes and then you get the 20% overly-abused/broken heroes.

    Of course this is why King’s Raid has no diversity even to this day. You see a swarm of players using the same heroes for this very reason. Exploring outside of the meta is uncommon and a big rarity. In certain content you’re also forced to build meta else you can stuff it and eat less rewards. But Developers clearly don’t care a damn since they release new broken heroes faster than they can balance, essentially creating a vicious cycle of more and more heroes needing buffs.

    Balancing should be done a steady pace but it takes you like a month to balance 2 heroes. Well good luck getting through them all when you priorities are all over the place (I bet you’ll choose to buff Pansirone before you buff Yanne).

    Also it’s probably time to stop calling balance patches, “balance” patches. We should call them ‘buff-only’ patches since nerfs are dead.

    Gameplay: 7/10
    Balance: 1/10
    Story: 6.5/10
    Communication: 3/10
    Optimisation: 2/10
    Recommend?: Yes but only for emulator/PC users since mobile players aren’t catered for.

    1. Some entitled piece of shit we got here.

      Let me rate YOU as well if you don’t mind.

      Of course, you do.

      But I don’t give a fuck.

      Just like you do.

      Gameplay: The game isn’t that bad for you to badmouth it. Go watch boruto or some if you don’t like it, no one is forcing you. The door is just right here and BYE.

      Balance: YOU SUCK IT UP! Either you build the broken heroes or you just shut the fuck up. What do think most of us did when we didn’t want to build Maria back in the days when she was meta? WE SUCKED IT UP OUR ASSES.

      Story: Bruh… Don’t lie… As if you were interested in the story to begin with… Like what? Honestly, the beginning was meh but now it’s LIT AS FUCK wdym. Either you have diarrhea in your eyes or you’re just straight up stupid.

      Communication: Go talk to them in person then? Fly to Korea? We’ll see if you can overcome the language barrier first? I don’t know? Why won’t you if you’re so dissatisfied?

      Optimisation: Get a life sight.

      Recommend?: What do you mean? Go get a laptop then? How old are you for not even having a laptop? In these days and age? Seriously?
      I don’t care. I play the game with my phone and that’s it. Who are you to be this competitive when you don’t directly support the game?

      Love and peace from yours and only.

      1. SpilledWhipCream is the classic white knight player who will immediately kiss up ¥€$PA ass the moment they shove him freebies 👏

      2. Bruh, 7/10 for gameplay isn’t that bad of a rating. In fact I’ll also agree their balance is lacking.

        Btw, bro, just cause you would give kings raid 10/10 on everything because you’re biased and love vespa so much doesn’t mean he has to feel the same way, lmaooo.

        Also bold of you to think the ppl who complain or voice out theirs opinions don’t contribute to the game LOL. There’s been many content creators and huge whales who have voiced out disagreement with Vespa choices/decisions that DO SPEND and CONTRIBUTE, and in fact I’ll tell u one of them now. Miitaaa (biggest jp whale) voiced out his didassaticafin with LINE pets. So what u gonna storm his Twitter and tell him to get lost for not fanboying Vespa decisions even when they ffed up in some places?


      3. “Let me rate YOU as well if you don’t mind.

        Of course, you do.

        But I don’t give a fuck.

        Just like you do.”
        How does this part even make sense LMAO. So apparently he will care if you rate him, but then you dont give a fuck and just like you he also doesn’t give a fuck? What 😂😂😂
        He cares/gives a fuck doesn’t give a fuck

        Pls fix your logic.

        Also calling others “stupid” immediately after your mistake is certainly amusing.

        It seems you got too blinded with your love for Vespa after seeing those sparkly freebies that you jumped to keyboard warrior and defend them immediately so you could not even see your amateur logic mistake.

    2. Plz man the game is way better than most games out there. Would say only game that is equal might be little better is Genshin. Rest 2D turn based shit isn’t even comparable. They story is way better than most too would say only FGO is more interesting especially with latest developments. Communication is way better than AAA games i play i play games that are not even mobile like apex legends and overwatch and we dont even know if the devs are a live or not lol. So vespa with 2 monthly updates and dev posts are way better. Optimization on other hand isnt that great and I agree with that but not as low as 2/10 maybe 4 or 5. Balance is great like other games don’t even bother buffing older heroes, vespa is doing this so they deserve credits look at games where u have to gamble to get good heroes and all free ones are shit (not like genshin or FGO have such trash system). Like all newly buffed heroes feel great the pace is slow but they buffs are great so i think it is ok. New heroes being op is the norm in any game. U want to hype ppl for new heroes and make them great so ppl build them. I mean look at the 2 dark elves siblings since they were fine and not op they floped and literally no body built them i don’t see them anywhere in this damn game. And all broken heroes are given for free so anyone can build them not like they are looked after a pay gacha system that stops u. Overall this game is great and devs been doing great job lately and are kind with lots of gifts to all player.

      1. No talk about freebies and all that bullshit. Someone is dissastisfied and what, should people praise the person that spreads toxicity? Y’all can suck it up LMAO.

      1. Man people can be stupid like WTF… If y’all are not satisfied just leave… white night or not who give a fuck? Just fucking leave.

  2. I’m glad Kasel story is coming to an end. I never ever liked him even since chapter 1 since he whined about his destiny 24/7. Granted, I admit he became better after becoming edgy Dark Lord but that’s it. God I do hope he doesn’t revert back to his normal Light self.

    I hope next MC is more interesting and not generic.

    1. Imagine you found out that you’re destined to reincarnate into a pig. I’d like to see how can you not whine about it 24/7.

      I hope you’ll become more interesting as a pig in your next life and not some generic piece of human garbage like you are now.

      1. @Back Off

        Didn’t know Vespa giving you freebies is all it took to make you satisfied. Did not know that it was also the payment needed for you to go and insult another player just for giving their honest opinion.

        What a sad human being you are.
        The irony is you’re the actual ‘generic’ white Knight who appears in the moment your eyes see freebies.

        Oh and I also dislike Kasel.
        Did you know you can play a game and not like main character?
        Fight me LUL.

  3. Ahhh so exciting!!! It’s still surreal that the story of the Holy Sword will come to a close after all these years. Thank you so much for these freebies and everything you are preparing for us! I’m looking forward to celebrating years and years of King’s Raid together 🙂

  4. Came back to say, WOW!!! I completely glossed over how generous these rewards are. Thank you so much!!! I will buy Costumes with the Rubies, take another shot at Awakening May’s Unique Weapon, and fully Advance Laudia’s Soul Weapon!!

    1. Laudia is the BOMB!!! She still needs a serious reword though…LoL…I too am thankful and excited about rewards and stuff they are giving… Now just need to get my team up to par…Hapoy Raiding!!!

      1. Why on Earth would Laudia need a “serious rework”?. Still #1 in WB1. Still useable in GC1 behind Kara. Still decent for some TM raids because of her high pen.

        Just because she’s a hero you have a220 doesn’t mean she needs a rework. There’s other heroes who desperately need buffs before her.

        I’ll tell you who needs a rework mate. Yanne.

  5. I just came back like a month ago at the start of the Estelle event and I’m surprised with how much rewards I received. I originally played back in 2019 and the highest unique gear star level I achieved is 4 but they just gave me a 5 star gear ticket when I returned and now they’re about to hand over another one? Thanks Vespa. Glad that I came back after almost 2 years.

      1. nvm I just found out that it’s in the preregistration link and I just had to scroll down…
        but it’s sad that no one answered I just noticed by chance and after a whole day, if I wasn’t lucky to open the link again I wouldn’t have noticed until the update is out :O

  6. Nice rewards and all but when is the buff for all arena assassins. Master to Challenger has the same warrior and wizard teams all day everyday. And my god Scarlet is the worst of em all. Cain + Scarlet S4 UT + JoL bracelet is fucking cancer that permastuns anyone without CC immunity. She’s the only one who can use that artifact without getting One Shotted because of that free toughness you gave her.

    So for the love of god; buff Kibera, Mirriane, Tanya, Epis, Fluss, and Reina. And Theo buff when? why must you keep neglecting the poor bastard.

    1. I agree Kibera, he falling off really hard now thanks to TM gear.

      Also not that great in high tier PvP anymore since he can’t fight against the likes of new Scarlet, DLK, RC, Cain, Lorraine, Evan, Nia, Lucikiel, Shakmeh etc .

      Idk why they nerf him a tiny bit back then. He did not need it. Also he is getting LOH costume so he deserve it!

    2. Gotta agree with buffing assasins but definitely not all:

      Kibera: PvP aspect small yes .. he does pepega dmg nwadays…
      Mirrianne: Big Yes. i don’t see anyone using her anymre in LoV and LoH anymre.. its sad..really sad. Scoring content is most likely replaced with Kara, laudia, Gremory for Single target. The only ones having her as collectible now is probably just the old place. New players dun even bother for such weak heroes like mirrianne anymore.
      Tanya: ERRRRR NO. Literall counter to priests in PvP
      Epis: She fine. Top Eclipse clear and overpowered ignore def+block S1?
      Fluss: ERRRRR NO. Literall handy man in PvP against toxic cancers like lorraine/pavel/yuria/cain
      Reina: Yes! Who uses reina in pvp and pve anymore.

      Overall assasins need to be reworked: Mirrianne, Reina

      1. Can we have a double magic assasin rework next?

        i SWEAR vespa is fking biased against magic assasins

        roi/Chase/Seria =ass/warr/warr
        Yuria/Scarlet/Jane =archer/warr/tank
        Kasel/Clause =warr/tank


      2. Dude u must be a retard or something. What u mean by tanya counter priests? Y do u even need to counter priests? She can’t kill evan/Lucias/ffrey. Her whole kit is dispellable/cleanseable. Again y would u want to kill a Preist when a yuria/shamila/pavel/rodina/pansi will kill ur whole team anyway.

        Fluss is fine, how??? He counters cain/lorrain/yuria how? Cain is physical and fluss has magic dodge. Yuria is archer and fluss jumps wizards. Lorrain is built with so much pdef and he has no def ignore.

        Can u tell me how these 2 are fine? Like what logic did u use to come up with such stupid idea. I agree with mirri and reina cause they suck real bad.

        But kibera is good if they didn’t give all heroes he would jump an undispellable shields like yuria and shamila. His dmg would kill them if they didn’t have these annoying shields. Giving him more dmg would make him broken as he would be able to kill tanky heroes like warriors where he shouldn’t. Also it is the tm gear that made him bad as he can be baited easily. So teewks maybe but straight dmg buff would be insane.

      3. Gotta disagree with your opinion on Tanya and Fluss.

        Just my experience in Master – Challenger.

        Tanya – S1 and S2 damage are a joke. S3 can deal a lot of damage but is very RNG based. No CC immunity, Slow mana gain per attack, and all her debuffs and buffs are dispellable.

        Priests in the said bracket are built to be as tanky as possible and most of them have dispell. Thus, her supposed status as a priest counter just doesn’t work in today’s meta.

        Fluss – only has 1 dispell and is single target. Easily countered by DPS/Wizard with morph ring or SSW. He also can’t kill Cain/Lorraine quickly since they are also built like a tank in this bracket. Also no cc immunity, so he gets raped by Cain and Lorraine before he can even get enough damage from his UW to kill them.

        And the worst matchup for him are those bruiser/wall decks. Watching him hit like a wet noodle and get clapped by Sonia/Shak/Chase/Scarlet/Hilda is just sad.

        But yeah, mirriane and reina are needing a rework asap. I already miss those monstrous bruiser reinas and 1 shot mirrianes 2 or 3 years ago.

      4. Guess its hard to balance tanya and fluss.. these 2 had some presence in the arena still if used strategically…

        Mirianne and Reina are utter trash heroes of the assasin class.

      5. i see we are in same ship fellas

        so sadge vespa keep buffing warrior and overbuffing phys hero

        magic is sadge, assasin is sadge
        mirianne = super sadge

    1. Theo and Crow suffer from same problem.
      Both popular males and advertised/sold as OP in story but weak in lore. Also both meme buffs in November btw.

      Theo apparently equal with Lucikiel (lol), single handedly stop WB1 Fortress, defeat Malduk and also Transcendent of Lightning. Chad in lore but pepega in reality.

      Just look at Crow too. Apparently the ‘strongest Hound member’ and all the hounds are scared of him, but in reality Pansirone is stronger than him so why would she be scared of Crow? More like Crow should be afraid of flame thrower girl!

      1. Theo has small pp, but luci has huge pp. that is y luci is better.

        Crow is cool but pansi is cool/cute/hot so she is better. But crow needs buff

  7. Vespa never been this hyped since the start off the year love everything about this update and the teaser is lit. DLK vs RC is hype. Lucias [saint of lua] vs Isaiah [saintess of lea] is hype. Ffrey vs Maria is hype. Luci grem making a mess is hype. So much hype can’t hold myself.

  8. nice. the update was fine last time as well. I’m wondering if the next MT is 10h long because the final chapter stuff will be added? anyways. i want to see how the buffed heroes will turn out, honestly I’m excited about em.