[Event] Which Hero Is Your Valentine?

텍스트이(가) 표시된 사진 자동 생성된 설명

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we’ve prepared a special event just for you!

Which Hero would you like to gift a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day?

Dress up your Hero with a costume you like and take a screenshot!

For more details of the event, please check below!

▶ Event Details

– Event Period: February 8th (Mon) 00:00 ~ February 14th (Sun) 6:59 [PST]

– Event Link: [Go to the event page]

▶ How to participate

1. Pick one Hero you would like to gift a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day!

2. Go to the [Dressing Room] and dress up your Hero with the costume you like the best!

3. Take a screenshot of your Hero and post it in the comment section of the event on Facebook with your in-game information to participate!

▶ Participation Rewards

– 1 Costume Ticket (Up to 2020 Christmas)

▶ Tips for taking the best screenshot!

1. Don’t worry if you don’t own your favorite Hero! Go to ‘Index > Hero Index > See Motions > Costume’ or go to ‘Special Shop > Dressing Room > Costume’ and check your favorite Heroes and Costumes.

2. Go to ‘Dressing Room > See Motions’ and try using the Signature Motions of the Costumes or try posing with different actions to take awesome screenshots.

3. Go to ‘Dressing Room > See Motions > Full Screen’ to take a clear picture of your Hero.


– You will be able to participate only once per account.

– Rewards will not be sent to Raiders with incorrect account information (Server/GameID/Nickname).

– Rewards will be distributed on February 26th (Fri) 00:00 [PST]. Rewards that are not collected before the expiry date cannot be recovered.

Dress up your favorite Hero with a costume of your choice, share your screenshot, and receive your rewards!

And also, we have a little secret to tell you. Casual Costumes (part 2) will be out soon! Shhh.. This is a secret between us.. What Casual Costumes will be released next? Look forward to our next updates!

3 thoughts on “[Event] Which Hero Is Your Valentine?”

  1. Awe, this is adorable. Thank you Vespa!!! Looking forward to Casual Costumes Part 2!!!