[Event] Where’s Estelle? Event – Result Announcement!

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

Thank you for participating in our event!

We have selected ‘(2) She’s dancing’ & ‘(4) She’s pretending to be a statue’ as correct answers.

Both of these were selected as correct answers as some of the Raiders were confused about Estelle’s actions.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and we promise we will make sure to avoid any confusion in our future events.


– You will be able to participate only once per account.You will not be able to receive the rewards if the participation survey is not submitted.

– Rewards to 5 Raiders per server (by draw) will be sent only to Raiders who have submitted their Facebook or Twitter accounts through the participation survey.

– For Raiders who have been selected by draw, the GM will be sending Estelle’s Special Message Card through direct messages.

– Rewards will not be sent to Raiders with incorrect in-game account or SNS account information.

– The results of the event will be announced and rewards will be sent on March 19th (Fri) 01:00 [PDT]. Rewards can be collected until March 25th (Thu) 23:59 [Local Server Time].

– Rewards that are not collected before the expiry date cannot be recovered or distributed.

Participation Survey: https://forms.gle/bdwVKgwn7p76rLbW6

4 thoughts on “[Event] Where’s Estelle? Event – Result Announcement!”

  1. So, players just receive a meme reward for wrong answers from this bullshit confusing event and call it done??

    How the heck people know if she is dancing or constipated you STUPID DUMBFCK……

    1. They gave the rewards to both who answered 2 or 4 despite the correct answer was supposed to be 4 only, so now who’s stupid now? next time read carefully before you embarrass yourself…