[Event] Vote for your favorite 2021 KING’s RAID Hero!

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

We’d like to introduce you the event ‘Vote for your favorite 2021 KING’s RAID Hero!’ for Raiders from all around the world.

A Limited-edition in-game costume will be made for the Hero with the most votes. We have also prepared different kinds of rewards for Raiders (picked by draw) depending on the ranking of the Hero you have voted.

For more details of the event, please check the details below.

<Details of the event>

■Voting PeriodMarch 23rd (Tue) to March 31st (Wed), 2021 23:59 [KST]

■Result AnnouncementScheduled for early May 2021

※The date of result announcement may change without prior notice.

▼ Vote for your favorite 2021 KING’s RAID Hero Event Page


■How to participate

STEP 1 Follow our Official KING’s RAID Twitter page (@Play_KINGsRAID).

STEP 2 Pick one favorite Hero from the list of Heroes in the event page

STEP 3 Click the ‘Vote’ button.

STEP 4 To complete your vote, please upload your post on Twitter through the pop-up displayed on your screen.

※Please note that you can vote only once. If you vote multiple times, the first tweet will be counted and entered for the draw.

※ When voting on Twitter, hashtags “#VoteForYourFavoriteKINGsRAIDHero” “#OrvelFoundationDay” are required.

■ Reward Details

1. Limited-edition in-game costume

:: A limited-edition in-game costume will be released for the Hero with the most votes (1st place)

※The release date of the limited-edition costume is not fixed.

2. Rewards (picked by draw) that will be distributed depending on the ranking of the Heroes

:: For Raiders who have voted the Heroes from the ranking list below, we will be distributing the rewards below to 50 Raiders by draw !

■Conditions for participating in the event

ㆍThose consenting to the terms and conditions of this campaign

ㆍThose following the KING’S RAID official Twitter account and who include the required hashtags in their posts

ㆍThose not setting their Twitter accounts to private during the campaign period

■Terms and conditions for applying

ㆍOne person can vote only once. If you vote multiple times, the first tweet will be counted and entered for the draw.
ㆍAfter the results are announced, winners of rewards will be notified via DM from KING’S RAID official Twitter account.
・Your game ID and nickname are required to receive your rewards.
ㆍIf you change or delete your Twitter ID during the campaign period, you will not be eligible for the vote count and draw.
ㆍIf you have set your Twitter account not to receive Twitter DM, we will not be able to contact you even if you win, and your reward will be invalid.


ㆍThe content of this campaign is subject to change or cancel without prior notice.
・ If the content is changed, the revised content will be notified.
ㆍApplications from fraudulent accounts, acts deemed fraudulent (spoofing, pranks, etc.), and words/acts that are offensive to other users may not be eligible for the vote count and draw.
ㆍRegarding the handling of personal information in this campaign, personal information provided by applicants will be used to the extent necessary for running this campaign and will not be disclosed to third parties.
ㆍVESPA will not be responsible for any trouble or damages (direct or indirect) resulting from posting on SNS in this campaign.
ㆍThe following browsers are recommended: Google Chrome (latest version), Safari (latest version), Microsoft Edge (latest version), Mozilla Firefox (latest version)

※For inquiries, please contact the email address below.


※To receive emails from @vespainteractive.com, please make sure you have not blocked the domain.

“[Event] Vote for your favorite 2021 KING’s RAID Hero!”에 관한 17개의 댓글

  1. Vespa, please consider making costumes for the top 5
    voted heroes instead of top 1! Or top 1 female and top 1 male per server.

    There are 100 heroes in this game and it’s sad only one character will receive a costume as part of this cross-server celebration.

  2. Why vote? You may know that female heroes will win like Shea, Gremory, Lilia, Laias, Sonia, Mirianne. That is not fair. Win for someone who doesn’t have a limited costume yet. Win the 2 most voted female hero and the 2 most voted male hero. Not just a Sonia costume that I personally don’t even wear.