[Notice] Vote for your favorite 2021 KING’s RAID Hero! Result Announcement

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

We’re here to announce the results of the ‘Vote for your favorite 2021 KING’s RAID Hero!’ event!

A limited edition in-game Costume will be updated for the Hero with the most votes, and for Raiders who have voted Heroes from the rankings shown below (see table below), we will be distributing rewards by draw to 50 Raiders.

We’d like to thank all Raiders for participating in this event! For more details of the rewards and ranking of the Heroes, please make sure to check the result page!

▼ Vote for your favorite 2021 KING’s RAID Hero! Result Announcement


■ Rewards

1. ​Limited Edition In-game Costume

:: A limited edition in-game Costume will be updated for the Hero with the most votes.

※ The update for the limited edition in-game Costume is not fixed. Please note that we will be making any announcements if any fixes are made.

2. Rewards depending on specific rankings

:: We will be rewarding Raiders (per language) who have voted the Heroes from the ranking list below. The rewards below will be distributed to 50 Raiders by draw.

※ We will be contacting the winners of the event through Twitter DMs.

※ If you have any inquiries about this event, please contact us through cs_en@vespainc.oqupie.com

Hope you enjoyed participating in this event!

Happy raiding everyone!

Thank you.

GM Gremory

25 thoughts on “[Notice] Vote for your favorite 2021 KING’s RAID Hero! Result Announcement”

  1. so only 50 ppl… ah well, I don’t think I even voted in this one. forgot this was even going on. im sure everyone forgot and many ppl didn’t vote because they didn’t realize this was going on. ah well. congrats to the 2nd place losers who wont get anything but 3rd place gets SS tickets lol.

    1. Fuck off loser. It sucks being a loser and ur hero of choice is a loser in both gameplay and popularity lol 😂😂

    1. Piss off sore loser. It isn’t spam but most knows that pansi is the physical queen. Not a sucker like chase or kasel or dlk or rc. It is pansi all a long. All hail true queen of flames.

      1. @Lukos too bad i have 2 dads. Both if them will get u pregnant tho.

      2. Most likely the mom you never knew about, you had to have came out of a pussy…

    2. @just sayin not like i care. What I enjoy is the salt in these comments. All losers who hate on her must go hit hard to the face with her being the 1st and with almost twice the amount of votes as the 2nd place lol.

      1. Dude for fk sake!.. get it through your skull, no one cares about theo.. it’s been 4 years, move on..

      2. It’s because Theo is losing popularity due to Vespa constantly memeing him and Theo’s kit being really severely outdated. That’s why not many play him anymore, only loyal fans of his.

        But Chase got buffed hugely recently so more people are building him. That’s why he is much higher.

      1. Because Crow is suffering from same issue as Theo. If you’re getting memed on by Vespa by getting terrible buffs (November meme) then there is no reason for players to build or use him. And nobody is going to vote for a character they don’t use.

        That’s why Chase, Artemia etc is ranked significantly high. They all got buffed recently and they are all used much more. But who exactly uses Crow and Theo anymore, let alone invest all their resources into them except loyal fans?

        Pansirone is probably the most built hero for newbies in 2020 so I’m not surprised she is #1 because vespa changed their whole no nerf policy because of her existence.

      2. @shaw yes yes the salt form this comment is amazing. Love ppl being salty because they chose to build a trash hero. then they start to cry buff my hero lol. No body told u to build crow u had to buy him meanwhile pansi is free. Long live true queen of flames PANSI.

  2. Will pansi, chase, artemia and mirianne get buffed next for being top 5 most popular hero?

  3. It kinda doesn’t make much sense that 3rd place gets rewards but not 2nd place, or top 30 heroes do but not top 10 ones.
    I didn’t vote for any of them, but I’m still curious for those who did and have the right to be annoyed. What are the guidelines behind this decision?

  4. I don’t understand you, whoever behind this event. You are asking people to vote their favorite heroes, but then you only “rewarding” those who happen to be “lucky” to love the heroes who are in majority of vote.

    What are you trying to say here? Are you trying to tell those people who happen to love other heroes than those who are in this list that they are irrelevant? People are wasting their sweet time to vote, getting participation reward is also nice, but to know that you don’t even deserve a chance for better reward because your heart is not in the majority of vote is sad.

    If you want to make a lucky roulette event, then just do it like how they are supposed to be done, you don’t have to cover it with “vote your favorite heroes” bs.

    I’ll be completely fine if you just collect the vote then make the limited costume for that most popular heroes because that makes so much sense. But to give way better reward to those who have the majority of vote? Do you also ask people what race they are born as and only reward those who have the same race with you? Absolutely disgusting and discriminative.

  5. Congratulations to Pansirone!! She deserves lots of love. Rewards for 50 of the ~5,000 Raiders who voted is quite generous. Thank you!!