[KING’s RAID VOD] Companion of Guideline ‘Estelle’

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‘”Ta-da! Your adventure partner is here! Are you ready to leave now?!”

Estelle is one of the most popular characters around Orvel Castle.
She busily runs throughout Orvel, looking for Raiders who are seeking for help.
However, those who are still new to Orvel are easily irritated by her…
But sooner or later they’ll find out… She’s a really quite outstanding, hard-working guide!

“Do you want to be one of the top Raiders? That’s not a big deal!”

By following Estelle’s guideline and receiving all the rewards from her,
you will become one of the top Raiders you’ve always dreamed of in no time!
Thanks to Estelle, Orvel is now flourishing with Raiders from all over the world.

Hunting demonic creatures, exploring treasures, slaying dark lords, tracking down cheating lovers… Don’t be shy!
If you have any dreams you want to achieve, just follow Estelle’s guide step by step.

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▌ Hero: Estelle
▌ Class: Archer
▌ Attack Type : Physical

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  1. For the love of God Vespa please give the Archer class a good buff, most are scuffed as hell and it’s just better to use any other class than them for any content, the only role I see them good for is pure support and this does not help at all. Is it that hard to make the Archer class good in general? I was honestly hoping for a good DPS Archer for once that can compete with the current broken meta but we got her another physical support, as if we don’t already have one in the Archer class for physical (Requina) or Magic (Talisha.)