[Notice] Vespa Policy Revision Notification (Updated)

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

We would like to notify that there will be a revision of our [Terms of Service], [Privacy Policy], and [Operation Policy]. Please make sure to check the details below.

1. Effective Date
– March 9th (Tue) 2021

2. Revised Policies
– Vespa Terms of Service
– Vespa Privacy Policy
– Vespa Operation Policy

3. Revised Content
– Terms of Service
Article 3 (Provision of Company Information) Added
Article 6 (Operational Policy) Added
Article 7 (Providing User Consent) Added
Article 8 (Agreement of Terms of Service) Revised
Article 9 (Protection & Usage of Personal Information) Revised
Article 10 (Company’s Obligation) Revised
Article 11 (User Responsibility) Revised
Article 12 (Service Provision) Added
Article 13 (Service Access) Added
Article 14 (Service Modification and Termination) Added
Article 15 (Collection of Information) Added
Article 16 (Provision of Advertisements) Revised
Article 17 (Attribution of Copyrights) Added
Article 22 (Purchase Withdrawal & Purchase Refunds) Revised
Article 24 (Refunds of Erroneous Payments) Added
Article 25 (User Service Restrictions) Added
Article 26 (Reasons & Procedures for Service Restrictions) Added
Article 27 (Appeal Procedure against Service Restrictions) Added
Article 28 (Service contract Termination) Revised
Article 30 (The Company’s Exemption of Liability) Revised
Article 31 (User Notification) Added
Article 32 (Governing Law & Jurisdiction) Revised
Article 33 (User Grievance and Dispute Resolution) Added
Article 35 (Some Service Limits for Minors) Revised
Article 36 (Post Management) Revised
Article 37 (Event Rewards & Prize Money) Revised

– Privacy Policy
Article 1 (The Elements of Personal Information we may collect and the collecting method) Revised
Article 4 (Charges of Personal Information and Transfer to Other Countries) Revised
Article 5 (Period of possessing and using personal information) Revised
Article 9 (Chief Manager of Personal Information) Revised
Article 10 (Installation and Operation of Automatic Information Collection Technologies and How to Disable Them) Added
Article 11 (Installation and Operation of Image Information Processing Equipment) Added
Article 12 (Obligation of Notification) Revised
※ Article 11 has been added due to relevant legislation in the Republic of Korea and is applicable only to the personal information of personnel on the premises of VESPA. It is not applicable to and will have no effect on personal data collected for the game applications.

– Operation Policy
1) Article 7 (Recovery Policy) Paragraph 6 Added

2) Fixed certain un-matching terms within the [Operational Policy]

Terms of Service [LINK]

Privacy Policy [LINK]

Operation Policy [LINK]

※ You will be able to check previous revisions of the policies via the dropdown menu at the top right of the webpage.

4. Inquiries and Claims
– You may request that your membership be withdrawn should you disagree to the revision of the Policies. (However, please note that you will no longer be able to play or access KING’s RAID if you do so.)
– We will be considered to have given your implicit consent to the policy revisions if you do not express your explicit disagreement before the revised policies take effect on March 9th (Tue) 2021.
– Please contact our customer support team at cs_en@vespainteractive.com should you have any inquiries regarding this revision.

Thank you. 

GM Gremory

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