[Notice] Notice regarding the airing of the TV animation ‘KING’s RAID – Successors of the Will’

Greetings Raiders!
This is GM Dakaris with news about the TV animation for KING’s RAID!

The schedule for [KING’s RAID – Successors of the Will] with Kasel, Frey, Roi, Cleo, and more has finally been fixed! 

It is finally time to get to see the similar, yet different story with new original characters introduced for the animation!


The first episode is scheduled to air on TV Tokyo and more on October 3rd (Sat), 2020 01:23 a.m. [UTC +9] (Time updated as of September 28th 02:48 [PDT]) 
※ Please note that the schedule may change without prior notification.
※ Please note that [KING’s RAID – Successors of the Will] will air globally but the date may vary from country to country. Please check the details below!

[KING’s RAID – Successors of the Will] Channels and Schedule (Schedules updated as of October 12th 21:00 [PDT])

– テレビ東京: https://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/anime/kings-raid/onair/
– テレビ大阪: https://www.tv-osaka.co.jp/
– テレビ愛知: https://tv-aichi.co.jp/
– dアニメストア: https://anime.dmkt-sp.jp/animestore/tp_pc
– ビデオマーケット: https://www.videomarket.jp/
– HAPPY!動画: https://a.happydouga.jp/web/pc/domesticonly.php
– RakutenTV: https://tv.rakuten.co.jp/
– バンダイチャンネル: https://www.b-ch.com/
– ムービーフルplus、ムービーフル: http://mfplus.jp/
– TSUTAYA TV: https://movie-tsutaya.tsite.jp/netdvd/vod/top.do
– J:COMオンデマンド TELASA: https://navi.telasa.jp/
– ニコニコ動画: https://www.nicovideo.jp/
– Amazonプライムビデオ: https://www.amazon.co.jp/Prime-Video/b?ie=UTF8&node=3535604051
– ひかりTV: https://www.hikaritv.net/
– あにてれ: https://ch.ani.tv/
– バンダイチャンネル: https://www.b-ch.com/
– ふらっと動画: https://douga.flat-flat.jp/
– Hulu: https://www.hulu.com/
– U-NEXT: https://video.unext.jp/
– dTV: https://pc.video.dmkt-sp.jp/
– Abema TV: https://abema.tv/
– AT-X: https://www.at-x.com/program/detail/12596

– In addition to the channels mentioned above, Korea will also have the animation uploaded to approximately 32 Online Service Providers(OPS) including WeDISK, Filenori, Yesfile, etc after October 5th (Mon), 2020 08:00 (UTC +9).

– ANIPLUS: http://www.aniplustv.com
– Naver Series: https://serieson.naver.com/broadcasting/home.nhn
– LAFTEL: https://laftel.net/
– ANIPLUS: http://www.aniplustv.com
– Yes24: http://vod.yes24.com/
– GOMTV: http://www.gomtv.com/
– Tving: http://www.tving.com/main.do
– KakaoPage: https://page.kakao.com/main
– JBOX: http://www.jbox.co.kr/

– Youku: https://www.youku.com/ 
– iQIYI: http://www.iqiyi.com/a_1rfl8eqv7bx.html
– bilibili: https://www.bilibili.com/bangumi/play/ss34420

– We are also in contact with [FriDay] and [MOD] and will provide an update once we have reached an agreement on the schedule.

– Mighty Japan TV: https://www.mightymedia.com.tw/
– Ani-Gamer: https://ani.gamer.com.tw/
– KKTV: https://www.kktv.me/
– iQIYI TW: https://tw.iqiyi.com/
– myVideo: https://www.myvideo.net.tw/index.do

– FunimationNOW: https://www.funimation.com/
▶ Please note that all times mentioned above are using [UTC+9].
▶ The animation will comprise of a total of 26 episodes and will air a new episode at the same time every week. 

※ Please note that the voice acting will be in Japanese with subtitles being provided to any regions out of Japan. Dubbing may be provided depending on the country’s provider’s policy.
※ Please note that the schedule may change without prior notice.
※ Subscription-based OTT services are being negotiated to start before the 26th episode airs live after March 2021. Please note that the schedule may change along the way. 

▶ [KING’s RAID : Successors of the Will] Official Site: www.anime-kings-raid.com
▶ [KING’s RAID : Successors of the Will] Official Twitter: @kingsraid_anime
▶ Promotional Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwPBxhhDcLQ&t=1s

【All Rights Reserved】

We hope you show the same love and support to [KING’s RAID : Successors of the Will] as you have shown KING’s RAID!

Thank you.
GM Dakaris

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