[KING’s RAID] Ⅹ: The Final Update Developer Interview

The updates of the Final Chapter of KING’s RAID Season 1, ‘X: The Final’ on May 25th!

To celebrate this update, we will be revealing a ‘Developer Interview’ in which you will be able to hear about the behind-the-scenes of the development process and details of how the story will unfold.

Go check out the interview: [LINK]

*Don’t forget to turn on the ‘eng’ subs!


1. Introduction 0:14

2. X: THE FINAL Update 0:29

3. About the Story of King’s Raid Season 2 (Working Title) 3:28

4. Final Words 8:00

Hope you enjoy watching this video we have prepared for you!

Happy Raiding!

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  1. Dear Vespa,

    I see that your team already fixed the problem about some event from the last update. I honestly appreciate your work about that, Thank you. Then again, Vespa, please response this case too. many of us Raider have some issues about reward that has not received till now. As for my case, i still not get my rewards from Pre-registration coupon that i already used, but still didnt come in my mailbox since 23.30 (GMT +7). Also some of rewards that i should received form mailbox like from Spending Ruby event and Isaiah Celebration event. I hope you can fixed this and give us the rewards that we should get. please follow up this problem, because the case occur in many Raiders not just me. Thanks for your hard work, i really hope a good response from you.

    Best regards,

    Ign : lDiehártl
    Id : 2569376
    Server : Asia

  2. Yes.. a lot of raiders complaining in world chat about the PRE Registration Reward.. i wish you fix it soon.. this is inconvenient since it looks unfair cause some of raiders received it before the lagging server issues.. and for those who redeemed the coupon code at the time of lagging server issues seems to be bugged.

    I hope you understand this is really inconvenient and fix it as soon as possible

  3. I finally caught up with watching this interview. So, so sweet. I love King’s Raid forever! Here’s to enjoying good times with our Heroes for years and years to come. It was great to meet PD Edge by video as well! Thank you for preparing and sharing this with us 🙂