[Temporary Maintenance] March 10th (Thu), 2022 (Updated March 10th 04:50) [UTC]

Greetings Raiders,

GM Ophelia at your service.

We’d like to inform you that a temporary maintenance will be held on March 10th (Thu) 00:00 ~ 06:00 [UTC].

Please note that maintenance schedule may change depending on the circumstances.

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

– Duration: 6 hours (extended by 1 hour)

▶ America Server (UTC -4): March 9th (Wed) 20:00 ~ 10th (Thu) 02:00
▶ EU Server (UTC +2): March 10th (Thu) 02:00 ~ 08:00
▶ Asia Server (UTC +7): March 10th (Thu) 07:00 ~ 13:00

※ The screenshots in the Patch Note have been taken in the Test Server.

– Compensation: 300 Rubies

▌Update List

▶ Rune of Divine Punishment

– Added ‘Rune of Divine Punishment’, the highest tier Rune with powerful Main Option and additional skill.
– ‘Rune of Divine Punishment’ can be crafted through [Lucern’s Rune Sculpture].
:: You can enter [Lucern’s Rune Sculpture] from [Portal] or [Chapter X].

– Variety of materials you can obtain via Shops and Divine Punishment Raid are used in crafting ‘Rune of Divine Punishment’.

[Crafting Stage]
Step 1.
‘Rune Fragment’ x 10,000
Step 2. ‘Legendary Rune’ or ‘Velkazar Rune’ x 10

Step 3. ‘Blood of Apostle’ x 150 determines the Additional Skill

Step 4. ‘Rune of Void’ x1 determines the slot of insertion

Step 5. ‘Legendary Rune’ determines the Main Option

※ The quantity of ‘Rune Fragment’ and ‘Blood of Apostle’ needed for crafting gradually increases depending on the amount of ‘Rune of Divine Punishment’ owned.

– New item ‘Blood of Apostle” can be obtained through [Divine Punishment Boss Dungeon]

– New item ‘Rune of Void’ can be obtained through 5 different Shops.

※ Shop purchase limit are reset every Monday at 00:00 except for [Challenge Raid Point Shop],

※ Rune of Void will be added in the Challenge Raid Shop starting on the new season (after March 15th maintenance).  

※ The selling price of ‘Rune of the Void’ may be adjusted during the each content shop reform.

– The types of ‘Rune of Divine Punishment’ that can be crafted varies depending on the type of ‘Apostle’s Blood’ (Apocalypsion/Solenis)

– The types of Additional Skill of ‘Rune of Divine Punishment’ varies depending on the type of ‘Rune of Void’ (Doh/Laz/Geb/Ans/Oth).

※ You can check the details of the craftable ‘Rune of Divine Punishment’ types through the Guide at the top of [Lucern’s Rune Sculpture].

– The additional skill granted to ‘Rune of Divine Punishment’ have different effects for each class.

– The types of main option and additional skill are given (guaranteed), but the stats ​​are given randomly.

▶ Divine Punishment Raid Reformed

– A major overhaul of [Divine Punishment Raid], such as adding new bosses, systems, and dungeons, is underway.

[Entry Method]

– The UI is changed to selecting the boss to engage when entering [Divine Punishment Raid] from [Portal] or [Chapter X].
– 10,000 stamina is used when [Boss Dungeon] is unlocked, and the amount of stamina used for the next unlock increases according to the number of times the dungeon is cleared.

– The number of dungeons cleared and the unlock status are reset if two weeks have passed since the dungeon was first unlocked.

– You can return to the unlocked state by pressing the [Reset] button at the top right of [Boss Dungeon].
:: The number of clears will be not reset, and rewards and stamina used will not be restored if the [Reset] button is used.

[Scenario Dungeon Added]

– A Scenario Dungeon where you can enjoy the story of The Apostle of the Goddess who condemns divine punishment has been added. (Apocalypsion 7 types/ Solenis 8 types)

You can obtain ‘Stamina Potion’ as a reward when you clear the scenario dungeon for the first time.

▪ Apocalypsion

실내, 인형, 장난감이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

Apocalypsion, who once cared for all humans, but transformed into a Constellation slayer, and Kasel and Frey face a new enemy after the war with the Dark Legion. Please cheer them on as they continue on their determination and will.

▪ Solenis

Solenis, an angelic statue with a terrifying legend, Glenwys, the Vice Grand Master of the knights, and Cecilia, the red wind of justice, face an unexpected situation… What is the goal of the man watching them? Please watch their battles and choices they make together.

[Infinite Difficulty System Added]

– [Infinite Difficulty System] has been newly applied to [Divine Punishment Raid], allowing you to select a level when unlocking the Boss Dungeon.

– As the level of [Infinite Difficulty System] increases, the boss’s stats and skill gimmicks are gradually strengthened and the amount of rewards obtained increases.
[Apocalypsion Raid Changes]

– Among the rewards of [Apocalypsion Raid], ‘Mysterious Rune: Legend’ item has been removed, and ‘Blood of Apostle’, a material for crafting ‘Rune of Divine Punishment’, has been added.
– The previously obtainable ‘Dragon Doomstone Fragment’ has been changed so that it can be obtained through [Karma Dungeon: Apocalypsion].

– The Mid-Boss dungeon of [Apocalypsion Raid] is limited to clear up to 2 dungeons.
[Solenis Raid Added]

– Divine being who protects the goddess, ‘Solenis’, appears as a new boss in [Divine Punishment Raid].

– [Solenis Raid] consists of two Mid-Boss dungeons and the final boss dungeon.

– Every time you clear each Mid-boss, [Domain Skill] is activated to increase the difficulty of the final boss.

텍스트이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

– If you do not clear the Mid-Boss, the environment skill remains inactive, making it easier to fight the final boss.

– However, as the difficulty level increases, Solenis’ dynamic rewards also increases. To obtain more rewards, the final boss must be defeated after the Mid-Bosses has been defeated.

– When you clear [Solenis Raid], you can obtain ‘Unique Gear Ticket’, ‘Blood of Apostle’, material for crafting ‘Rune of Divine Punishment’, and ‘Solenis’ Engraving Fragment’, material for crafting a boss Artifact.

– You can craft 1 ‘Solenis’ Engraving’, a Solenis boss Artifact, with 1,000 ‘Solenis’ Engraving Fragment’.

[Karma Dungeon Added]

– [Karma Dungeon] can be opened by using 5,000 stamina and is reset when the dungeon is cleared or 2 weeks have passed.
– In [Karma Dungeon], you can obtain ‘Shard’ that helps when clearing [Boss Dungeon] and boss Artifact crafting material.

– In [Karma Dungeon], you can have 4 in a deck, and you must select an ‘Empty Shard’ to start the battle.

– If you do not have an ‘Empty Shard’, ‘Tier 1 Empty Shard’ (available indefinitely) will be selected by default.
– ‘Tier 1 ~ Tier 5 Empty Shard’ can be obtained in [Karma Dungeon] at a low probability or through a Special Shop.

장치이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명
– You can obtain ‘Karma’ every time you kill a monster, and when you reach 100%, you’ll obtain 1 ‘Filled Shard’, the same tier as the selected ‘Empty Shard’.
– When you obtain ‘Full Shard’, the gauge is reset to 0%, and you can continue to obtain as much as the selected ‘Empty Shard’.
– When the tier of the selected ‘Empty Shard’ is between Tier 1 and Tier 5 and you run out of the Shards, you will receive Karam in the ‘Tier 1 Empty Shard’.
– The higher the level of the selected ‘Empty Shard’, the more ‘Karma’ is required to achieve 100%.

– Each time the wave increases, the monsters get stronger. You can obtain more ‘Karma’ as you defeat more monsters.
– If the party is defeated without reaching 100%, you will not be able to obtain ‘Filled Shard’. (Ex. Defeated after reaching 80% – ‘Filled Shard’ will not be obtained)
– If the party is defeated without obtaining at least one ‘Filled Shard’, it will be registered as a defeat, and you can try again.

– In [Karma Dungeon], [Threat Value (TPS)] is increased based on the DPS and HPS inflicted to monsters by heroes participating in battle.
– The TPS of the last 10 seconds is measured, and the hero with the highest TPS will be shown with the word danger and a target, resulting in monster’s concentrated attack.

– TPS is affected by 4 factors: DMG, Crit DMG, HPS, and excess healing done (healing amount that exceeds maximum health).

– The highest TPS is in the order of [Knight (DPS)] > [Priest (Excess Recovery] > [Warrior (DPS)] > [Mechanic/Archer/Mage (DPS)] > [Assassin (DPS)]) You need to manage the TPS that changes dynamically depending on the amount of DPS and HPS.

텍스트이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명
– Boss monsters appear every 3 waves, and you can select a card that grants special effects to allies when cleared.

– The effect of the selected card is maintained until the end of the battle, and when the same type of card is selected, the value is accumulated.

– The probability of a card’s varies depending on the grade, and you can select a “Legendary” grade card only once per battle.

– The probability of card appearance varies depending on the grade, and the selected ‘Legendary’ grade cards will not appear again (Only cards related to the class of the hero who entered the battle appear.)

– When clearing [Karma Dungeon], you can obtain ‘Tier 1 ~ 5 Empty Shard’ with a low probability along with the ‘Full shard’.
– In addition, Dragon’s Doomstone Fragment’ and ‘Golem’s Fuel Fragment’ is a guaranteed drop which are crafting materials for the creation of Divine Punishment Raid boss artifacts.
– Artifact pieces accumulate a certain amount each time you clear a specific wave, and you can obtain the accumulated amount when clearing the dungeon.

– You can craft 1 Solenis boss artifact ‘Golem Fuel’ with 1,000 ‘Golem’s Fuel Fragment’

텍스트이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

– ‘Full Shard’ can be equipped and used in [Boss Dungeon], and [Hero Buff/Special Buff] is applied for a certain period.

테이블이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

` 테이블이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명
– The duration of the buff is different for each shard tier, and the higher the tier, the longer the duration.
– Duration can be stacked by the number of selected shards. (Only the same type can be equipped)
– Shard used in battles will not be preserved and disappear even if the duration is left.

[Added MPS UI (Divine Punishment Raid final boss only)]

– MPS UI, an index indicating the average value of mana recovered per second, like DPS and HPS located on the left side of the existing battle screen, has been added.

※ What is the difference between DPS and HPS?

– The fact that the application criterion is the effect received by self, not the effect inflicted by self

-DPS : DMG inflicted by self / HPS : Amount of HP ‘healed’ by self  / MPS : Amount of Mana ‘recovered’ by self

– Not only the Mana recovered by self, but also the Mana recovered by other Heroes and effects will included as well to self’s MPS

– Based on the current time of the indicator, it will be applied by averaging only the records up to 10 seconds prior.

Applied by averaging only the records up to 10 seconds prior to the current point of the indicator

[Added Mana Addiction Effect (Divine Punishment Raid final boss only)]

– When the MPS reaches a certain value, the state of Mana Addiction will be applied.

– Depending on the MPS value, the effects from 1~3 Stages will be applied. (Applied in real time depending on the MPS)

텍스트이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

▶ New Package

– Packaged items are updated.

– Sales Period: After maintenance on March 10th (Thu) ~ Before maintenance on April 19th (Tue)

텍스트이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

▶ Extended Sales Period for Some Packages

– Sales period: ~ Before maintenance on April 19th (The)


We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the maintenance.

Thank you.

Sincerely Yours,

GM Ophelia

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  1. When are you going to fix the WB crashes? I’ve been skipping WB for the past 3 days because the game crashes at the start of the battle. I’m done with this game. If you don’t fix it, I’ll quit!!!!

    I’m also waiting for Jane’s legend costume. When are you actually releasing that? You said you were going to release it after the preoder but it then just disappered along with the other legend costumes. When are you actually releasing them? I won’t wait until KR2 to get them. If you don’t release them, I’ll quit!!!!!

    And stop remaking content that doesn’t need remake. I hate the new rune system. It’s a complete cash grab. The rubies you gave me back weren’t enough to expand all the rune slots I needed to have the same rune sets as before. Now I’m broke and half of my characters are unusable.

    The new content is useless. I don’t do Apo but what did you even think when deciding to make the content harder??? It was already too hard that you needed perfect gears and all characters to be A220 with 5* UW and UT. Now you decide to make it even harder and for what? To take more from the whales. I only buy the battle pass and daily soul stone but I guess that’s not enough. It’s never enough.

    Honestly, I’m going to quit.

      1. yup ever since gaem went completely braindead the only players who keep playing are also as braindead. even kro disc moderation going braindead too

    1. Answering ur partially ded heart questions:
      – Jane Legendary costume was added alongside Maria and Lucikiel long ago. U had literally 2 weeks to buy it costing 20k and everyone who bought would reduce ruby price for a bit and there was a limit in how many they would sell at max. People who pre-ordered early would receive the ruby fluctuation back once the pre-order was done and exactly at maintenance 2 weeks later, they would receive “if” they pre-ordered. If u didn’t, obvious u won’t receive(even in-case u were too late to order thinking the price would reduce or something…). So far, i bought Lucikiel, Yanne and Miruru all at 20k because i didn’t want to lose them.

      – About World Boss and general gameplay content. There’s a constant glitch/bug related to 3rd party programs that executte on background of the game. Vespa have no countrol of those and one is called “Android Web Viewer” who google updates and mess with daily. Kings Raid uses this one to load the community info, but it can interfere with the game in real time because of overlays and stuff, obvious if issues happens with this app, games influenced by it(aka Kings Raid) would crash. Ideally u should re-check ur app list, remove and re-install this one cleanly for most bug fixes and wipe possible 3rd party programs that can overlay screen, such as macros and similar ones if u want the game to run smootly(not as much as it could possible be, but make it playable at least).

      – About new content. It tries to revitalize the game and expand on the grinding while preparing to Kings Raid 2. It’s not the best of the systems ever but well, keeps the game going/alive or giving stuff to do. The thing is this game already messed with it’s systems 4 or 5 times forcing us to re-grind and adapt our gears, nothing new here.

    2. I’m F2P started mid 2020…it was very easy to progress from DL set and Manti set, and lucky TM raid release otherwise its gonna be boring…then weekly/monthly improve to TM 9 dispatch… Lucky apocalypsion release otherwise a F2P has no content to farm anymore….then manage to auto apo raid for few months, its good they release more challenging content again, otherwise the game will be boring again..

      1. mid 2020 is 2 years dude, well… I’m also f2p and I’m playing since dec 2020 and all content is so easy for me including apoc (I didn’t spend a cent here)

  2. They Still need to fix The Crashes in the game.
    Half the number of people playing the game are still playing because they can still play it, and the other half of the people who can’t play the game because of Lagging, Crashing, and Screen Freezing.
    They either left the game, They hope Vespa would actually listen to them and fix the problem.
    But Vespa are slowly losing Players if this continues.
    If you criticize this comment, then you haven’t experienced their pain of players who can play the game anymore.
    I’m just stating the Truth.

  3. come on, why does the game have to crash like crazy after “update”? I hasn’t been able to do any decent runs for days now. It keep crashing in Shakmeh, Guild Raids, Conquest (I am pretty sad about this), world boss, and even ToC.

  4. I hope some boost for heroes are coming… Divine raids became extremely hard to clear, only top notch teams can do it. Losing solo time mechanic and being force to play Apocalypsio with 2 penalties at least made my team not being able to clear it anymore…

  5. Applying mana burn
    So if mana full is burn to 0 can’t recover mana = can’t use skill
    Think vespa thing

    I better take the twice a week rather than my mana is always zero
    What for you buffing laias if you apply the supid system by yourself

    Unless you create a new hero (knight preferable) that has a skill to prevent your mana is being burn