[Notice] Notice Regarding PLUG Service Termination and the Temporary Community

Greetings Raiders, 
This is GM Dakaris. 

As previously announced, service for PLUG will be terminated in the near future. As such, from December 21st (Mon) onwards, you will be able to check any news and announcements on a new temporary community instead of PLUG. 

Another thing to note is that there will be a new Webview UI that will allow you to access our communities from in-game instead of the current PLUG service UI. More information on this will be shared soon. 

☞ Temporary Community: https://kr-official.community/en-community/ 

The community above will serve as a temporary platform until the new platform we are currently developing is ready to be implemented on the live servers. 

Please note that we may be making changes to the temporary community in order to provide better service. 

Thank you. 
GM Dakaris 

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  1. I was wondering when you’d give us more infos, i guess the proper solution is not going to make by the end of dec?

    One Suggestion: If you visit the page on mobile, there is a full screen banner (on my OP5). It’s just Gremory for the whole screen, you don’t know where you are, and the burger Menu doesn’t show any immediate change when opening it. You have to scroll down to see whats happening. I’d suggest a smaller banner.



  2. My other comment seems to not have gone through.

    I was wondering when you’d give us some more information on where we are going after plug. The new solutions is gonna take a bit longer, eh?

    One Suggestion:
    Reduce the Banner size on Mobile. There is just the Image of Gremory for the whole phone screen on my OP5, i have no clue where i am and the burger menu just opens the navigation below the banner – there is no immediate change to what i see.



  3. Am I the only one who extremely dislikes the layout of this community platform? It’s so messy, especially on mobile. Also the banner is way too big and the post title is huge, whilst the body text is tiny.

    I really do hope this is just temporary platform…

    1. I hope it’s permanent and they continue to improve the design. Keep in mind the plug shutdown was probably unexpected and they made this on a whim. I’m sure the design will improve over time. Cheers!