[Storytelling from the Scenario Team] Episode 7 – The History of Orbis Continent

Hi everyone! Long time no see! I’ve missed you all~! Aren’t you all so fed up with training instead of taking some theory classes? Well, today is your special day because I will be telling you about ‘The History of Orbis Continent!’ I know people say you can live off of either magic or swordsmanship these days, but what truly matters is ‘knowing the roots!’ Without knowing the history, you cannot become a good warrior! Especially when Demons are resurgent and the Vespian Empire seems to be in a serious situation, you all need to stay alert and get good grades!

What I’m about to talk about today won’t be on the test, so just treat it as if you’re listening to an old tale! I prepared a lot for this, so make sure you pay attention to make me happy!

As you may know, there are many countries within the Orbis Continent besides Orvelia, such as Penteonia and the Vespian Empire. There’s also Kumusrant, the land where no one other than Demons can enter since the Demons have seized the land. Not even a single blade of grass grows on this land. As a side note, just like us, Penteonia strictly prohibits people from entering that land. Everyone who violated the law and entered the land never returned!

Did I start off too scary maybe? Hehe. But I think I have your attention now! Then, shall we talk about our brother country, Penteonia? I’m sure you all know that both Orvelia and Penteonia are closely related in terms of politics and geography. But aren’t you curious why these two countries are so close with each other that they’re called brother countries?

Oh, I see a hand over there! Do you know the answer? Ah! Are you’re saying is both Orvelia and Penteonia joined forces to keep the Vespian Empire in check when it was established? Well, it’s true that the Empire isn’t on good terms with Orvelia and Penteonia. However, both Orvelia and Penteonia were very close even before the Vespian Empire emerged.

Do you know why? It’s because… ta-da! they’re actually ‘brothers!’ Originally, both Penteonia and Orvelia were a single country. To be exact, I would refer to this country as the ‘Old Penteonia.’ This country worshipped the magic of light and Lua, and it was ruled by the Pope and the king. The state religion was obviously the Church of Lua. It was similar to the current Penteonia. Compared to the Technomagic Kingdom, the Old Penteonia was nothing but a small and ordinary country. However, when the Church of Lua was founded, it started growing through political and social development & stabilization. The Old Penteonia somehow managed to survive during the turbulent period where many countries continued to fall and be founded. I would say this country is still growing since it was established even after the Ancient Sekireinel of the Desert of Aegina collapsed.

Unfortunately, the ‘Old Penteonia’ goes through a severe growing pain, which was the separation of Penteonia and Orvelia. As I said before, the ‘Old Penteonia’ faithfully served the Church of Lua, and the church had been fighting against the Demons for a long time.

These days, some people treat Demons as some imaginary creatures because the number of Demons has drastically fallen ever since King Kyle’s final battle 100 years ago. Even so, the records of the Church of Lua, old books from Penteonia, and history books of Orvelia all mention the stories of Demons and Angels. About 50 years ago, there was even this scholar who argued that Demons were just one type of monster. I’ll get to this next time!

Okay, so where was I? Oh right. I was talking about how the Church of Lua had been fighting against the Demons. According to records, the Old Penteonia was safe from the invasion of Demons since the Curtain of Light also existed there. However, the Curtain of Light was just a means of defense. Even though everyone used the magic of light, that didn’t mean they could fight against the Demons on equal terms unless everyone became wizards or Holy Warriors.

And that is when Lua bestowed them with a weapon of light, which was called the ‘Holy Sword!’ You guys know that King Kyle was chosen by the Holy Sword, Aea, right? Whether the Holy Sword that emerged during the early days of Orvelia was the Holy Sword, Aea that King Kyle wielded or not is still being debated by scholars. However, since it was bestowed to humans by Lua just like the Curtain of Light and evidences show there was only one Holy Sword in the history of Orvelia, people say the Holy Sword that played an important role in founding Orvelia was indeed King Kyle’s Holy Sword these days.

텍스트, 무기이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

There’s another similarity between the Holy Sword that emerged during the early days of the foundation and the Holy Sword, Aea, which was that only the chosen one was able to wield the sword. I’m going to call the first person who used the Holy Sword as ‘Warrior’ to be clear! Anyways, beyond the Curtain of Light that covered Penteonia, there were people out there who didn’t even know what a ‘country’ was. Our first Warrior really wanted to save them. It was such as dangerous idea because leaving the Goddess’ country with something that the Goddess had bestowed could’ve meant treachery.

After giving it a lot of thought, the first Warrior told his wishes to the church. This caused quite a commotion, and the church decided to consult an oracle from the goddess. And guess what? A surprising oracle has come! The goddess ordered the first Warrior to go defeat the Demons and save the world with the Holy Sword! Maybe this was when the endless battle between Orvelia and Demons has begun. Basically, the goddess not only gave the power to oppose the Demons, but also made him defeat the Demons.

Then, the first Warrior left Penteonia with his followers. And he founded Orvelia centering around the current capital, Orvel. In addition, he contributed to the growth of Orvelia by working with various races such as the descendant of Sekireinel and the Elves from the forest. This is what he said after he became the king: ‘The power bestowed upon me by the goddess is solely for exterminating the Demons. I shall fight to protect every being under Lua.’ Think about it! King Kyle also joined forces with various races such as Elves, Frost Giants, and Dragons, not to mention Demons! As you can see, Orvelia respects diversity and does not discriminate against non-human races.

After the first Warrior died, the Holy Sword disappeared in history for a very long time. However, according to the goddess’ oracle, it stated the Holy Sword would appear again when the Demons would threaten the world again. Oh, are you asking if this is why Orvelia didn’t get assimilated to Penteonia again or become a subject state? Oh my, you really are smart! Technically, the fact that Orvelia was chosen by the Holy Sword served as legitimacy. As you know, Penteonia has a deep devotion to the Church of Lua. Since Orvelia had the oracle that came from the goddess, Penteonia had no choice but to acknowledge Orvelia. Fortunately, Demons were a common enemy to both countries that they both had justifications to help each other. Then, as everyone knows already, the Holy Sword appeared again 100 years ago, and its power defeated Demons and united Orvelia.

Oh, do you have a question? I see! So you’re asking if there were any big changes in Penteonia after it was separated with Orvelia? Well, the notion of following the Church of Lua and revering the magic of light didn’t really change. Geographically speaking, there were no reasons for Penteonia to leave the Curtain of Light as well. However, after the first Warrior was gone, the political influence from the Church of Lua grew enormously. The argument that the Curtain of Light in Pentenonia was the grace of Goddess, and whoever deeply believes and follows the goddess would be bestowed with a power like the Holy Sword became a popular opinion in Penteonia. Do you remember that I told you that the Old Penteonia was ruled by both the king and the Pope? As the church grew more and more, the royal authority’s influence gradually declined. As a result, there were cases where the Great Priestess from the church was dispatched to Orvelia instead of dispatching the Great Priestess from the Penteonia Kingdom.

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Huh? Are you asking if the Great Priestess Iris is from Penteonia? Oh, come on! We’re talking about the history of the early days of Orvelia Kingdom here! But if she was alive that time, she would’ve been at least… 600 years old or something. Ever since Penteonia dispatched the first Great Priestess to Orvelia, Orvelians who still believed in the Church of Lua gathered to propagate the doctrine and trained Holy Warriors and priests. Technically, both Penteonia and Orvelia were like brothers under the name of Lua. There are some people who are born with strong divine power in Orvelia, right? There is a popular theory that those people’s roots might have come from Penteonia. If you would like to know more about this, come see me and I’ll let you borrow the books that contain information about this speculation!

Oh my! It’s almost time! I’m always so bad at time management! How about we stay for extra 10 minutes..!? Ugh, okay okay! Then, let me briefly talk about the Vespian Empire and the Republic of Gray. That will be it and class will be dismissed!

Unlike Orvelia and Penteonia that have clear roots, the Vespian Empire is totally unrelated to them. Hmm.. I believe there is only about 1 out of 10 person that follows the Church of Lua. Nonetheless, the Vespian Empire formed power and proclaimed the empire by pacifying and uniting other countries by force and its immense military power. I’m not sure if I should say they’re incredible, or arrogant because old countries like Orvelia and Penteonia are still being run by the monarchy system. Their military power is mostly maintained with strict military education and cutting-edge Technomagic technology. People are going around claiming that they inherited the Technomagic Kingdom or whatever, but who knows? They could’ve just stolen the Technomagic technology from the ruins! Historians aren’t acknowledging it due to a lack of credibility and evidence to back it up.

Lastly, I would like to talk about the Republic of Gray. The people from the Republic of Gray were more like nomads led by the Gray family. Though their numbers were small, they had extraordinary Technomagic technology that surpassed everyone. I mean it makes sense since some speculate that the Gray family was close to the Technomagic Kingdom. Moreover, although the Republic of Gray is known to have existed on the Galluah Plains, some say that the Gray family before the Republic of Gray was founded probably lived on a floating island. Yes, just like the Tower of Sage! How great is that?!

Even the Vespian Empire that literally devoured all countries couldn’t get their hands on the Gray family. I heard the Gray family even had some terrifying objects such as a moving, giant fortress! I don’t think anyone would’ve dared to go against that! The Gray family probably would have taken over every empire or kingdom if they really wanted to. However, it seems like they didn’t really want to. I’m guessing they weren’t that greedy because maybe.. they already had everything they needed? There are no records of the Gray family invading other countries or expanding their territory by force. Oh, there is a record of trying to contract a marriage of convenience in another country though. Hehe.

텍스트, 기어이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

So, why did this powerful country establish friendly relations with Orvelia? That’s a good question! The Gray family was probably concerned because they weren’t sure how long they could maintain their family and preserve the Technomagic technology without having it misused or lost. There is also a speculation that the Gray family didn’t invade or attack other countries because they were so careful with keeping their family and security. They had to open up at some point though.

The Gray family started looking into other countries such as Penteonia, Vespian Empire, and Orvelia. First, Penteonia was reluctant to accept Technomagic because the Church of Lua had a very strong presence. The records indicate that the Gray family was pessimistic about joining forces with Penteonia as well. Some speculate that the Gray family didn’t get along well with the Church of Lua, the state religion of Penteonia. Meanwhile, the Vespian Empire had been waiting for an opportunity to get their hands on Technomagic. I mean, think about it! Would people from a peaceful country have liked the empire that expanded their territory by invading other countries? Of course not! On the other hand, Orvelia was a country that accepted all races including non-human races, and they wanted to become stronger to fight against the Demons. They had no intention of stealing the Technomagic technology from the Gray family at all, and they had been requesting to establish friendly relations for a long time. I said the desert tribes of the Ancient Sekireinel were absorbed into Orvelia by preserving their history and custom, right? Orvelia was the only country that enabled such consolidation. And that’s what the Gray family thought highly of. Therefore, they decided to join forces with Orvelia, and they requested for having an independent status of a dukedom, preserving their family system, and assuring to have their territory. It’s a shame that they don’t exist anymore though. They collapsed due to the betrayal of an internal officer and the invasion of powerful Demons during the Demon War 100 years ago.

So! That is it for today’s class! I think I finished on time, right? It’s nice to see how everyone’s eyes are shining now! I hope more and more students become interested in Orvelia as well as history. Enjoy the rest of the day, everyone!

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  1. Hmm, I like how this is told like its common knowledge and only theory.
    Especially since this is meant to be things people from that world would know as a part of their education system.
    Thanks for the post! I enjoyed reading it and learning of the political status of the larger nations.

  2. Amazing. Thank you so much. There are so many connections all around, yet so much more to discover. Interesting that the Republic of Gray possessd the power of the Mountain Fortress, if I’m not mistaken, and Theo wields the power of lightning as a potential transcendent.

    Perhaps the Tower of Sage is an inheritance, gift, or offspring of the Republic of Gray to Orvel?

    I wonder if the Church of Lua would then be Artemia’s primary political rival in Penteonia, since Bernheim’s story seemed to imply that she faces opposition from within.

    What an interesting history behind Orvel and Penteonia! By default any church in a medieval fantasy setting is compared to the Catholic Church in our world’s Middle Ages, but only 1 in 10 individuals following the Church of Lua is a stark contrast.

    Looking forward to learning more about the Curtain of Light!