[Storytelling from the Scenario Team] Episode 6 – Orbis Encyclopedia Volume XXIX: The Church of Lua and Saint of Lua

The Church of Lua

 The Church of Lua is a religious group that serves the Goddess Lua, and it pursues peace and harmony of all life. Although its date of establishment and founder remain unknown, it is presumed that the Church of Lua existed before Orvelia became independent from Penteonia as both Orvelia and Penteonia endorsed the Church of Lua as their state religions. The headquarter of the Church of Lua is located at the capital of Penteonia, and the capital of Orvelia sends out their High Priests to maintain a friendly relationship since its independence.


  The priests of the Church of Lua try to spread the belief that Lua has bestowed life upon all species. Despite the fact that the Church of Lua is forming and training the Holy Knights that wield the divine power for exterminating the Demons including murderous and malevolent monsters, its doctrine of prioritizing communication and understanding over wielding a sword is being passed down through generations.

  The priests of the Church of Lua can wield divine power to fuse substances, heal, and protect others. It is mostly humans that have divine power. However, the reason why so many humans are naturally born with divine power remains a mystery … the Church of Lua believes that their divine power is a power that the Goddess has bestowed upon them, and the church teaches its people that this power should be used for helping and protecting lives.


  The Angels have four symmetrical white wings, and they wield strong divine power that far surpasses the humans. The records and anecdotes of witnessing the Angels who fought against the Demons in the air during the Demon War 100 years ago are described on page XXX of this book.
  An anecdote of the Angels is recorded as the following in the Church of Lua Address.  
「… as the envoy of the God with dazzling sword and radiant shield came down from the sky flapping its wings, a priest taken by surprise bowed down and folded his hands. “O holy form and spirit of light, I dare to ask you if you are my light, Lua,” he said. “Human, or the beings who she has compassion for, we are her wings, feet, and hands. The Goddess commanded us to go down to the earth to exterminate the wicked and use her power to save the children who serve her for she has seen the evil beings would disrupt the world,” the Angel replied … 」

  Judging by the fact that there are some remaining records and testimonies of witnessing and communicating with the Angels, it is likely that they are able to go back and forth to the earth even though they do not reside here like the Elves and Animal Hybrids, and move around to carry out Lua’s orders and subjugate the Demons instead. Moreover, some Angels are believed to have helped the Church of Lua by lending some of their objects or body parts such as their feathers because they considered the people of the Church of Lua as beings who connect humans and Lua. Rosmerta, which has been passed down from generation to generation, is part of that record.

The Holy Sword, Aea

  The Church of Lua regards the Holy Sword, Aea as a gift from the Goddess. Especially, the obligation of protecting the Holy Sword and its successor has existed for generations in the Church of Lua located at Orvelia. Although the revelation about the chosen warrior of the Holy Sword hasn’t been heard ever since the Holy Sword, Aea was sealed in World Tree, the church is constantly scouting World Tree by cooperating with the Royal Family of Orvelia or on their own.

  It is believed that there was a priestess who received a revelation to save and protect the Warrior of the Holy Sword, Kyle. Ever since she led the Holy Dragon, Oricana, she was called by various nicknames such as ‘Saintess of Dragon,’ ‘Saintess of Light,’ ‘Saintess of Brilliance,’ and ‘Nameless Saintess.’ However, the records of her real name and whether she is alive or dead are expunged, and the Church of Lua strictly prohibits its people from mentioning or investigating the Saintess of Light. It is technically impossible to do research about her since the comrades who fought alongside King Kyle and the ‘Nameless Saintess’ are also keeping silent.


  However, there is speculation that the disappearance of the Saintess’ records may be related to the extinction of the Holy Dragon, Oricana. The details can be found at Orbis Encyclopedia Volume XI: King Kyle and the Demon War.


  They are called in the names of Saint or Saintess. One of the most well-known Saintess in the record is ‘Saintess of Dragon,’ and various stories of Saintess of Miracles, Yvonne, The Priest, Evelyn, Saintess of Praise, and Saint in Red Fur Clothes, Nicholas exist. Some were part of the Church of Lua as official priests, but many of them could not wield divine power at all or did not know if they possessed divine power or not. Only the ones who are chosen by Lua’s stigmata and wield strong divine power are regarded as ‘Saints of Lua’ by the Church of Lua. However, the Church of Lua does not prohibit its people from calling those who worked miracles and contributed toward peace as Saint or Saintess.


Anecdotes regarding Saint or Saintess are described on page XXX of this book.

The Holy Knights

  The Holy Knights is a group of people who wield divine power for battles instead of healing and protection purposes. The duty of Penteonian Holy Knights of the Church of Lua is to protect the Curtain of Light and annihilate enemies that cause harm to it. The Holy Knights also monitor and oversee Kumusrant ever since it was seized by Demons. Penteonian Knights not only wield divine power, but also use the magic of light …

  In Orvelia, there is an independent Holy Knights consisted of people from Orvelian church. Their main task is to support the Warrior of the Holy Sword once he emerges, and defeat Demons who cause harm to humans. While the supreme authority of Penteonia has the jurisdiction of sending the Holy Knights to battles, the high priest of Orvelian church exceptionally has the authority to dismiss, appoint the captain of the Holy Knights and order the Holy Knights of Orvelian church to go into the battles.

Saints of Lua

  Saints of Lua are chosen by Lua’s stigmata and they receive revelation directly from Lua. Their strong divine power surpasses that of ordinary Saints. There are no detailed records of the conditions and causes of becoming a Saint of Lua. It seems that even the people of the Church of Lua have different viewpoints, and the research is still ongoing. The clear distinction between an ordinary priest who is skilled in wielding divine power and a Saint of Lua is ‘stigmata,’ ‘relic,’ and ‘memory.’
 The stigmata show on one’s body in various forms. The standard does not exist as the stigmata appear on various parts of the body and in all ages. Some were even recorded as missing, not knowing whether they are alive or dead. The lifespan is usually about 7 or 8 years based on when the stigmata started showing. Rather than the lifespan becoming short, it is speculated that the excessive consumption of mental strength from enduring the memories and emotions inherited along with the stigmata from the previous generation of Saints of Lua could be the cause for the short lifespan.
  Although the period of succession cannot be pinpointed, the records describe that there are a total of 4 Saints of Lua that inherited the memories.
「Causto cried out and said, “For the light of the Saint of Lua of Judgment has faded, what can I know when the Saint of Lua of Judgment shall be born? The Goddess has abandoned us.” Filled with Wrath, Fyncana replied, “It is thy faith that has faded. But as truly as this flag stands, be not ignorant of Lua’s blessing which looks upon us and protects us.” At her rebuke, Vichelin agreed.」

  According to the records, the 4 Saints of Lua barely gathered all together since their duties are to carry out revelations that Lua has provided them and use their powers for peace by wandering around various places. In addition, it is presumed that they cannot share what missions or revelations they received from Lua, even though they are aware of each other’s birth and death.


The relic of the Saint of Lua is known to be retrieved once the Saint of Lua dies.

Author: Tobre Vanivi

Editor: Tobre Vanivi

Assistance: Vega, the official priest of the Church of Lua, History Research Institute of Penteonia, and a scribe of Orvelian Royalty (requested for anonymity)

Publisher: The Institute of History and Literature of Tower of Sage

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