[Storytelling from the Scenario Team] Episode 5 – Laughing Masks

Common calendar year 696, Month XX, day XX 

Today, I killed my sister. I’ve taken countless lives as a member of the Laughing Masks. It’s despicable to see myself shaken just because this victim is my sister. I’ve always doubted whether we were actually related by blood. I called her sister because we were together ever since I held up my blade. But she was my family that made this hellish life endurable because she was there for me. Her existence helped me get through the days full of guilt and fear. And I killed her with my own hands, just because she was trying to escape the Laughing Masks. 

I can’t shake off the sight of her eyes that stared into mine at the last moment. Those eyes asking why it had to be me who kills her, full of fear, grief, and shock… Ah, but she spoke to me that moment— she told me to ‘live.’ Telling her vile brother, the one who killed his own family, to live… Perhaps this is her curse upon me. If only I chose to run away with her that day… If only I had the courage to do so! 

But it’s all too late now. I know what awaits getaways in the end. I’ve seen more than enough to know. If so, I will expose the Laughing Masks to their very core and destroy them, even it costs me my life. These… bastards that treat the lives of their fellow teammates as trash… Bastards that destroyed the lives of my sister and me! Yes. All this sadness and pain is because of the Laughing Masks. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t have had to kill my sister with my own hands. 

It is impossible to wash away the bloodstains from my hands; the only thing I’ve learned from them is how to assassinate and infiltrate. Then I shall thoroughly use these skill sets. Damn you all to hell. I shall wash away the blood spilled by my sister with the blood of all of you and rest by her side. 

I buried my sister under a tree near the Orvelian border. It’s the rule of the organization to make sure that no one can find the body, but that doesn’t matter anymore. 

Month XX, day XX 

I received orders to relocate the 3rd training camp. Since it was my sister who attempted to escape, I need to follow orders without asking any questions to shake off any suspicions. But to kill everyone at the training camp except for five of them… Dammit. I hate fighting against children. I always have. Perhaps it’s better to die rather than live in this hellhole. 

But I cannot die yet. I will have my revenge against the Laughing Masks. I knew I would have to spill more blood. So… (There are traces of scribbled ink.) 

Month XX, day XX 

It looks like the Masks found a town of Half-Elves and hunted them down. Five children were transferred to the 5th training camp. Attacks against houses that are far apart from villages or Half-Elves that are secluded from other people are common around here. My sister and I, too, were also prizes they gained from this ‘hunt.’ No one became a killer because they wanted to. Those who revolted or questioned their origin are all dead. An organization that condones such behavior and repeats the same tragedy over and over again. That’s what the Laughing Masks is. 

Month XX, day XX 

I heard that there’s a secret depository where only the executives of the Laughing Masks can enter. Apparently, it’s for storing concealed weapons and documents that contain assassination techniques, but I doubt that’s all they store. I must find a way in. 

Month XX, day XX 

While I was listening to an executive meeting, I acquired information about a mission involving the assassination of an Orvelian noble. It looked like they were having a hard time because the informant wasn’t giving them enough information. The informant of the royal palace was that man… The captain of the royal guards. I remember contacting him when I was on a mission with sis… Brian. I think that’s the name. They talked more about the issue, but I was unable to make out what exactly they were talking about. I could use Brian and meddle with their plans, but I have other priorities. 

Month XX, day XX 

Things have gone awry. Perhaps the chief has sensed something. To make me the team leader… I can’t tell what the chief is thinking. Tanya. Half-Elf. 12 years old. Roi. Human. 14 years old. Fett. Animal Hybrid. 14 years old. That’s a lot of assassins. On top of that, Fett and Tanya look like they’re not used to the job. Roi, on the other hand, looks pretty capable. Maybe I should train him and delegate my status as the team leader to him. Apparently, he was only 11 years old when he committed his first murder. If everything turns out right, I can make him do the job and focus on getting information on the organization. 

Sigh… I can’t believe I’m thinking of making the younger ones do the dirty work in order to destroy the organization. What a pathetic loser I am. I’m sick of myself. 

Month XX, day XX 

I’ve finally infiltrated into the secret depository! After going through scrolls on assassination techniques and weapons, I found a few documents with an archaic-looking seal. I couldn’t understand what they meant because they were in ancient letters. 

Month XX, day XX 

I requested and received a mission to infiltrate the royal library. ‘The members need more hands-on experience…’ So I said in the request. I’m worried about Tanya. She’s not used to infiltration. 

Month XX, day XX 

The mission was a success. I was also able to pick up some books that looked useful for decrypting the document. Fett had a few close moments, but Roi took care of the one that tried to catch Fett’s tail. The sight of him ruthlessly decapitating the enemy was… (It looks like he stopped writing for a while.) He’s only 14 years old. He’s too natural with taking a person’s life. It has only been a few days since I met him, but… No. I shouldn’t waste time with such thoughts. I should focus on decrypting the document for now. 

Month XX, day XX 

I finally decrypted the document. It was just a simple letter with no code or anything. I wasn’t able to understand it because it was written in a language that was used hundreds of years ago. The letters were weathered due to old age, but I was able to see that the document was an order from a man named Malduk. I also could make out the words, ‘to Queen Morgana,’ ‘the Holy Sword of Prince Kyle.’ ‘destruction of the Republic of Gray,’ ‘the contract with the primal demons,’ and ‘find the Holy Sword.’ So the Laughing Masks were involved in something more than assassinations… My head hurts. 

Month XX, day XX 

Roi, Tanya, and Fett were talking amongst themselves when I came back. They were talking about normal things that kids would talk about. Even Roi. This feels weird. I took them in because I really had no choice, but… 

Month XX, day XX 

I was able to acquire numerous documents exchanged between the nobles of the Vespian Empire and the nobles and royalty of Orvelia. They contained information on the assassination requests and the name of the people behind those assassinations. But this is not enough. I need to catch something bigger. Something big enough so that the Kingdom of Orvelia or the Empire must take action themselves. 

Month XX, day XX 

I received a report that Tanya was pursued during the infiltration mission after getting her identity exposed. Fortunately, Roi joined in and killed all of the pursuers as well as the witnesses. It seems that Fett ran away early. I decided to let it pass since everyone came out safe. 

Month XX, day XX 

Rumor has it that Brian is teaching swordsmanship to a kid from the orphanage. I don’t understand why he would do such a dangerous thing. Since he used to work for the Laughing Masks, he won’t be able to escape them.  

(There are traces of ink splatters as if the writer frantically dropped his pen.) 

(The rest of the entry is in shaken handwriting.) It seems that a Laughing Masks assassin was after me. I heard a loud noise and went outside to see a dead body on the floor and Roi standing next to it. He sheathed his blood-soaked blade and simply apologized. ‘I am sorry for leaving such a mess.’ Roi’s naked face looked like the mask of a killer. Does he know what I’m doing? Do the other members know? Should I get rid of him first? But Roi just nodded as if there was nothing wrong and left. If I just told him everything and team up with him… With his skills, I’m sure he can take down an executive member easily. But… Why am I so hesitant? Why didn’t I eliminate him when he turned his back? 

Sister, what must I do? 

Year 697, Month XX, day XX 

Fett is dead. I knew that Fett hated killing people and wanted to run away from the Laughing Masks for a while now. I know what the kid was going through, running away without even talking to anyone. I could’ve prevented Tanya from killing that child had I stayed without leaving to gather some information… Her voice trembled as she reported the case, but I didn’t ask further. I had also killed my own sister. I was a man that was able to look back at his life only after killing her. 

I just… can’t help but think that I might’ve been able to save them. 

Month XX, day XX 

The chief called my team members and me. He awarded Tanya with Caethasis, and Roi with Redeal and Soma’s Hood. As the chief complimented me for training them into fine assassins, I felt as if I was sinking underground. They’re complimenting me for training them into fine killers. I’m being complimented for training someone into a ruthless killer that kills their own team member without hesitation. I just wanted to strangle myself. It was my mistake thinking I could even hurt this dark and giant organization. I should’ve run away and died like my sister, or die with her on that spot.  

But… But… Roi and Tanya are here. I cannot abandon those children here. I want to save these children from this place before the masks completely cover their true faces. I wasn’t able to save my sister, but maybe… maybe I can save them… Am I wishing for too much? 

This is painful. Too painful. 

Month XX, day XX 

They finally started moving. It appears that the boy that Brian took into his care is related to the royal family of Orvelia. I don’t know whose son he exactly is, or how this information was obtained, but I know that being the boy’s guardian is a reason good enough to kill Brian. I know it won’t even cause a stir even if he is the captain of the royal guards. 

It’s obvious who the client is. It’s a group of nobles that want to wipe out every royal blood. They’re different from those who want to place a puppet monarch and stay in power for the rest of their lives. They already have a ‘king’ they want to serve. The time has come for me to make a decision. I don’t have much time left. 

Month XX, day XX 

I contacted Brian, the captain of the royal guards, for a secret rendezvous. I plan to hand him over all the information I gathered and ask for Roi and Tanya’s protection. Brian doesn’t know the boy’s identity yet. I can tell him that the boy is of royal blood and if he can reach the followers of the royal family with this information… Well, I’d be ruining the mission of the Laughing Masks, so I’d somewhat have my revenge. 

No, revenge doesn’t matter anymore. If I can just get Roi and Tanya out of this lair of killers, I 

The man wasn’t able to put down his pen. The journal slowly became drenched with crimson blood. The man desperately moved his bloodshot eyes downwards. He recognized the familiar crimson blade that pierced through his abdomen. 

 “Brian will die.” 

The man knew the voice all too well. A quiet, composed voice of a boy that had not gone through puberty yet. The man forced his head to the side. An orange object was wobbling. There was someone behind, but the man’s blurred sight made it impossible to identify the figure. 

“’Thank you for your service until now.’ That is the chief’s last message.” 

The man’s eyes rolled back. The boy withdrew his blade, and the lifeless body fell to the ground. The girl standing behind clenched her teeth and lowered her head. 

“You could’ve at least… asked why…” 

“I wasn’t ordered to ask questions.” 

“You’re always like this, Roi! With Fett, and even the team leader!” 


Roi silenced her abruptly. The girl took a step back, startled by his intimidating glare. 

“Tanya, it says on the report that you’re the one who killed him. Watch your mouth.” 

“As if that… That means anything.” 

“It means that you’ve done your job as a sweeper. It’s important if you want to survive here.” 

The boy glanced at the journal that the man was writing. He had urges to read it, but the man was a traitor of the organization. If he got himself involved, it wasn’t just him that would get hurt. Tanya would get hurt as well. He decided to burn it without reading it. He did so because it was more important to protect him and Tanya, who was shaking without a word. 

“Let’s move. I need to report to the chief.” 

Roi turned his head only after seeing the flames had turned everything into ashes. Slow footsteps followed.  

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  1. Thank you for this. The Laughing Masks were one I was afraid you guys forgot about, happy to see that was not the case. I hope we get more information on them, especially Dark Lord Kasel’s reaction to them, given now he no longer has restraint over his anger and malice from the look of it. Again, thank you and have a wonderful day~

    1. Tbf there’s so much more to this. Like how Roi is connected to the murder of Kasel’s teacher. How Tanya became so emotionally dependant on Roi. I like it when short stories like these have more to them than just what it is on the surface lol.

  2. Alright, I gotta ask, Scenario team, give it to us straight. I know one of the best parts of KR is character animations and how everything from walking, running, attacking to even getting stunned is shown in the character. You guys put so much into adding so much personally with the animations, so I gotta ask… Why do Siegfried and Bernheim have the same animations? I know there’s a reason for it, but I gotta know. Were Targarios and Siegfried friends? I need to know why they have the same animations.

    Thank you again, I love reading these.