[Storytelling from the Scenario Team] Episode 4 – The Tower of Sage

Ta-da! A big hello to you all, Raiders! It’s Estelle, your closest companion!

Today, I will proceed with a very special segment at the request of the Scenario Team! Before I start, I would like to read you the message that the Scenario Team requested me to deliver. Okay, let’s see… (Rummages) Ah, found it!!

Let’s see… ‘We are truly grateful to the Raiders for participating in the story survey that was conducted a while ago.’ And they also wrote in bold letters here… ‘We have also read all the personal feedback you wrote in the last section.’ ‘To show our appreciation to all the love and attention you’ve sent, we’ve been drinking coffee and energy drinks day and night like water and have been working hard—’ …What? Oh, please forget that part. I don’t think I was supposed to read that part!

A-anyways! Today’s grand segment that I prepared is… ‘What’s that Tower?!’ What is this about, you ask? It’s about that one place everyone’s dying to know more about: The Tower of Sage! Now, it would be no fun with just me alone, right? That’s why I invited these special guests from the Tower of Sage!! (Ta-da!)

Cleo: NOW you introduce us!? We’ve been waiting here for ages!!

Aisha: It seems you haven’t changed at all. No grace whatsoever. (Sips some tea) And here I thought that you’d gained some patience.

Cleo: Ugh! Whatever! It’s not like you changed, either! You’re still insufferable as ever! And I saw you yawn a while ago! So much for being graceful!

Aisha: Wh-when did I do that!?

Estelle: Yah!? P-please don’t fight, you two! This is a very special occasion—

Cleo: Oh, right! We need to talk about that, Estelle! What is this?! I didn’t know that she would be here as well! I thought it would just be Evan or the old man, not her!

Estelle: But Master Dominix is an incredibly busy man! I had no choice.

Aisha: She’s right. You do realize that the Great Sage has other important tasks to take care of other than cleaning up your mess?

Cleo: Say that again! I dare you!

Roi: Cut it out, you two… Let Estelle proceed with her segment.

Cleo: You should be siding with me, Roi! You should also thank me for even bringing you here!!

Roi: …What? I… Why am I here in the first place… *Sigh*

Evan: Ahahaha. Full of energy as usual, I see. I think you should just start, Estelle. If you let them go on and on, this segment will probably not be finished until the next day.

Priscilla: I concur. Once ignited, Her Ladyship’s temper persists for quite a while… *Sigh* Please continue, Lady Estelle.

Estelle: Aha… hahaha… Then I shall get started with ‘What’s that Tower!?’ for all the Raiders who are waiting. Ahem, let’s get going then! I, Estelle, a reliable friend to all the Raiders, will be hosting this event!

Q. What exactly is the Tower of Sage? Where is it located, and what do you do in there?!

Estelle: Whoa, what a big first question! I’m sure Evan here will be able to provide a great answer to this question! Could you tell us briefly about the Tower of Sage?

Evan: Now… Where should I start? (Cleo and Aisha are yapping in the background, but Evan doesn’t seem to care) The most notable thing about the Tower of Sage is obviously the fact that it is actually a floating island. I heard that it’s based on Technomagic technology.

Estelle: Wow! Technomagic… The Technomagic Kingdom… Then does that mean that the Tower of Sage existed since the days of the Technomagic Kingdom?

Evan: Not exactly. I heard that the technology itself is from the Republic of Gray. Technically… the Republic of Gray are descendants from the Technomagic Kingdom, so you might think that there’s not much difference, but I heard there were political trades and agreements between the two parties. It would do well to distinguish them.

Roi: The Republic of Gray? I thought the Tower of Sage was politically independent. I didn’t expect that they had a connection to the Republic… (Cleo is sticking out her tongue at Aisha, but Roi doesn’t seem to care. More like, he seems to have given up.)

Evan: Well, I heard their arrangement was more like a technological partnership. No wonder it’s not well-known. Plus, that was the first and last interaction the Tower had with the Republic. The Tower of Sage would have become an independent nation if it aimed for that, but fundamentally, it is a place of research across all fields, both academic and technological. I’m sure the Tower of Sage will maintain its status quo as an independent institution where people of all races and classes can work together.

Estelle: Hehe, that’s right! Everyone was so friendly to me, even though I’m an outsider from another world.

Priscilla: Although I am skeptical that the choices they make inside the Tower are completely unrelated to the ruling class of each nation, seeing the leaders of each field making a decision together was pretty impressive.

Estelle: Huh? I didn’t know about that! So the Great Sage Dominix is not the one who decides everything?

Evan: He is the most influential figure in the Tower, but the system does not allow one person to make all the decisions. Above all, Master Dominix himself doesn’t want that.

Estelle: It’s a little hard to understand, but it sounds really cool! It must mean that everyone’s equal at the Tower of Sage!

Q. Question! Then why is it the ‘Tower’ of Sage, not the ‘Island’ of Sage?

Aisha: Nowadays, there are a lot of cities on the floating island with a lot of people inhabiting these lands, but everything began with the Tower of Sage, located in the center of the island. The Tower is the heart of this island. It’s the place where the scholars first gathered and started their research together.
Evan: Oh, you stopped quarreling with each other.

Aisha: Hmph. I just played along. That’s all. (Cleo: That little!!) This place is not a nation— but a place of knowledge where sages share their wisdom. That’s why it’s called the Tower of Sage.

Priscilla: (While filling Aisha’s teacup with tea) It is told that the cities and buildings on the island were also built as residences for the inhabitants of the Tower. Residence, commerce, education, etc. It is certainly convenient to have everything available without having to leave the island.

Estelle: The more I know, the more amazing it sounds! I’m sure there are people who would want to live here forever!

Roi: Right. And there are those who have nowhere to go other than this place.

Q. Then how many ‘sages’ are there in the Tower of Sage, exactly?

Evan: Oh wow, that’s a really tough question…

Priscilla: Indeed…

Roi: Not sure if you can count them all…

Cleo: Come on, you guys giving up already? There’s like, six of us here! We got this! Let’s see… Magic, Technomagic, divination, alchemy… And… Uh… the blacksmith thingy…

Aisha: It’s called metallurgy. We also have experts in cooking, medicine, tailoring, construction, craftsmanship—

Cleo: Oh right!! There are also experts on researching animal hybrids! I heard that they’re researching the Shuti Tribe at the moment… That cute tail and those ears! So CUTE! Don’t they come out to protest from time to time? I want to see them again!

Aisha: Don’t interrupt me when I’m speaking! She even has the audacity to get sidetracked… Hmph!

Cleo: Oh, oh! There’s also that person who’s researching elementals, the person who only researches dangerous magic tools, the person who’s been only making scrolls for decades—

Aisha: I said, STOP interrupting me! Are you even listening to me?

Roi: *Sigh…* Here we go again.

Evan: So, I guess the answer is that there are lots of people from different areas at the Tower of Sage.

Estelle: I want to do something as a member of the Tower of Sage as well! Such as… Guiding people?

Priscilla: I’m sure you will excel at it, Estelle. Master Dominix himself did say that it is up to you to pave your own path.

Q. I hear that the Tower of Sage gives out ‘titles’?!

Estelle: Ooh, this one! This one! I was also curious about this one as well! A title is given to the most prominent figure of the field, right?

Cleo: Yep! That’s why I hate it so much!!

Estelle: P-pardon? How come?

Cleo: I’M! STILL! NOT! Awarded with the title of [Red]! Everyone thinks that I have the title of [Red]! But I don’t! Not okay!

Aisha: Well, there’s not much that can be done. A title is not something you can get by whining and crying. If you wanted a title that much, you should’ve paid attention in class.

Cleo: What?! Like you’ve spent any effort earning yours! You were born with it! I’m a better spellcaster than you are! All you have is just a ridiculously high Mana capacity!!

Aisha: Wh-what?! At least I don’t abuse my magic and throw it around everywhere, unlike you!!

Estelle: Oh no… Both of you… Please calm down… This isn’t going anywhere…

Roi: Come to think of it, the one with the title of [Blue] isn’t here. I did hear that she’s not too fond of the Tower of Sage. Is that why?

Estelle: Yep… I sent an invitation, but she didn’t respond. When I visited her directly, she—

Evan: ‘The Tower of Sage? I’m so sick of that place!! Be grateful that I don’t reject your requests!’ I’m sure that’s what she said. Once you get a title, you’re swamped with an overwhelming number of research requests and missions. I think she takes care of one or two of them from time to time, but for Blue, she hates the Tower so much. It’s no wonder why she refused to come.

Estelle: Boo… Still… A title is given to the best of the best, isn’t it? Why does she hate the Tower of Sage so much?

Roi: Apparently… A title is given not just to recognize the person’s achievement but also as a mark of surveillance.

Evan: Being exceptional in one field means the person is that much dangerous. Blue is a good example. A title is not as glorious as Cleo thinks.

Estelle: Umm… It all sounds like some pretty serious stuff…

Priscilla: But I’m sure everyone at the Tower of Sage wished for a title at least once in their lifetime. [Purple], the title of My Ladyship, is given to the one with the highest Mana capacity. I believe the tile of [Blue] is given to the one who is capable of chant-less spell casting.

Roi: And the title of [Green], which Evan received, is a title bestowed to the most talented researcher. If my knowledge serves me correctly, there are 4 other titles.

Estelle: That’s right! I wanted to figure out the others with such titles, but I couldn’t find any info on them. Wah… Oh, do you have any information about them, Evan?

Evan: Well, the thing is…

Estelle: (*heartbeat intensifies*)

Evan: I can’t tell you about them! For certain reasons! (*smiles*)

Roi: Certain reasons…

Priscilla: Certain reasons…

Estelle: That’s so anti-climactic! I was really looking forward to it!

Evan: Instead, I’ll let you know one small secret: it is not exactly limited to one title per one person. For example, if a person achieved the greatest feat in research but also has the highest Mana capacity, that person can receive both the titles of [Green] and [Purple].

Cleo: Pfft. Maybe once in a couple hundred years. There are titles that are currently vacant because there’s no one worthy. It is given to ‘the best’ person in that field, after all. If there is no ‘best,’ then no one can claim the title.

Roi: Cleo… I didn’t realize that you could sound so intelligent… Perhaps quarreling boosts your intellect?

Cleo: ROI! Just who’s side are you on?!! (*burst into flames*)

Priscilla: Um, Miss Cleo? If you use your fire magic here— Lady Aisha! Run!!

Aisha: Kyaaa! I knew this would happen!

Estelle: Ahhh! My question notes! They’re on fire! Evan! Last question! What’s the benefit of getting a title?!

Evan: You get a huge research fund and payment for the requests! That’s the reason why I can conduct my researches without having to worry about— AHHH!! CLEO! Why are you throwing flames at me?!

Cleo: I’ve had it with you!! I’m gonna burn everything to ashes!!

~ The interview had to end here because Cleo’s flames burned Estelle’s notes of questions ~

Estelle: Thank you to all the Tower of Sage folks for participating in the interview! KYAA! Why isn’t the flame extinguished yet?!!

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  1. I was not aware Estelle was from another world. Thank you for this post, strange it wasnt picked up by the discord bot. But yeah, I’ve learned some new things, and I hope to see more from you guys. This is fun!

    1. Also, I was wondering why Nyx and Oddy aren’d a part of it, you’d think being able to manipulate distance and time are pretty significant, but thats probably too abstract for the mages of the tower… possibly… maybe… is Isolet also a Title holder? She seems strong enough…