[Storytelling from the Scenario Team] Episode 3 – The Five Primal Demons

Hello, Raiders!
This is the Scenario Team, and we’re back with ‘Storytelling from Scenario Team’ Episode 3!

We’re back with an important topic that has been covered in the universe of King’s Raid for a long time. It’s about the “5 Primal Demons”!

As you already know, there are several Heroes who are Demons. Some are allies while others are foes. We know that many of you were wondering about the backgrounds of these Demons. As we began to deal with stories about Lua, Lea, and Demons in Chapter 10, we were hoping to have an opportunity like this to share the background of the Demons with you.

The wait is finally over! Without further ado, let’s get started!

▶Beings of Lea, the Demons

Before we begin talking about the 5 Primal Demons, let’s explain what these ‘Demons’ are.

Just like how Angels are beings of Lua, Demons are of Lea. The Demons have more diverse origins and forms compared to Angels.. Epis, Velkazar, Dark Lord Angmund, and the 5 Primal Demons like Lucikiel, Gremory, and Shamilla are typical pure-blooded Demons. There are also Draconics like Morrah. Draconics are still Demons, but they’re artificially created to fight against the dragons. The list continues as there’s Ezekiel who’s a half-human half-Demon, and Viska whose body is possessed by a Demon.

Then, one might ask this question: ‘What do these Demons do? They don’t even seem to be loyal to Lea like how Angels are to Lua.’ Demons, in general, have very low intelligence and only obey those stronger than them. Lea dominates and commands the Demons with her power. There are also times when Lea creates a powerful being such as Dark Lord Angmund to take the reins. Since Epis has her own ego to act on her own, we could say that she is quite strong as well. This would also apply to Velkazar who breathes infernal flame in the Material World. Of course, the 5 Primal Demons are no exception!

The Demons cannot be completely free from Lea. Although Lea is quite permissive and barely meddles with the Demons, she can be forceful regardless of their will when she wants to because Demons are her creation after all. Lucikiel’s dialogue of ‘We may have become powerful beings even she couldn’t ignore, but she is still our origin’ basically sums up the relationship between the Demons and Lea.

▶Primal Demons

Now, let’s talk about what the Primal Demons are, and explain how impressive they are!

The 5 Primal Demons are the five entities among the first Demons created by Lea who have inherited a portion of Lea’s authority. Their power level varies even though they’re stronger than other Demons on average since they have received the goddess’ authority. If we were to choose who the strongest is, it would be Lucikiel.

There are two other members of the 5 Primal Demons aside from Lucikiel, Gremory, and Shamilla. We can’t reveal them yet, but here is a hint. Unlike the other Demons, one of the two is very loyal to Lea. The 5 Primal Demons are not free from Lea’s orders as she had created them even if they have strong egos and power. Plus, they have no reason to resist and get angry at Lea since she is permissive and lets the Demons do as they wish while only calling them once in a while.

▶The Deadly Power of Destruction, Lucikiel

Now, we would like to introduce the members of the Primal Demons. First off is Lucikiel, the strongest of the 5 Primal Demons. Lucikiel has unparalleled strength when it comes to battles as he harnesses the power of destruction even if he is sometimes called by a cute nickname, ‘Luc’, by his sister Gremory. I’m sure many of you have already felt that Lucikiel loves battles. He craves destruction and wishes to go all out against someone. However, he was so powerful that nobody was able to stand against him for hundreds of years.

Then, he joins the war against the Republic of Gray after making a contract with Malduk. During the war, he faces his mortal enemy, Theo. From Chapter 9 to Chapter 10, Lucikiel has been wanting to duel Theo once again. It is totally understandable that Lucikiel wants to go all out against Theo because he was the first adversary that managed to inflict a wound on Lucikiel. However, this would apply only when Theo is strong because Lucikiel probably just wants to confront the ‘power’ that Theo has, not Theo himself. Lucikiel is a battle enthusiast after all!

There is also another character we have to mention when we’re talking about Lucikiel. It’s his son, Ezekiel. Unfortunately, Lucikiel isn’t that interested in Ezekiel. Calling him ‘son’ was probably his own way of showing some affection. Ezekiel probably has a lot to say and hear from Lucikiel, but this won’t be possible unless he becomes strong enough to the point where Lucikiel would at least show some interest in him.

▶The Formidable Sloth, Gremory

Next is the oldest sister of Primal Demons, Gremory! She’s been receiving a lot of attention ever since her first appearance in Chapter 10. Compared to her cute and drowsy looks, she is gigantic and fearsome in her true form and has many unexpected charms. She hates going all-out during battles, but it’s only because she’s too lazy (scary, isn’t it?). You know how scary it is when a quiet person gets mad ☹ Please look forward to the day when this lazy Demon will fight in earnest. You might be able to see different sides of her!

One of the things that come to mind when thinking of Gremory is ‘Luc,’ the nickname she uses to call Lucikiel. Did you know that she’s been calling him that only because she was too ‘lazy’ to pronounce the whole name? Gremory and Lucikiel seem to be on good enough terms though. The Demons are mavericks that don’t care about what others do, but you can see that Lucikiel has always listened to Gremory. The concept of ‘intimacy’ probably works differently for Demons because they have a completely different mindset from humans. The concept of ‘family’ or ‘sibling’ barely exists among Demons.

▶The Vessel of Curses, Shamilla

Up next is Shamilla! In terms of release date, Shamilla was released way earlier than Lucikiel and Gremory. Born from the Primal Curse, Shamilla isn’t relatively strong as she is the vessel that contains the curses. However, everyone feels uncomfortable around her. Even Lucikiel seems displeased when being used by her. She doesn’t seem to care though. Basically, Shamilla is like a type of character that’s specialized in inflicting debuffs rather than dealing damage in games.

Ever before the stories about the Primal Demons were released, information about Shamilla remained a mystery. She’s a charming character that utilizes her knowledge to work with foes, make allies, and move third parties as she pleases. In this aspect, she seems like the strongest character in the KING’s RAID universe. Nonetheless, as mentioned above, every Demon is under the rule of Lea. Many Demons wanted to be like Shamilla so they can survive in a place filled with a bunch of mavericks and governed by the law of the jungle. Lea probably isn’t stopping Shamilla because she hasn’t ‘crossed the line’ yet. In the epilogue of Chapter 10, even Lucikiel warns her that ‘Lea will have predicted your thoughts.’ Obviously, Shamilla didn’t seem to care.

Up until now, the world of KING’s RAID has been very erratic as the warrior ended up becoming the Dark Lord, Angels have fallen, and Demons have sided with humans. The direction of the future story will depend on which path the Heroes decide to choose, and it’s quite possible that the story may unfold in a way that Shamilla never expected. Stay tuned to the story to see who will have the last laugh.

▶The Relationship Between the Dark Lord and the 5 Primal Demons

Last but not least, let’s talk about why the 5 Primal Demons can’t become the Dark Lord even though they’re the strongest. To be exact, they’re ‘not interested’ in becoming the Dark Lord. The Demons are very individualistic, and they don’t want power. Even the ‘Dark Lord,’ the leader of the Demons, just exists to give orders to the Demons on behalf of Lea. As you can see, the principle of the human world where a king rules his people, doesn’t apply to Demons. The Primal Demons are only following the Dark Lord’s orders not because he’s strong, but because Lea told them to do so.

Of course, there are many other Demons like Epis who just act on their own rather than following the Dark Lord’s orders. However, having a few drifters doesn’t really bother anyone including Lea because there are already Primal Demons who are strong enough to destroy a country on their own. After all, they’re Demons who barely care about what others do 😀

So, that was it for the stories about the Demons – a bunch of individualists and permissivists! Hope you all enjoyed this post! Please look forward to the next episode as we’ll come back with another intriguing story!

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Kind of strange that they dont seek power but still worship it… but other than that, its nice to know that Velk is a demon and not a Transcendant like Protianus. Thanks for the post, though do reconsider them not chasing power lol.