[Storytelling from the Scenario Team] Episode 2 -The Hound Unit

Greetings, Raiders!
This is the Scenario Team, and we’re in charge of creating King’s Raid’s settings, stories, and production. 

We’re back with episode 2 of ‘Storytelling from Scenario Team’ to share stories that weren’t covered in the game. This time, we would like to talk about this ‘group’ within King’s Raid that many of our Raiders and the Scenario Team love so much.

Yup! This post is about the special force of the Imperial Navy – the Hound Unit!

The Hound Unit is composed of a bunch of distinctive Heroes and it is one of the popular parties within King’s Raid. Don’t you want to know more about the Hound Unit? Well, here it goes!

▶The origin and history of the Hound Unit 

There are several parties in King’s Raid: Scarlet party of Orvelia, Theo party of the Republic of Gray, Zafir & Seria party of the God King & Eclipse, and the Hound Unit party of the Empire.

The Hound Unit is the second group that the Scenario Team created after they created the Theo party. Did you know that Mitra was going to be the first member of the unit instead of Crow? At first, we thought about placing Mitra, the ex-captain of the mercenaries who was possessed by madness, into the military. Next, we needed someone who could control him. That’s how we ended up creating Crow.

Both Crow and Mitra have known each other for longer than anyone else in the Hound Unit. Even though Mitra usually seems insane, there are times when he shows his playful side. He only does this when Crow is around, implying how highly Mitra trusts him (he also acted that way to Rose in the past..). There were only Mitra and Crow in the Hound Unit at first, but we completed designing the team by adding Valance, Pansirone, and Kibera.

Although the Scenario Team had already finished designing the Hound Unit even before they were released, it took some time for them to appear in the story of King’s Raid.

During the early days of King’s Raid, we didn’t have the opportunity to introduce the Hound Unit due to a lack of content. Also, it didn’t seem right to make them appear in the main story out of nowhere when the main story was all about Kasel and the people around him. We were able to introduce stories of various Heroes when contents such as Substory, Monthly Orvel, and Hero Dungeons were finally updated. This is when we revealed the story of Theo party for the first time, continued by showing Crow in the Substory of Priscilla. That was the signal for the appearance of the Hound Unit!

Then, we started working on the Substory of Crow right away. We were certain that our Raiders would love the Heroes of the Hound Unit (I still can’t forget our Raiders going crazy when we revealed Crow at an offline event :p) In the Substory, you can see Valance mentioning the names of the Hound Unit’s members. The members of the Hound Unit were all ready to go at any time. We used the Substories of Priscilla and Crow as the stepping stone to make the Hound Unit appear in the main story of King’s Raid (just as planned..).

And after some time, Pansirone was finally revealed in Chapter 9!

It was a bummer that we couldn’t release Pansirone as a Hero as soon as we revealed her in Chapter 9. Although it took us some time to release her as a Hero, we introduced the Hero Dungeon of Pansirone instead to share some stories of Pansirone.

Then, we showed the entire team of the Hound Unit by revealing the last member, Kibera in the story along with the Christmas Event Dungeon that displayed the charming personalities of each member. We were very happy as many of our Raiders really liked this event 😀

▶Who founded the Hound Unit?

The Hound Unit was founded by someone who held a high position in the Imperial Navy (let’s call this person ‘A’) A is like a teacher to Crow and he’s neither good nor evil. Although he is currently retired from the military due to political disputes, he still exercises a powerful influence.

While A was on a mission in the past, he ran into the ruins of the Technomagic Kingdom in the middle of the sea. As he researched the ruins, he became interested in the technology of the Technomagic Kingdom. Realizing that it would be difficult for ordinary soldiers to excavate the ruins or artifacts of the Technomagic Kingdom, he created the special force of the Navy. The reason behind this was to expand his influence onto the ground as well as the sea by growing the power of the Navy.

However, it was unlikely that such a unit that would carry out a dangerous operation was going to be created. Additionally, it was obvious that other forces wouldn’t let A fulfill his goal. Therefore, A covertly established an independent unit composed of special people, which was later called the Hound Unit. A started to look for people that could cooperate with Crow to go on the missions that A would assign. He selected the elites who were considered competent in the Navy and carried out the unprecedented recruiting process in other forces. However, most of the selected soldiers couldn’t remain sane and stay healthy as this dangerous mission progressed. At the early phase of the mission, everyone but Crow couldn’t complete a single task. They ended up either quitting or being crocked. These missions required superhuman strength like Crow to be carried out.

▶How did Crow and other members meet?

Bad rumors about the Hound Unit started going around. After all, A ended up handing over the authority of the Hound Unit to Crow, telling him that he would have all the support he needed. 

The first person that came to Crow after hearing the news was Mitra. Since the lunatic of the battlefield, Mitra had already joined the Navy by following Crow after being saved by him, he ended up joining the Hound Unit as well. There are unveiled background stories about Pansirone, but she was also chosen by Crow. Kibera met Crow under a certain contract (details about Jacks have yet to be revealed!)

With A’s support from behind, the Hound Unit has always had the advantage in the field under any circumstances. Until A’s influence remained while he was still active, the Hound Unit was making significant accomplishments that their problems such as their personalities, teamwork, and various troubles were only kept in check. However, it all changed when the black organization, Pandora started making their move.

▶How do the members of the Hound Unit think of each other?

Everyone in the Hound Unit is afraid of Crow, but they all admire him and think he’s dependable enough to entrust their lives. Basically, they all acknowledge him as their leader. In terms of the level of loyalty, it’s probably Mitra, Pansirone, and Kibera in order 😀

Everyone in the Hound Unit except Crow squabble with each other. One similarity is that all three of them are quite extraordinary in terms of their skills, personalities, and behaviors. There are times when they take care of each other, but there are also times when they point their guns, pull their swords, and fire a flame thrower (yes, they really mean it). But that doesn’t mean they don’t have comradeship. It’s just it’s being outweighed by their unique personalities. And it’s their leader’s job to integrate those distinct personalities into one so they can synergize. As expected from the scariest person in the group..

If you want more details on the Hound Unit, you can go check the ‘Relationship Chart!’ (It’s in the King’s Raid brand page~!)

▶The past and future of the Hound Unit

The details about the Hound Unit’s past will be dealt in-game instead of here. This also applies to their further stories. Many stories such as Mitra’s future, Pansirone’s past, and Kibera’s real intention will all be covered!

From the central figure of the Hound Unit who thoroughly carried out the missions, Crow is now someone that only lives for the sake of revenge. As the Hound Unit that A had created has been re-established with the help of Fluss and Crow has attained the new power at Serineu, a city of the Technomagic Kingdom, it would be exciting to see how the story is going to unfold.

You will see different sides of the Hound Unit through the story about the Empire,. The story may be serious, but entertaining at the same time. Please look forward to their further stories that weren’t shared in this post!

I think this is it for the story about the Hound Unit. It felt like it was too short, but it’s all good. There’s always next time!

We’re constantly checking all the positive and negative feedback we receive from our Raiders worldwide. Raiders, thank you all for your support and love! 😀 

Hope you all have enjoyed this post about the Hound Unit! Please look forward to the next episode as we’ll come back with another intriguing story!

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  1. Thank you for the story on the Hound Unit. I hope we get to see them more in the main story. It was nice to see them integrated in to main story in Chapter 10, and yes, I do look forward to seeing what Crow does with the giant floating gunship he just got lol