[Storytelling from Scenario Team] About Clause

Greetings, Raiders!

This is the Scenario Team, and we’re in charge of creating King’s Raid’s setting, stories, and production.

For some time, we would like to introduce stories that weren’t deeply shared in the game. This content will be called ‘Storytelling from Scenario Team,’ and it will deal with the setting of King’s Raid and little-known details regarding the story. As our Raiders show a lot of interest and have high expectations towards the story, we’re glad to have this opportunity to share the stories. We will make sure we come up with plenty of interesting stories to return your support!

The first content will be about the bold guardian knight that protects Orvelia, Clause! He’s one of the main characters in Chapter 10, and he’s also a brother of Kasel and Frey. To them, Clause is their family they can rely on. This content is for those of you who are curious about his background and why he has shown a different side of him. Are you guys ready to learn about Clause?! Let’s get to it!

▶ The eldest of the orphanage, Clause

Clause hails from Ricardo’s orphanage. He was a normal kid without any secret of his birth and complicated background. As he was the oldest in the orphanage, he had to take care of the kids when Ricardo wasn’t around. Therefore, he didn’t have a role model or someone that he could rely on. To him, Ricardo was nothing more than his savior and a kind grandfather. Rather than trying to find someone to depend on, Clause strived to become a reliable person himself although he was only a little boy who should’ve been acting his age.

▶The encounter with Kasel and Frey

Clause wanted to become a cool and warmhearted older brother so the younger orphans at the orphanage would look up to him. Then, one day, Clause met two people who wished to ‘become like Clause’ and said that ‘Clause is cool and awesome.’ Those two special people were Kasel and Frey.

While Kasel and Frey were like lifesavers towards each other, Clause was regarded as their only family member who supported them. As mentioned in the story of Clause’s birthday in Monthly Orvel, Clause repeatedly says “my birthday is incomplete without you guys.” The moments of Clause stopping Ricardo and Scarlet to protect Kasel and refusing to follow orders when he lost his mind in Chapter 9.5 – all these behaviors show how much Kasel and Frey mean to Clause. Without them, Clause wouldn’t have been an older brother of someone at all.

I’m sure some of you are asking this question: ‘There were other younger orphans in the orphanage. But why Kasel and Frey specifically?’ In the beginning, Kasel and Frey were probably just one of the many younger orphans that got along well with Clause. However, Clause felt rewarded from comforting Kasel and Frey who were always being made fun of by other kids at the orphanage. It was a sense of satisfaction coming from feeling that ‘someone felt comforted by me’ and ‘my comforting is reassuring them.’ I think Clause got vicarious satisfaction from seeing what Kasel and Frey felt – the emotion Clause had never experienced.

▶ The burden on Clause’s mind

In the Technomagic Kingdom story, Clause blames himself for not protecting Kasel and Frey, and he pushes himself hard by thinking about the promises that he would protect and save them. This causes Clause to overextend himself, but it was also a source of power that encouraged him to step forward. 

Shall we check the story of Clause at the Index? Clause tries to stay at his current rank by refusing to hold a high position and gain honor. At the Hero’s Inn, you can see him saying ‘a high-ranking position doesn’t mean you can get a lot done. It might get you stuck in the castle with all the paperwork.’ You can also see that Clause declines Demia’s offer of the title of the commander of knights yet again in his Monthly Orvel story.

In fact, Clause couldn’t look after Kasel and Frey ever since he had left for training. Due to his kind personality, he had to meet many people before he finally met Kasel and Frey. It wasn’t Clause’s fault, but he did not think that way. Although Kasel and Frey relied on each other to endure their toughest times, Clause could not fulfill the role he desired – the reliable older brother.

After all, the burden on his mind was the main reason why he refused to hold a high position and decided to stay in the low rank with his remarkable talent that was even known to the Empire. He wanted to ‘stay close to protect the people dear to him.’ His priority was Kasel and Frey. In a way, we could probably interpret Clause’s step forward in Chapter 10 Technomagic Kingdom story as a resolution that he’s ready to give up his life to protect Kasel and Frey and stand by them when everyone has turned their backs.

▶ Reliable comrades. However…

There are people we shouldn’t leave out when we’re talking about Clause. It’s the people of Orvel Castle. We demonstrated how they think of each other in the Relationship Chart released in the past. Due to the complicated situation regarding the politics revolving around Princess Scarlet, the members of knights are all very connected. Clause also holds Princess Scarlet, Demia, Roman, and Chase dear to him, including other comrades and knights.

Although it is officially stated that Clause holds a low rank within the knights, it’s hard to say that his actual position is low as he’s being acknowledged as the ‘future commander of knights.’ His rank is higher than the common Orvelian soldiers who wear blue clothing with helmets that cover their faces. He is very trustworthy to the point where he can meet and receive orders from the commander of knights, Demia and Princess Scarlet. When Clause stormed out to chase Dark Lord Kasel without saying anything, Scarlet did not get angry and asked Chase to bring Clause back. This scene clearly shows her trust and affection towards Clause.

As of the end of Chapter 10 Technomagic Kingdom story, Scarlet decided that she would not hesitate to protect the kingdom and the people important to her. Clause stepped forward to keep his promise that he would save Kasel and Frey as well. The upcoming new story will deal with what decisions Demia and Chase will make, and what they will go through.

▶ Once Enemies, Now Friends: Maria and Morrah

Another focal point of the Technomagic Kingdom story was the harmony between Maria and Morrah. Interestingly enough, the relationship between Clause, Morrah, and Maria goes way back. Remember when Clause fought against Maria and Morrah when he reached the World Tree after he had joined the expedition? This was when Clause still had a long way to go. I think Morrah was able to acknowledge Clause’s strength and growth because she had dueled him at that time. The same goes for Maria.

However, as for Maria, the way she viewed Clause was probably different because she too experienced someone precious to her turning into the Dark Lord in the past. Just like how Clause saw himself in Hilda, Maria probably saw her old self in Clause. That’s presumably why she understood him well enough to describe his feelings to Hilda and other people on his behalf. “If Kyle were alive to see you, he would’ve wanted you to join him.” The words Maria said have a hidden meaning that she has already acknowledged him as her comrade.

As Clause, Maria, and Morrah all went through the long journey of the Technomagic Kingdom and have the same goal of turning Kasel and Frey back to normal, you should look forward to how they appear together in the future. We will also reveal how the three ended up being together. We hope you guys will enjoy their stories that weren’t shared in this post.

So that is about it for our storytelling on Clause and the people around him! In the next episode, we will come back with more interesting stories our Raiders will love.

See you all again!

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  1. Thank you for all this. It’s very well said and I do enjoy these. I also liked the little tidbits you guys put in involving the side characters such as Lucias and Baudouin, who don’t get much screentime aside from their own little worlds.

    I hope you expand on this further with more lesser known characters like the stories of Cecilia, Nyx and others. Other than that, I hope we get to learn more of what Roi and Cleo have been doing while all this was going down.

    Again, thank you for this and hope you have a wonderful day~