[Event] Special Event – Spring Festival Dungeon (Re-run) (Updated)

텍스트이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

– Fixes made to ‘Number of Chocolate Balls’ and ‘Availability’ to the items Brilliant Ether and Legendary Fragment – Fixed on February 1st (Mon) 21:00 [PST]


Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

We’ve prepared a re-run of the Spring Festival Dungeon for this month of February.

Please check the details below to read more about the event.


■ Spring Festival Dungeon

[Event Details]

– Event Details: After maintenance on February 2nd (Tue) ~ Before maintenance on February 16th (Tue)

– Details: Clear dungeons and obtain ‘Item Exchange Tickets’ and ‘Chocolate Balls’ during the event period. Exchange them at the [Spring Festival Shop] and obtain different kinds of rewards!

[How to participate]

01. Access the [Spring Festival Dungeon]

– You will be able to access the [Spring Festival] Dungeon by talking to ‘NPC Annette’ who will be located at Central Orvel.

02. [Spring Festival] Dungeon Details

– The [Spring Festival Dungeon] is consisted of 3 [Story Dungeons] and 2 [Special Dungeons].

– You will only be able to access the next stage after clearing the stage before it.

– The [Special Dungeons] will only be available after clearing all of the [Story Dungeons].

03. [Story Dungeon] Details

– 2 Entry Tickets for the [Story Dungeon] will be provided when accessed for the first time. Afterwards, 1 Entry Ticket will be recharged every day at 00:00 [Local Server Time]

※ Entry Tickets will be accumulated up to max 2 Tickets. If you own more than 2 ‘Festival Entry Tickets’, additional tickets will not be accumulated.

– You will be able to obtain ‘Item Exchange Tickets’ by clearing the [Story Dungeon].

[Story Dungeon Clear Rewards]

※ You will be able to receive the First Clear Rewards only once.

04. [Special Dungeon] Details

– You will be able to access the [Special Dungeon] by consuming ‘100 Stamina’.

– You will be able to obtain ‘Chocolate Balls’ by clearing the [Special Dungeon].

[Special Dungeon Clear Rewards]

05. [Spring Festival Shop] Details

– Clear the [Spring Festival] Dungeon and obtain ‘Item Exchange Tickets’ and ‘Chocolate Balls’. Exchange these items at the [Spring Festival Shop] and obtain different kinds of rewards!

[List of items available at the Spring Festival Shop]

Also, NPC Heroes have prepared event goods for all Raiders.

Don’t forget to obtain additional event goods from NPC Heroes!

[NPC Hero Location]

Orvel: May, Gladi, Veronica, Loman, Juno, Nicky, Talisha
Guild > Guild Allied Forces : Hanus
Tower of Challenge: Dosarta
Temple of the God King: Cain

※ Cutscenes for obtaining event goods will be shown after you have cleared the tutorials of the NPC Hero.

※ If you’re not able to receive event goods from Veronica, please proceed with the tutorial [Guild > Guild HQ > Manage Construction], and please try again.


That was everything for our <Spring Festival Dungeon> special event.

Thank you

GM Gremory

14 thoughts on “[Event] Special Event – Spring Festival Dungeon (Re-run) (Updated)”

  1. I mean you use all your stamina and farm TM gear or the event.
    You cant dispatch the event, and if you dispatch the TM raids you wont get the bonus.
    8/10 need more Grind on my Grinds Raid

  2. Totally agree with the above comment. It’s 2021 and we still can’t dispatch any events.

    Also if we dispatch TM raids we don’t get stamina reduction bonus nor do we get the boss crystals drop bonus.

    It’s ridiculous this “dispatch but lose out bonuses” or “keep your phone running 24 hours a day” mechanic still exists when this is marketed as a mobile game.

    Seriously please stay updated with time.
    Make events able to be dispatched or at the very least, allow stamina consumption/increased boss crystals bonus rewards from TM raids to apply with dispatch battles.

  3. Vespa we need more stamina we either farm tm or the shitty event we don’t have enoguh to do both becuase dome genius thought 200 tm runs should take 30k stamina

  4. Wow, lots of goodies in the event! I’m looking forward to it! And that’s so cute that the NPCs will be giving out gifts 🙂 I’m excited to see what each of them has to offer!

      1. He’s a paid bot that writes white-knight Len comments.

        Else he would be offering constructive criticism to Vespa like the others, such as: fixing the events not applying to dispatch problem, stamina issues, game balance issues, gear preset crash issue and poor game optimisation.

  5. -10000000 event

    Vespa ideology:
    • Make event that drains stamina which is already a very scarce resource? ✅
    • Make events where dispatch feature doesn’t apply? ✅
    • Make events which kill our phone? ✅

    How about N O.

  6. Ve$pa once again showing that they only care about the whales who spend hundreds of dollars on the game every month. Everyone else can go fuck themselves. They claim to actually care about the game…? Hahaha what a joke. All the care about is money.

    King’s Raid is a dying game because Ve$pa is getting greedy.

    Why the ever loving FUCK would someone thing it’s a good idea to release an event which requires 125,000 total stamina just to complete ONE of the available rewards? Especially when the rewards are garbage. The entry cost for this event should be 10 stamina, not 100. Stamina is an extremely valuable resource that everyone hoards because it’s hard to come by unless you are a whale.

  7. When i look at the this event it seems to me that Vespa doesn’t understand what “Modern mobile game” means, even w/o the word “modern”.
    Rewards are good and i`m not talking about stamina. I have enough.
    But 36-48h online to get all gold ether and npc goods, depending how quick your heroes can clear this stage.
    Are u serious? 3-4 h online each day for 2 weeks w/o doing another dailies.
    Is it so hard to make x10 mode after the 1st clear? The mode in which u can spent 1000 stamina to get 80 chocolate balls. Players would spent the same ammount of stamina but it will be x10 QUICKER, so mb even more ppl will think about getting stamina for real money.

    1. dude Battlefield thing if you already reach challanger since the past you can mostly buy all of the stuff from there,jin shop,guild raid shop
      there are source of stamina

    2. Just use aisha lilia with no brain shiiet full mp/sec laudia and oddy to
      lilia laudia aisha has a lot of hit count.. with oddy you can reset stuff
      per run just take 15~20 seconds i already finish that in just like 5hours

      1. I do it in 20-25 s. But + 20 s loading screen, +15 s vicrtory screen. It`s 55-60 s in total per run.
        Need to make 2500 runs only for gold and NPC gift. 2500 runs it`s 39-42 h !!! online minimum.

    3. Totally agree with you. The issue is that this is ADVERTISED and MARKETED as a MOBILE game. But hell this game is far from it. Why?

      It’s because we are constantly are given events which require us to leave on our phones 24/7 just for some virtual rewards. That’s right. A PHONE-KILLING mobile game.

      So it’s not about how fast we can beat the runs. It’s about how long everything takes with the loading screen and all. It’s NOT mobile friendly.
      Why else you think tons of players also complaining on Facebook and also dislike running Devourer Shakmeh?

      Then we get the other issue which is STAMINA. Even with the ones we get weekly from Jin Raid Shop, League Shop and Guild Shop… it’s just not enough. Like Technomagic Raids already takes a hefty amount of stamina already (and this increases per stage). How can you reasonably expect players which aren’t whales to have hundreds of millions of stamina? It’s not realistic.

      That 125000 stamina for one NPC UW is an instant skip for me. I’m only going for the Gold Ether and after that I’m stopping. I’m not killng my phone just to run this damn game day and night. Just no thanks.

      It’s like Vespa still in the dark ages or something. This dispatch function has been here for 2 years nearly and we STILL can’t dispatch events, nor are event bonuses applied to it. It’s plain ridiculous.

      At this rate, the new calling for this game is to SWIPE for stamina or you can go miss out rewards and suffer.


      The list goes on… like they don’t have other alarmingly big issues as well (balance, game optimisation…).

      It’s 2021. Wake up Vespa and make events work with dispatch. Also fix this stamina drought issue.

    4. The most INSULTING part is that they applied Esker dice event to work with Dispatch.

      This is fundamental proof that they CAN make events work with dispatch, but they are are just blatantly ignoring our requests at this point. In other words, they are INTENTIONALLY not applying event raid drop bonuses and dispatch mode on events.

      Well what can I expect from developers who hardly ever listen to their players.

      It’s almost like this game isn’t event a mobile game anymore but emulator-exclusive.