8 thoughts on “[Event] Episode: Riheet & Ripine Part 1 Update Quiz Event Results!”

  1. A demon clearing mission ?
    What part of that screenshot talks about a demon clearing mission from someone, you idiots ?
    No matter how many times you read the story there is nothing talking about that, this is infuriating, especially when 2 bubbles later they say “We ViSiTeD OrVeL CaStLe tO fInD oUr LoSt CoLlEaGuEs”

    You make a question like this but the answer is so random that there’s no way you didn’t make it on purpose. Way to start 2021, at this point the answer could’ve been “They went to Orvel to write „Fuck you KR community“ on the walls” and it could still be the right answer.

    Well, first of the year, but fuck you Vespa.

    1. actually, its stated that they visited the castle with their friends because they were summoned. then voodoo happens, friends disappear so they continue to the castle.

  2. It’s in the prologue of the story dungeon, not tied to any particular battle.

  3. Answer to Question 1 was not obvious given the screenshot and the subsequent viewable in-game story. At most you could say they were going to see El-Moriham. But the story emphasized they lost their comrades and since they were all headed to the castle, they will go find them there hopefully.

  4. Yeah no, these were pretty easy, long as you paid attention, this was pretty easy.