[Patch Notes] Update List of October 27th (Tue) – Revised

Greetings Raiders,
This is GM Dakaris with news about the latest update.

Let’s take a look at what is prepared for the update on October 27th (Tue)!
※ Please note that the screenshots in the Patch Notes have been taken from a test environment and may differ from what you see in-game.

[Update List]

New Hero

▶ October’s New Hero – Shieldless Knight, Rebel Clause [LINK]

▶ Added Limited Costumes for Rebel Clause
– The “What If” Rebel Clause costume has been added.
– The costume can be obtained from the ‘First 10 time summon benefits’ for the Rebel Clause Step-up Summon.
※ These costumes will not receive accumulated bonus effects.

New Costumes

▶ 2020 Halloween Costumes (2nd Batch)
“Trick or Treat! The 2nd Batch of new Halloween costumes have been released for 2020.”
– 8 new 2020 Halloween Costumes (2nd Batch) have been added.
– You will be able to obtain 1% more Gold and 2% more EXP when owning one of these costumes.

– Loman / Hilda / Talisha / Naila

– Roi / Taily / Rodina / Juno

▶ Costume Signature Motions Added
“Signature motions have been added to fit the new 2020 Halloween Costumes (2nd Batch).”
– Heroes will have specific signature motions even if the costumes are of similar concepts.
– You can check signature motions by going to [Dressing Room] > [See Motions].

Special Event / Dungeon

▶ Hero Special Dungeon – Episode: Rebel Clause (Part 1)
“Take a look at how Clause came to become the Traitor of the Goddess in order to save Kasel and Frey.” [Updated as of October 26th 23:45 (PDT)]

– Event Period : After maintenance on October 27th (Tue) ~ Before maintenance on November 10th (Tue)

– You can enter the [Hero Special Dungeon] > [Episode: Rebel Clause] by talking to ‘Rebel Clause’ who will be located at Central Orvel.
– [Hero Special Dungeon – Episode: Rebel Clause] will be split into 2 parts
:: Part 2 will open during the maintenance on November 10th (Tue).
– [Episode: Rebel Clause] Dungeon consists of 4 stages of [Story Dungeons].
– Only ‘Clause’ will be able to participate in the [Story Dungeon 1~4].
– You will be able to obtain ‘Rebel Clause’ for free by clearing [Story Dungeons 4].
– Link to notice: https://www.plug.game/kingsraid/#/posts/27296

Improvements and Changes

▶ Changed the background for Orvel.
“Orvel has become decided to get festive with the Halloween spirit.”

▶ Added Unique Weapon, Unique Treasure Awakening Materials
“Items that can be used to awaken Unique Weapons, Unique Treasures regardless of Hero.”

– Awakening Stone items are material items that can be used to awaken Unique Gear.
– You will be able to use them to awaken any type of [Unique Weapon/Unique Treasure].
:: However, they cannot be used to awaken ‘Refined Mana Stone(Common Treasure)’.
– You will be able to obtain this item via the ‘Halloween Bingo Event’.

– Awakening Stones will have the same success rate as a 0 Star Unique Weapon and will have Failure Bonus applied as well.
– You will be able to use multiple Awakening Stones at a time and they can be used in conjunction with Unique Weapons/Treasures.
– However, you cannot Awaken other Awakening Stones. 

▶ Improvements regarding Dragon Coin Currency
– ‘Dragon Coins’ will now become ‘Raid Coins’.
– You will now be able to obtain ‘Gear Ticket Crafting Materials’ as well as ‘Raid Coins’ from [Field Raids].

Challenge Raid

[44th Solo Ranking Match – Garrow]

Bug Fixes

▶ Hero Modeling and Skill Fixes
– Fixed an issue with the weapon’s location for the ‘Noble Grace Lucias’ costume.
– Fixed an issue where Isolet’s ‘Frost of Absolute Zero – Devion / Raging Storm – Icarus’ Skills would not activate if the target died while they were being cast.
– Fixed an issue where Evan’s ‘Alchemy of Green [Dark]’ effect would not allow Leo’s ‘Rune of Silence’ Skill trigger it’s ‘Silence’ effect.

▶ Content Display & Function Fixes
– Fixed an issue where the Leader Hero would show as Clause instead of the set Leader Hero after clearing stage [10-41].
– Fixed an issue with a mission in [May Breakthrough Package] where it would only count 1 purchase when purchasing multiple ‘Dragon’s/Baby Dragon’s Kinship Gift Box’ at a time from the [Raid Shop].
– Fixed an issue where ‘Technomagic Gear’ would appear as ‘Unidentified’ when inspected from [Hero Info > More Info].
– Fixed an issue where Ghost Guild Members would not be automatically adjusted to ‘Guild Member’ if they login. – [Updated as of October 26th 21:20 (PDT)]

▶ Miscellaneous
– Deleted the story for [Memory Archives(or World Tree) > Main Story > Chapter 1. The Beginning of the Journey > 25. Where the King Watches Over] in accordance with the tutorial and portal improvements.

That was all for the second update of October!
Happy Halloween and Happy Raiding!

Thank you.
GM Dakaris