[Patch Notes] Update List of January 5th (Tue) – Updated

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

We’d like to share with you the update list of January 5th (Tue).

For more information about the update, please check the details below!

※The screenshots in the Patch Notes have been taken in a Test Server. Please note that the contents you see may differ from what you see in the actual game.


[Update List]

Balance Adjustments

▶ Hero Balance has been adjusted

– Adjusted Heroes: Artemia / Shea / Gremory

Transcendence Perk Trance (4th Skill) [Dark] updated on January 5th 19:00 [PST]

※ The in-game tooltip for “Shea [Dark] / Soulweapon Advancement 1” has not been changed in this update. The in-game tooltip will be updated during the maintenance on January 19th (Tue).

▌ Special Event/Dungeon

Hero Special Dungeon – Episode: Riheet & Ripine (Part 2)

– Check details: https://kr-official.community/?p=5783

“Go check out what happened to Riheet & Ripine after they have been swallowed by a rift”

– Event Period: After Maintenance on January 5th (Tue) ~ Before Maintenance on January 19th (Tue)

– You will be able to access the [Hero Special Dungeon] >[Episode: Riheet & Ripine] by talking to ‘NPC Riheet’ who will be located at Central Orvel.

– The Dungeons of [Episode: Riheet & Ripine] are divided in 2 parts.
※ If you have played ‘Part 1’ previously, the progress of the ‘Dungeons’ and ‘Send Gift’ will remain unchanged.

– The Dungeons of [Episode: Riheet & Ripine] are consisted of 14 [Story Dungeons] and 3 [Special Dungeons].

– After you proceed with the Story Dungeon prologue, you will be able to obtain the Heroes Riheet & Ripine (5 Star, Level 50).

– Please check the link above for more details

▌Improvements and Changes

▶ Adjustments for the Max HP of 3 World Bosses

– The Max HP of Mountain Fortress, Protianus and Xanadus will be adjusted by double amount.

▶ New Accumulated Login Rewards

– Accumulated Login Rewards will be added for 1460-Day, 1500-Day, 1600-Day and 1700-Day Login Rewards.

▶ Changes to the Orvel background

– To celebrate New Year 2021, the background of the Orvel Castle will be changed.

▌Challenge Raid

[47th Solo Ranking Match – Urkak]

▶ Challenge Raid ‘Urkak’ Balance Adjustments

– Urkak’s Attack / Defense / HP will be increased by 15%.

[55th Party Clear Challenge Raid – Obrigard]

▶ Challenge Raid ‘Obrigard’ Balance Adjustments

– Obrigard’s Attack / Defense / HP will be increased by 10%.

▌Bug Fixes

▶ Hero Modeling and Skill Fixes

– Fixed an issue where Gremory’s ‘Puchi, knock them away! (Skill 2)’ appeared to have noises when Gremory spoke her lines. (KOREAN/JAPANESE ONLY)

– Fixed an issue where Ezekiel’s lines for a skill in fury state appeared to be different. (KOREAN ONLY)

▶ Content Display & Function Fixes

– Fixed an issue where the appearance cutscene of ‘Mirianne’ from the [Episode: Riheet & Ripine] Hero Special Dungeon Story was shown incorrectly in some devices.


That was everything for January’s 1st Update Patch Note.

Have a great time playing KING’s RAID!

Thank you.

GM Gremory

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    1. The patch isn’t even up yet. On paper is always different to reality.

      Besides, Shea change isn’t going to solidify her anywhere when FallenFrey still exists.

      Second, Gremory ones aren’t major enough to make her worth building when Ripine exists. Also Gremory’s SW “change” is hilarious considering her SW does negative damage.

      1. Why replace ffrey? You use shea Along ffrey. Damage to non hero is big deal since the now tm gear give alot of damage to all enemies. Hero like ripine will benefit alot from shea buff.

      2. My expectations for “nice buffs” has swooped so low that anything that seems better than “+0.5s on silence, +15% crit and dodge half the time” is a good buff. Even if they’re not game changing, I think Vespa is going in the right direction. I don’t think I ever mentioned Shea competing with FF or Grem replacing Ripine. It’s definitely too early to say how good, but you can at least say Vespa put effort into it. A little bit of appreciation isnt going to hurt you, especially when balance in 2020 was a shitstorm.

  1. Before i start, i’d like to say Happy New Year,
    And Thank you for your hardworks !

    I’m so happy that you keep your words of making significant balance to heroes !

    Artemia buff is interesting, that dmg reduction from s4 now also active in arena will make her a powerhouse like she used to !

    And Shea, I hate it, not because the change is bad, but because i alr burn all my resource to build evan last month.. but i believe her change will make her stand with ffrey,frey, and evan as my top healer pick !

    Grem, i hate her concept so, i can’t say much about her :/

    Good job ! Can’t wait to log back to the game !

  2. NGL..Shea indeed got buff…but she still a pepega hero.

    She would NEVER be considered an option for veterans/beginners with this level of rework you have implemented… FFrey and Evan is still the way to go.

    1. Hi there Sakurai! We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We’re trying to find ways to improve readability of our community site, so please try checking the patch note on your mobile device (It’s easier to read on mobile since you can zoom in). We kindly ask for your patience and understanding as we will keep finding solutions for this matter. Thank you

      1. Thank you for your replied.

        I would suggest to you guys for using more than 1000 pixel resolution instead 768 resolution for each table image. I need to zoom in on other tab with my PC because how small it is. Or maybe increase the font size and make it separate for each section. Instead combining it like in Artemia balance table (I prefer Shea table). Also, for font color, try to use darker color. I find it harder to read on Artemia’s table than Gremory. It seems to me, you guys use slightly different font color. I prefer the Gremory one.

    1. Hello BellicosaRex. We’re sorry for the inconvenience. At the moment, we’re trying to find ways to improve the readability of our community posts. For now, please try checking the community page through your mobile device. Thank you!

  3. Doubling the health of world bosses isn’t a fix
    How about fixing up the bonus Phys DMG that Xan takes instead of just giving her more health, magic players still in the dumpster unable to compete lmao

  4. Artemia and Shea got some nice buffs. Gremory ones I think still won’t make her that great outside of Galgoria/Siegfried (Ripine is kind of stealing the spotlight in Galg though).

    Sadly Gremory S3 range has not been changed so I doubt she is useable in Trial at all.

    Also her SW is known for doing 0 damage, so I’m not sure a simple +30% damage increase will do anything when +50% didn’t help either.

    Well, we will see but I’m suspicious about Gremory’s changes.

    This patch will determine if my A220 Gremory stays or gets transferred.

  5. Okay but like, when is Yanne gonna get her big overhaul. She’s like one of the worst heroes in the game right now since dragons lost their relevancy and TM raids dont work in Yanne’s favor. Like Arte got a buff before Yanne did its kinda sad that a hero doing good became better but a hero doing bad is still doing bad.

    Just dont restrict everything Yanne does to dragons anymore. S4 is fine but S1 S2 and S3 need the dragon bonuses changed to non hero or just any enemy. That would be a basic change doing
    Dragon -> Non Hero
    but i mean i can make a quick suggestion honestly

    UW: Upon Attacking the enemy, there is a 12%-30% chance to deal 200%-500% of Atk to the enemy, recovering 5%-10% of mana, and reducing enemy mana by 400-1000. Against bosses, mana reduction is doubled and DMG is tripled.

    S1: Stuns dragons -> Stuns any enemy (DMG does bonus DMG and size increases if charged to 100%)

    S2: Deals additional damage that ignores Def to dragon enemies -> Deals additional damage that ignores Def to non hero enemies.
    DMG is increased
    Range is increased

    S3: Auto attacks consume mana and do bonus dmg that ignores Def to dragons -> bonus DMG proc applies on any enemies but ignores Def on non hero enemies. Become immune to CC effects for the duration of the skill.
    S3L: Aspd increased by 250 -> 500
    S3D: At the start of the battle, activates [No Holding Back!] and puts the skill on Cooldown.

    S4: HP and Atk is increased, takes 10% reduced DMG, and DMG to Non hero enemies is increased by 50% and DMG to dragons is increased by 50%. All allies take 15% reduced DMG from Dragon Enemies.
    S4L: No longer deals bonus DMG to dragons but in exchange increases DMG to Non hero enemies to 80%
    S4D: Cannot be affected by mana reduction and mana block but no longer takes reduced DMG.

    T5D: Normal Attacks ignore Block -> All DMG ignores Block.

    Basically, she becomes stronger outside of Dragons, still has the strength for dragon raids, and opens up usability to other areas of the game such as Shakmeh, Trial of Sky (S2 ignore Def working on non hero and having large enough range to hit totems), PVP, TM raids, etc.
    At least something that lets her do more than Dragons, either make her a generalist or let her be able to be a good non hero farmer or make her good in TM raids because at this point its almost pointless to invest in her even for dragons. Her SW is a good example of what she COULD be. Works on all enemies but does better against dragons. Why is the rest of her kit not like this?
    Sorry for the long block of text but i really do hope Yanne gets addressed soon.

    P.S. When i say any enemy i just mean any enemy regardless of race rather than restrict it to non hero or dragon.

  6. “The Max HP of Mountain Fortress, Protianus and Xanadus will be adjusted by double amount.“

    WHAT THE?? Is this for real??!





    But no. You still have the “MaGiC hAs ThE uPpErHaNd” outdated thinking.

    And I’m sure we all know Physical is in a much better spot now thanks to Pansirone, Dark Lord Kasel, Evan and Rebel Clause.


    You increased the HP of your game bosses multiple times in the past year and once already 5 days into the new year. Shows you how badly you screwed up your game balancing with TM gear.

    Cant wait for A3 to break your game balance anymore. Look at your team can’t even balance heroes let alone game content properly now, imagine when A3
    Is out…. oh boy, it’s definitely impossible then.

    1 star rating incoming.

    1. did you even listen to their developer talk that they will focus on smaller pool of hero’s instead of bigger so they can focus on actual real buff? this company is not as big as like blizzard or nexon to fix everything in one go give them time to slowly do it, they did that before and they did messed up thats why they are doing it slow this time, this is a small company were talking about.

      1. So being a “small company” is a valid excuse for 10+ months (and still counting) no fixes to WB3 physical amp?

        Yeah, because it sure should take more than 10 months to fix ONE SINGLE problem.

        We will soon hit a YEAR since this issue has existed. No consumer should wait that long for anything and because this is competitive content this only makes it worse. There is a massive disparity between Magic teams and Physical teams because of their incompetency to balance content.

        Therefore, there is no damn excuse for their lazy HP increase fix instead of a REAL fix to the world boss (reducing Physical Amp).

        So shut it, white knight.

      1. Facepalm is likely a physical main. Probs another Pansi abuser, hence he doesn’t care about the WB3 magic vs Phys disparity since it’s good for him.

        Btw how is it hating when it’s clear facts? It’s Vespa fault because they have never even showed they bother to fix this issue despite it exist for long, lmao.

        Meanwhile they CHANGE guild war rules and “fix guild war scoring” in less than 2 days just to apease whale guilds.

        To speak of about priorities, Vespa has their priorities all wrong. They prioritise a problem that existed for a few days and only effects 2 whale guilds/ over an issue that affects EVERYONE which has existed for months to years (content balancing and poor hero balancing).

        Not hating, just spitting facts.
        They’ve a long way to go if they want to change our ideals.

  7. Ok, so when will you redo or rebalance all the memed November heroes (except Lilia/Hilda).



    Your lazy changes to them weren’t even “buffs”!!!

    Also you’re getting even lazier with balancing things, because you just HP buff the world bosses instead of changing them properly.

    So not only is hero balancing team lazy. The content balancing team is equally lazy.

    1. did you even listen to their developer talk that they will focus on smaller pool of hero’s instead of bigger so they can focus on actual real buff? this company is not as big as like blizzard or nexon to fix everything in one go.give them time to slowly do it, they did that before and they did messed up thats why they are doing it slow this time, this time they are trying to do it right so stop complaining.

  8. did you even listen to their developer talk that they will focus on smaller pool of hero’s instead of bigger so they can focus on actual real buff? this company is not as big as like blizzard or nexon to fix everything in one go.give them time to slowly do it, they did that before and they did messed up thats why they are doing it slow this time, this time they are trying to do it right so stop complaining.

  9. Rebalance for my November bois Crow, Theo, Roi when?

    All of them got meme buffs and we need justice. Roi wait since Cecilia release, Theo wait 2+ years and got pepega buff. Crow buff is laughable.

    Crow mains be crying with their 1.8% DMG buff btw. Supposed to be strongest of the Hounds but in reality is the weakest since his subordinates shine more than him.

    Theo still garbage because Kirze exists which makes him irrelevant. Despite how Theo is supposed to be in the lore (transcendent and singlehandedly stopped Mountain Fortress and clash with Lucikiel/Malduk) he sucks in reality.

    Roi no comment. Perform terrible in almost all end-game content and no longer shines anywhere. Thanks for meme my boi hard with his “mana reduction S4”.

    Justice for them when?

  10. Thanks for the buffs to Shea, she is great.

    Just a heads up though. Her current S4Dark perk is not listed in the patch notes as such and it is not in queue for updates like her T5Dark and soul Weapon tooltips in the future. Something is not clear about her new S4D perk works, especially since her DEF shred is now larger than before but the 1 second mention is obscure. Could you clarify?

    1. Just to add to this topic. There is a typo in Shea S4Dark perk. it lasts 12 seconds, not 1. Still not clear if the DEF shred is 20% as it says now, or 10% like prepatch. No changes were mentioned in the notes regarding this.

      1. @Shal

        Apologies for the confusion and thank you for the report. We will be looking into this issue.

  11. Please buff Guild Raid, make them to be stronger until you can’t kill them in one week.
    anyone is going crazy if they already have a much power because your TM/SW/Lil pet content.

    Thank you

  12. Can you guys please go back to the November “Balance” patch and rework those units as much as you did these last balance patches? I really don’t think the people who mained those units want to wait a year and see newer units get reworked before units that are 2+ years old and outdated.

    1. Agree. All the trash heroes still trash. They better revisit the trash heroes and stop focusing on heroes that were in a much better place than them.

      Reminds me of that time they buffed Selene for no good reason after eclipse changes even though she was in a much better place than 80% of all heroes.

  13. these are some nice buffs! than1ks to vespa for attempting to do something near impossible!
    but honestly, I would request the november heroes get re-balanced again, as their “balances” only change a small percentage of their performance, please and thank you^^

  14. Artemia actually got a decent buff. I’m not sure what to say about shea since I havent used her from the time she got a big nerf. And gremory is just in my collection to be there. Like pavel. Anyone remember pavel?

    I wouldnt mind Crow and Theo getting reworks again.

    Happy New Year