[Patch Notes] Update List for November 10th (Tue) – Revised

Greetings Raiders,
This is GM Dakaris with news about the latest update.

Let’s take a look at what is prepared for the update on November 10th (Tue)!

※ Please note that the screenshots in the Patch Notes have been taken from a test environment and may differ from what you see in-game.

[Update List]

Balance Adjustments

“We will be adjusting the balance for the following 16 Heroes.”
– Heroes: Hilda / Shamilla / Lilia / Viska / Tanya / Theo / Kaulah / Miruru / Reina / Roi / Lewisia / Rodina / Scarlet / Nyx / Crow / Chrisha

1. Roi

2. Kaulah

※The text stating that the skill “is irremovable” for “Chain Lightning (4th Skill)” has been omitted in the Skill Descriptions and will be added during the update on November 24th. The actual effects will be applied during the update on November 10th.

3. Miruru

4. Reina

5. Rodina

6. Lewisia

7. Nyx

8. Tanya

9. Theo

10. Viska

※The text stating that the effect “will be maintained for 15 sec” for “I’ll Slice You Up!! (2nd Skill)” has been omitted in the Skill Descriptions and will be added during the update on November 24th. The actual effects will be applied during the update on November 10th.

11. Crow

12. Shamilla

13. Lilia

14. Chrisha

15. Scarlet

16. Hilda

New Content

▶ Battlefield of Ordeals
“The Arena has been updated with new content! Use your League of Victory deck to charge through the battlefield and get rewards!”

– You will be able to enter the [Battlefield of Ordeals] after finishing the [League of Victory] tutorial.

– The [Battlefield of Ordeals] will have weekly seasons and you will be able to select which Tier you wish to fight in.
– There are Bronze ~ Challenger Tiers in the [Battlefield of Ordeals] and they will be unlocked depending on the highest [League of Victory] Tier you have reached.
– You cannot change your Tier until the next [Battlefield of Ordeals] season.

– The [Battlefield of Ordeals] will consist of 16 stages. The stages will be either [Battle] or [Event] stages.
– You must choose your path wisely and battle your way through the stages to reach the end.
– You will be able to obtain Section Rewards along the way as well.

– The [Battle] stages will have enemies based off the information of real Raiders that had participated in the [League of Victory] in the previous week.
– The battles will be similar to [League of Victory] but the opponent will be AI controlled and you will not be able to use the AUTO function.

– You will obtain ‘Ordeal Points’, ‘Arena Score’, and a ‘Clear Buff’ by winning the battle.
– Any Heroes that fall during battle will not be able to participate in the next battle.
– Fallen Heroes will recover the next day at 00:00. You will also be able to make them recover instantly by either spending 30 Rubies or at an Event stage.

– You will be able to change the opponent on [Battle] stages by using a Change Ticket.
– 5 Change Tickets will be provided per season for free and you will be able to change opponents by consuming 100 Rubies after using the 5 free Change Tickets.

– There will be various events that happen on the [Event] stages where you will be able to gain useful advantages for your next battle.
: Gaining a Clear Buff, Ordeal Points, Hero Recovery etc

– There will be 4 grades of ‘Clear Buffs’: [Rare, Heroic, Ancient, Legendary]
: Rare, Heroic, Ancient grade Clear Buffs will increase your party’s abilities.
: Legendary grade Clear Buffs will provide Random Normal Artifacts, excluding Masks, and will apply the Artifact’s effects to all of your party’s Heroes.
: The Buff effect will only be applied in the [Battlefield of Ordeals].
– Plan your path wisely to get to the final stage and obtain ‘Ordeal Points’ from the battle stages as well as from the final clear reward!

▶ Battlefield of Ordeals Rewards
[Section Rewards]

– Section Rewards will be distributed as soon as they are reached.

[Arena Score Rewards]

– Arena Score rewards will be calculated each week on Monday 00:00 and be sent via in-game mail.

▶ Battlefield of Ordeals Shop Open
“The Battlefield of Ordeals Shop will open alongside the new Battlefield of Ordeals content release.”
– You will be able to purchase the following by consuming ‘Ordeal Points’ gained from the Battlefield of Ordeals.
– The shop’s purchase limits will reset every Monday at 00:00.

▶ Mission Update
– A ‘Battlefield of Ordeals’ category and mission will be added to [Mission] > [Arena].

Special Event / Dungeon

▶ Hero Special Dungeon – Episode: Rebel Clause (Part 2)
“Join in as Rebel Clause, who has gained power by sacrificing his life to obtain Galicta, journeys onward to save Kasel and Frey.”

– Event Period: After the maintenance on November 10th (Tue) ~ Before the maintenance on November 24th (Tue) 
– You can enter the [Hero Special Dungeon] > [Episode: Rebel Clause] by talking to ‘Rebel Clause’ who will be located at Central Orvel.
– [Hero Special Dungeon – Episode: Rebel Clause] will be split into 2 parts
※ Any Dungeon or Send Gift progress made in ‘Part 1’ will be maintained.
– [Episode: Rebel Clause] Dungeon consists of 10 [Story Dungeon] stages and 3 [Special Dungeon] stages.
– Link to notice: https://www.plug.game/kingsraid/#/posts/27446

Improvements and Changes

▶ Piece of Memory Episode Added

– The Hero Special Dungeon for [Episode – Xerah] will be added in [Memory Archives → Piece of Memory].
– [Story Dungeon 1] of [Episode – Xerah] can be entered without any limitations. However, there will be certain requirements in order to enter [Story Dungeon 2] and onwards.
※ Unlock Requirements for [Story Dungeon 2]: Clear stage 1 of The Shadow of Aegina
– All battles in [Episode – Xerah] can be fought by consuming Stamina and you will be able to obtain dedicated Kinship items(Art Supplies) by clearing the [Story / Special / Secret] dungeons.
– You can gain various rewards by using the ‘Art Supplies’ gained at the ‘Send Gift’ screen.

[Episode – Xerah Send Gift Rewards]

– You will be able to get a part each of ‘Assassin/Archer/Mechanic’, ‘Wizard/Priest’ class gear with ‘ATK / ATK Speed / Crit / Crit DMG’ options upon using the ‘T8 Lava Set (Dealer)’.
– ‘Xerah Unique Gear Ticket’: Upon use, you can select and obtain 1 Unique Weapon or Unique Treasure of Xerah.
※ You will be able to obtain one of the following at random upon using the ‘Half-Drawn Paper’.

※ Unique Weapon Ticket: Upon use, you can select and obtain a Unique Weapon for your Hero of choice. (Excluding NPC Heroes, including new Heroes)

▶ Central Neighborhood: Deranged Ether Dungeon Added

– The ‘Deranged Ether’ dungeon where you can obtain Ether has been added to the Central Neighborhood.
– The dungeon will have 4 difficulties(Easy / Normal / Hard / Hell).
– You will be able to open the dungeon by consuming 200 Rubies and will be able to access it for 3 hours.
※ Booster effects will be applied to [Central Neighborhood] dungeons. (Booster effects applied with Rubies will not be applied to the Central Neighborhood dungeons.)

[Deranged Ether – Rewards]

▶ Added League of Victory Participation Rewards 
– You will receive ‘Victory Medal x20’ regardless if you win or lose.

▶ New Raider Roll Book Reworked
“The Roll Book for new Raiders has been reworked!”

– New accounts created after November 10th and accounts that were seeing the previous ‘New Raider Roll Book’ will now see the newly reworked Roll Book.
– 5 Star Hero Ticket: You will receive ‘Unique Weapon Fragments’ if you already have all of the Heroes that are available from the Ticket.
※ If you had received more than 1 day of the previous ‘New Raider Roll Book’ any rewards that were due will be sent to you via in-game mail.
※ Please remember to press the [Claim Reward] button every day as it will not pass onto the next day if the previous reward has not been claimed.

▶ Lowered the difficulty of certain content

▶ Improved Entry Tickets for the Tower of Challenge
– The maximum limit for the ‘Cube of Challenge’ will be increased to 80.
– The ‘Cube of Challenge’ will be reset to it’s limit after the maintenance.
(e.g. If you had less than 80 Cubes before the maintenance, the Cube count will be set to 80. If you had more than 80 Cubes before the maintenance, there will be no change in the number of Cubes.)

▶ Improved Soul Judgement UI

– Soulstones will now be shown differently on the Soul Judgement screen or when obtained via using items. [Updated as of November 10th 00:50 (PST)]
– The Hero’s name and class will now be shown when a ‘Soulstone’ appears during ‘Soul Judgement’ regardless of whether you have a ‘Protection of the God King’ in your possession.
※ Please note that you may skip and miss this screen when you do not have a ‘Protection of the God King’ if you press the screen too quickly in order to receive the Soulstone faster.

▶ Improved Item Crafting
– Crafting time for ‘Stone of Infinity’, ‘Fragment of Infinity x70’, ‘Fragment of Infinity x560’ will be removed when crafting from [Craft > Growth].

▶ Added November’s Story & Cutscenes to the Monthly Orvel
“Congratulate the lucky Heroes that have birthdays in November!”
– Heroes with birthdays in November will be revealed in the Monthly Orvel on November 1st (Sun).
– You will be able to obtain a reward after watching a cutscene of the Hero’s birthday. (Rewards will only be given 1 time.)
– New Heroes that have their birthday in November are as follows.
:: Taily

▶ Pumpkin Key Content Change 
“The content of Pumpkin Keys bought from the Special Shop will be changed.”
– The content of any unused Pumpkin Keys will be changed as the Halloween Bingo Event has ended.
: You will receive ’20,000,000 Gold’ if you use ‘Pumpkin Keys’ after the November 10th Update.

▶ Revised Terms of Service & Operation Policy
– A notification will appear for the [Terms of Service & Operation Policy] upon logging in after the maintenance as they have been revised as notified on October 6th.
– Please note that you will be able to continue only if you agree to the revised policies.
– Link to Policy Revision Notification Notice: https://www.plug.game/kingsraid/1030449#/posts/27111

▶ (iOS ONLY) Added IDFA Collection Functions 
– iOS devices operating on iOS 14 or higher will have a popup regarding the collection of IDFA along with the Terms of Service popup. 

▶ Changed Orvel’s Theme
– Orvel has gone back to its everyday appearance as the Halloween event has ended.

▶ World Boss HP Change
– Max HP as been increased for all World Bosses [Added as of November 9th 23:30 (PST)] 

Challenge Raid

[52nd Party Clear Challenge Raid – Urkak]

Bug Fixes

▶ Content Display and Function Fixes
– Fixed an issue where there would be a notification even after claiming all rewards from the [Mission] screen.
– Fixed an issue where skills would be used automatically even though the [AUTO] function was turned [Off].
– Fixed an issue where you would be able to move to the [Heroes List] only after pressing the [Return] button twice on the [Hero Info] screen.
– Fixed an issue where the Boss entrance cutscene would not play for [Story Dungeon 1~4] of [Episode: Rebel Clause].
– Fixed an issue where the Soulstone for ‘Hilda’ will appear twice on the list of available Soulstones of ‘Random Soulstone Tickets’.

That was all for the 1st update of November. Hope you are all safe!
Happy Raiding!

Thank you.
GM Dakaris