[Patch Notes] Update List for December 8th (Tue)- Revised

Greetings Raiders,
This is GM Dakaris with news about the latest update.

Let’s take a look at what is prepared for the update on December 8th (Tue)!

※ Please note that the screenshots in the Patch Notes have been taken from a test environment and may differ from what you see in-game.

[Update List]

Balance Adjustments

▶ Hero Balance has been adjusted
– Adjusted Heroes: Frey / Phillop / Maria / Neraxis / Dakaris

▶ Content Balance has been adjusted
[ Dark Legion Raid ]
– The max HP of all monsters appearing in Wave 1 ~ 2 will be reduced by approximately 15%.
– The skill effect that removed positive effects from Heroes when pulling them will be removed from the Black Knight’s skill.

[ Guild Conquest Velkazar ]
– Velkazar’s HP has increased by approximately 4 times.
– The HP of Velkazar’s Executioner’s Casket and the amount of HP recovered when the Executioner’s Casket is summoned has been increased slightly.

New Content

▶ Lil’ Raider Update
[ What are Lil’ Raiders? ]
– Lil’ Raiders are cute companions that will join you on your adventures. The stats of the Lil’ Raiders will be imprinted on all Heroes within your account after being initially obtained.

[ Lil’ Raider House ]

– You will be able to interact with Lil’ Raider related content as well as see the placed Lil’ Raiders moving about at the [ Lil’ Raider House ].
– You will be able to enter the [ Lil’ Raider House ] through 3 methods once the entrance requirements have been met.
– Entrance Requirements: You will be able to access the [ Lil’ Raider House ] after visiting the [ World Tree ] upon clearing [ Stage 1-17 ].
– How to Enter:
1) [ Chapter 1 King’s Plains ] > Left of the World Tree
2) [ My Info ] from the top left of the screen > [ Go to Lil’ Raider House ]
3) [ Portal ] > [ Lil’ Raider House ] > [ Visit Lil’ Raider House ]
– A tutorial will appear the first time you visit the [ Lil’ Raider House ] to explain the various content.

[ Obtaining Lil’ Raiders – Incubator / Summon ]

– You will be able to obtain Lil’ Raiders for free at the [ Incubator ] with a 24 hour duration.
– You will be able to obtain Rare/Heroic Grade Lil’ Raiders from the Incubator. Ancient/Legendary Grade Lil’ Raiders will not be hatched from the Incubator.

– You can summon Lil’ Raiders by either consuming Rubies (250 Rubies per summon) or ‘Lil’ Raider Summon Tickets’. You will be able to obtain Rare ~ Legendary Grade Lil’ Raiders or Lil’ Raider Treats at random.
※ The ‘Guaranteed Reward’ gauge will increase by 1 every time you proceed with [ Lil’ Raider Summon x10 ] and do not obtain a ‘Legendary Grade Lil’ Raider’.
※ You will obtain a ‘Random Ancient/Legendary Lil’ Raider Ticket’ which will allow you to obtain a Ancient or Legendary Lil’ Raider at random once the ‘Guaranteed Reward Gauge’ is filled.
– You will obtain ‘Lil’ Raider Essence’ if you obtain a Lil’ Raider you already have via the [ Incubator / Summon ] functions. You will obtain Essence of the Lil’ Raider in question if you obtain the Essence of a Legendary Grade Lil’ Raider.

[ Essence Storage ]

– You will store any Essence you obtain from the [ Incubator / Summon] functions in [ Essence Storage ].
– You will consume 10 of the same grade of Essence when attempting to Synthesize Rare/Heroic/Ancient Grade Essence and will obtain a random Lil’ Raider of a higher grade.
– You will consume 2 Essence when Synthesizing Legendary Grade Essence and will obtain a random Legendary Grade Lil’ Raider.
– You will obtain Essence for the Lil’ Raider in question if you obtain a Lil’ Raider you already have when Synthesizing.

[ Manage Lil’ Raiders ]

– You will be able to check the information of any Lil’ Raiders you own via [ Manage Lil’ Raiders ].
– The Lil’ Raider will follow your Leader Hero once set to Main Lil’ Raider.

[ Stats ]

– The Lil’ Raiders will all have different Stats which will be imprinted on all Heroes in your account the first time the Lil’ Raider is obtained.
– You will be able to enhance the Stats of Legendary Grade Lil’ Raiders by [ Awakening ] them. (You will not be able to awaken Rare ~ Ancient Grade Lil’ Raiders)
– You will be able to check the Overall Imprinting Stats via the [ Clock ] icon on the main screen or the [ Paw ] icon in the [ Lil’ Raider House ].


– You will consume the Essence of the Lil’ Raider you wish to Awaken when Awakening Legendary Grade Lil’ Raiders.
※ i.e) You will consume ‘Legendary Petit Shakmeh Essence’ when Awakening the ‘Petit Shakmeh’ Lil Raider.
– There is no fail chance for Awakening Lil’ Raiders.

– ‘Defense Team Settings’ for [ Guild War ] content will be maintained based on when the team was set.
– The Imprinted Stats of Lil’ Raiders obtained after setting the ‘Defense Team Settings’ will not automatically apply.
– Please manually reset your [ Guild War Defense Team ] if you wish to apply the Stats from Lil’ Raiders after obtaining them.

[ Place/Treats ]

– You will be able to Place up to 5 Lil’ Raiders in the Lil’ Raider House at the same time. You will be able to manage the Lil’ Raiders that get [ Placed ] via [ Lil’ Raider House ] > [ Management ] or [ Lil’ Raider House] > [ Place ].
– You will be able to give Lil’ Raider Treats to Placed Lil’ Raiders and will even be able to see the signature moves of Legendary Grade Lil’ Raiders by pressing the [ Perform ] button.
– Lil’ Raider Treats will be filled periodically and you will be able to have up to 100 at the same time. The [ Happiness ] of a Lil’ Raider will increase by 25% per Lil’ Raider Treat. [Revised December 7th (Mon) 22:15 (PST)]
※ You will be able to have more than 100 Lil’ Raider Treats by gaining them via Mail/Event Rewards/Special Shop purchase.
– Happiness: You will be able to obtain a [ Happiness Reward ] once the Happiness of a Lil’ Raider reaches 100%. The Lil’ Raider will then fall asleep after giving you the Happiness Reward and you will not be able to interact with them for a while.

[ Happiness Rewards ]

※ You will be able to obtain one of the Happiness Rewards at random.

[ Jukebox ]

– You will be able to select which KING’s RAID BGM(KR/ENG/JP) you wish to listen to from the [ Jukebox ] and set it as the BGM for the [ Lil’ Raider House ]. (Contains 24 BGMs)

▶ Added LINE FRIENDS Raiders & Accessories
“Cute LINE FRIENDS have come to visit as LINE FRIENDS Raiders and Accessories!”
– LINE FRIENDS Raiders will be available after the update on December 8th (Tue)!

※ The second ability of the LINE FRIENDS Raiders will be fixed and cannot be enhanced.
※ Other LINE FRIENDS Raiders will be available through future updates.
※ The Abilities for Legendary Grade BROWN (Increases Raid Coin Gain) and CONY (Additional Boss Crystals earned) will not be applied when opening Dispatch Battle Loot. [Updated as of December 8th 02:05 (PST)]
※ IMAGE REVISED as of December 7th (Mon) 21:35 (PST)

[ Accessories ]

– LINE FRIENDS accessories have been added.
– Please check the [ Special Shop ] December Week 2 Update notice for more detail on how to obtain LINE FRIENDS Raiders and Accessories.
– Link to notice: https://www.plug.game/kingsraid/1030449#/posts/27853

▶ Index Update
– A [ Lil’ Raider Index ] has been added to allow you to see the information of all Lil’ Raiders and how to obtain them.

▶ Mission Update
– The ‘Grumble… Gruuuuumble…’ mission has been added to [ Missions ] > [ Daily/Weekly ] > [ Daily Missions ].
– The ‘Make new friends!’ mission has been added to [ Missions ] > [ Daily/Weekly ] > [ Weekly Missions ].
– The ‘Lil’ Raider’ category has been added to [ Missions ] > [ Growth ].

Improvements and Changes

▶ Estelle’s Jumping Order (Extended)

– Period: After maintenance on September 22nd (Tue) ~ Before the first maintenance in February, 2021
– Who can participate: All Raiders
※ Estelle’s Jumping Order will disappear once the event period ends.
※ Please remember to retrieve all rewards before the Jumping Order expires.
– Link to notice: https://www.plug.game/kingsraid/1030449/posts?menuId=9#/posts/27003

▶ Guild Conquest Rewards have been reworked
– We have improved the rewards for Guild Conquest Round Rewards and the ‘Velkazar Artifact Fragment’ gain from the World Season Ranking rewards.

▶ Added new Velkazar Artifact

▶ Quality of Life Improvements
– Made it so that you will be able to interact with the chosen location instead of Estelle when pressing the same location as where Estelle would be standing in [ Orvel ]. You will now be able to go to that location without Estelle blocking your movement.
– Decreased the amount of Gold consumed when Ether Enhancing Soul Weapons by 20%.
– Decreased the entry limit of [ Secret Dungeons] by 50 and increased their rewards by 4 times for all Episodes in [ Memory Archives ] > [ Piece of Memory ]. (The total amount obtained will remain the same)
※ Any entries from before the update will be adjusted to fit the entry limit after the update.

▶ League of Honor Global Pre-season open
“The League of Honor Pre-season will start after the end of Regular Season 10.”
– Regular Season End-date: December 20th (Sun) 06:59 (PST)
– Pre-season Period: December 20th (Sun), 2020 09:00 ~ January 3rd (Sun), 2021 06:59 (PST)

▶ Guild Conquest Season 12 Open
“The new season will start after 2 weeks.”
– Guild Conquest Season 12 will take place from December 22nd (Tue) 2020 to March 15th (Mon) 2021.

▶ Improved the Beginner Jumping Missions
– Added new tips regarding the Beginner Jumping Missions in the [ Mission ] tutorial that appears after clearing [ Stage 1-4 ] for the first time in order to help Beginner Raiders adjust to KING’s RAID faster.

▶ Updated the Hero’s Inn
– You will now be able to meet Hero ‘Isolet’ in the Hero’s Inn.

Challenge Raid

[ 46th Solo Ranking Match – Kallax ]

▶ Kallax Balance Adjustments
– The ATK / DEF / HP of Kallax has increased by 10%.

Bug Fixes

▶ Content Display & Function Fixes
– (Spanish ONLY) Fixed a typo in the item tooltip for ‘Normal Artifact Ticket’.

That was all for the first update of December!
Happy Raiding!

Thank you.
GM Dakaris