[Patch Notes] Update List of May 25th (Tue)

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

We’d like to share with you the update list of May 25th (Tue).

※The screenshots in the Patch Notes have been taken in a Test Server.

[Update List]

▌New Hero

▶ May’s New Hero <Shepherd of Chaos, Isaiah>

▶ Isaiah’s Limited Costume will be added
– Isaiah’s Costume ‘Benevolent Chaos, Isaiah’ will be added.
– You will be able to obtain this Costume through the ‘First 10 Benefits’ of Isaiah’s Step-Up Summon.
※ Please note that the Costume does not have any effects included. (ex: EXP Boost or Gold Boost)

▌ New Costumes
▶ Special Costumes of the 3 Protagonists will be added

– The Costumes of ‘Sincere Kindness, Kasel / Sincere Tenderness, Frey / Sincere Resolve, Clause’ will be added.
– These Costumes can be obtained through [Event > Web > Letter From Kasel].
※ Please note that the Costume does not have any effects included. (ex: EXP Boost or Gold Boost)

▶ 2021 Corrupted Swimsuit Costumes (1st)

– 6 Costumes for 2021 Corrupted Swimsuit Costumes (1st) will be added.

– You will be able to obtain 3% Gold Boost when owning these Costumes.

– Kara / Theo / Crow / Lakrak / Erze / Seria

▶ Costume Signature Motions Added

“Signature motions for the 2021 Corrupted Swimsuit Costumes (1st) have been added.”
– Heroes will have their own specific signature motions even if the costumes are of similar concepts.
– You can check signature motions by going to [Dressing Room] > [See Motions].

※ Seria’s Costume will be distributed for free during the event period. (~Before maintenance on June 8th (Tue))

▌New Content
▶ Ⅹ: The Final Chapter Update

“Heroes and the Dark Legion, Kasel and Clause. Prepare yourself for the final battle to decide fate.”

– Scenarios and Scenario Quests will be added for the Chapter X: The Final (Also known as ‘Chapter X’).

– You will be able to access Chapter X through [Portal] > [Chapter or World Map] after proceeding with the story [Forgotten City, Serineu] of Chapter 10

– You will be able to battle with 6 Heroes through Chapter X

:: When proceeding with the scenario, the number of Heroes participating in battles may change in some of the stages.

:: Hero Costumes of Scenario Cutscenes will remain unchanged in order to convey the content and atmosphere of the scenarios of Chapter X.

– New monsters of Chapter X will be added.

▶ Technomagic Enchantment Raid

– [Technomagic Enchantment Raid] can be accessed through the [Portal] > [Technomagic Raid].
※ You will be able to access the [Technomagic Kingdom Raid], which could be accessed through [Raid], through [Technomagic Raid].
– [Technomagic Enchantment Raid] is a raid content where you can earn Enchantment ‘Cores’ needed for Technomagic Enchantment.
– There are 2 types of Raids (ARCDIM / ARCDIM X), and they’re composed of 3 levels of difficulty each. (Will be opened in sequential order)

– [Technomagic Enchantment Raid] will be opened when clearing Stage 10-9.

– [Technomagic Enchantment Raid] can be accessed by consuming Entry Tickets (Technomagic Switchgear).

– 5 ‘Technomagic Switchgear’ will be charged every Monday at 00:00 [Local Server Time], and you can accumulate up to max 20.

– If you have consumed all of your Entry Tickets that are provided every week, you will be able to charge Entry Tickets 2 times every week with Rubies. (5 Entry Tickets will be charged at once).

:: 1st Charge – 1,000 Rubies / 2nd Charge – 1,500 Rubies

※ When Entry Tickets are charged every week, ‘Technomagic Switchgear’ will not be accumulated when its over the amount of 20.

– In the [ARCDIM Raid], you can freely form a team of Heroes to battle. In the [ARCDIM X Raid], you will have to form a team of 4 Physical type Heroes in the [Sector 1: Delta], and 4 Magical type Heroes in the [Sector 2: Zeta]. (Single/Party)

– Playing as a party, up to max 2 party members can use up to max 4 Heroes each. One party member can be responsible for one sector, form parties and proceed with battles.

– All battles in [ARCDIM/ ARCDIM X Raid] will be proceeded in AUTO. (Skills cannot be used)
– To check the information of each Boss, touch the Boss image arrow in [Raid Info] and check the information of ‘Delta’ and ‘Zeta’.

[Technomagic Enchantment Raid Reward Details]

▶ Technomagic Enchantment System

– In [Valance’s Workshop], you can use Enchantment Cores on Technomagic Gear to obtain Enchant Options.

– There are 4 types of Enchantment Cores. Depending on the type of the Enchantment Cores you use, you will be able to obtain 1~3 Enchant Options.

= Electromagnetic Transistor Core: You can obtain 1 Enchant Option
= Pulse Control Core: You can obtain 1~2 Enchant Option(s) / You can craft them through [Inventory > Craft > Gear]
= Nanoparticle Generation Core: You can use this item to obtain 2 ~ 3 Enchant Options / You can craft them through [Inventory > Craft > Gear]
= Sub Energy Core: You can use this item to obtain 3 Enchant Options
– Certain options may have higher stats depending on Gear parts.

[Enchant Option Details]

※ IMPORTANT NOTES about Technomagic Enchantment
– When more than 2 Enchant Options are shown, the same option does not show up repeatedly.
– You need to press one of the [Select] buttons of the Enchant Options shown on the screen, to apply the option you desire.
– Please note that changes will be made immediately to the ‘Changed Enchant Option’ as you press the [Enchant] button, so please make sure to check before pressing the button.

▶ Mission Update
– Missions for ‘Chapter X’ will be added to [Mission] > [Guideline].
– Categories and Missions for ‘Technomagic Enchantment Raid’ will be added to [Mission] > [Raid].
– An ‘Enchant’ Mission will be added to [Mission] > [Growth] > [Gear] > [Valance’s Workshop].

▌Special Event/Dungeon
▶ Hero Special Dungeon – Episode : Isaiah

– Event Period: After maintenance on May 25th (Tue) ~ Before maintenance on June 8th (Tue)

– You will be able to access the [Hero Special Dungeon] >[Episode: Isaiah] by talking to ‘NPC Isaiah’ who will be located at [Central Orvel].

– [Episode: Isaiah] is consisted of 3 [Story Dungeons].

:: You will only be able to access the next stage after clearing the stage before it. You will be able to receive Isaiah (5 Star, Lv. 50) when clearing all [Story Dungeons].

– You will receive 3 initial ‘Event Entry Tickets’ and 1 ‘Event Entry Ticket’ will be charged at 00:00 every day. Please note that you will not be able to have more than 3 ‘Event Entry Tickets’.

– For more information about Isaiah’s Hero Special Dungeon, please check our post ‘Hero Special Dungeon – Episode: Isaiah’

▶ Super Pass (Kasel / Frey / Clause)
– Event Period:
After maintenance on May 25th (Tue) ~ Before maintenance on June 22nd (Tue)
– Availability:
Can be accessed by all accounts in KING’s RAID
※ Super Pass will be expired at the end of the event period
※ Please complete all missions during the event period and receive your rewards.

– Super Pass are missions that will help you with the growth of your 3 Heroes [Kasel / Frey / Clause]

– You will be able to check the details of the missions through the [Super Pass] icon located on the main screen and within missions.

– You will be able to strengthen your Heroes up to T5, Lv. 100 through the first mission when owning Kasel/Frey/Clause. (It will be the second mission for Clause)

– [Super Pass Hero Progression Ticket] will be sent to your [Inventory > Consumables]. Upon use, you will be able to increase the transcendence/level of the corresponding Hero.

※ If the Hero is already a T5, Lv.100 Hero, there won’t be any changes/growth for your Hero.

※ When the Hero has reached the final growth stage, the ‘Super Pass Hero Progression Ticket’ of the Hero may be sent to [Inventory] > [Consumables]. In this case, you will be able to sell the item.

– A Ticket in which you will be able to obtain one 5 Star Unique Weapon or 5 Star Unique Treasure of Kasel/Frey/Clause will be provided.

※ The item ‘5 Star Unique Gear Ticket’ will only be given once, so please make sure to make your choices carefully.

– If you complete the missions for each Hero (Kasel/Frey/Clause), you will be able to obtain the Soulstones of the 3 Heroes, plus additional rewards.

– If you complete all missions, the [Super Pass] icon will disappear.

▶ Letter From Kasel

– Event Period: After maintenance on May 25th (Tue) ~ Until June 22nd (Tue)
– Talk to Kasel who will be located at Central Orvel and check the letter he has prepared for you! Don’t forget to receive your Costumes too!

▶ Technomagic Gear Additional Skill Reforge will be added
– Updates in which additional skills of the Technomagic Gear can be reforged will be added.
– You will be able to change Additional Skills by using the item ‘Technomagic Skill Reforge Ticket’ through [Valance’s Workshop > Technomagic Management >Technomagic Reforge].

※ The item’ Technomagic Skill Reforge Ticket’ can be obtainable through the event [Don’t Put Off Today’s Daily Mission Until Tomorrow!] (starting from June 1st)
– We will be providing these items through events that will be opened in June. Please note that we’re making preparations, so that this item can be obtained through gameplay in the near future.

▶ Hero’s Inn Update

– Hero ‘Estelle’ will make her appearance at the Hero’s Inn.

▶ The illustration of the main title screen and the BGM of Orvel will be changed
– The title illustration of the main screen will be changed to the background of ‘X: The Final’.
– The BGM of Orvel will be changed to the BGM of X: The Final chapter.

▶ Jukebox BGM Update
– A list of BGM will be added to [Lil’ Raider > Jukebox].
: The Right – arranged inst
: The Final Chapter

▶ App Icon Update

– The app’s icon image will be updated to celebrate the update of X: The Final Chapter.

▌Challenge Raid
▶ [54th Solo Ranking Match – Kallax]

▶ Balance Adjustments will be made to Challenge Raid ‘Kallax’
– The ATK / DEF / HP of Kallax will be increased by 10%.

▌Bug Fixes

– Fixed the issue in which sounds are not played when the skill ‘Valiant Dash (2nd Skill)’ is used after using the skill ‘Proxy of God (3rd Skill)’.

That was everything for the Patch Note of May’s second update.

Hope you have a great time raiding in KING’s RAID!!

Thank you.

GM Gremory

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    1. My guess is that we’ll see Kasel, Clause, and Frey’s stories come to a close with the end of Episode 1, but Roi and Cleo’s stories will be significantly involved in the stage of Episode 2!

  1. Wow!!! What a big update. It’s clear you’ve worked so hard on this!

    A healthcare worker Costume for Isaiah feels fitting. She sees herself as a benevolent healer, but that syringe may very well be filled with a lethal substance.

    I don’t think I really like Corrupted Swimsuits as a Costume concept, but everything you make is beautiful!

    I’m excited to see how Technomagic Enhancement plays out. It seems they will yield small benefits, which seems appropriate at a time when competitive players are looking to push their optimization further while everyone else is still trying to farm effective Techomagic Gear. The Reforge feature may help make things more accessible to everyone!

    I’m also glad that the Techomagic Enhancement Raid seems rewarding, interesting, and meaningful, without significantly expanding the player’s time commitment!

    1. Embarrassing as usual and never without fail Geymes.
      So much time is spent writing your cringey comments and yet still your enthusiasm still comes across super fake…

  2. I know it’s summer but can you please stop making so many weird swimsuit costume themes?! We had wedding swimsuits and now corrupted swimsuits…

    When will we actually get fantasy style costumes again like the Frozen theme one? Or World Costumes, Casual costumes etc…

    Actually I’m sad Dessert costume ranked so low in the recent poll because it was one of my favorite batches.

    Anyway tldr: less weird swimsuit themed please

  3. I always had that idea but it’s really much more obvious here, about Seria Signature motions , you are making her make too much moves that it’s unnatural and looks weird, no one ever make that much moves normally while doing such simple actions, a lot of moves doesn’t mean a better Signature, a more normal one even if it’s simple is much better.

  4. Wow, incredibly disappointed with Isaiah’s limited skin Vespa. That could easily just be a world costume and you’re making it cost 45k rubies. Very underwhelming considering how detailed some of the previous limited skins were.

  5. Hello , about the “if you already have the hero at t5 for kasel , frey and clause , you’ll able to sell the item” thing , I think there’s a bug ? Because I don’t see any t5 hero ticket on inventory and all that i get is “your already have “hero name” at Transcendence 5” after claim the ticket on super pass tab . What do you mean by selling ? >_<

  6. For the first time in history, this new equipment system (enchanting TM gear) was much more well implemented than any other system in KR.

    Of course there is RNG to the enchant system, but that was expected.
    The raids are completely doable with time and investment. Compared to how Soul Weapon, TM Gear was implemented… this one is like a breath of fresh air.

    Not a huge powercreep. Very well done. I had bad thoughts that enchant system was going to be disgusting, but it ended up being more tolerable than I thought.

    The only criticism is that we are forced to play against physical boss first in ARCDIM X so we cannot test how well our magic composition fares in Stage 3 (if you’re a strictly magic user).

  7. Yay look its another jack of all trades magic hero. Phys teams got amazing Shak and Estelle. We (magic users) expected that u will give us a chance to compete against broken phys teams. And..u gave us LOH hero? While phys dominating everything? You are releasing LOH all purpose hero while we need good magic tanks and PURE MAGIC SUPPORTS?! Thx vespa Im fed up with this. I will play the final chapter and leave. Its truly the Final chapter for me. F that. Isaiah was the only hope for magic users and u F’ed us AGAIN.
    Remember folks: MaGiC hAs ThE upPrHnD

  8. New MC is Jacks right?

    Btw I was shocked and chuckled when I found out who Marquis Wales actually was… took Vespa two years to reveal but everything makes sense now on that relationship chart.

    Really enjoyed the Wales scene. Really nice surprise!

    For Idrian, I hope we meet him for real, he seems like an important character since he’s the Empire’s advisor and also has Lasiphil’s eye. Sucks we don’t actually get to see his model.

    I hope Dominix is playable in the future!

    Lucikiel and Clause practically carried the chapter though. Really like them both. I was never a fan of Kasel (still not) so I have little to say about him, lol.

    Now, conclusion;
    I have to admit I had some negative thoughts about this update because the SW and TM update was so badly implemented (huge powercreeps which took over players focus on the story). However, this update was executed really well. No huge powercreeps with enchant system (just a new raid that is ACTUALLY doable!) and the update allows us to enjoy and focus much more on the story.

    Definitely the best big update we have had in years. If only all other future updates were implemented as well as this one.

  9. Lucikiel bitchslap everyone was the best thing about this chapter.