[Patch Notes] Update List of February 2nd (Tue)

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

We’d like to share with you the update list of February 2nd (Tue).

※The screenshots in the Patch Notes have been taken in a Test Server. Please note that the contents you see may differ from what you see in the actual game.


[Update List]
▌Special Event/Dungeon
▶ Spring Festival Dungeon (Re-Run)

– Event Period: After maintenance on February 2nd (Tue) ~ Before maintenance on February 16th (Tue)

– You will be able to access the [Spring Festival] Dungeon by talking to ‘NPC Annette’ who will be located at Central Orvel.

– The [Spring Festival Dungeon] is consisted of 3 [Story Dungeons] and 2 [Special Dungeons].
:: You will only be able to access the next stage after clearing the stage before it. The [Special Dungeons] will only be available after clearing all of the [Story Dungeons].

– To access the [Story Dungeon] you need ‘Entry Tickets’, and to access the [Special Dungeon] ‘Stamina’ needs to be consumed.

– At first, 2 ‘Entry Tickets are provided for access, and 1 Ticket is recharged every day. (Every day at 00:00 [Local Server Time] / You can accumulate up to max 2)

– You can obtain additional event goods by visiting NPC Heroes during the event period.
= Orvel: May, Gladi, Veronica, Loman, Juno, Nicky, Talisha
= Guild Domain: Hanus / Tower of Challenge: Dosarta / Temple of the God King: Cain

※ If you’re not able to receive event goods from Veronica, please proceed with the tutorial [Guild > Guild HQ > Manage Construction], and please try again. 

Improvements / Changes
▶ Stages will be added to the Technomagic Kingdom Raids

– 3 Stages will be added for each Technomagic Kingdom Raid (Stages 7~9)

– Previously, Raiders were able to obtain ‘Reclaimed Technomagic Gear’ by low chance. Changes will be made in which ‘Reclaimed Technomagic Gear’ is obtainable at a lower stage.
: (Before) Above Stage 5 → (After) Above Stage 4

– When clearing above Stage 7, you will be able to obtain ‘Technomagic Gear Upgrade Stone’ by a small chance. The chances for obtaining them differs for each stage.

– The level of difficulty for the Stages 1~6 will be decreased.

– Changes will be made for Heroes that can be deployed for each Stage. (Single/Party)

▶ Rewards of the 28-Day Attendance board will be changed
– Changes will be made to the ‘28-Day Attendance’ board with improved rewards.

– The ‘28-Day Attendance’ board will be reset back to [Day 1].
– Based on the last [28-Day Attendance] board you have completed, rewards from +7 days will be sent to your Mailbox after the maintenance.
Ex 1) If you have received rewards from [Day 1]: Rewards [Day 2 ~ Day 8] from the last ‘28-Day Attendance’ board will be sent to your Mailbox.

Ex 2) If you have received rewards from [Day 25]: Rewards [Day 26~28, Day 1~4] from the last ’28-Day Attendance’ board will be sent to your Mailbox.

※ For Raiders who have been receiving rewards from the New/Returning Raider Attendance board on the day of the maintenance (before the maintenance), please note that the renewed [28-Day Attendance] board will be activated once you have received all of your rewards of your current Attendance board.

▶ Improvements made to Beginner Raiders/Returning Raiders Jumping Order (2nd)

– The [Challenge] missions of [Beginner Raiders Jumping Order] will be changed. (There will be no changes in rewards)
– The missions of the ‘Beginner Raiders Jumping Order’ will remain the same for Raiders who have been proceeding them before the update. Please note that only missions in which rewards are not collected will be changed.

– After the Mission Tutorial that is activated when clearing 1-4, a tutorial guiding the Stages 1~3 of the Beginner Raiders Jumping Order’s Challenges will be added.

– In case the [Returning Raiders Jumping Order] is activated, a pop-up guide will show up.

▶ Episodes will be added to Piece of Memory

– The Hero Special Dungeons of [Episode: Hilda] & [Episode: Riheet & Ripine] will be added to [Memory Archives] > [Piece of Memory].

– You will be able to access the [Story Dungeon 1] of [Episode: Hilda] & [Episode – Riheet & Ripine] without restrictions. Starting from [Story Dungeon 2], you will be able to access the battles depending on certain conditions.
※ Conditions to unlock [Episode: Hilda] : Clear Chapter 9 World Tree to unlock
※ Conditions to unlock [Episode: Riheet & Ripine] : Clear Chapter 10-1 to unlock

– You will be able to consume Stamina within all battles in [Piece of Memory]. You will also be able to obtain Friendship Items in every episode by clearing [Story/Special/Secret Dungeons].

– You can obtain different kinds of rewards by sending acquired Friendship Items through the [Send Gift] option which can be found in all episodes.

– You can obtain the Heroes Hilda, Riheet & Ripine through the following contents:
– Hilda : Special Shop > Heroes
– Riheet & Ripine : Can be obtained for free when clearing all Story Dungeons in [Episode: Riheet & Ripine]

[Episode: Hilda Send Gift Rewards]

– Unique Gear Ticket (Hilda): Upon use, you can select and obtain 1 Unique Weapon or Unique Treasure.

[Episode: Riheet & Ripine Send Gift Rewards]

– Unique Gear Ticket (Riheet, Ripine): Upon use, you can select and obtain 1 Unique Weapon or Unique Treasure of Riheet or Ripine

▶ Account linking will be available with Twitter / LINE

– Account linking will be available with [Twitter/LINE] accounts

– For Raiders who have linked with other SNS accounts, you will also be able to proceed with this method of account linking.
※ Please note that [LINE] account linking is not available for versions below iOS 9.0

▶ Changes will be made to the main title screen of the game

– The main title screen of the game will be changed to the ‘Technomagic Kingdom’ background illustration.

– Lil’ Raiders, Riheet & Ripine will be removed from the main title screen of the game.

▌Challenge Raid
[56th Party Clear Challenge Raid – Sithrael]

▶ Balance Adjustments will be made to Challenge Raid ‘Sithrael’

Sithrael’s ATK/ DEF/HP will be increased by 10%.

▌Bug Fixes

▶ Hero Modeling and Skill Fixes

– Fixed an issue where Hero Rebel Clause’s T5 [Dark] text appeared incorrectly. (Vietnamese only)

– Fixed an issue with Hero Laudia’s ‘Dance of the Desert (Skill 3)’ in which her number of attacks appeared to be 29 times when her ATK Speed went over a certain number.

– Fixed an issue where Hero Chrisha’s T5 [Light] ‘Crit Chance + 100’ effect appeared as an increase in ‘ATK Spd’.

– Fixed an issue where Hero Tanya’s ‘Whisper of Death (Skill 3)’ did not cause DMG after dispelling positive effects from the target on the first hit during a Stealth state.

– Fixed an issue in which 1 out of 5 normal attacks of Hero Ripine did not show up during battle.

– Fixed an issue in which ‘immunity to CC’ effect did not apply to the ‘Shield’ in Hero Ripine’s Soul Weapon (Unleashed) skill effects

▶ Content Display Fixes

– The text shown when obtaining rewards through giving presents to NPC has been fixed.

– Fixed an issue in which Hero Gremory’s birthday appeared incorrectly in the [Hero Index]. (January 1st > November 11th)

– Fixed an issue in which the [Statistics] button and the [Statistics] tutorial had functioning issues.

: The [Statistics] button that has been removed temporarily will be added once again.

– Fixed an issue in which Raiders were moved to [Mission] > [Mission in Progress] when touching the [Event] button of the main screen.

– Fixed an issue in which Lil’ Raider SALLY’s effect did not apply when selecting the reward [Technomagic Gear Upgrade Stone Ticket Box] above stage 8 Otherworldly Darkness Shakmeh

That was everything for February’s 1st Update Patch Note.

Have a great time playing KING’s RAID!

Thank you.

GM Gremory

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  1. 1. Redo the November meme balance patch WHEN?

    2. Fix WB3 too high Physical amp when?
    To this day top magic teams still only doing like 1/4 of top physical teams score because of this problem, btw.

    It’s almost the 1 year mark where this overtuned WB3 physical amp has existed!

    So after Developer Talk died we are back to 0 communication on these two issues. GG.

  2. Ok, but where is the 2021 developer video, 2021 global survey and 2021 green note? You promised to release this in your December developer talk!

    Also can you please redo the November balance patch soon?? Legit every hero there got memed except Lilia and Hilda!


  3. Almost 100 heroes in this game and still no good balance patch for heroes like Crow, Theo, Yanne, Roi, Viska, Dimael and magic knights…

    Instead of releasing more heroes please focus on balancing, than you.

    Your recent ones to light Frey, Shea, Artemia, Gremory were very good. I hope you give justice to the forgotten heroes and the memed November heroes.

    Thank you Vespa.

  4. What’s this? Giving us incomplete patch notes now? Just blatant laziness and obvious bias since the rest of the servers got full notes.

    Just wow. Now I have to go through translator for the rest of your notes.

  5. Thank you GM Gremory and Vespa!!! I’m excited to see the Spring event again, as I sadly can’t remember much from it last year. I’m glad that new and old players alike will get to experience it! And wow, the difficulty easing on the Technomagic Raids are really generous!! I’ll be curious to see which Stages I can farm if I’m allowed to use 2 Heroes per class up to 6.

    Those new Beginner’s Order challenges look like a really good change too!! It’ll be MUCH quicker for new players to complete and get those very nice rewards that are included. I think that’s a win for everyone!

    Plus, it’s kind of cool that it’ll set up Chapter 8 as sort of the finale for the “beginning” or first act of the game in a way 🙂

  6. Ok but seriously when will balancing be a priority…

    Re-buff memed November heroes!
    Theo, Crow, Viska, Roi, Dakaris…
    -> Why is Theo and Crow so popular across servers and lstrong in the lore… but weak and bad in reality? It’s like false advertising, lol.

    Buff Yanne!

    Buff Dimael!
    Still shortest skill description in game for more than 3 years btw.

  7. Next sneak peek better have WB3 physical amp adjustment or WB3 magic amp increase.
    Really stupid that this problem been here for almost 1 year and still not fixed! There not even a single acknowledgment about this issue from your team!

    Also next sneak peek better have BALANCE patch, and hopefully for outdated heroes as well as memed November heroes.

  8. NO balance patch = not interested.

    Also, the same old stamina draining event and phone killing event? No thanks.

    Stop making these phone killer events. I’m tired of it and clearly not the only one.

  9. Maybe give us an update regarding your terrible November balance so we know it’s not something you want to bury and forget forever??

    Lilia and Hilda only heroes who got good buff in that patch.

    What about Roi, Crow, Theo, Viska etc?? They need REAL and not FAKE MEME buffs.

    I am happy with recent Grem/Shea buffs but seriously are you just going to move on like your November balance patch never happened? What an insult to your players!