[Patch Notes] Update List of February 16th (Tue) (Updated)


<Balance Adjustments> Certain Balance adjustments for Hero Seria have been removed (Seria’s 1st Skill & Unique Treasure 1st Skill) – Updated on February 15th (Mon) 23:00 [PST]

<Bug Fixes> Fixed an issue in which the text appeared abnormally for [Lil’ Raider House] > [Lil’ Raider Treats]. – Updated on February 16th (Tue) 01:20 [PST]

<Bug Fixes> Fixed an effect issue with the Unique Weapon of Hanus. – Updated on February 16th (Tue) 03:40 [PST]

<Bug Fixes> Fixed an issue that was encountered in the [Skill Info > Scarecrow map] Updated on February 16th (Tue) 04:48 [PST]

<Bug Fixes> Fixed an issue with the costume ‘Volleyball Club Arch’. – Updated on February 16th (Tue) 08:08 [PST]

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

We’d like to share with you the update list of February 16th (Tue).

※The screenshots in the Patch Notes have been taken in a Test Server. Please note that the contents you see may differ from what you see in the actual game.

[Update List]

▌Balance Adjustments

We will be adjusting the balance for the following 3 Heroes.

– Heroes: Roi / Seria / Chase

▌ New Hero

▶ February’s New Hero <Shadow of the Sun, Shakmeh>

▶ Added Limited Costumes for Shakmeh, Xerah

– The Shadow of Aegina Shakmeh / World-Devouring Darkness Xerah Costumes will be added.

– The costume of ‘The Shadow of Aegina Shakmeh’ can be obtained from the ‘First 10 time summon benefits’ for the Shakmeh Step-up Summon.

– ‘World-Devouring Darkness Xerah’ costume can be obtained by purchasing a specific product.

※ The costume will not receive accumulated bonus effects.

▌ New Costumes

▶ Casual Costumes (2nd)

– 8 new Casual Costumes (2nd) have been added.

– You will be able to obtain 3% more EXP when owning one of these costumes.

– Esker / Pansirone / Nia / Kibera

– Evan / Yuria / Isolet / Bernheim

▶ Costume Signature Motions Added

“Signature motions for the 2021 Casual Costumes (2nd) have been added.”

– Heroes will have specific signature motions even if the costumes are of similar concepts.

– You can check signature motions by going to [Dressing Room] > [See Motions].

▌Special Event/Dungeon

▶ Hero Special Dungeon – Episode: Shakmeh

“Shakmeh chooses Otherworldly Darkness due to his distorted jealousy. Go find more about his story through Shakmeh’s Hero Special Dungeon.”

– Event Period: After maintenance on February 16th (Tue) ~ Before maintenance on March 9th (Tue)

– You will be able to access the [Hero Special Dungeon] >[Episode: Shakmeh] by talking to ‘NPC Shakmeh’ who will be located at Central Orvel.

– [Episode: Shakmeh] is consisted of 5 [Story Dungeons]. – You will be able to obtain Hero Shakmeh by clearing all [Story Dungeons]. (5 Star, Level 50)
– Please check the details of the event through the post ‘[Event] Hero Special Dungeon – Episode: Shakmeh’

▌Improvements / Changes

▶ Dungeon Improvements to [Devourer Shakmeh / Otherworldly Darkness Shakmeh]

[Dungeon Improvements – Devourer Shakmeh]

– The number of charged ‘Shakmeh’s Helm Decoration’, which serve as Entry Tickets to enter the [Devourer Shakmeh] dungeon, will be reduced from 5 to 3 every day.

– The max number of ‘Shakmeh’s Helm Decoration’ Entry Tickets that can be accumulated will be changed from 100 to 60.

※ The number of Shakmeh’s Helm Decoration (3 Entry Tickets)’ that are charged every day cannot be accumulated over 60 Entry Tickets.

– ‘Shakmeh’s Wrath’ will be charged up to 100% when [Devourer Shakmeh] is defeated 60 times. The dungeon of [Otherworldly Darkness Shakmeh] will be opened when ‘Shakmeh’s Wrath’ reaches 100%. (By defeating Devourer Shakmeh once, ‘Shakmeh’s Wrath’ will be increased by 1.66%)

※ After the maintenance on February 16th (Tue), the percentage of your ‘Shakmeh’s Wrath’ gauge you have been proceeding may appear as 1% increase in certain parts of the gauge.

: After clearing your current round of Otherworldly Darkness Shakmeh, the gauge will be increasing the way it should be.

– Amount of rewards will be increased for each stage of [Devourer Shakmeh]’s Dungeons, and drop rates will remain the same.

[Dungeon Improvements – Otherworldly Darkness Shakmeh]

– Otherworldly Darkness Shakmeh’s skills will be adjusted.

▶ League of Honor Global Pre-Season Open

“The pre-season will be applied after the end of the League of Honor Regular Season 11”
– Regular Season 11 End Date: February 28th (Sun) 06:59 [PST]

– Pre-Season Period: February 28th (Sun) 09:00 ~ March 14th (Sun) 07:59 [PST]

– The ranking rewards will be distributed after the end of the Regular Season 11.

▶ Added February’s Story & Cutscenes to the Monthly Orvel

“Congratulate the lucky Heroes that have birthdays in February!”
– Birthday cutscenes for ‘Evan’ will be added.

– The cutscenes of the Hero will be opened on the date of the Hero’s birthday (February 20th) and you will be able to obtain a reward after watching a cutscene of the Hero’s birthday. (Rewards will only be given 1 time.)

▶ Improvement to the rewards for the Roll Book (7 days) of Returning Raiders

– The rewards for the ‘Roll Book of Returning Raiders’ will be improved. Raiders who have been using the ‘Roll Book of Returning Raiders’ before the maintenance on February 16th (Tue) will have their Roll Book reset to [Day 1].

– For Raiders who have been using the previous ‘Roll Book of Returning Raiders’, all items that have not been received will be sent to the Mailbox.

※ Day 1 Reward : You will be able to obtain Tank/Dealer T8 Swift Darkness Set. (5 Star)

※ Day 4 Reward : You will be able to obtain Support T8 Swift Darkness Set. (5 Star)

※ Day 5~7 Rewards : Upon use, you can select and obtain 1 Unique Weapon or Unique Treasure of the Heroes. (NPC Heroes Unique Weapons excluded, New Heroes included)

▶ Updates to the Hero’s Inn
– Hero ‘Gremory’ will appear in the Hero’s Inn

▶ The Tooltip for Lil’ Raider Summon x10 Guaranteed Rewards will be changed

– Tooltip details will be added for the guaranteed rewards ‘Random Ancient/Legendary Lil’ Raider Ticket’ for Lil’ Raider Summon x10.

: “Time-limited Lil’ Raiders are not included.”

▶ Account linking for [Twitter / LINE] will be removed

– The account linking system for [Twitter/LINE] that has been added through the updates on February 2nd (Tue) will be removed due to an issue that has been encountered in the system.

– We will be announcing through our patch notes if the account linking system is implemented once again.

▌Challenge Raid

[49th Solo Ranking Match – Kerberen]

▶ Balance Adjustments for Challenge Raid ‘Kerberen’
– Kerberen’s ATK / DEF / HP will be increased by 10%.

[57th Party Clear Challenge Raid – Garrow]

▶ Balance Adjustments for Challenge Raid ‘Garrow’

– Garrow’s ATK / DEF / HP will be increased by 10%.

▌Bug Fixes
▶ Hero Modeling and Skill Fixes
– Fixed an issue in which the effect of the Unique Weapon of Hanus [The Playtime, HN-Homing Missile].

– Fixed an issue in which Aisha’s Unique Treasure ‘Ring of Infinite Mana (3rd Skill)’ ‘Recovers Mana upon a Critical Hit’ effect wasn’t applied properly.

– Fixed an issue in which Reina’s ‘Float Like a Butterfly (1st Skill) skill activation was delayed in an ‘AUTO ON’ state.

– Fixed an issue in which the Cooldown of ‘Annihilation Wave/Annihilation Surge (2nd Skill) was applied 2 times when the ‘Infernal Bond’ effect was applied to ‘Lucikiel’.

– Fixed an issue in which the expression of ‘Volleyball Club Arch’ didn’t change when wearing the costume.

▶ Content Display & Function Fixes
– Fixed an issue in which the counting system didn’t work properly when clearing [Otherworldy Darkness Shakmeh Stage 8, 9] in order to proceed with the mission [Mission > Battle > Eclipse > Shakmeh 6]

– Fixed an issue in which the Achievement [Mission > Normal Achievements > Money Comes and Goes!] only counted the Gold consumed for 1 crafted item even when more than two items were crafted at a time.

– Fixed an issue in which there were incorrect Raid Stage information for the mission Stages 3 & 5 in [Mission > Raid > Technomagic Raid].

– Fixed an issue in which the text appeared abnormally for [Lil’ Raider House] > [Lil’ Raider Treats].

– Fixed an issue in which Normal attacks/Skill DMG of some Heroes in the [Skill Info > Scarecrow map] were shown abnormally.

: The issue in which the DMG was gradually getting lower when using the ‘Everlasting Oasis (Skill 2)’ repeatedly after Lilia T5 [Dark] was applied.

That was everything for the second update of February.

Hope you enjoy raiding with KING’s RAID!

Thank you.

GM Gremory

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  1. Redo November balance patch for heroes like Theo and Crow. So annoying to see Chase get buff when he already better than most heroes!

    I wait 2 year for Theo to get his buff and all it was is the removal of his self-cuck mana block which should have never exist to begin with?! For a hero that’s sold as strong but ends up being terrible due to his RNG kit and many other problem … it’s hilarious!

    Crow… just why? You shouldn’t have even buff him if you werent going to bother. The 1.8% buff is laughable. I only got more insulted than anything.


    Also BUFF MAGIC KNIGHTS! Where’s our Magic version of Loman/Shakmeh?

    1. Well to be fair magic teams had morrah for the longest time which made a lot of content that required heal reduction a lot easier for them.

      Magic also made physical dps weak for the longest time in wb 3 and althought hat doesn tjustify how powerful they are right now, it helps understand why they tried balancing it for p.dps.

      Also they mentioned before that they will take time to buff other heroes but they won’t rush it.

      The balance patch in november was horrid. If they rush it again, we can expect the same result.

      So might as well be patient for now and just wait. Its hard to hear but rushing them will lead to poor quality reworks.

      1. But 11+ months where magic team cannot compete in WB3?? This is justified??

        Now physical relationship they just got a new Loman called Shakmeh with 260% amp, 25% ATK buff and 20% increase dmg to ally with highest attack. Meanwhile magic has no good tank.

        Also magic heroes getting meme buffs left right and Center (Theo, Chrisha, Seria until revert, Viska…)

        It’s not justified how they are treating magic mains.

    1. This Luko/fucckerrr guy is a clown belonging to a circus troupe everyone. A true entertainer. So don’t take him too seriously. He’s the successor to ToraBlaze of plug#2.

      1. Lukos is playing at asia server dude and he is not pansi abuser, he is gladi main

      2. You are the clown here, i think you are one of the crybabies shouting for stupid hero buffs. Owh and by the way, if you think i am Luko/Lukos/Luko whatever then you just show how stupid you are.. i am not a pansi abuser and i dont use pansi..

    2. @Kevin
      This Luko/Lukos/fuckkerrr guy is not the Asia server Lukos. I confirmed it with him on Discord. It’s someone using a similar name to him. KEK.

      Maybe he’s using his name to make him look bad or it’s just coincidence.

      1. i repeat, that fake Luko/Lukos/Luko whatever is not me.. dont mix up my name on that idiot. if this community shows the ip address of the comments then youll see.. oh well, no sense explaining here..

  2. Make Siegfried a non-NPC, magic knight with tons of amp like Shakmeh then we will finally have a good magic knight

    And continue fix no member balance patch thank you. I’m happy with Roi changes, now I’m waiting the rest of the meme November heroes.

  3. Instead of replacing s2 dark, which basically allows Chase to boost his DMG times 2 faster and I think is necessary for PVE, replace that useless s2 light with the new effect PLEASE !

  4. If i used ut 3 on shakmeh does all of my dps will be ignore defense?
    Since it say ignoring the target/monster defense, well yeah ut 2 pretty much for general basic stuff monster take increase p.damage

  5. Congratz all of you dumbass seria simps. She went from 5 sec cd buff back to 7 sec cd post buff. Was just an error but now the buff was reverted. On behalf of all none retard seria users, we thank you sincerely.

    Smart seria mains in the community that dont realize their seria sk1 had 7 sec cd instead of 5

    1. Stop using Lukos (Asia server) name on here.
      Use your real IGN instead or go back to your ‘Luko’ or ‘fucckerrr’. Or maybe change it to “Circus Clown” since that would suit you better in my opinion.

      Btw, why are you so butthurt over Seria? Did she and Theo hurt you that hard in arena for you to scream for their “nerfs”/“no need buffs” agenda across multiple posts? Blame yourself for playing badly and not brings the rotgut team, LUL.

      And to think all these hilarious comments is coming from you, a guy who hides behind others’ name and is a braindead Pansi abuser that thinks “Pansirone is balanced” and “doesnt need nerfs” is hilarious.

      1. What he said actually makes sense though although a little rude. Seria original skill 1 was 7sec cd. It was buffed to 5 sec but apparantly so many seria mains didnt know and ranted about it?

        They were making seria into a better PVE hero with less cd but ppl were whining for god knows why? If u mained seria i should know it has a 7 sec cd and got buffed to 5 sec?

        I am actually pissed that it was removed since literally every boss content would have benifited from the 2 sec reduction and even better since i dont have to max the UT for 5 sec cd. Also it adds variety to seria since i can use other UT instead spamming skill 1 only

      2. But yes i am sure every seria main uses her for PVP so the cd reduction on ut is very important /s

      3. True, Seria original s1 is 7sec cd, and it changed to 5sec cd without ut1 can be considered a buff.

        BUT! Seria ut1 at *5 cut s1 cd by 2sec when it do critical damage to the target, meaning if her S1 hit multiple enemy, the cd reduction is also MULTIPLIES!! That’s why Seria can spam her s1 (her main source of damage, as s3 is useless button) if there are multiple target, like in wb3 or urkak.

        So earlier ‘buff’ is really a nerf, because that will fix seria s1 to only 5 sec.

      4. What an idiot! Where the hell did you get the information to mix up my name with this fake Luko/Lukos guy? What a stupid clown you are lol.. cant stop laughing.. for your info i like seria so i like her buff memed or good.. i dont even use the stupid broken pansi and want her to be nerfed. If plug is still active you can see my post there.. You are the big STUPID CLOWN! here..

      5. What an idiot! Where the hell did you get the information to mix up my name with this fake Luko/Lukos guy? What a stupid clown you are lol.. cant stop laughing.. for your info i like seria so i like her buff memed or good.. i dont even use the stupid broken pansi and want her to be nerfed. If plug is still active you can see my post there.. You are the big STUPID CLOWN! here

  6. i didnt understand why they get the 7 cd back to seria s1, was like, the best buff out of there for her, if someone knows, please tell me.
    For the guys who says that they buffed other seria skills, i will say that unless u wanna be an s3 dealer,, thing that no one do before, are pretty meaningless, because the core skill of seria is the s1, and even if u wanna complain saying that ut4 seria gives non hero dmg, u need to know that whit 7 sec cd on her main skill, she cant take advantage of that either.
    The only buffs that i get are the s4 non hero dmg 15% when chase gets 60% over time whitout thinking about other buffs, and also the t5 dmg received on pvp deleted and 15% from heroes.
    thx on advance and please get back to 5 sec s1 or think about other buff, it hurst me pretty bad, and all the seria users out there

  7. Really sad that Xerah’s costume is behind a paywall, all the costumes thus far could be grinded toward, but this time you’re forced to pay near $100 on sub par packages just to get it. It’s one thing putting it behind a 50k ruby wall which can be grinded over a long time or bought outright, and being forced to pay.






  9. So they buffed the strongest hero of the 3 Chase and gave meme buffs to the weaker ones? Good job vespa. Now you probably wont even touch those 2 memed heroes anymore. Do you even play test this game? Check which content player use seria? Compare dmg output with other overpowered heroes?

    Your balancing team needs to be changed. Best just fire them all