[Patch Note] October’s New NPC Hero – Valance

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory.

New NPC Hero, ‘Valance’, will be joining KING’s RAID through October’s 2nd update.

Let’s go find more about the Intellect of Technomagic, Valance!

▌Valance – Intellect of Technomagic

<Hero Background Story>
“What’s your dream, Valance?”
“I want to find out how far can I develop the Technomagic field with my own hands.”
Valance answered to Rose’s question without hesitating.
“You’re really into researching.”
“I’ve never done or thought of doing anything else besides researching. If there is a possibility that I cannot continue working in the Technomagic field… I will have no choice but to think about other options… However, that’s not the case right now. I’m just trying my best to concentrate on what I have day by day.”

“Haha. That’s the Valance I know. I do admire you sometimes. I believe this is the reason you were friends with Crow all this time.”
“Yeah, perhaps.”

Valance, known to have no friends or lover, is not a social nor affable person at all. Valance is a straight-talker, and Crow is a man of few words, who usually speaks through his eyes than his mouth. There’s quite an age difference between these two, however, they were able to get close to each other as they shared similar personalities. They both have mentioned they wouldn’t date or marry anyone at all, but things turned out unexpectedly. Who would have thought Valance’s best friend would become the wife of that foolish man?

Valance glanced at Rose as she organized her report papers. Rose had become a newlywed couple with Crow not long ago, and she had the happiest and brightest smile of all.
“……I might have… One more dream.”
“Really? What is it?”
“It’s a secret.”

~ A friend who understands me and a friend that I can trust. May your happiness last forever. I wish to stay by their sides, to watch over and protect their happiness. Even though it may seem somewhat emotional, the joy I felt at the moment I made the promise to myself… The emotions I felt wasn’t so bad. ~ Valance chuckled as she knew she would keep this secret to herself for the rest of her life.

Even if it’s a dream that will never come back, Rose is still smiling within my memories. And the friend that was part of my dreams, still remains. Valance makes up her mind one more time as she leaves Magos Le’flamme. Rose, your happiness lives on within this place. That’s why I won’t fall back to mourn and regret.

“Corbeau Rose. Switch to Automatic Maneuver Mode.”

I will protect my happiness with my own strength.

<Hero Information>
■ Class: Mechanic
■ Attack Type: Physical
※ Effects applied when owning the Hero: Material cost is discounted by 15% for Technomagic Crafting.

<Information regarding Valance’s Kinship Rate>
– You will only be able to receive ‘Level 1 Rewards’ by raising Valance’s Kinship Rate.

1) How to obtain Hero Valance
– You will be able to obtain Hero Valance for free during [Valance’s Hero Special Dungeon] event period (After maintenance on October 26th (Tue) ~ Before maintenance on November 9th (Tue))
– After the end of [Valance’s Hero Special Dungeon] event period, you will be able to obtain Hero Valance for free when clearing [Stage 10-10]
:: If you have cleared Stage 10-10 previously, but you haven’t received Valance, please note that you will be receiving the Hero when you log in to the game.

2) How to obtain Hero Valance’s Unique Weapon
– After obtaining Hero Valance, you will be able to obtain Valance’s Unique Weapon by gifting Valance’s Kinship Rate items or other Kinship Rate items through the [Present] button located in the lower right corner of [Valance’s Workshop].

<Hero Skill Details>
■ Prototype – VA (Skill 1)

Dispels negative effects from the ally with the highest ATK and grants [Hologram] for 15 sec.

[Hologram] increases the target’s ATK, Crit Chance, heals HP every sec, and reduces its Cooldown of all active Skills by 0.2 sec.

While [Hologram] is active, the target gains immunity to negative effects.

■ Absolute Protection Field – LA (Skill 2)

Creates an [Violet Force Field] that lasts for 5 sec within a wide range of self. Allies within the range of [Violet Force Field] have their All DEF increased by 15%, gain immunity to CC, and have their HP healed and Mana recovered every sec.

* The skill’s name for ‘Azure Force Field’ has been fixed due to the adjustments made to the effects of the skill.

■ Ultimate Laser Cannon – NCE (Skill 3)
Summons laser cannons behind self that fire laser beams, dealing P.DMG to the enemy. The hit target is inflicted with Stun for 3 sec and becomes [Manipulated] for 15 sec. Afterward, the cannons additionally fire a total of 9 laser beams to random enemies. Each laser beam deals P.DMG, inflicts Stun on the hit target for 1.5 sec, and inflicts [Manipulated] for 15 sec. Enemies who are [Manipulated] have their Heal Rate reduced by 5% and take 7% increased All DMG. [Manipulated] can be stacked up to max 7 times.

■ Technomagic Awakening (Skill 4)
Increases self’s All DEF, Mana Recovery/Attack, and ATK of all allies. In Technomagic Kingdom, increases all allies’ DMG dealt to Bosses by 15%.

■ Soul Weapon
– Skill Activation Requirement:
Charges up over 23 sec.
– Skill Info:
Dispels negative effects from self and summons the soul of Wonder of Magos Le’Flamme, Corbeau Rose for 10 sec, amplifying the effect of Wonder of Magos Le’Flamme, Corbeau Rose by 3 times.

– Advancement Phase 1: Increases the duration by 5 sec and recovers Mana of all allies.
– Advancement Phase 2: Reduces Skill Activation Requirements by 10 sec. Upon activation, reduces all allies’ Cooldown of all active Skills by 5 sec.

<Transcendence Perk Details>

<Hero Unique Gear Details>

■ Unique Weapon

■ Unique Treasure (Skill 1)

■ Unique Treasure (Skill 2)

■ Unique Treasure (Skill 3)

■ Unique Treasure (Skill 4)

Hope you enjoy raiding with our new Hero Valance!

Thank you.

GM Gremory

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  1. Sadly her T5 Dark and UW effect are completely useless if you don’t have any TM gears… So are her SW A0 and arguably A1…

    UT1 will probably be her main UT for the non Hero damage increase alone. UT3 may be useful for Galgoria or WB3 though I doubt the skill’s gonna have more than 80% uptime – S3’s never have full uptime without CDR. UT2 looks as useless as S2 itself – with a duration of just 5 seconds I doubt it’s gonna make any difference in a battle unless the skill’s cooldown is low too, which is highly unlikely (but I can hope it will be, can’t I?) UT4 is a fully defensive UT but its effects are nothing that other heroes can’t already provide.

    Out of her perks only her S1 Dark seems usable and it’s nothing that Lavril can’t handle on her own. Her S2 perks seem good but since the skill lasts only 5 seconds I doubt they will be of any use. Both of her S4 perks are good – one defensive and one offensive… But as all good things they too are limited and only apply to TM raids…

    She may be useful in TM raids but I don’t see her replacing anyone from my WB teams.

    1. Agreed do vespa think that up to 40% ddte, 25% nh dmg, crit and cmdg buff, mana battery and cooldown reduction is good enough in 2021 almost 2022???
      5 second duration what a insult, better give us ways to reduce cooldown!

  2. I hope I’m reading this wrong. I’m looking through Valance’s skills and noticing nowhere in there that it says she can’t be targeted by her own skill effects. I also don’t see that shes not affected by CDR effects. so If I have this right, you can stack Mad Atk on Valance to where shes the 2nd highest Atk hero or even 3rd if you use Medi, then have her UT1 and S1L…. and infinitely use her skills all day long as long as she has the MP required?

    I don’t know, maybe I’m blind. Vespa, I need more context.

    1. The UT1 50% CDR doesn’t work like Oddy S3, it buffs her S1 CDR from 0.2s to 0.3s, so in total Valance’s S1 reduce CD by 3s over 15s and with UT1 it would be 4.5s over 15s, I’m curious if her S1 can stack (or partly stacks?)
      but I’ll leave the testing to the others (If someone tested this please let us know)