[Patch Note] February’s New Hero – Shakmeh

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

‘Shakmeh’ will be joining KING’s RAID in February’s 2nd update.

Let’s go find more about Shadow of the Sun Shakmeh!


▌Shakmeh – Shadow of the Sun

<Shakmeh’s Story>

I’ve come back through the door of the deceased and nothing’s stopping me now.

All memories are crystal clear, but nothing can be done to go back to the past.

I will have to pay the price for the choices I have made.

So then, there’s no time to hesitate.

I will cut off everything which is right, expectations, and desires.

The power I have grasped… This darkness is starting to palpitate inside me.

I will destroy, cut off, and crush everything.

Until the day I reach my final destination…

<Hero Details>
■ Class: Knight
■ Attack Type: Physical

<Hero Skill Details>

■ Wind of Hatred (1st Skill)

Attacks frontal enemies in a straight line, dealing P.DMG over 5 times. Each hit recovers self’s Mana by 100.

■ Gate of Grudges (2nd Skill)

Creates [Gate of Grudges] in front of self for 7 sec, dealing P.DMG to enemies in range. Each hit inflicts a stack of [Grudge] that lasts for 15 sec on enemies. [Grudge] can be stacked up to max 5 times, and each stack reduces the target’s Heal Rate by 4%. If the target is not a Hero, Heal Rate Reduction is increased by 2 times.

■ Advent of Despair (3rd Skill)

Dispels negative effects from self and spends all [Dark Spirit] stacks to increase ATK of all allies by 10% + 0.5% per [Dark Spirit] stack for 15 sec, deals additional P.DMG to all enemies, stuns them for 3 sec, and increases P.DMG the targets take by 20% + 1% per [Dark Spirit] stack for 15 sec. DMG of this skill increases by 10% per [Dark Spirit] stack. If the target is Non-Hero, DMG Boost per stack increases by 2.

■ Vessel of Dark Spirit (4th SKill)

Increases Max HP by 20%. Dealing DMG to an enemy with a Skill deals additional P.DMG equal to 1% of self’s Max HP, heals HP of all allies equal to 0.1% of self’s Max HP, increases their M.DEF for 15 sec, and stacks [Dark Spirit] that lasts for 30 sec upon self. [Dark Spirit] can be stacked up to max 30 times, is irremovable. The M.DEF Boost effect can be stacked up to max 30 times.

■ Soul Weapon
– Activation Condition:
Charges up over 20 sec.
– Description: Summons the soul of Encroaching Darkness, Leifende for 10 sec, dealing P.DMG equal to 5% of own Max HP to frontal enemies in range every 3 sec. Each hit increases P.DMG the target takes by 30% for 5 sec. Increases DMG dealt to enemies of Shakmeh and the ally with the highest ATK excluding self by 10% for the duration of the soul.

– Advancement 1: For the duration of the soul, recovers Mana by 400 every sec.
– Advancement 2: Changes the Skill Activation Requirements to 15 sec and DMG Boost against enemies to 20%.

<Hero Transcendence Details>

<Hero Unique Gear Details>

■ Unique Weapon

■ Unique Treasure (1st Skill)

■ Unique Treasure (2nd Skill)

■ Unique Treasure (3rd Skill)

■ Unique Treasure (4th Skill)


That was everything for our New Hero Shakmeh’s update!

Hope you enjoy raiding with Shakmeh in KING’s RAID!

Thank you.

GM Gremory

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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    So the max non-hero amplification of Shakmeh equals to:

    S2: 7.5%*6stack (5 star UT2)
    S3: 20%+ (3%*30stacks)
    UW: 50% (5 star)
    =205% (assuming the DMG boost effect is proportional to UW/UT star)

    Bye Loman
    Bye whole magical team
    Bye all of the bosses

    1. UW 5*: +50% pdmg amp 15SEC uptime, 30 normal hits to recast**
      S1L: +25% PDMG taken for 10 SEC/13SEC CD
      S2: each stack (max 5) reduces HR by 4% (times 2 if not a hero) for 15SEC/20SEC CD
      S2L: reduces CD by 6 SEC
      UT2: max stacks to 6/7/8/9/10/12 and +3% PDMG taken/stack
      S3: +20% pdmg amp +1%/S4 stack (max 30) x 2 if non-hero (max 60) 15SEC/20SEC CD

      UW: +50% pdmg amp (~85% uptime(?))**
      S1: +25% pdmg amp (~77% uptime)
      S2: +96% HRred (non-hero) +36% pdmg amp (5* UT2, S2L, 100% uptime)
      S3: +80% pdmg amp on max stack (max stacks, 75% uptime)

      Should look more like this, right?

      **not sure how long it takes to reach those 30 normal hits; calced with 3SECs

      1. I assumed UT2 was (3/3.6/4.2/5.3/6.2/7.5)% because it was not yet public, now that it is (6/7/8/9/10/12) * 3%, so need to reduce 9% to the formula.

        “Increases by 2” to me is (1+2)%*30stacks. If it is (1×2)%*30 stacks, it should simply say multiply by 2 imo. I could be wrong though, it needs to be verified by other players.

  2. Delete all magic heroes excluding the ones who benefit you beloved Physical teams (FF/Shea/Lav/Oddy/Vero) if you don’t plan on giving them justice.

    I’m sick of how Physical gets amazing heroes whilst magic gets pepega or niche heroes that is not even half the fraction of what physical get.

    Vespa treatment:
    • WB3 phys-magic amp disparity exist for 11 months. Still silence.
    • Every physical hero after Pansi broken.
    • Nerfs to magic heroes (Kibera at first/Seria/Ai)
    • Meme November buffs (Theo/Viska/Chrish)
    • Only one good male PvE scoring DPS (Esker)
    • Magic knights all meme, unused, outdated or niche.
    • Magic teams requiring more investment and struggling more on stages 9 of TM raids than physical.

    I like Shakmeh design, I rely do. But I am sick of this treatment which favor physical team.

  3. you probably released a physical hero now because your last released magical heroes
    however all magical heroes you recently released are all DPS so they mean nothing for f2p users with limited resources who have already invested in DPS, only p2w and new users…

    but this OP knight is incomparable, all Physical users now have to just drop Morrah which is a low investment hero and replace her with a superior new hero that will skyrocket their dmg potential, can heal, deal dmg by himself and makes every tank in the game looks like a joke
    I’m deeply regretting my choice when I started this game two months ago as a magical user
    hence I’m seriously thinking of quitting the game because restarting all over again isn’t an option for me.

    1. He doesn’t know what he is talking about. lol. we finally got a hero that can heal reduc like morrah. I do use morrah for galgo and WB3 for her 100% heal red even though I have a phys team but to be honest aside from her heal reduction she’s basically useless for a phys team so what do you know.. it’s been so long that MAGIC TEAM dominated the content. and you’ve been playing for two months only.






      1. Idiots saying Pansirone is trash. Lmao


  4. Looks like WB3 is dying again next week.

    Yeah and Magic teams still unable to do 1/4 of physical teams dmg tahsnk to physical amp overtuned on Xanadus for 11 months

    And Vespa remaining silent about it for this long is insulting.

    Also magic teams having bad knights (no Shakmeh/Loman equivalent) is almost telling all Magic mains to delete their accounts and start over.

    Stupid physical team privilege.
    Ever since Pansi release, physical teams having be getting godly treatment whilst magic teams being getting treated like dirt.

    MaGiC hAs ThE uPpErHaNd, btw.

      1. Vast majorityof players don’t even care about ur arena content. Magical tanks are still trash compared to phys.

  5. This is so unfair for Magic teams, we demand this hero to be a universal hero that can amp both types of dmg
    or promise us with a Magical tank that can be on bar with this hero! like they already have Loman and all tanks we have are niche and outdated, while Loman and this ridiculous new hero is OP in both PVE and PVP

  6. Alright….what the hell is this?

    I think someone in the higher ups of the company must be a physical user. That’s the only God damn reason for every physical hero to be nearly broken in power while every magic hero has been trash since Pansi released.

    Stop playing favorites.

    1. Actually if it was a broken dps it could’ve been easier to be overlooked and it would be much less problematic than the current situation
      but this is a broken tank that literally every physical user will be building, they’ve to keep using their already broken dps (everyone knows who I’m referring to) and build another broken tank alongside it, which can be used everywhere in the game and in every content, be it PVE or PVP, while magical users have to build 4-5 tanks for every content and even tho non of them will ever do better than this broken tank, this was already the case with Loman, now they have a better Loman with much less cost that can even be used with any investment level…
      Also they released all of the Empire team as physical heroes, so they will most probably release Valance as a Physical hero too, which when it happens I’ll be leaving this game by then and I’ll never look back, not that they’d ever care about us if we leave or not as long as their beloved physical whales are happy and satisfied.

    2. so you’re saying lucikiel trash? xerah trash? then all physical hero after pansi broken? ISOLET is definitely trash and GREMORY a magic dumpster trash. PANSI also trash to be honest. rather she’s the type of hero only newb players who wants to play the game in easy mode would pick. PHYS USER here and I HATE PANSIRONE TO THE CORE. AND I use XERAH so I can clear shakmeh with 100% win rate. it’s a matter of how you want to play the game. IF YOU FEEL LIKE PANSIRONE IS BROKEN AND OP (WHICH SHE IS) THEN GET HER BY ALL MEANS BUT FOR ME SHE’S TRASH. ALSO I ACTUALLY WANTED TO GET LUCIKIEL BUT HE’S A MAGIC HERO SO I SKIPPED



      1. r4itouyagami Than why we do 60% less dmg than phys teams? Broken magic priests? Ahaha u don’t know what are u talking about.

  7. Hero Shakmeh looks awesome! It is always amazing how each Hero’s abilities and Unique Gears fit in with what we know about their story and character!! Thank you for all the love you put into our Heroes 🙂

  8. Absolutely dumb devs, physical team biased. All magic users dead. WB3 physical amp still not adjusted for 11+ months. Disgusting. 댓글:

    Xanadus is dead again! Thanks to your constant physical team bias with OP powercreep physical heroes and WB3 overtuned physical amp for 11+ months.

    Horrifying how all physical support heroes and tanks benefit ONLY physical teams. Meanwhile magic support/tanks benefit both damage types??? Just biased.

    Then also meme buffs for magic heroes (Theo, Viska, Chrisha, Seria etc..). Instead physical heroes who don’t need buffs get buffed (Chase and Selene).

    And broken physical heroes become ‘nerf-immune’ like Pansirone, Dark Lord Kasel etc…

    Absolutely disgusting how you treat magic team user.
    All magic users are dead thanks your bias. Congratulations!
    Also you remain silent and have no words for this biased behaviour. How disgusting.

    Well done for alienate your entire magic team playerbase.
    “MaGiC hAs ThE uPpErHaNd” – PD Sean