[Patch Note] September’s New Hero

Greetings Raiders,
This is GM Dakaris with news on our latest Hero!

Isolet will be joining KING’s RAID on the second update of September.

Let’s have a look at Hope of Gray, Isolet!

▌Isolet – Hope of Gray

– Hero Introduction –

The gray witch who’s also called the executioner of Pandora.
Enhanced by artificial power, her elemental magic rages on.

– Hero Backstory –

Witches foresee destiny in their own ways.

By listening to the stars, observing the flow of destiny, watching those that direct destiny.
However, they cannot provide prophecies at will since they do not have the power to foresee destiny by themselves and are not the subject of the destinies they can see.

It was the same that day, the day Isolet lost everything.
The day a witch that a witch that should foresee the future and guide destiny got lost in her own destiny.
After that day, the whispering of the stars was no longer something that Isolet could fully trust.

Isolet closed her eyes ignoring the noisy whispers.

‘You remained silent the day that person died.’
‘I will light my own path,’

That.. is the only thing I can do for …

– Hero Details –

■ Class: Wizard
■ Attack Type: Physical

– Hero Skill Details –

■ Devouring Flame – Caienne (1st Skill)
Deals P.DMG to frontal enemies and inflicts them with [Ignite]. Enemies inflicted with [Ignite] have their Heal Rate reduced by 25% for 7 sec.

■ Frost of Absolute Zero – Devion (2nd Skill)
Deals P.DMG to frontal enemies over 5 times, freezing the targets for 3 sec each hit. Dealing DMG to an enemy inflicted by [Ignite] creates [Explosive Reaction] that deals additional DMG that ignores DEF.

■ Raging Storm – Icarus (3rd Skill)
Deals P.DMG each hit over 20 times to frontal enemies for 10 sec, reducing ATK of targets by 15% for 10 sec. Upon dealing DMG to an enemy inflicted with [Ignite], the Skill changes to [Blazing Storm], dealing P.DMG and reducing enemy’s Heal Rate by 1.5% for 60 sec each hit. This effect can be stacked up to max 30 times.

■ Quintessence of Technomagic (4th Skill)
Isolet’s ATK Spd is fixed to 1,000 and she is not affected by Skill Cooldown Reduction effects, but she recovers 1,500 Mana and increases her Crit DMG by 100% every time she uses a Skill.
When she creates [Explosive Reaction], her ATK increases by 4%. This effect can be stacked up to max 15 times and is irremovable.
When she creates [Blazing Storm], M.DMG all allies take is reduced by 7%. This effect can be stacked up to max 3 times and is irremovable.

■ Soul Weapon
– Activation Condition:
It can be used after using Skills 4 times.
– Description:
Summons the soul of Conqueror of Darkness, Del Terravion, dealing P.DMG to all enemies and locking hit targets within an irremovable spacial barrier. Targets within the spacial barrier cannot receive positive effects and they take 25% increased P.DMG for 8 sec. Afterward, the Skill lasts for 12 sec and increases Isolet’s ATK by 30%.
– Advancement 1: Increases the duration of the spacial barrier by 4 sec
– Advancement 2: Increases Isolet’s DMG dealt to non-Hero enemies by 35% for the duration of soul.

– Hero Transcendence Details –

– Hero Unique Gear Details –

■ Unique Weapon

■ Unique Treasure (1st Skill)

■ Unique Treasure (2nd Skill)

■ Unique Treasure (3rd Skill)

■ Unique Treasure (4th Skill)

That was all for Isolet who will be joining KING’s RAID on the September 22nd (Tue) Update!
We hope you greet her warmly! Happy Raiding!

Thank you.
GM Dakaris