[Patch Note] Update List of September 28th (Tue) (Updated on October 10th (Sun) 06:15 [PDT])


– Fixes were made to the Challenge Raid Period & Shop Availability Period from the [Challenge Raid -Kerberen]. – Updated on October 10th (Sun) 06:15 [PDT])

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory.

We’d like to share with you the update list of September 28th (Tue).

※ The screenshots in the Patch Note have been taken in a Test Server.

[Update List]
▌Special Event/Dungeon
▶ ‘Ophelia’s Workshop’ Event

– Event Period:

– Talk to ‘NPC Ophelia’ at [Central Orvel] and access the [Witch’s Exchange Post] & the [Witch’s Mysterious Cauldron].
– Use the [Pumpkin Coins] through the [Witch’s Exchange Post] and obtain random items you can use at the [Witch’s Mysterious Cauldron].

– Obtain [Pumpkin Coins] by consuming Stamina. (1:1 Ratio) (You will be able to collect up to max 30,000 per day / You can own up to max 100,000 Coins)

– Through the [Witch’s Mysterious Cauldron], you will be able to craft the items you want by consuming items according to the recipe.

※ Please note that you will be able to obtain/use the [Pumpkin Coins] before the maintenance on October 26th (Tue). You will not be able to obtain/use them after the maintenance.

※ You will be able to re-use the items you have obtained through the previous event.

– However, please note that the items you do not use during this event period will be deleted completely.

– For more details about the event, please check our post ‘[Event] September’s Events (Part 2)’.

▶ ‘Haunted Mansion Adventure (Re-Run)’ Event Dungeon

– Event Period: After maintenance on September 28th (Tue) ~ Before maintenance on October 12th (Tue)
– You will be able to access the dungeon [Haunted Mansion Adventure] by talking to ‘NPC Lavril’ who will be located at Central Orvel.
– The Dungeon [Haunted Mansion Adventure] is consisted of 6 [Story Dungeons] and 4 [Special Dungeons].
:: You will only be able to access the next stage after clearing the stage before it. The [Special Dungeons] will be opened when clearing all the [Story Dungeons].
– All Dungeons can be accessed with ‘Event Entry Tickets’. You will receive 5 initial ‘Event Entry Tickets’, and 1 ‘Event Entry Ticket’ will be charged at 00:00 [Local Server Time] every day. (You can hold up to max 5 Event Entry Tickets)
– For more details about the event, please check our post ‘[Event] Special Event – Haunted Mansion Adventure (Re-Run)’.

▶ League of Honor Regular Season 15 Open

“The League of Honor Global Regular Season 15 will start after the end of the Pre-season.”
– Regular Season Period:
October 10th (Sun) 10:00 [PDT] ~ December 5th (Sun) 06:59 [PST]
– Regular Season 15 reward Costumes will have a [Preview] feature.
– 6 new accessories will be added as Regular Season Ranking Rewards. (Legendary x 3 / Ancient x 3)
– The [Honor Medal Shop] and [Insignia of Honor Shop] will be reset in accordance with the start of Regular Season 15.
– The [Insignia of Honor Shop] item list will be updated.

– You will be able to obtain the Costumes for the Heroes [Evan, Hilda] through the ‘Honor Costume Ticket (Ascending Arabesque)’ & ‘Glaring Honor Costume Ticket (Gracefully Ascending Arabesque)’.

[Season 15 Ranking Rewards – New Costumes]
– Evan

– Hilda

[Season 15 Ranking Rewards – New Accessories]
– [Mythic Divine Beast] Divine Beast’s Ears (Ancient) / Divine Beast’s Ears (Legendary)

– [Mythic Divine Beast] Divine Beast’s Tail (Ancient) / Divine Beast’s Tail (Legendary)

– [Mythic Divine Beast] Divine Beast’s Halo (Ancient) / Divine Beast’s Halo (Legendary)

▌Challenge Raid
▶ Orc Butcher – Kerberen

※ Please note that the remaining points will be reset at the end of the season. Points that have not been used will be exchanged to ‘Stamina Potions’ and they will be sent to your in-game Mailbox.

▶ Adjustments to Raider’s Pledge Penalties
– Several adjustments will be made to the Raider’s Pledge as the Challenge Raid’s Boss will be changed to [Kerberen].

▌Bug Fixes
▶ Content Display & Function Fixes

– Fixed an issue where some parts of the text from [Chat – Whisper] were covered up by the Chat’s UI.
– Fixed an issue where a typo was encountered within the birthday cutscenes of [Monthly Orvel – Isolet]

That was everything for the Patch Note of September’s second update.

Hope you have a great time raiding in KING’s RAID!!

Thank you.

GM Gremory

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  1. I know you are stalling for time until KR2 arrives but you outdid yourself with the event, trying to keep us busy everyday non stop is not a good idea, 3/4 of the players will totally burn out and leave long before KR2 arrives mostly if you don’t show any updates or try to make us excited for what’s to come…