[Patch Note] October’s New Hero – Rebel Clause

Greetings Raiders,
This is GM Dakaris with news on our latest Hero!

Rebel Clause will be joining KING’s RAID on the second update of October. 

Let’s take a closer look at the Shieldless Knight, Rebel Clause!

▌Rebel Clause – Shieldless Knight

▶Hero Introduction

The ‘Guardian Knight of Orvel’ that was once expected to be the next Commander of Knights of Orvelia. 
But as he abandoned his shield and picked up a sword, he is no longer the cheerful and valiant knight he once was. 

He exhausts his very own life, only wanting one thing: 
the salvation of his loved ones.

▶Hero Backstory

“Clause, I’m going to remove the barrier that binds Galicta.”

Clause raised his head. Barely managing to stay conscious.
He struggled to raise himself and see Hilda in front of him. 

“Clause, wield Galicta. But know this… as you are not a descendant of the kingdom,
if Galicta does not choose you, you will die a painful death.”

Clause clenched his teeth hard. He could taste the metallic taste of blood in his mouth. 

“I do not care.”
“Also… Galicta will give you power in exchange for your life. That is the price to pay.”
“I do not care about that either.”
“I would like to ask you this final question… What made you do this?”

Clause’s vision was blurry, then became clear.
He could see those he missed in front of him.
Those more precious than anything.

…A promise. A promise that I will protect them no matter the cost…”
“I wish… you fulfill that promise.”

Something seemed to be pulling Clause.
The ground trembled, blue light that seemed to burn his eyes. 
Enormous power that could only come at a cost.

“…That promise that I will protect you both… Perhaps I can finally… fulfill that.”

Hands that had left all hesitation behind grasped the sword.
The now Shieldless Knight,
strides forward.

▶Hero Details

■ Class: Warrior
■ Attack Type: Physical

▶Hero Skill Details

■ Determined Strike (1st Skill)
Deals P.DMG to frontal enemies within range and inflicts Stun for 2 sec. If the target is a boss, deals additional P.DMG.

■ Indomitable Will (2nd Skill)
Deals P.DMG to nearby enemies, entering into the irremovable state of [Indomitable Will] for 10 sec. While in [Indomitable Will] state, ATK Spd is increased by 500 and the duration of CC inflicted upon self is reduced by 50%.

■ Perish. (3rd Skill)
Attacks a random enemy 6 times, dealing P.DMG each hit. Afterward, delivers an additional attack that deals P.DMG to nearby enemies and knocks them down for 3 sec.

■ Power of Galicta (4th Skill)
Rebel Clause is not affected by Block stats, but his Crit Chance increases by 200, and when his DEF Penetration reaches 1,000 or above, all of his attacks ignore the target’s DEF. Additionally, his normal attacks deal additional P.DMG to all enemies and inflict [Curse of Galicta] upon them for 6 sec. If the target is already inflicted with [Curse of Galicta], the target won’t take additional DMG.

■ Soul Weapon
– Activation Condition: It can be used after using Skills 4 times.
– Description: Summons the soul of the Adversary of the Goddess, Galicta, increasing own ATK by 40% for 10 sec. Afterward, attacks a random target and nearby enemies in a circular range, dealing P.DMG and knocking them down for 3 sec.
– Advancement 1: Increases DMG by 50%.
– Advancement 2: Increases own DMG that ignores DEF by 30% for the duration of soul.

▶Hero Transcendence Details

▶Hero Unique Gear Details

■ Unique Weapon

■ Unique Treasure (1st Skill)

■ Unique Treasure (2nd Skill)

■ Unique Treasure (3rd Skill)

■ Unique Treasure (4th Skill)

That was all for Rebel Clause who will be joining KING’s RAID on the October 27th (Tue) Update!
We hope you greet him warmly! Happy Raiding!

Thank you.
GM Dakaris