[Patch Note] Update List of October 26th (Tue) (Updated on October 26th (Tue) 01:04 [PDT])


Additional information regarding [Adjustments to Texture Specifications according to Device Specifications] has been updated to [Improvements/Changes]. (Updated on October 26th (Tue) 01:04 [PDT])

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory.

We’d like to share with you the update list of October 26th (Tue).

※ The screenshots in the Patch Note have been taken in a Test Server.

[Update List]

▌ New Hero
▶ October’s New NPC Hero <Intellect of Technomagic, Valance>

▶ Valance’s Limited Costume will be added
– Valance’s Costume ‘Afternoon in the Academy, Valance’ will be added.
– You will be able to obtain this Costume through the ‘First 10 Benefits’ of Valance’s Step-Up Summon.
※ Please note that the Costume does not have any effects included. (ex: EXP Boost or Gold Boost)
※ You can select to wear/not wear Valance’s [Glasses] through the On/Off option.

▌Special Event/Dungeon
▶ Hero Special Dungeon – Episode: Valance

– Event Period:
After maintenance on October 26th (Tue) ~ Before maintenance on November 9th (Tue)
– You will be able to access the [Hero Special Dungeon] >[Episode: Valance] by talking to ‘NPC Valance’ who will be located at [Central Orvel].
– [Episode: Valance] is consisted of 8 [Story Dungeons] & 3 [Special Dungeons].
:: You will only be able to access the next stage after clearing the stage before it. The [Special Dungeons] will only be available after clearing all of the [Story Dungeons].
– [Story Dungeons] & [Special Dungeons] can be accessed with ‘Event Entry Tickets’. You will receive 5 initial ‘Event Entry Tickets’, and 1 ‘Event Entry Ticket’ will be charged at 00:00 [Local Server Time] every day. (You can hold up to max 5 Event Entry Tickets)
– You will be able to obtain the new Hero ‘Valance (5 Star Lv.1)’ by clearing [Story Dungeon 1].
– For more information about Valance’s Hero Special Dungeon, please check our post ‘[Event] Hero Special Dungeon – Episode: Valance’.

▶ Several adjustments will be made to [Valance’s Workshop]
– A portal where you will be able to move to the main screen of the Workshop (Chapter 10) will be added through [Portal > Valance’s Workshop].
– ‘Valance’ from [Valance’s Workshop] will be wearing the ‘Limited Costume’ after the updates.

Adjustments to Texture Specifications according to Device Specifications
– Adjustments will be made so that the settings from [Texture > High] cannot be changed when AOS devices are below 6GB or when iOS devices are below 3GB.

※ Please note that you will not be able to change your Texture settings to ‘High’ when playing the game through App-Players.

– If you have selected the [High] settings from Texture before the updates on October 26th (Tue), there will be no changes made to your current game settings.

– However, please note that you will not be able to change your Texture settings to ‘High’ if you reinstall KING’s RAID after deleting the app.

▶ Addition of October’s Story & Cutscenes to the Monthly Orvel
“Congratulate this month’s birthday Hero ‘Shakmeh’!”

– Birthday cutscenes for ‘Shakmeh’ will be added.
– The cutscenes of the Hero will be opened on the date of the Hero’s birthday (October 30th) and you will be able to obtain the rewards after watching the cutscenes. (Rewards will only be given once).

▶ Main Title Illustration/BGM Update

– The title illustration of the main screen will be updated to the background of ‘Valance & Azeta’ and the BGM will be updated as well. (BGM : Promise)

▶ Jukebox BGM Update
– Updates will be made to the list of BGM from [Lil’ Raider > Jukebox].
:: Promise

▶ App Icon Update
– To celebrate the updates of the new NPC Hero Valance, the app’s icon will be updated to the following icon image.

▶ Updates to the Background/BGM of Orvel
– The background/BGM of Orvel will be changed back to the original background/BGM.

▌Challenge Raid
▶ Skull Collector – Obrigard

※ Please note that the remaining points will be reset at the end of the season. Points that have not been used will be exchanged to ‘Stamina Potions’ and they will be sent to your in-game Mailbox.

▶ Balance Adjustments to Obrigard
– Adjustments will be made to Obrigard’s skill [Skull Collection]

▶ Adjustments to Raider’s Pledge Penalties
– Several adjustments will be made to the Raider’s Pledge as the Challenge Raid’s Boss will be changed to [Obrigard].

▌Bug Fixes

▶ Hero Modeling & Skill Fixes
– An issue where the ‘Skill Cooldown’ reduction effect of Estelle’s ‘Blow, Headwind!! (Skill 1~2)’ was not applied within battles has been fixed.
– An issue where the icon of Estelle’s Unique Treasure ‘Whistle of Hundred Tones (Skill 3)’ was shown when activating the effects of the Unique Treasure ‘Smile Badge (Skill 1)’ has been fixed.
– The gauge color of Clause’s Soul Weapon will be changed. (Yellow > Pink)

▶ Content Display & Function Fixes
– The ‘Minimum Enhancement Success Rate’ shown when enhancing through [Soul Weapon > Ether Enhancement] will be shown clearer than before. (decimal places will be shown)
– An awkward sentence encountered within the Introduction of the Boss Monster from [Index > Monster Index > Technomagic Kingdom > Galgoria] has been fixed. (Language – Korean Only)
– Malduk’s dialogues/lines from the Main Story Chapter 9 [25. The Last Wall] have been fixed. (Language – Chinese (Traditional))

– The name ‘Reinhart’, mentioned within [Substory – Crow], will be fixed to ‘Reinhart d’Orlean’.

That was everything for the Patch Note of October’s second update.

Hope you have a great time raiding in KING’s RAID!!

Thank you.

GM Gremory

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  1. Limited costume look pretty average, it’s more like a lingerie than a researcher robe of a advanced TM kingdom, not worth the gems for a generic looking costume like this, I will save it for Azeta or Just look at DL Kasel, Lucikiel and Shakmeh limited costumes, they are completely out of this world especially Shakmeh but the recent limited costume from Isaiah to Valence is pretty average for me because her T5 normal costume looks better than the limited motel dress to seduce lover.

    1. how is that lingerie? other dude is right, that just sounds like jealousy. Vespa, these are the ppl you need not cater to. they will ruin what you have then go around wondering why everything turned to shit.

  2. Can you still give us the option to choose the texture quality? Because before this patch there was no problem running the game in high texture, but I don’t know why did I tried the recommended, now that I want to make it high again, the system won’t allow me to do so..

    1. I agree, the game looks worse than most PS2 era video games.
      It used to run great on Nox Player with the high settings turned on, now it’s just low resolution models that are absolutely hideous to look at. There’s pretty much no reason to play it now.

  3. ※ Please note that you will not be able to change your Texture settings to ‘High’ when playing the game through App-Players.
    Is this gonna be fixed or its just a new “IMPROVMENT” to delete the game because its looks terrible with medium on app players?