[Patch Note] November’s New Hero – Gremory

Greetings Raiders,
This is GM Dakaris with news on our latest Hero!

Gremory will be joining KING’s RAID on the second update of November.
Let’s take a closer look at the Indolent Disaster, Gremory!

▌Gremory – Indolent Disaster

▶Hero Introduction

A lazybones Demon who hates moving. You don’t know what she will do if she gets annoyed so it is best to stay out of her sight.

▶Hero Backstory

We came into existence only after being discarded by the Great Chaos.

We live our lives following our own instincts, impulses.
How we want. As we want.

The Great Chaos chained us.
An unbreakable chain known as the cycle.
We exist chained to this cycle.

We were called the 5 Primal Demons from one point in time.
Beings that don’t even know where ‘Primal’ starts or ends began to call us ‘Primal’.

You know, don’t you think I’ve told you enough?
Now go away and stop bothering me.

▶Hero Details

■ Class: Assassin
■ Attack Type: Magic

▶Hero Skill Details

■ Pochi, bite them! (1st Skill)
Attacks an enemy 5 times, dealing M.DMG and inflicting [Pochi’s Mark] each hit. The M.DMG of each hit increases by 15% per every stack of [Mana Charge]. [Pochi’s Mark] reduces the target’s ATK by 6% for 15 sec, and it can be stacked up to max 5 times. If the target is a Boss, each hit deals additional M.DMG. The additional M.DMG increases by 30% per every stack of [Mana Charge]. This Skill is sealed after use.

■ Puchi, knock them away! (2nd Skill)
Attacks the farthest enemy from behind, dealing M.DMG. Afterward, inflicts Stun for 5 sec and [Puchi’s Mark] on the target. [Puchi’s Mark] reduces the target’s M.Block Chance by 500 for 12 sec. This Skill is sealed after use.

■ Pippi, wrap them! (3rd Skill)
Deals a total of M.DMG over 10 times to a target and the enemies within a large area around the target, inflicting [Pippi’s Mark] each hit. [Pippi’s Mark] increases M.DMG the target takes by 2.5% for 12 sec. This effect can be stacked up to max 20 times. This Skill is sealed after use.

■ Eh, whatever. I’m gonna sleep. (4th Skill)
Available once all Skills are sealed. Upon use, dispels CC effects from self. While in use, Gremory gains immunity to CC, takes 40% reduced All DMG, and unlocks all of her sealed Skills. Every time she uses [Eh, whatever. I’m gonna sleep.], she gains a [Mana Charge] stack. Each [Mana Charge] stack increases Gremory’s DMG dealt to enemies by 2%. [Mana Charge] can be stacked up to max 5 times and is irremovable.

■ Soul Weapon
– Activation Condition: It can be used after using Skills 4 times.
– Description: With the power of the Gateway to Purgatory, Pigritia, Gremory transforms into her true form and attacks enemies within a wide frontal range 2 times, dealing M.DMG. Afterward, she lets out a deafening roar, dealing M.DMG to enemies within a wide range. Each stack of [Mana Charge] increases DMG of Soul Weapon by 20%.
– Advancement 1: Increases DMG by 50%.
– Advancement 2: Increases the max stack of [Mana Charge] by 2.

▶Hero Transcendence Details

▶Hero Unique Gear Details

■ Unique Weapon

■ Unique Treasure (1st Skill)

■ Unique Treasure (2nd Skill)

■ Unique Treasure (3rd Skill)

■ Unique Treasure (4th Skill)

That was all for Gremory who will be joining KING’s RAID on the November 24th (Tue) Update!
We hope you greet her warmly! Happy Raiding!

Thank you.
GM Dakaris