[Patch Note] Update List of November 9th (Tue)

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory.

We’d like to share with you the update list of November 9th (Tue).

※ The screenshots in the Patch Note have been taken in a Test Server.


[Update List]

▌Balance Adjustments
▶ Hero Balance Adjustments
– Adjusted Heroes: Annette / Lavril / Dosarta

▌New Content
▶ Addition of the Skip Ticket System

– The [Skip] function will be added to the following contents:

:: Tower of Challenge, Royal Underground Labyrinth, Devourer/Otherworldly Darkness Shakmeh & Eclipse.
– [Skip] buttons will be added to the contents right next to the [Get ready for Battle] buttons.
– Upon proceeding with the [Skip] function, the Entry Ticket for the content you have chosen will be consumed along with the item [Skip Ticket].

– A Weekly Mission where you will be able to obtain Skip Tickets has been added.

: The Weekly Mission ‘Skip Them All!’ has been added (Clear Tower of Challenge x 5)

: Mission Clear Rewards > Skip Tickets x 40 & 50 EXP

※ When setting up the number of Skips, please note that the max number you will be able to set up is limited to the max number of Entry Tickets you can own for the corresponding content.

– Please note that you will be able to use the [Skip] function according to the number of Entry Tickets you own for each of the contents.
– Upon using the [Skip] function, the following details will be applied within the game.

[Skip Ticket System – Tower of Challenge / Royal Underground Labyrinth]
– Even if the contents are reset during their reset period, the records for the [Best Cleared Floor] will remain unchanged.
– Upon consuming the Skip Tickets, you will be able to encounter the following functions:

: The ‘Continuous Skip’, a function that will allow you to clear continuously each of the contents until your [Best Cleared Floor].

: The ‘Repeat Skip’, a function that will allow you to clear repeatedly the stage of your [Best Cleared Floor].

– At first, the ‘Continuous Skip’ will be applied to the contents. Afterwards, the ‘Repeat Skip’ will be applied for the remaining Entry Tickets/Skip Tickets.
Ex) Upon consuming your [Skip Tickets Max (80 times)] when your records for the [Best Cleared Floor] for the Tower of Challenge is Floor 70, and you own 80 Entry Tickets: Continuous Skip (1st floor ~ 70th floor) will proceeded 70 times & Repeat Skip (70th floor) will be proceeded 10 times

[Skip Ticket System – Devourer Shakmeh / Otherworldly Darkness Shakmeh]
– Upon consuming the Skip Tickets, you will be able to clear immediately the [Best Cleared Stage] Dungeons of each of the contents.
– Upon consuming the Skip Tickets on the ‘Devourer Shakmeh’ content, you will be able to skip the content until [Shakmeh’s Wrath 100%] and ‘Otherworldly Darkness Shakmeh’ will appear.
– You will be able to skip ‘Otherworldly Darkness Shakmeh’ once. Afterwards, ‘Devourer Shakmeh’ will appear.

[Skip Ticket System – Eclipse]
– Upon consuming the Skip Tickets, the skip function will be applied according to the [Previous Battle Records].
– Please note that [Previous Battle Records] will be recorded within the game only if you have accessed and cleared the battles from the Eclipse Dungeon until the end.

– [Previous Battle Records] can be checked through the tab [Reward Info > Last Reward Record] of Eclipse’s main screen.
– If your [Previous Battle Records] have been recorded as the state of [Discontinue Battle] or [Quit Battle], or if one of the teams you have formed has no record of clearing a wave, you will not be able to proceed with the Skip Ticket system.

※ When [Quitting Battle], the reward information of the last cleared wave will be recorded.

▌Special Event/Dungeon
▶ Special Event – Thanksgiving Defense

– Event Period: After maintenance on November 9th (Tue) ~ Before maintenance on November 23rd (Tue)
– You will be able to access the [Thanksgiving Defense] dungeon by talking to ‘NPC Hanus’ who will be located at Central Orvel.
– The [Thanksgiving Defense] Dungeon is consisted of 1 Dungeon. Within this Dungeon, you will have to defeat as many Stealer Goblins as possible in a certain amount of time.
– The [Thanksgiving Defense] Dungeon can be accessed with ‘Event Entry Tickets’. You will receive 3 initial ‘Event Entry Tickets’, and 1 ‘Event Entry Ticket’ will be charged at 00:00 [Local Server Time] every day. (You can hold up to max 3 Event Entry Tickets)
Limited number of Heroes will be available, and the stats of these Heroes are fixed within this Dungeon.
– Defeat the Stealer Goblins and accumulate the [K.O Counts]. By reaching and accumulating a certain amount of K.O(s), you will be able to obtain [Daily Level Rewards] & [Accumulated Completion Rewards].
– [Accumulated Completion Rewards] can be received by touching the [Claim Completion Rewards] button. Please make sure to receive the rewards of the event before the end of the event period.
– For more details about the event, please check our post ‘[Event] Special Event – [Thanksgiving Defense]’.

▶ How to obtain Hero Valance after the maintenance on November 9th (Tue)
– Please note that [Hero Special Dungeon – Episode: Valance] will be closed after the maintenance on November 9th (Tue). If you were not able to obtain Hero ‘Valance’ through her ‘Hero Special Dungeon’, you will be able to obtain the Hero by clearing [Stage 10-10].
– If you have cleared [Stage 10-10] already, you will be able to obtain Hero ‘Valance’ immediately after accessing the game.
– If you already own Hero ‘Valance’, you will not be receiving the Hero anymore.

▶ Addition of November’s Story & Cutscenes to the Monthly Orvel
“Congratulate this month’s birthday Heroes: Gremory, Lucikiel & Estelle”
실내, 벽, 테이블, 식탁이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

– Birthday cutscenes for ‘Gremory (November 11th)’, ‘Lucikiel (November 16th)’, ‘Estelle (November 20th)’ will be added.
– The cutscenes of the Heroes will be opened on the birthday dates mentioned above. You will be able to obtain the rewards after watching the cutscenes. (Rewards will only be given once).

▌Bug Fixes

▶ Hero Modeling & Skill Fixes
– Fixed the issue where Valance’s skill ‘Prototype – VA (Skill 1)’ was not applied properly when the skill was used during a certain attack speed.
– Fixed the issue where the calculations for the option ‘Mana Recovery/Attack’ were shown abnormally high for Valance.
– Fixed the issue where the direction of the effects (Weapon) were not shown properly when using Valance’s ‘Ultimate Laser Cannon – NCE (Skill 3)’ at the Arena. (located at the right team)
– Fixed the issue where some of the effects were increased or decreased when using Laias’ skill ‘Blessing of the Water Dragon (Skill 4)’ during battles after equipping the item ‘Tear of God Dragon (Skill 4 Unique Treasure)’.

▶ Content Display & Function Fixes
– An issue where the Entry Ticket’s icon overlapped the UI when selecting [Portal > Divine Punishment Raid] has been fixed.

That was everything for the Patch Note of November’s first update.

Hope you have a great time raiding in KING’s RAID!!

Thank you.

GM Gremory

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    1. Greetings, King’s Raiders!
      I have once again blessed you with my splendid appearance!

      Upon further consideration, King’s Raid 2 will remove magic type heroes as compensation due to Rebel Clause and Leo users review bombing our app. We care about our King’s Raiders!

      Happy raiding!

    2. Greetings, King’s Raiders!
      I have once again blessed you with my splendid appearance!

      Upon further consideration, King’s Raid 2 will remove magic type heroes as compensation due to Rebel Clause and Leo users review bombing our app. We care about our King’s Raiders!

      Happy raiding!

  1. Zafir buffs when? He’s a trash in GC3 and was one of the original gc3 heroes!

    He is bad everywhere now, a very very very niche pick in PvP (but doesn’t even stand a chance to the “meta” picks). Him being sky tank is no longer a thing with Oddy/Valance/Estelle being around.

    Zafir is legit TRASH. Buff the prince of Sandstorms! Even Hoabis is sad about his situation!

    (Zafir’s handsome too…)

  2. Lavril buffs undeserved. WAIFUS AND LOLIS RAID AGAIN

    Heroes like Dimael, Zafir deserve them more lmao.

    Oh wait, male heroes don’t get buffs anymore. Only females. That’s why for 6+ months not one male hero has been buffed.

      1. Hi Roxanne, you may have changed your name, but we all know your real name is Karen.

        Damn Karen.

      2. Hey Brenda, it looks like you changed your name to make yourself look like you did something, when the result is you just making yourself look even more like a twat. Just delete your fucking account at this point you utter clown

      3. And imagine trying to use someone else’s name and adding ‘Karen’ on the end of it, what a fucking clown 😂😂🤡

      4. bruh ‘Karen’ has an alternate meaning KEKPEPEGA, search it up lol…

        also it kind of makes you look like a snowflake since you’re responding to the person above, just let them be salty about the buffs, there is always going to be people who want to complain regardless.

      5. ‘alternate meaning’ you fool KEKPEPEGA. Also I didn’t know responding to comments makes you a snowflake 😂 if that’s the case then the whole social media community are snowflakes 😂. And yeah frfr people will always complain about there not being enough buffs for male characters


    I’m so sick of this waifus raid, it make me vomit !!!

    1. Nah, Esker won’t be back to Velkezar with these changes. He is still far too reliant on a cooldown reduction hero(which eats up a valuable hero slot) and Annette/Valance’s CDR is not reliable enough.

      Cleo teams however is a different story. They will definitely compete with Erze teams now, possibly even out-DPS Erze teams.

      1. @ToraBlaze the US meme
        It’s pretty obvious the person above was talking about ‘changes’ to Lavril/Annette, since they replied to someone is talking about Ann/Lav changes. B Both of which could potentially make Esker come back to the scene in GC3 (though from tests so far, Esker still seems to pale to Erze/Cleo teams). Brain?

      1. Zafir is extremely bad now, probably the weakest Archer along with Dimael.

        It’s a record though, Dimael has not been buffed for 4 years.

        Zafir is utter trash for the content he was made for (GC3) and it’s hilarious how the only place where he was still being used, aka. Sky Trail (as a TANK), is now easy content that you can just run 2 heroes and call it a day. Also him being Sky Tank is not even a thing anymore because we have heroes like Annette, Valance, Estelle, Oddy who provide more and can do a better job (just slap P.DEF/P. Block gear on them and they won’t even die).

        Zafir is also trash tier in PvP and is very very very niche pick.

        I’m starting to think the reason Vespa is not buffing them is because they well…. let’s not get into that. Tbh if Vespa is scared nobody will build them, well please look at Lorraine and Yanne (both got buffed majorly and now we have tons of these users running around).

        TLDR: Zafir deserves buffs. Dimael also.

    1. I think it’s not really dissapointing. We got one more hero with irremovable Hot. And annette can give 75% boost damage from her skill and non-hero dmg boost and more boost from her SW. So i think that really op.

  4. Yoo if u guys doesnt seriously buff lavril, its better to replace her with another hero that deserve buff more.

    Shes like only get little adjustment compared to dosarta and annete. Tbh i expected more than this

    1. Stfu. Stop complaining and expect more buffs for Lavril.

      There are 50+ heroes that didn’t get buffs and is worse off than pre-buff Lavril (looks in Dimael, Arch, Zafir, Morrah, Isolet, Ripine, Riheet, Chrisha, Theo, Crow, etc)

      Be GRATEFUL that Lavril got buffed at all.


  5. You said you gonna fix “Guild Attendance Request” that has been reset on EU server in this maintenance but you don’t mention it.
    Only my “Guild Attendance Request” and my 1350+ consecutive days streak had been reset during the maintenance of Oct 31st… Just want my “Guild Attendance Request” and my consecutive days streak to be restore.

  6. As expected from vespa, just put some of perk on their skill, add NH dmg dealt, and thats buff
    I can expect in future, every fcking hero on future will have fcking NH dmg per every buff patch

    1. Look at title “King’s fu***ing RAID, R A I D” MOTFUC what do you expect for rpg game? do you want buff for kill heroes? Come on man, 80% content in this game is all about raiding monster dungeon. PVP? i hope dev delete that shit content forever

      1. Im not talking about pvpshit, i mean dev have no creativity in order to buff heroes every month, im getting bored looking at them only put some “dmg dealt” and call it buff, fck u