[Patch Note] Update List of November 23rd (Tue)

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory.

We’d like to share with you the update list of November 23rd (Tue).

※ The screenshots in the Patch Note have been taken in a Test Server.

[Update List]

▌New Costumes
▶ 2021 Christmas Costumes (1st)
– 8 Costumes for 2021 Christmas Costumes (1st) will be added.
– You will be able to obtain 3% EXP Boost when owning these Costumes.
※ We will be rewarding Estelle’s Costume Ticket for free through the ‘Free Costume Voting Event #7’. (~Before maintenance on December 7th (Tue))

:: Loman / Scarlet / Talisha / Arch

:: Gladi / Veronica / Ophelia / Estelle

▶ Addition of Costume Signature Motions

“Signature motions for the 2021 Christmas Costumes (1st) will be added.”
– Heroes will have their own specific signature motions even if the costumes are of similar concepts.
– You can check signature motions by going to [Dressing Room] & [See Motions].

▌Special Event/Dungeon
▶ Grow Baby World Tree

– Event Period:
After maintenance on November 23rd (Tue) ~ Before maintenance on December 21st (Tue)
– You will be able to access the [Grow Baby World Tree] content by talking to ‘NPC Fairy Lill’ who will be located at [Central Orvel].
– Through the [Grow Baby World Tree] content, you will be able to obtain [Pure Energy] by consuming Stamina (1:1 Ratio). By injecting [Pure Energy] to the Baby World Tree, you will be able to obtain rewards as it grows. (12 Levels)
– By injecting [Pure Energy], you will be able to obtain [Participation Rewards] only once. Afterward, [Joint Mission] will be available within the content.
– [Inject Energy] to the Baby World Tree to obtain [World Tree Coins], and exchange these coins with different kinds of rewards through the [World Tree Shop].
※ Please note that the [World Tree Coins] can be collected/used before the maintenance on December 21st (Tue). The [World Tree Coins] will not be available anymore after the maintenance.
– For more details about the event, please check our post ‘[Event] Special Event – Grow Baby World Tree’.

▶ Improvements to the Lil’ Raider Content (1st)
[Addition of Lil’ Raider Eggs & Improvements to Incubator]

– The Incubators are used to hatch Lil’ Raiders from [Lil’ Raider Eggs].
– You will be able to use up to max 3 [Incubators]. The Incubator for the first slot will be provided for free, and the rest of the Incubators can be added sequentially by purchasing them with Rubies. (2,000 Rubies / 4,000 Rubies)
※ Please note that we will be adding an Incubator with an option that will shorten the time required to hatch Lil’ Raiders through our future updates.
– If you select and start hatching a [Lil’ Raider Egg], you will obtain a Lil’ Raider when the time required to hatch the egg is completed.
– [Lil’ Raider Eggs] can be checked through [Inventory > Others] or [Incubator > Manage Incubator > Egg].
– For more details about the [Lil’ Raider Eggs] and where they can be acquired, please check the table below.

※ If you hatch a Lil’ Raider you already own, you will obtain Lil’ Raider Essences of the corresponding Lil’ Raider’s Tier.

※ If you hatch a Legendary Tier Lil’ Raider you already own, you will obtain Lil’ Raider Essences of the corresponding Lil’ Raider.


– The ‘Happiness’ of the Lil’ Raiders will be changed to ‘Satiety’. Please note that the Satiety of all Raiders will start from ‘0’ after the maintenance on November 23rd (Tue).
– When the ‘Satiety’ of the Lil’ Raiders reaches ‘100’ after feeding them, they will not fall asleep.
– When a Lil’ Raider’s ‘Satiety’ reaches ‘100’, it will be able to participate in [Lil’ Raider Expeditions].
– The charging time of the Lil’ Raider Treats will be shortened to 30 minutes. You will not be able to feed Lil’ Raiders with the following conditions: Lil’ Raiders with full Satiety (100), Lil’ Raiders which are currently on Expeditions & LINE FRIENDS Raiders.
※ Please note that the charging time of the Lil’ Raider Treats we have announced through our GM Note on November 16th (Tue) will be changed from 15 minutes to 30 minutes.


– You will be able to access the [Lil’ Raider Expedition] content through the lower right corner of the [Lil’ Raider House].
– You will be able to place and send 4 Lil’ Raiders with ‘100 Satiety’ on each Expedition area. You can send up to max 2 Expedition Teams to each Expedition Area.
– You will not be able to send Lil’ Raiders on [Lil’ Raider Expeditions] with the following conditions: Lil’ Raiders which are currently on Expeditions, Lil’ Raiders which are asleep & LINE FRIENDS Raiders.
– You will be able to select [Cancel Expedition] for Expedition Teams which are currently on [Lil’ Raider Expeditions]. Upon selecting [Cancel Expedition], the Satiety of the Lil’ Raiders will not be reduced.

– Upon completing [Lil’ Raider Expeditions], you will be able to obtain different [Loot Boxes] for each Expedition area. By opening [Loot Boxes], you will be able to obtain [Reward Boxes].

– The Satiety of the Lil’ Raiders from Expedition Teams will be reduced to ‘0’ and they will fall asleep after the Expedition has been completed.

[Improvements to the Main Lil’ Raider Settings]

– The button [My Info > Go to Lil’ Raider House] that can be found at the top right corner of the screen will be changed to [Select Main Lil’ Raider].
– You can check the list of Lil’ Raiders you own through [Main Lil’ Raider]. You will be able to select/remove the Main Lil’ Raider of your choice.
※ Please note that you will be able to use the settings for [Set Main Lil’ Raider] after clearing [Chapter 1 > World Tree Stage] and you will have to own more than 1 Lil’ Raider.
– You will also be able to select/remove your [Main Lil’ Raider] through [Lil’ Raider House > Manage Lil’ Raiders].

▶ League of Honor Pre-season Open

“The League of Honor Pre-season will start after the end of the Regular Season 15.”
– Regular Season 15 End-Date: December 5th (Sun) 06:59 [PST]
– Pre-season Period: December 5th (Sun) 09:00 ~ December 19th (Sun) 06:59 [PST]
– Ranking rewards will be distributed in accordance with the end of Regular Season 15.

▶ Guild War Global Regular Season 10 Open
“Guild War Regular Season 10 will start after a brief interval once the Regular Season 9 ends.”
– End Date of the Regular Season 9:
November 19th (Fri) 06:59 [PST]
– Regular Season 10 Period: November 26th (Fri), 2021 08:00 ~ February 4th (Fri), 2022 06:59 [PST]

▶ Consent of the Privacy Policy & Operation Policy
– Due to the revision of the Privacy Policy & Operation Policy, the pop-up box for [Terms of Service & Operation Policy] will show up on the screen when logging into the game after the maintenance.
– You will be able to access the game once you agree to the [Terms of Service & Operation Policy] shown on the screen. Please note that you will not be able to access the game if you do not agree to the mentioned Terms & Policy.
– For more details of the revised Privacy Policy & Operation Policy, please check our post ‘Vespa Policy Revision Notification – November 23rd (Tue), 2021’.

▶ Support for Android 12

– Services for Android 12 will be provided after the updates on November 23rd (Tue).

▶ Improvements to the Texture Settings for App Players

– Improvements will be made to Game Settings > Texture. You will be able to select ‘High’ Texture within App Players.

▌Challenge Raid
▶ Dark Elf Sword Mage – Sithrael

※ Please note that the remaining points will be reset at the end of the season. Points that have not been used will be exchanged to ‘Stamina Potions’ and they will be sent to your in-game Mailbox.

▶ Adjustments to Raider’s Pledge Penalties
– Several adjustments will be made to the Raider’s Pledge as the Challenge Raid’s Boss will be changed to [Sithrael].

▌Bug Fixes

▶ Hero Modeling & Skill Fixes

– Fixed the issue where the attack type of Dakaris’ Soul Weapon was changed to [physical] type when activating the skill

▶ Content Display & Function Fixes
– Fixed the issue where the number of owned items did not show up through the [Stockade Vault] > [Fragment/Skill Book] Reward Selection Screen.

That was everything for the Patch Note of November’s second update.

Hope you have a great time raiding in KING’s RAID!!

Thank you.

GM Gremory

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  1. Ah yes the main thing eveyrone has been asking from pets…… The addition of the ability to farm????

    Seriously tho one thing that literally eveyrone and their grandmother has been asking is for you to adress line pets and they remain untouched

    Listen vespa i appreciate the new stuff pets can do but this is putting a bandaid on a gangrenous wound the main issue with the pet system was and still is LINE pets and until they’re addressed no matter what is done with the pet system its still going to be bad

  2. If the changes to the little raider system is your idea of an “improvement” this game is done. 4x the clicking to get a reward (you need to feed 4 pets per day instead of 1). Did you learn nothing from the lakrak event? We want LESS pointless clicking, not more.
    And not only that, the rewards are WORSE than before the “improvements”. An expedition for random UW/UT frags gives 1/10th what the old lil raider reward was for just feeding them, and basically no expedition reward is as useful as 20 stamina potions.

    The lil raider system was so poorly implemented from day 1 that I assumed you couldn’t possibly make it worse and yet somehow you managed to. This is a serious blow to any faith I had that you are taking this game in a good direction.

  3. I normally have no comments with what you implement, even if it’s not great such as the Lakrak event, at most I’ll just deal with it and grumble a bit internally, but the Lil’ Raider revamp is really just terrible, there’s no way to sugarcoat it. I am not a fan of the new Lil’ Raider Satiety and Expeditions but at the very least if I’m going to have to do this daily the UI has to be user friendly, but it’s really not.

    If you wanted to implement the Satiety system and the Expedition system with multiple Lil’ Raider teams, at the very least also implement an indicator on the Lil’ Raider list to show at a glance on the icons, which pets are already:

    a) 100% Satiated
    b) On expeditions

    As it stands now there is NO indicator whatsoever visually as to whether I am taking out and placing the right pets to feed them. Or AT LEAST let us feed all the pets from one consolidated page instead of having to TAKE THEM OUT and feed them to 100% satiety before SWAPPING those already 100% satiated to those that have not been fed. This is really cumbersome and hints that there was a lack of thought in the design of these systems.

    Please fix this.

    If you can implement icons on heroes’ portraits showing whether they are Physical or Magic type and greying out heroes’ portraits to show those on expeditions, you can at least create icons to show pets that are 100% satiated and those already on expeditions.

  4. Look, I know I may not have had the best things to say about Lil Raiders… Honestly, I never actually said anything before. But by God, this is terrible. Bring back the old system please. This is just agony…

    While you’re at it, please bring back the amount of shards/books in your inventory being shown when you’re doing stockade. I miss those…

  5. I really wish you would just delete all the pets from the game and all their related content, aside from the reasons ppl mentioned before their designs are really ugly and doesn’t fit with the game, you can just compensate those who spent on them with other things, also the game became very easy now there isn’t any real content to do in the game, I’m done with dailies in 10min and that’s it, I had hope for KR2 but it’s delayed for another half year now.

  6. Yea, after messing around with the new Pet System some more, I’ve concluded that the whole thing is so much worse than before that I am now just going to ignore Pets completely. Seriously, it is tedious. It is slow. The rewards are not worth my time. Pets no longer exist in my KR world.