[Patch Notes] Update List of March 23rd (Tue) – (Updated)

※ The [51st Solo Ranking match] Ranking Type error has been fixed – Updated on April 6th (Tue) 02:00 [PDT]

※ The re-open date of the Guild War content has been added – Updated on April 1st (Thu) 02:30 [PDT]

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

We’d like to share with you the update list of March 23rd (Tue).

※The screenshots in the Patch Notes have been taken in a Test Server. Please note that the contents you see may differ from what you see in the actual game.

[Update List]

▌Balance Adjustments
▶ Hero Balance Adjustments
– Adjusted Heroes: Jane / Scarlet / Yuria


※ Information regarding the irremovable effects of Mark of Death (Skill 2)
– The effects [increases by 20% upon every use / stacked up to max 5 times] from Mark of Death (Skill 2)] are irremovable. The effect [Enemies engraved with the Mark take 25% increased M.DMG] is removable, but when you use the Transcendence perk [Dark] [Mark of Death (Skill 2) it becomes irremovable.

※ The effect [Increases all Crit Resistance of all allies by 250 for 10 sec] can be found for both [This Is the True Might of Orvelia!!(Skill 2-2)] and [Justice Served! (Skill 2) [Dark]]. The duration is renewed when each of the effects are activated.

▌New Costumes
▶ 2021 Wedding Swimsuit Costumes (1st)
– 8 Costumes for 2021 Wedding Swimsuit Costumes (1st) will be added.
– You will be able to obtain 2% EXP Boost, 1% Gold Boost when owning one of these costumes.

– Lavril / Artemia / Lucikiel / Kirze

– Demia / Hilda / Aisha / Ezekiel

▶ Costume Signature Motions Added
“Signature motions for the 2021 Wedding Swimsuit Costumes (1st) have been added.”
– Heroes will have specific signature motions even if the costumes are of similar concepts.
– You can check signature motions by going to [Dressing Room] > [See Motions].

▌Improvements / Changes
▶ Improvements to Hero Jane’s Illustration
– The illustration for Hero Jane will be improved.

▶ Quality improvements to the motions and effects of Hero Jane / Scarlet

– The quality of the normal attacks/skill motions and effects will be improved for Hero Jane & Scarlet.

▶ Guild War Global Pre-Season Open
“A pre-season will be proceeded in order to open the Regular Season of the Guild War.”
Pre-season Period: March 29th (Mon) 09:00 ~ Jun 7th (Mon), 2021 07:59 [PDT]

– Pre-season Period: April 5th (Mon) 09:00 ~ June 14th (Mon) 07:59 [PDT] 

– This pre-season matching is based on the score of Season 7.
– This Pre-Season is proceeded instead of the Regular Season 8, so the rewards will be similar to the rewards of the Regular Season.

[Reward Improvements to Guild War Regular Season]
– Rewards of [Guild War Medals] will be improved as shown below.

테이블이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명
[Improvements to Guild War Shop]
– The prices of some items in the Guild War Shop will be changed, and new items will be added. – Updated


※ Normal Artifact Ticket: Upon use, you can select and obtain 1 Normal Artifact. (Velkazar, World Boss, Shakmeh, and Event Artifacts are not available)

▶ All-In-One Special Summon Guaranteed Rewards System
– Every time you summon a ‘All-In-One Special Summon x10’ through the [Special Shop > Summon > Special Summon], the ‘Guaranteed Reward’ Gauge increases by 1.
– The Guaranteed Reward Gauge increases when summoning with Rubies. Please be reminded that summoning with Tickets won’t be counted.
– Upon reaching a certain number of summons, you will be able to obtain Guaranteed Rewards. Guaranteed Reward Gauge will be reset upon obtaining the 20 Summons Reward.

▶ UI Improvements to World Boss
– The UI for [Daily Achievements] shown in the battle screen of the World Boss will be improved.

▌Challenge Raid
▶ 51st Solo Ranking Match – Sithrael

[Challenge Raid – Balance Adjustments to Sithrael]
– Sithrael’s ATK, DEF, HP will be increased by 10%.

▌Bug Fixes

▶ Hero Modeling and Skill Fixes
– The issue in which the placement of ‘[Call of Dawn] Head Accessory of Honor’ was shown differently when changing the Main Hero has been fixed.
– The issue in which some of the effects of the ‘Vessel of Dark Spirit (Skill 4) were shown abnormally when wearing the costume ‘Shadow of Aegina Shakmeh’ has been fixed.

– The issue in which Hero Kara’s ‘Siege Weapon’ state was removed abnormally in the Galgoria/Siegfried Raids has been fixed.

– The issue in which the monsters summoned by Ascalon in stage 10-29 couldn’t be aimed properly by Hero Cleo’s ‘Fire Rain (Skill 3)’ when the monsters we summoned behind Ascalon has been fixed.
– The issue in which Kibera’s ‘Three Demonic Swords [Light/Dark] Transcendence Perk wasn’t applied properly in the Eclipse has been fixed.

– The issue in which Dark Lord Kasel’s ‘Judgment Blade (Skill 1) could attack enemies from the front & behind at the same time has been fixed.

– The issue in which Naila’s normal attack and ‘Dive Bomb (Skill 3)’ worked abnormally when enemy Heroes used skills that made them move to the backside of the Allies has been fixed.

– The issue in which Shakmeh’s ‘Wind of Hatred (Skill 1) [Dark]’ did not remove positive effects from the enemies in specific situations has been fixed.

– The issue in which the effect of Shakmeh’s T5 [Dark] Transcendence was applied to the majority of the Allies during specific situations has been fixed.

– The issue in which DMG was not applied after removing the positive effects on the first hit when Tanya used ‘Whisper of Death (Skill 3)’ in the state of ‘Stealth’ has been fixed.
※ This problem brought out 2 issues.

1) The order in which ‘removal of positive effects’ and ‘first hit’ were applied differently.

2) This skill ‘attacks random enemies 6 times’, so the target of ‘removing positive effects’ and ‘first hit’ were all different.

This issue number 1 has been fixed through our maintenance on February 2nd (Tue), but we have encountered the issue number 2 in battles. This is why the issue wasn’t fixed completely. We’re sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.

▶ Content Display & Function Fixes
– A part of the dialogue from the story of Chapter 9 [Pandemonium] has been fixed.
= It’s one of the artifacts > relics that holds a portion of the Holy Sword’s power.
– Dark Lord Kasel’s character story and some parts of the lines from the Hero’s Inn will be fixed.
= Hero Story: destroying the artifacts > Pillars of Lua that protect the world
= Hero’s Inn : To destroy Lua’s artifact is my purpose, my life… > My purpose, my existence… is to destroy the Pillars of Lua
– The issue in which there were freezing issues after the ‘Victory’(at the end of the battle) screen showed up in some of the devices.

▌Others – Brand Page
▶ Wallpapers of KING’s RAID Animation Illustrations
– 8 wallpapers of KING’s RAID Animation illustrations will be added to the brand page.

– Size: 1080×1920 / 1440×2560 / 1920×1080 / 2560×1440
※ Please note that some of the wallpapers do not come in all sizes we’ve mentioned above.
– You will be able to download the wallpapers from the link shown below.


That was everything for the Patch Note of March’s second update.

Hope you have a great time raiding in KING’s RAID!!

Thank you.

GM Gremory

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  1. I called it! Jane is now stronger than Theo! Theo is the real princess because he is WEAK in reality )compared to his strength in the lore) and only gets mega-meme tier buffs compared to Jane!

    Hail Princess Theo of the Grey Republic and his Knight of Loyalty, Jane!

    Reality > Lore. Role reversal


  2. Since Jane is no longer affected by AtkSpd changes, does that include AtkSpd on herself from gear? If thats the case… did you guys bother to increase her skill animation speed? Shits super slow.

  3. Please FIX the rest of your November meme balance patch before King’s Raid: Remastered. (Crow/Theo/Viska/Tanya/Chrish/Lewi etc…)

    The damage you inflicted was immense.
    Please focus on them first and do not move onto buff other hero (unless their name is Yanne then it’s warranted).

    Thank you.

    1. I’m appreciate you exist HarleyVon. You are one of those PLUG legends who are still around, always fighting for costume justice

      Vespa bring back equal and fair costume ratio!! Give Daka and Kaulah new skins!!


  4. Jane wears the pants in the relationship!!!

    Theo lost his job as Knight of Jane Grey!!
    It’s his turn to be protected by his own lady after 100+ years because Jane is now OP and Theo so mediocre in reality!

  5. these buffs are cancerous. Only Jane got a pve buff, the rest are more pvp unwanted buffs , most of the nerf ppl ask are for pvp unfairness and you keep coming with more. Your pvp balance should have consideration if that is actually fun to play against, that is the mentality you need to aproach on pvp design.

  6. Scarlet was extremely outdated and needed a revamp to be useful again. Glad she can now counter the new skill mechanics heroes have (unspellable shields, TM gears, etc.). Thumbs up!

      1. Imagine enjoying the game you play. Weird, isn’t it?

  7. smh Vespa proving once again that they are really bad at balancing. They should just remove PvP from the game at this point because of how broken they are making some of these heroes. Unless they take back the nonsense no nerf policy they are just going to make things worse and worse.