[Patch Note] Update List of June 8th (Tue)

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

We’d like to share with you the update list of June 8th (Tue).

※ The screenshots in the Patch Note have been taken in a Test Server.

[Update List]

▌Balance Adjustments

▶ Hero Balance Adjustments

– Adjusted Heroes: May / Nicky / Hanus

▌Special Event/Dungeon

▶ [Ophelia’s Workshop] Event

– Event Period: After maintenance on June 8th (Tue) ~ Before maintenance on July 6th (Tue)

– You will be able to access the [Witch’s Exchange Post] & [Witch’s Mysterious Cauldron] by talking to ‘NPC Ophelia’ who will be located at [Central Orvel].

– Through the [Witch’s Exchange Post], you will be able to use [Friendship Points, Gold Dust/Gold Bar of Golden Queen] to obtain items that can be used in the [Witch’s Mysterious Cauldron] and common items randomly.

– Through the [Witch’s Mysterious Cauldron], you will be able to craft the items you want by consuming items according to the recipe.

– For more details of the event, please check the post ‘June’s Events (Part 1)’. [Event Link]

▌Improvements / Changes

▶ Improvements to Guild Content

– Penalties for joining a new Guild after leaving your current Guild will be eased.

– Penalties for using Guild contents after leaving your current Guild will be eased.

The reset time for the penalties that were received every time a Raider left a Guild will be eased after the changes.

Before: Accumulated penalties will be reset after 30 days have elapsed from the last accumulated penalty

After: Accumulated penalties will be reset after 15 days have elapsed from the last accumulated penalty

– When searching for Guilds that can be joined, list of Guilds with full capacity will not be shown. Guilds with records of the highest recent activities, will have a higher chance to be exposed on the list.

Improvements will be made so that the buttons for [Free Guild] & [Approval Guild] are easy to recognize.

▶ Content Improvements & Client Stabilization
– During the battles of the Guild Conquest Velkazar, the HP of the Executioner’s Casket will be increased.

– We will be providing the APK version with the adjustments of the latency/lag issues of the battles in the [Guild Conquest – Velkazar].

※ As there may be different variables such as type of devices and network environment, we will be implementing these changes to the mobile version after checking additional issues with the app-player version APK.

※ If you encounter any issues while playing with your party members (using both app-player APK & mobile devices), please contact us through [cs_en@vespainc.oqupie.com] with in-game account and device information of the members who have encountered the issues.

– When accessing the Mission screen by pressing the [Mission] icon, the [Daily/Weekly Mission] screen will be shown instead of the screen [Mission in Progress].

▶ Addition of June’s Story & Cutscenes to the Monthly Orvel
“Congratulate this month’s birthday Hero ‘Talisha’!”

– Birthday cutscenes for ‘Talisha’ will be added.

– The cutscenes of the Hero will be opened on the date of the Hero’s birthday (June 18th) and you will be able to obtain the rewards after watching the cutscenes. (Rewards will only be given once).

▌Challenge Raid

[62nd Party Clear Challenge Raid – Kerberen]

▶Balance Adjustments will be made to Challenge Raid ‘Kerberen’

– The ATK / DEF / HP of Kerberen will be increased by 10%.

▌Bug Fixes

▶ Hero Modeling and Skill Fixes

– Fixed an issue where some of the sounds were not being played when wearing the Costumes [Epis of Honor/ Epis of Glaring Honor].

– Fixed an issue where Isaiah’s skill ‘Touch of the Goddess – Mercy’ was not activated in [Technomagic Enchantment Raids].

– Fixed an issue where the skill of Isaiah’s Soul Weapon was terminated immediately (occurred intermittently when the skill was used).

– Fixed an issue where some parts of the Hero’s modeling was not shown properly when Unleashing the Soul Weapon of Dark Lord Kasel

▶ Content Display & Function Fixes

– Fixed an issue where the remains of the Hot Deal banner were shown on the main screen.

– Fixed an issue where the DEF Reduction effect was being applied during battles in [Trial of the Flow, Sekmaha].

– Fixed an issue where Sekmaha looked back when Isaiah used ‘Touch of the Goddess – Mercy’ to move behind Sekmaha during the battles in [Trial of the Flow, Sekmaha]

– Fixed an issue where the option UI didn’t show up intermittently and the issue where Enchantment Cores where consumed when proceeding with Technomagic Gear Enchantment.

– Fixed an issue where different quantities of Lua’s Tokens were distributed when purchasing the [Breakthrough Package 3].

※ If you have purchased this product before the fixes, the correct amount of Lua’s Tokens will be distributed on June 8th (Tue).

That was everything for the Patch Note of June’s first update.

Hope you have a great time raiding in KING’s RAID!!

Thank you.

GM Gremory

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  1. Good buffs to Hanus and May. Those sound really nice… however, I am a bit disappointed that Hanus is still related to just guild content and her Ammo looks like its still removable.

      1. When was Shea in the scoring content to begin with?

      2. @sophia

        Long ago before her first balance/nerf. She was THE support to bring. But her nerf hit pretty hard, and also several powercreep heroes have come out since then.

      1. Page hadn’t updated for me yet, yes value was changed.

  2. Seems like Hanus would of had a strong go for main DPS if there was still some more tweaking. Now she’s just gonna be “best Velk DPS” and…that’s probably it. Removable stacks is just way too concerning too. Not sure why they want to keep her stuffed in her little guild corner being used for maybe two things, seeing as Guild Raid bosses vary in what works best against them for a character like Hanus to shine in more than one or two. And she’s usable for…one battle in Guild War that no one likes?

    Really really need to consider moving all that guild stuff, at least the non-perk related things(like those on her SW) to just work anywhere because it’s just damning to have a hero people wanna use but is barred due to her not having all of her kit where she would need it. Just the 30% p dmg up on sw and the doubled attack on S4 might honestly make her shine

    May on the other hand…them some damn fine buffs on her. Might actually consider building her up(and Weapon advance swapping Hanus’ weapon over to her seeing as she won’t need it) for some longer content. I wonder how well she might perform in Arcdim X. Not sure if that’s gonna be nearly as long as needed to max out her worth but also how it tends to hate on turtling any tiny bit.

  3. With new May buffs… the one benefitting most is Cleo teams in Velkazar.

    With Esker teams there is much less room for shifting units. Unfortunately, he is probably rank #2 now in Velk after Cleo.

  4. Pls, never do this kind of event. 28 days for this gambling event that will probably dont gain you anything. No matter how much you saved the rates are horrendous to trust that you will get the rarest item. This event isn’t fun at all.
    You need to really think about the event you put up, for example the past event that requires us to grind online just to farm those gold ethers. Mobile users cannot do that, and yes I know you can still use emulator but it will still require you to open your game for a long period of time. This type of event isn’t fun at all Vespa