[Patch Note] Update List of June 22nd (Tue) (Updated on June 24th (Thu) 20:15 [PDT]


※ The effects of the ‘Honorary Medal’ has been fixed (Increases by 7% > Increases by 7.5% This effect does not stack with same effects from other allies) – Updated on June 21st (Mon) 16:45 [PDT]

※ Additional information regarding ‘Dispatch Battles’ has been added to the King’ Pass section – Updated on June 21st (Mon) 20:55 [PDT]

※ Additional bug fixes have been made to Yuria’s Soul Weapon – Updated on June 24th (Thu) 20:15 [PDT]

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

We’d like to share with you the update list of June 22nd (Tue).

※ The screenshots in the Patch Note have been taken in a Test Server.

[Update List]

▌ New Costumes

▶ 2021 Corrupted Swimsuit Costumes (2nd)

– 6 Costumes for 2021 Corrupted Swimsuit Costumes (2nd) will be added.

– You will be able to obtain 3% Gold Boost when owning these Costumes.

– Dark Lord Kasel / Fallen Frey / Isaiah / Yuria / Ricardo / Glenwys

▶ Costume Signature Motions Added

“Signature motions for the 2021 Corrupted Swimsuit Costumes (2nd) have been added.”

– Heroes will have their own specific signature motions even if the costumes are of similar concepts.

– You can check signature motions by going to [Dressing Room] > [See Motions].

▌Special Event

▶ [King’s Pass] Season 1 Update

– King’s Pass Season 1 Period: After maintenance on June 22nd (Tue) ~ Before maintenance on July 20th (Tue)

Sale Period (America Server): After maintenance on June 22nd (Tue) ~ July 19th (Mon) 04:00 (UTC+0)

– Sale Period (Europe Server): After maintenance on June 22nd (Tue) ~ July 18th (Sun) 22:00 (UTC+0)

– Sale Period (Asia Server): After maintenance on June 22nd (Tue) ~ July 18th (Sun) 17:00 (UTC+0)

– [King’s Pass] is a seasonal content that will be opened for a specific period.

– You will be able to check the list of rewards by pressing the [King’s Pass] icon located on the main screen.

– The level of the King’s Pass will be opened step by step every day (1 level per day) starting from the start date of the [King’s Pass].

– Collect points and obtain rewards by consuming certain amount of goods or obtain rewards by purchasing levels with Rubies.

– You will be able to obtain [Free Rewards] for free during the King’s Pass period, and you will be able to obtain the [Premium Rewards] additionally by purchasing the [King’s Pass].

– Please note that the rewards you have not obtained during the King’s Pass period cannot be distributed or recovered, so please make sure to collect them before the end of the King’s Pass period.

※ Consuming Stamina through ‘Dispatch Battles’ won’t be counted for the King’s Pass.

– For more details of the rewards, please check the post ‘[Special Shop] June Week 4 Update’. [LINK]

▶ Addition of New Artifacts (King’s Pass Season 1 Artifacts)

– New Artifacts, which can be obtained through the King’s Pass Season 1, will be added to the game.

▌Improvements / Changes

▶ Improvements to the Repositorium Content

[How to enter the Repositorium]

– You will be able to access the newly improved Repositorium through the [Portal] or [Chapter 6].

– You can access the content by accumulating a certain amount of battle time once a week. You will be able to access the content by filling up the [Entry Gauge].

– You can accumulate up to 5 hours of battle time for the [Entry Gauge]. Actual battle time of PVP/PVE battles within the game will be accumulated. (battle time will be accumulated whether you win or lose in battles)

※ The battle time of ‘Dispatch Battles won’t be accumulated.

– The [Entry Gauge] resets every Monday at 00:00, and dungeons that have not been cleared will be reset as well.

[Battle and Reward Information]

– There is a total of 9 monsters in the content. Once you fill up the [Entry Gauge], you will be able to battle with monsters shown on [Appearing Monsters].

– You will be able to change [Appearing Monsters] by consuming 250 Rubies. 1 from the list of [Monsters that may appear when changed] will appear randomly.

– When changing monsters, the Encounter Chance will be different for each Tier. You will be able to check the Encounter Chance through [View Chance] within the game.

– You will gain victory in battles if you defeat the monsters by attacking them with a certain number of hits within a limited amount of time.

– Please read below to check the rewards you can obtain for each of the monsters.

※ Through the monster ‘Silver Mimic’, you will be able to obtain 2 different kinds of rewards (Dazzling Ether, Brilliant Ether).

▶ Measures taken for charged Repositorium Entry Tickets

– Due to the changes of the entry system of the Repositorium content, Entry Tickets that have been charged in the Repositorium will be sent to your [Inventory > Consumables].

※ You will not be able to obtain the item ‘Gold Dust of Golden Queen’ anymore after the updates on July 6th (Tue), so please make sure to use all of them through ‘Ophelia’s Workshop’. [LINK]

▶ Improvements to the Entry Ticket System of the Guild Conquest Content

– If the room master/party member experiences game disconnection/abnormal crashing or leaves the game within 20 seconds (access to the battle ~ start of the battle), a pop-up window will appear on the screen of the remaining party members, and the battle will be terminated immediately. The Entry Tickets of all party members will not be deducted.

※ Please note that it may work differently depending on the network status of the server. The pop-up will appear immediately if app crashing occurs, and the pop-up will appear 20 seconds later if you experience Wi-Fi or internet disconnection.

– However, if your team is defeated within 20 seconds after accessing the battle ~ starting the battle, the Entry Tickets of all party members will be deducted.

▶ Adjustments to the DMG formula of World Boss ‘Xanadus’

– From 90% of the damage which the Abyssal Curse Stone/ Abyssal Soul Stone takes, the amount of DMG delivered to Xanadus will be changed from 45% > 3%.

– All DMG taken by Xanadus will be changed from 200% > 10%.

▶ Changes to the Opening Date & Schedule of Guild War Global Regular Season 8

“Guild War Regular Season 8 will start after a brief interval once the Pre-Season ends.”

[Guild War Season 8 Schedule]

– End Date of the Pre-Season: June 14th (Mon) 07:59 [PDT]

– Regular Season 8 Period: June 25th (Fri) 09:00 ~ September 3rd (Fri) 07:59 [PDT]

– Matching for Regular Season 8 will be proceeded based on the calculations of the Regular Season 7.

[Changes to Guild War Schedule & Participation Request Period]

– The start date of Guild Wars will be changed from ‘Tuesday’ to ‘Saturday’. (based on KST)

– Break/Round Battle period will remain unchanged.

▌Challenge Raid

[55th Solo Ranking Match – Urkak]

[63rd Party Clear Challenge Raid – Obrigard]

▌Bug Fixes

▶ Hero Modeling and Skill Fixes

– Fixed an issue where the effect ‘increases the target’s M.DEF’ from Hero May’s ‘Healthy Potion Set (Skill 1 Unique Treasure)’ was not increased according to the level of Awakening. (error in the description)

– Fixed an issue where the DMG/CC effects were not applied after positive effects were removed when Lucikiel used ‘Annihilation Wave/Surge (Skill 2)’. (issue that occurred when Hero Lucikiel equipped the ‘Dark Blue Leather Strap (Skill 2 Unique Treasure)’)

– Fixed an issue where the skill ‘Black/Silver Moon Mark’ was used on the allies when Riheet/Ripine used the ‘Black/Silver Moon Mark (Skill 2)’ in a Charm state. (The Charm state was removed but the skills were used on the allies)

– Fixed an issue where the ‘Blessing of Foresight’ effect was not activated from Yuria’s Soul Weapon (Advancement 2)

▶ Content Display & Function Fixes

– Fixed an issue where the [Claim All] button within [Mission > Event] was abnormally activated.

– Fixed an issue where the battle DPS of ‘Delta(Physical)’ was added up when battling with ‘Zeta’ Magical in the Technomagic Enchantment Raid.

▶ Fixed an issue where some of the effects were not shown in the cutscenes (IOS only)

– Fixed an issue in which the light effects from the sky were not shown in the scene where Dark Lord Kasel attacks the wall of light in stage X-5.

– Fixed an issue in which the wind effect is not shown in the scene where Lucikiel attacks the wall of light in stage X-8.

That was all for the second update of June!

Happy Raiding!

Thank you.

GM Gremory

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  1. Battle pass? More like I’ll pass.

    After sticking around for more than 4 years in this game this is definitely one of the worst updates I’ve seen so far. And who the hell thought it was a good idea to exclude dispatch from accumulated battle time for repositorium?

  2. Man, if ppl are mad about these things here, I have a suggestion… why not play PSO2? Hey, its even in english now so you dont have the “I cunt read da Nippon.” Excuse. Although global has censorship… I know a lot of you like that shit though… actually, nevermind. We dont want you coming in spreadin ya funk around.

  3. Dude to those defending Vespa for this P2W Shit, have you even realised it’s even bad for P2P players?

    I am a P2P player. Just in case you assume I’m a F2P who doesn’t support the game lmao.

    Let me explain why this system is hot garbage even for P2P:

    First. There is a DOUBLE (shadow) LAYER of top up. You don’t just buy the battle pass. You also spend even more money to buy RUBIES to get all the rewards (in particular the OP artefact costs 5000 rubies).

    When you consider that most players pay for trial reset and reset ARCDIM X3 Raid, you will realise you simply cannot get enough rubies through the game itself.

    WB/LOV/Guild Raid (occasionally CR solo and guild event season rewards) simply doesn’t give you enough rubies to support your weekly content resets AND pay for this battle pass rewards.

    It’s basically an indirect and SHADOW DOUBLE LAYER of paying money.

    If you only needed to pay once and not AGAIN for the rubies then even P2P players won’t be screaming.

    Well it’s already comparable to the atrocity that LINE pets brought.

  4. Since PD Edge was appointed as pd, this game has been nothing but p2w bullshit. He is the worst thing to happen to the game in recent memory and should be removed. Now the best artifacts in the game are locked behind a paywall that also requires you to spend rubies in order to get everything.

    Battle passes in general are a cancer to gaming and are never received well. But of course you decide to add one that’s even worse than most. Other powerful artifacts like event ones can at least be obtained by f2p players but now these are p2w exclusives like line pets. Yet another factors increasing the ever-expanding gap between whales and f2p players.

    Instead of just making repositorium rewards better, you instead make it another rng fest that also requires battle time where dispatch doesn’t count. May I remind you that this is a MOBILE GAME and yet I have to spend hours a week burning my phone’s battery in order to clear required content,

    Then we come to your ‘solution’ to the wb3 scoring issue. Instead of fixing your incompetent fucking server issue, you make loads of heroes obsolete by making the AoE portion of the boss pointless. You have now ruined one of the only pieces of content I enjoyed in the game.

    I assume these recent changes have been making you lots of money otherwise you wouldn’t carry on despite the backlash. But be aware that this will be the nail in the coffin for a lots of people and more and more people are going to quit in future updates if things don’t change.

    So I will say it again, get rid of this pd and fix your mistakes.


    Have you forgotten what device this game is made for? That’s right MOBILE.

    Let me spell that out again.

    M O B I L E.

    So why is everything you do, every update you make… just so against the mobile user? Here, let me give you some examples:

    1️⃣Central orvel events don’t work with dispatch. Force mobile user to leave phone on screen 24/hr a day.
    2️⃣Bonus drop events don’t work with dispatch.
    3️⃣Devourer Shakmeh meme “fix” reduce tickets from 100>60. * Still takes forever and requires phones to be left on for hours. Again not mobile friendly.
    4️⃣ GC3 optimisation terrible on most phones. Still pepega optimisation.
    5️⃣ LoH updates forcing players to macro for participation rewards. Favours emulator user.
    6️⃣Announcement of PC client but nothing to help mobile users.
    7️⃣Repositorium update don’t work with dispatch (and this time it’s SW tickets, TM gear tickets on the line).

    What’s next? More emulator friendly updates?
    More f*ck all mobile users updates?
    Quit babying emulator users and show some love to mobile users.

    Seriously. WHEN WILL YOU LEARN?


  6. Bro, vespa when will you STOP KILLING MOBILE PHONES???

    I don’t have the money to buy a new phone every 6 months just to consistently run your game.

    I literally fried my last phone battery running your central Orvel dungeon 24 hours a day for 14 days straight. Never doing that again.

    It’s super dumb move to not allow dispatch battles to apply to events and the repositorium.

    If you don’t change this shit, then the gap between EMULATOR and MOBILE user will get even bigger now because mobile user is less likely to be able to fill up the bar to run repositorium and hence, never going to get the game changing rewards (TM skill option ticket, soulstone etc).

    Mobile users already can’t macro for LOH rewards and they have to manual. Why do mobile users have to put more effort in and also pay the price by damaging their phone to run your game???

    Can you please listen to the voices of mobile users?
    like 80% of your players initially find and download this game through the Google play/App Store.

  7. *sigh* Guys the absolute state of this community page… I’ve been banned just for being myself… I honestly can’t believe it… these admins are cruel tyrannical dictators who rule over KR with a iron fist (they are also communist). I can’t believe this is happening… I just wanted to play a game where lewding lolis is legal, but I was banned for it… I just… this website has really gone downhill. I remember when you could do anything and no one would care. Now don’t worry I’m not gonna do anything crazy as retaliation to the website (like ddosing) I’m a nice guy so I’ll let it slide this time. but if this happens again I might do something drastic. you know I’m just saying that this website isn’t what it use to be is that so wrong? don’t @ me I’m not gonna respond. I know your all big stupidheads who are out to get me. its the main reason why I took my webcam out. because you were spying on me with it. you know who you are you are literally spying on me trying to take me apart. well good luck because my therapist said I’m clean and have no mental disorders (besides being a bit socially anxious) so you can’t touch me. I am rubber and your glue it just doesn’t work. good luck trying to find my IP address and home address aswell since I have around 10 vpns all working in unision making triangulating my location literally impossible. I bet the government couldn’t even do it so its not like you could either. anyways I’m gonna go now because i’m really working myself up right now. a-and I know thats exactly what you want me to do so I’m just going to stop. I’m not gonna give you what you want alright? your DIRT to me a INSECT compared to me. I am a GOD a GOOODDD compared to you. do you genuinely think you can beat me? do you? huh? HUH? yeah fat chance…

    oh yeah about the communist claim because I know your gonna get on me about that I have proof. I’m not gonna show it just know that they are communists and I have proof. but like I said I’m not gonna show it because I’m a nice guy and don’t want to ruin their rep in this server. but just know I could if I wanted to if your wondering.

      1. Lewding oppais is ok, lewding lolis is a no no. legally at least

      2. To be honest you really do sound that retarded especially when you cry about how shit Kasel buff is

    1. What the fuck are u talking about? Lilia is already lewd, even lewder than the sexy busty female character here. unless you want leo lewd, thats the most disgusting update ever if that happens.

  8. Hello Raiders!

    Upon much consideration for our Raiders, we have decided that the best course of action to ensure our mobile users have the most satisfying experience would be to not allow dispatch battles to count towards Repositorium entry progression.

    We believe this will provide the best gameplay benefits as our Raiders will be able to freely cook food using their mobile device while raiding, thus creating a more comfortable experience of not having to go to their kitchen to cook their meals.

    Happy Raiding!

    GM Emulator

  9. Vespa can you please don’t do anymore swimsuit costumes it’s really lazy and repetitive DLK and FF finally get another skin and it’s frigging swimsuits are you serious??? First wedding swimsuits now this crap some of us are sick of these same costumes can you do other ones and what happened with RC so he gets lazy swimsuit skin

    This is very frustrating I try hard not complain but this update is terrible

  10. is this update a complete disgusting, really battle pass with two payments? Not only did you limit f2p users to not having the best accessories, but apart from that they are greedy bastards who want to put more money into the game.

  11. When i was just a chao recruit, i ask my sergeant, what will i be?
    Will i be PC? Will i be OC? Guess what he said to me
    Balls to you recruit, whatever will be, will be..
    Your future i no time to see, drop all the new bugs for me

  12. Battle Passes don’t go over well, if you’re gonna add one at least make the rewards worth it and don’t lock the only ones worth getting behind 5k rubies. This is the worst Battle Pass I’ve ever seen, give us more rubies, stockade keys, soul fragments, god protection, and stamina over gold and ether.

    Don’t lock artifacts behind P2W Battle Pass, lock more costumes and rubies behind paywall instead.

    1. Hey bro you can refund through google play/app store or PayPal dispute. this company don’t deserve your money.

      even big whales tired of this sh*t, and other big whales said they want refund for LINE pets.




  14. You need to seriously host a survey for player feedback regarding this update.

    Like right now.

    I honestly can’t believe there’s a paywall within another paywall.
    I am also in disbelief that dispatch battles do not apply to battle pass system AND repositorium. This is bias to emulator users despite majority of your playerbase being on mobile.

    You made a dispatch feature but it’s dead as dragons due to all these events, contents and new systems that force you not to dispatch. YOU killed the dispatch feature, since you want players to NOT dispatch and instead leave their devices on all day just so you have better app stats (longer average user app time).

    Whoever at your HQ is making these ridiculous decisions needs to get fired. Right now.

  15. 20 tickets of LOH only get me 9 mins and 2 seconds of battle time for repositorium. LIke wtf?

    Basically it LITERALLY only counts in-battle time and not loading/picking time.

    LOL, you really do want all users to leave their phone on for both your BP system and Repositorium,

    I’ll pass thanks.

  16. I’m not going to sit and play for five damn hours on my phone.

    Allow dispatch to affect the new Repositorium.

    Battle pass is a BAD IDEA! It is literally telling players “Pay to win!”

    Just when you were making progress on having decent updates you go and pull this.

  17. Amid all the ungrateful people and unappreciative after all the free stuffs you have feed them Vespa, I am here to thank you for the continuous updates. I suggest this thing I guess;

    “Do stuffs that will explain further events with different medium, not only texts to read. Like the video intro when there’s heroes to get buffed. Some players understand things visually.
    Make like video how things work like having galgoria run stage 6 gives 1500pts instantly. It relieves them seeing it is easy to full pass afterall. For repositorium, emphasize IT IS FOR A WEEK for those n**bs who don’t see it and feel like it’s FOR A DAY ONLY? You players were over reacting. When test fails, reduce it to 3hrs to make a good negotiation with players.”

    Thank you and more power!

  18. I’ve been playing this game for more than 2 years now and I can say that this is by far the worse update content you have ever implemented.

    1. Every update is leaning towards more for emulator users and this update cemented it. You have forgotten your roots, you are a MOBILE GAME FIRST AND FOREMOST!!

    2. 5 hours worth of battle time is a lot for any players out there most specifically MOBILE USERS. It only counts your battle time, this game has long loading time than the actual battle itself.

    3. Battle pass, I don’t mind you did this since I understand that you need revenue to maintain the game but putting another layer to unlock other levels on the paid pass is too much. 13,500 rubies to unlock all content along with the initial pay doesn’t sit right to me. If you ever decide to make this battle pass a thing atleast make it better and more worth it for the money that players gonna be spending.

    4. PDEDGE gift, I am thankful for the free stuff but you shouldn’t have made the announcement about it last week it gave the coupon a lot of hype because of it. You should have just given the code unannounced that way you can prevent players having high expectations about the coupon, less negative response also

      1. Actual battle time is the only thing that is counted, so if you play 40mins a day you have to deduc also the loading times on that 40mins of play. Loading time in the game are longer than the actual battle itself honestly. Also the fact that the devs is trying to get us to play a specific time per week isn’t the best decision in my opinion. The update on the Repositorium is great but the execution is bad. They could have just given us 1 ticket that recharge per week instead of us manually charging to open the content. Not all people can play a certain amount of time per day, they shouldn’t force players to play a specific time in order to access a certain dungeon.

  19. More swimsuits, lame. At least its a bit cooler this time with the edgy dark theme. But seriously, when will you stop being lazy and make lewd cultural costumes? Give our waifus some very lewd harem dancer costumes.

    And arena assassin buffs next come on! It’s been months and only warriors and archers are getting ridiculous buffs in arena.

  20. Battle pass is ok, will support & buy it cos its not so expensive. As for the premium part i would suggest ppl spend only 5.5k rubies for artifact & core will do, then will save alot of rubies. Am i the only one like the swimsuit? i dont mind vespa keep release swimsuit, i enjoy seeing my waifu & husbando wear swimsuit, im curious how summer halloween & christmas be like~ LOL (sure got ppl say im h*rny, why should i bother their comment? i like the beach & summer feels, if i truely like its then i will just keep support it) Pls do allow dispatch count for repo as u all launch the dispatch function why dont fully utilise it?

  21. Oh is it time to finally quit king’s raid. Vespa, honestly thought you were doing really good things but now I know longer believe so.

    I came back and started playing a year and a half ago and have dropped almost 4-5 thousand dollars on your game because I honestly thought you guys were trying to make this a great game for f2p and p2p and for those who don’t have alot of time. But the battle pass really places a gap between paying players and non-paying players mainly through the artifacts locked behind paywall.

    Repositorium changes are fine in my opinion but not letting dispatch count in any way hurts.
    Some people genuinely don’t have the ability to keep their phone playing all the time. Or bluntly some people consider king’s raid a side game.

    For the repositorium I propose that you at least make half the stamina used in dispatch count towards it. So that at least people can get something out of it.

    You guys have been trying to handle this game better and I can tell, it’s current success speaks for that. Please don’t mess that up, as you can see from these comments people aren’t pleased, I’ll stick around to see how you handle this but depending on how things go I’m probably done.

    1. Working adults crying like babier 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I have never done a single shakmeh because i understand it overheats ny phone and it is tume consuming. Guess who has a brain here? Not you guys with 0 time management or a brain to think for yourself.

      Dude I am so busy… guess I will use my free time to rant on the internet where my opinion doesnt matter 😂😂😂😂

  22. I am very disappointed with this game after the last patch with this pass. As usually happens in F2p games, everything is available to everyone, but the one who pays gets progress much faster, and the one who is F2p gets the same progress but much slower. Time is money. logical. And now with a new pass, or rather an artifact, it turns out that you will never receive it, regardless of the time …. I think it’s time to forget about 3.5 years spent in this game. Monetization has consumed the last brains of developers.