[Patch Note] Update List of July 6th (Tue) (Updated on July 26th (Mon) 22:37 [PDT])


– Information regarding Lua’s Artifact Ticket has been added to the ‘Improvements/Changes’ section. (Updated on July 7th (Wed) 03:00 [PDT])

– Additional information regarding Client Stabilization for the mobile version of the game has been added. (Updated on July 26th (Mon) 22:37 [PDT])

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

We’d like to share with you the update list of July 6th (Tue).

※ The screenshots in the Patch Note have been taken in a Test Server.

[Update List]

▌Balance Adjustments

▶ Hero Balance Adjustments

– Adjusted Heroes: Erze / Talisha

▌New Content

▶ Substory – Roi (Part 2)

“Roi and Cleo continue their investigations to save Kasel and Frey. In the meantime, Roi has a sense of foreboding that he will be facing memories of his dark past… Go check Roi’s decision and determination through Roi’s Substory Part 2!”

– The 8th Substory, Swift Assassin Roi’s story (Part 2), will be added.

– Please note that you will have to clear [Stage 10-1] in order to play Roi’s Substory.

– Clear Rewards within the Substory can be received only once.

– Please note that you will be able to purchase the Substory Costume if you clear all stages (excluding the Challenge Stage) within the Substory.

– Please note that you have to own the Hero to access the Challenge Stage.

– Effect applied when owning the Substory Costume:
3% EXP Boost

– ‘Wait’ and ‘Win’ motions are changed when wearing this Costume.

– You can select to wear/not wear the mask.

▌Special Event/Dungeon

▶ [Enhancement Lab Challenge!] Event

– Event Period: After maintenance on July 6th (Tue) ~ Before maintenance on August 3rd (Tue)

– You will be able to access the [Event Enhancement Lab] and [Event Shop] through ‘NPC Lakrak’ located at [Central Orvel].

– In the [Event Shop], you will be able to purchase items that can be used for enhancement with ‘Orvel Castle Gold Coins’ and ‘Rubies’.

– You will be able to obtain ‘Orvel Castle Gold Coins’ through Daily Missions.

– You will be able to enhance ‘Lakrak MK-2’ with ‘Lakrak’s Secret Enhancement Ore’ you have purchased from the [Event Shop].

– Depending on the Enhancement Level of ‘Lakrak MK-2’, you will be able to exchange it for different items.

※ Please note that the items [Lakrak MK-2 / Lakrak’s Secret Enhancement Ore / Lakrak’s Tearful Remnants] will be deleted at the end of the event period.

– For more details about the event, please check our event post ‘Special Event – Enhancement Lab Challenge!’ [LINK]


▶ Gold Dust of Golden Queen within Dungeons will be removed

– The item ‘Gold Dust of Golden Queen’ that could be obtained as rewards from Dungeons (accessed by consuming Stamina) will not be obtainable anymore.

– Please note that you will not be able to craft ‘Gold Bars of Golden Queen’ with ‘Gold Dust of Golden Queen’ anymore through [Inventory > Craft > Others].

– You will be able to sell the items ‘Gold Dust of Golden Queen’, ‘Gold Bar of Golden Queen’ you own in your Inventory.

– You will be able to check your items ‘Gold Dust of Golden Queen’, ‘Gold Bar of Golden Queen’ through [Inventory > Others].

Changes will be made to Lua’s Artifact Ticket

– Changes will be made to the information of Lua’s Artifact Ticket as the 3 Artifacts from the King’s Pass cannot be selected.

▶ Client Stabilization (Applied on the mobile version)

– Latency/Lag Improvements to [Guild Conquest – Velkazar] that was applied only to the App Player version during the updates on June 8th (Tue) will be applied on the mobile version of the game.

– For more details of the client stabilization, please check the post ‘Developer’s Note – June 2021’ [LINK]

▶ League of Honor Global Pre-Season Open

“The League of Honor Pre-season will start after the end of Regular Season 13.”

– Regular Season 13 End-Date: July 18th (Sun) 07:59 [PDT]

– Pre-season Period: July 18th (Sun) 10:00 ~ August 1st (Sun) 07:59 [PDT]

– Ranking rewards will be distributed in accordance with the end of Regular Season 13.

▶ Guild Conquest Season 14 Open

“A new season will be opened for the Guild Conquest content.”

– Guild Conquest Season 14 will take place from July 20th (Tue) 2021 to October 11th (Mon) 2021.

▌Challenge Raid

[56th Solo Ranking Match – Satria]

▌Bug Fixes

▶ Hero Modeling and Skill Fixes

– Fixed an issue where the icon of the effect of May’s ‘Sweet Piece of Cake (Skill 2 Unique Treasure)’ was not shown on the screen.

– Fixed an issue where the stack icon was not shown when using Jane’s ‘Mark of Death (Skill 2)’.

That was all for the first update of July!

Happy Raiding!

Thank you.

GM Gremory

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    1. Wowww.. another rng event right after the shitty ophelia event. I burn 7k+ stamina pots and got 0 faerie wings. Pretty sure theres others out thr who burned mre than me and got nothing too.

      Can you stop making rng events and give guaranteed rewards instead? As a veteran, i m starting to feel annoyed.. At this point, events arent fun to do anymore..

      1. @ Null
        Cancer in PvP is Scarlet, Rebel Clause, Light Kasel, Dark Lord Kasel, Lorraine, Lakrak, Shakmeh, Cain, Luci

        Nicky isn’t even on the same level mate. What tier are you even playing LMAO.

      2. this NULL dude is special kind of retard complaining Rc is now weak in PvP.
        Motherfucking DLK RC cunt dont deserve to breathe retarded piece of shit with Null for a brain

      3. @idk wtf ur name is

        This is cause nicky is shit against meta. however if she was buffed like the rest of the npc to be meta she would made pvp pure cancer with her bs cc and mana drain. Imagine if she can shield break like scarlet or pull like cain. She would be hell to deal with good thing she is still trash.

        Btw im rm5/4. Also rank doesn’t matter what matters is how u understand the game.

      4. @i eat ass for breakfast.

        Dude u r such a cry baby. I’m sure u r a chase main. having ur chase being shit again must hurt ur ass. Also I don’t ever use rc in loh cause he is shit. I say it again rc in loh is shit. When u have a hero that is easily countered by many heroes and so fragile to stand in the frontline being called good is a crime. He might be better than other trash heroes but he is now way close to the meta heroes. He is pure cancer in lov, but most ppl don’t care for lov anyways. Also let me tell one thing sure will make u happy i stoped abusing dlk cause he isn’t as good as before. I abuse luci/kasel/isaiah and shamila now. So hope u sad chase main cry in a corner, because even after the buff ur hero is still trash (coughs in kasel/luci/scarlet)

      5. @Null

        If you want to prove a point then I think you better brush up your English skills first, because as it stands you cannot even write a basic sentence. KEK.

      6. This Null guy is hilarious. Goes on to swear and spew out curse words the moment he catches someone disagree with him. Anger management issues for sure.

        He’s that one kid in class that nobody likes

        Btw he’s Null#5237 in discord, lmao. Constantly asks people to help him build his heroes in KR Encyclopaedia because he has no brain to figure out a build himself.

        @ Null,
        Big congratulations for becoming the new meme that every King’s Raid Discord server knows of. You might have to cough up 1000 rubies for a name change to clear your name and bury your dark history, since many Discord servers have already screencapped your comments and already made memes of them. Gotta say, your comments and short fuse really shows your patheticness.

      7. Dude you use Shamilla but you can’t even spell her name right. WTF?

        Also, I’m not even a Chase main LMAO. I’m a Magic Main (Lucikiel, Gremory, Xerah, Esker, Cleo, Bernheim) so say that again? Please.

        No clue how you arrived at the conclusion of me maining Chase and also no clue how your brain works. But I guess that is expected seeing you have no intelligence and your stupidity levels is beyond human comprehension.

        Also just to let you know, you can forget about asking for help in KR Discord with your negative reputation now. Nobody will help someone who talks as disgusting as you.

      8. Sheesh, pepega platinum/diamond players.

        I don’t expect you to understand, it’s really complex.

        my nicky, is the best in the server, and i m royal masters, you need to study hard to mouth with me ^^

      9. Just saying to all those salty adults living in their parents basements and are salty about my comments, yes I just became 18 not so long ago. Also yes English isn’t my first language just learned it about 2 years back in IB to study abroad. So excuse my lack of desire to write the informally and freely. Not everyone like to write as if they r writing and English test when they don’t need to. What is interesting is i seem to have made a big fanbase of salty “adults” who will stalk my every activity online lol. What is more funny is the fact that they think i care for them or even bothered enough to change my name just cause they know. Come on guys if i seem like they type who cares I wouldn’t be talking shit most of the time. Also when i ask on discord is what is called smart way in doing things and ask an expert in said hero, but if u guys are dumb enough wasting resources to try out pvp builds is good thing when there are ppl who have already figured it out and are kind enough to share it. Then i think u guys are just idiots. Also keep the hard work at stalking every time one of u comments makes me laugh a little, knowing someone just got pissed over what i said about a mobile game online. Wish u guys all the best and thx for the entertainment u give me. Hope u guys keep it up for as long as im interested in this game. C u in the next patch notes post, stay healthy till then. Kek

      10. imagine not having an actual argument but instead trying to spell/grammar check to try to make a point.

      11. To be fair Null if you didn’t go on to speak with insults and so vulgar for no good reason ( just because you didn’t like other players disagree with you) I’m sure you wouldn’t be looking like a clown now 🤡

        People can disagree respectfully. People do not always have to agree with you.

        Too bad you can’t even take one person disagreeing with your opinion.

      12. Not buffing Nicky since all these Kasel main will cry again for another buff

    1. They are very busy rn working on the new engine, WB4, the PC version of the game along with other new contents that will be introduced in a few months later
      and honestly I’m very looking forward to it

      1. I’m willing to bet that you are paid by Vespa to say these LOL

      2. So basically your saying Devs are saying to us that “We’re busy right now for KR2 so we’ll just give you guys crappy events and unexplained hero balance like Talisha since we’re so busy on KR2”

        What’s the point of KR2 if they can event maintain the actual game?

      1. They ROBBED, MASSACRED and RUINED our queen! Edge shall pay for his sins!

  1. Pog roi costume
    Thanks for that one!

    I dont agree with the racist sexist accusations but there have been a lot of apologies about repeated mistakes. Maybe this game needs to have a beta for each patch just so you cna gauge ahead of time how players will receive your ideas so as to prevent continuous apologizing to your playerbase.

    Apologizing for a miss is definitely good but repeated apologies for the same mistakes makes the customer lose faith in the product. In all honesty, ive loved this game for 3 years and i want to stay in love with it. I really really do. Its just getting s bit harder to do that.

    I do hope that this game’s future is still bright.

  2. The buffs looks great, with this Erze is back, Talisha dps is getting a good boost but she will most probably stay rarely built, but it will be good enough to keep the players who currently owns her from transferring.

    I don’t care about the sub story but Roi costume looks awesome!

    I’m also looking forward to the Enhancement Lab event, hopefully it’ll be rewarding as I expect it to be.

      1. Nevermind, i was confused at the word Omitted they placed here.. they didnt remove the immunity at s2

  3. Ok now next balance patch finish off the rest of your meme November balance patch.

    Almost 8 months later and only 3 out of 15 meme buffs redone.

    You lied when you said you will make amends to your November mistake,

  4. So much racism, why Nicky the only NPC who get such poor treatment with her meme buffs?

    Why Zafir no buffs when almost all GC3 DPS got buffed too (Cleo, Hanus, Erze)?

    Why no Dimael buffs?


    1. Mf can u stop ur meaningless bs plz. Like racism when the best tank in the game is shak (dark skin) and the best pvp npc is cain (dark skin too). We have so many worse heroes than zafir (real want him to be buffed) and nicky (fucking cancer fuck her) like yanne/nyx/tanya/annet (lost her role totally)/ kib and fluss (both hit like a joke in pvp and trash in pve). So r u saying if all these heroes are trash vespa is racist towards them too??????

  5. Ok, but how about address the racism and sexism with your game?

    > Buffs difference: Selene (light skin Elf) got buffed last year to become the Eclipse queen and TM raids Princess. Granted Talisha likely powercreep her now but she is still physical Eclipse Queen.
    Meanwhile, Dimael (dark skin elf) has not had a buff since 2018 and that was a minor buff and his ONLY ever buff in the years of King’s Raid existence.

    >> Nerfs: Kibera (Asian) still getting nerfs/adjustment despite being powercreeped and kicked out of high tier LoH with TM gears update.
    Shakmeh (dark skin) getting nerfs on Day 1 despite no-nerf policy in place. Meanwhile you created the no nerf policy to make Pansirone/Lorraine/Fallen Frey/Dark Lord Kasel etc immune to nerfs despite complaints.

    >> NPC treatment: Nicky (dark skin NPC) getting meme buffs treatment but meanwhile all other (light skin) NPCs get huge buffs (May, Hanus and also Talisha). *Talisha despite being powercreeped by Estelle is still very strong in Eclipse, Sky Trial and TM raids. She did not need buffs compared to much worser heroes.
    * The only case that conflicts this is the November meme buffs last year, but I am talking about THIS current year.

    >>> Original GC3 DPS difference: Erze (light skin) getting buffs meanwhile Zafir (dark skin) ignored and no buffs. Zafir has been continually trampled on ever since his release, where he was powercreeped by Erze a few weeks after his release date.
    He was never once #1 for GC3 and could never compare to Cleo/Hanus/Esker/Pansi teams either.
    Now he is the worst DPS out of the original GC3 heroes since Erze (light skin) character got buffs and damage layers. Also he is nothing compare to Cleo/Hanus. *Remember Vespa doesn’t do meme buffs anymore except they are: dark skin character, non-human race or low class peasant!

    >>> Costume racism: Kaulah (orc) is owned by half a million raiders but still very little costumes (3). Lakrak (goblin) is owned by 250k but gets less costumes than some heroes who don’t even have 200k users. Dakaris (lizard) no comment.

    >>>> Sexism: Kicking out male heroes (Esker, Zafir and the ancient pick- Nyx) out of GC3. Female domination in GC3. The only competitive MAGIC male DPS in PvE out of scoring content called Esker is slowly dying. Also changing meta every month so I bet you by the end of this year Pansirone (light skin Vespa favorite daughter) will be getting mega buffs.
    *Also let not forget how the same female heroes steal costumes 24:7 from male heroes!

    >>>>> Mobile vs Emulator user racism! Vespa been cater for emulator users but penalise mobile users over and over!

    Institutional racism! ! ! You need to address it since it’s serious problem.

    1. The whole package: Class inequality, racial inequality and gender inequality ! ! ! 댓글:

      I just do more research and realise there is also some case of CLASS inequality issue regarding buffs and nerfs.

      > Princess Scarlet get broken buff for arena.

      >> King’s Kyle’s son (Kasel) get all the good treatment with their new broken and powerful buffs.

      >>> Princess Selene get buffs last year but Dimael no buffs!

      >>>> Artemia, Queen of Penteonia get buffs too!

      >>>>> Princess Jane Grey get strong buffs!

      *Meanwhile the peasants, non-royalty and lower class*:

      > Poor barbarian peasant Yanne get nothing!

      >> Maid girl Mirianne no buffs!!

      >>> Knight of Loyalty Theo get pepega and meme November buffs but his Princess get better buff than him! Jane carry Theo not Theo carry Jane!

      >>>> Crow reduced from High rank Naval Officer to a low rank bounty Hunter and is seen “too low class” in Vespa eyes so he only get 1.8% dmg buff in November!
      So much class inequality! :worrytorch:

      • But I guess Vespa is more sexist/racist than they are at creating class inequality because this explain why Prince Zafir get no buffs despite being high class and Shakmeh get nerfs on day 1!

      :worrytorch: The whole package: Class inequality, racial inequality and gender inequality ! ! !

      1. Dude i can tell what troll u r just by reading ur comment and I clearly know what u want a miri buff. Let me tell i want that too with tanya/kib/fluss too.

    2. Dude u list of complaints reflects how shallow and biased u r. I don’t have the time or energy to argue with u. Just want u to know this is a game not a rl simulator. Buffs are done to the most popular heroes/ npc (because they r expensive) not based ur ideas and bs beliefs. Biggest example is yanne no hero is worse than her and her buff would be as simple as changing the wording she n her skills but there is no point in buffing a hero that only 2 players have invested in. Also just telling u shak in the uncontested best tank (dark skin) and cain (is a pvp monster when invested in he is a carry). So play the game and have fun if u want to protest non human heroes right go make ur own game and have the best heroes be all non humans maybe frog hybrids cause they r under represented.

      1. Bro if true then why they buff Lorraine? Before Lorraine buffs nobody used nor abused her LMAO.

        Same goes with Shamilla. Why buff Shamilla if it’s a popularity contest) How many players actually use Shamilla?

        Even Selene wasn’t used that much until she got mega buffed for Eclipse and TM raids last year.

        Then on the flip side you get some VERY popular heroes that are still not buffed despite being outdated, the prime examples being: Theo, Crow and Mirianne.

        And Vespa already said in their Development 2020 video (last year) that if a hero is popular they will be less inclined to buff them.

        So your whole argument that Yanne isn’t being buffed because she isn’t used is BS.

        Stfu Null. Leave me your IGN, server and discord so I can search you up. I bet you’re just a small fry.

      2. Y not leaver ur personal info so i can spam u (cry). Dude bet ur iq is the lowest negative number possible to reach. Like come dude who would give their info to a salty bitch like u chasing a complete stranger on a mobile game forms. U my dude are the definition of a a slaty bitch. To get so salty about stranger comments to the point to ask them for their info is so hilarious. It is sad too but way more funny to know i got this pissed that ur try to comment on everything i say out of spite. Gg dude hope u keep up the slat flowing. It is entertaining.

      3. @Null

        Low IQ? That’s rich, as it’s coming from you, a guy who cannot even write a simple sentence in the English language. You also can’t even spell basic words like “you”, “your”, salt” and “leave” which makes me very concerned. The fact you instantaneously resort to swearing and vulgarity when someone disapproves your point goes to show your immaturity and proves you’re spilling out anything to try sound like you’re in the right. Too bad it only shows what a child you are 👍. If you’re an adult then it looks like you are very uneducated indeed. With such a disgusting personality, you must have no friends in real life.

        My advice for you is to go back to kindergarten. I think you need a whole redo of your education since your English is worse that First Grade students. Also I’m sure they teach basic manners in school which will serve you well in life seeing how you currently talk to people, LUL.

    3. Just quit you stupid shit! sexism and racism my ass.. Zafir users are so crybaby motherfcking shits 😂 who love to spam stupid Zafir buff but the truth is, he is alot better in other contents than the heroes they are crying for.. Hey Vespa buff that Zafir in GC3 but nerf him hard in other contents please!! this way stupid people like this will shutup and keep playing their stupid GC3..

      1. To be fair Zafir users are actually quite peaceful and endured years of poor treatment. It’s natural they will have had enough eventually.

        Zafir users endured years and years of their hero being trampled over just after a week of his release. They also endured seasons and seasons of being the underdog in GC3. Now they also endured the recent Hanus/Cleo buffs. But today Vespa also decide buff Erze. But Zafir gets nothing. It’s literally just Zafir being left to rot and that is kind of unfair seeing he was one of the original GC3 DPS as well.

        If every GC3 DPS gets buffs, then so should Zafir. Simple.

        He is in no favourable position, underwhelming in many places and his only role now is Sky Tank and rare comps in LoH. I can understand why Zafir users are being vocal now.

      2. If they are actually peaceful then why rant here rant there rant everywhere? they started ranting ever since VESPA gave buffs in non GC3 heroes.. owh i think u r one of them lol.. anyways, No to Zafir buff unless they act nicely 😆

  6. Talisha buff sucks,she need 100% non player damege lair on every skill and infinite spamable s1.
    And if you buff my beloved Requina the same way as Talisa i will quit this game

  7. Why did the ophelia event ended earlier than advised? I thought it was until 11 UTC or something but it ended earlier and I was unable to claim/convert the rewards because the update happened.