[Patch Note] Update List of January 25th (Tue) (Updated on January 27th (Thu) 18:35 [PST])


– Yanne’s voice will be recorded again in Korean/English/Japanese, and will be implemented during the updates in February. 

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory.

We’d like to share with you the update list of January 25th (Tue).

※ The screenshots in the Patch Note have been taken in the Test Server.

[Update List]

▌New Costume

▶ Legend Costume

– Prey-Searching Claw Yanne’s Legend Costume will be released.

Yanne – Prey-Searching Claw

무용수이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

[Normal Attack & Skill Motions]

실내, 식물, 야채이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명
실내, 식물, 야채이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

실내, 꽃, 식물, 야채이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

실내이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

※ During the duration of Skill 3, Normal Attack & Skill Motions will be changed.

실내이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

실내, 수족관, 식물이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

나무, 수족관, 태양, 일이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

[Skill Voice]

– The Legend Costume can be purchased through the[Pre-order] system. During the Pre-order period, a total of 30,000 Yanne’s Legend Costumes will be sold across all servers. (Will be closed early if all Costumes are sold)

– The initial purchase price of the Costumes will be 20,000 Rubies. As the number of Pre-orders increases, the discount rate of the Costume will be increased as well.

(Please note that once you purchase through the ‘Pre-order’ system, you will not be able to cancel your purchase)

[Pre-order Period]

– Pre-order Period: After maintenance on January 25th (Tue) ~ February 1st (Tue) 00:00 (UTC+0)

– Pre-order Product Distribution: February 1st (Tue) 10:00 10:00 (UTC+0)

※ Upon pre-ordering the Legend Costume, the extra amount of Rubies used (based on the final price discount) & the pre-ordered Costume will be sent to your in-game Mailbox.

※ We have received feedback from Raiders that Yanne’s Legend Costume Voice did not match her concept and appearances of her new Costume.

Due to this reason, we will be recording her voice once again in Korean/Japanese/English and her new Voice will be implemented during the updates in February.

[Legend Costume Effects]

– When owning a Legend Costume, it reduces Stamina spent for Dispatch Battles by 2%. (Can by stacked)

– When equipping a Legend Costume on a Hero, the Hero’s skill effects, motions & voice will be changed.

– When starting a battle after equipping a Legend Costume, a special effect will be applied on the Hero’s portrait.

– When equipping a Legend Costume on a Hero, the Hero’s skill icons and skill descriptions will change according to the Hero’s concept.

※ When equipping a Legend Costume, the appearance of the Hero’s weapon & the hairstyle of the Hero cannot be changed.

※ When equipping a Legend Costume, you will not be able to see the appearance of the Legend Costume through the [Room of Purification], [Hero’s Inn] & [Story Cutscenes].


▶ Removal of Lil’ Raider Content

– The Lil’ Raider House and Goods/Items related to Lil’ Raiders will all be deleted.

– The Lil’ Raider Imprinting Stats will be replaced with the [Raider Growth Buff] system.

[Raider Growth Buff]

– It is a system in which specific buffs are unlocked when reaching certain team levels. Buffs which are unlocked have lower stats than the stats that could be obtained through Lil’ Raiders.

– The Imprinting Stats of [Rare ~ Legendary] Rank Lil’ Raiders will be changed to Rank [Uncommon ~ Legendary].

The Main Battle Options of the Legendary Rank LINE FRIENDS Raiders will remain as Legendary Rank and Sub Options will be categorized as Heroic Rank.

– Unlocked buffs can be enhanced by consuming Rubies. Each rank has a different Awakening Phase level.

※ If you already own Lil’ Raiders, buffs will be automatically unlocked according to the Imprinting Stats & Awakening Phase you own regardless of your current Team Level. (However, you will have to reach the requested Team Level in order to proceed with the enhancement to the next stage.)

– Rare ~ Ancient Rank Lil’ Raiders: Automatically unlocked up to the max Awakening Phase (Previous Stats)

– Legendary Rank Lil’ Raiders: Automatically unlocked from previous Awakening Phase +1 (Previous Stats)

– Some of the Lil’ Raider Goods/Items that have not been used before the maintenance on January 25th (Tue) will be rewarded.

[Rewards for Unused Lil’ Raider Goods/Items]

– When opening Lil’ Raider related Packages purchased with actual cash/money, the items of the Packages will be exchanged with rewards.

– When using summon items purchased with actual cash/money (including LINE FRIENDS Raider Summon Tickets), these items will be rewarded with Rubies.

– The ‘Lil’ Raider Essences’ you own will be transferred to [Inventory] > [Consumables], and Rubies will be rewarded when used.

– Rubies that have been consumed for purchasing extra Incubators will be refunded through the in-game Mailbox.

▶ Improvements to Legend Costume (Jane)

– An ‘Off’ feature will be added to Jane’s helmet, and the quality of the Hero’s modeling will be improved.

무용수, 다른, 여러개이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

장난감이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

▶ Improvements to Battle Portrait

텍스트, 잔디, 슬롯머신, 다른이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

– The Heroes’ portraits will be reduced in size, and they will be adjusted to the left in accordance with the location of the [Auto] button.

▶ Improvements to Hero Skill Voices

– The number of Hero Skill Voices which are played at the same time during battles and the volume of the voices will be adjusted.

▶ Guild Conquest Season 16 Open

– Guild Conquest Season 16 will take place from February 1st (Tue) to April 25th (Mon).

▶ Removal of the ‘Lucky Four-Leaf Clover Jewels’

– The event [Ophelia’s Lucky Workshop] will be closed after the maintenance. Please note that the ‘Lucky Four-Leaf Clover Jewels’ you own and the mission [Daily Mission] > [Good Luck to You!] will be removed.

▌Special Shop Updates

▶ New Packages

– Packages will be updated to the Special Shop.

[Updated after the maintenance on January 25th (Tue)]

[Updated on February 1st (Tue) 00:00 (Local Server Time)]

▌Bug Fixes

– Fixed the issue where the monster information from ‘Frost Tiger’ appeared on the [Arrovina Shore] tab within the [Monster Index]. (Arrovina Shore → Windland Snow Mountain)

That was everything for the Patch Note of January’s second update.

Hope you have a great time raiding in KING’s RAID!!

Thank you.

GM Gremory

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      1. Well white knights were insisting it was “just a sneak peak” and “there will be other things” in the patch.

        Delusional white knights and trying to wipe VESPA’s ass clean but miserably failed

  1. Wow so many hours for just ONE new costume, a COSTUME fix and removal of Lil Raiders

    And those white knights on the “Sneak Peek” were saying it was just a trade and Vespa would be dropping more stuff.

    Yeah sure bro. Look at the state of this.
    Good luck keeping your game running past 2022. You might not even see 2023

    1. They literally made a post earlier today about actual content drops and revamps coming in February. I don’t know why you people expect every patch to be a complete game changing enhancement, It’s just not possible on a 2 week patch cycle. So they just give us little stuff while they work on bigger changes

      1. Except it’s been like how many bloody months since a GOOD update? The updates we’ve had have all been nothing but fucking costumes for the last couple of months. Costumes are good but I think we all need to recall they are just cosmetic at the end of the day!

      2. Except it been how many months since the last GOOD update? We’ve had literally nothing but costumes. Costumes are good for like 2 minutes- you wear them and that’s all. All just cosmetic

      3. That post means nothing until they delivered cause they always do that, promising new contents all the time and ending up either delaying it or not going forward with it. The game has a lot of problems at this moment and they focus on developing another raid, while they specifically said that they know that the daily content for KR feels like a chore as of now and still they dont focus on updating that first. New bosses and dungeon are good but when you forget to update the old contents then its makes the game more cluttered than it needs to be, so many useless contents are in the game and they just kept on adding new ones

  2. Today’s Stock Update: 33000 down to > 3600 today =
    89.09% loss of your total stocks

    No clue how you plan to sustain your game with 0 balancing, 0 proper communication, 0 optimisation updates etc and legit just costumes…

    You game will die when Auction House arrives. RMT will plague the game like a deadly virus and destroy your already dwindling profits. Prepare to see your stocks sink to the mere hundreds.

      1. They literally said “unique weapons, treasures, soul Weapons” etc. AS WELL as costumes.

        Go back and READ rather than making yourself look like an idiot.

    1. This happen after mihoyo loses 2 of their games. Mihoyo white knight want to destroy other games by comment shit and make this game as black sheep. Well, other people understand already so it’s useless comment like these

  3. Yanne looks like a s*ut and I don’t like it. Maybe desperate men, but not for me. I hope Rebel Clause one is better…

    But I agree with other/ls, this patch is very disappointing and empty.

      1. For buy it. Nice en gui lish you mtfking viet/indo trash.

  4. Guess KR became a 5 minute daily login side game like FEH… I wish the devs would wake up from their fantasy dream and start properly pushing the game up so I can see long patch notes with large amount of content to feel the joy like old times.
    Compared to that time before the X: Final Chapter…After that it all went downwards from game performance to these patch notes and here we…
    These legendary 30k costumes will not keep the game hype, and personally, 3k costumes along with LOH ones are a way better investment(and are better overall),unless you really love the leg ones and main the heroes who got it or hate banning and facing chaos broken stuff in pvp.
    Your game is…how should I put it, one of kind, but I am becoming concerned you are messing it up more than you think.

    Performance is really bad ( I am tired of hearing ¨get a better phone or play on emu¨). KR is the only game that sucks my battery hard and its like really sad. Even the new, more demanding games don´t drain my battery like KR(which would assume there is something wrong on the devs side not optimizing it properly.)

    You had the 8th costume voting event. I was really HOPING for the Mitra costume,but alas, you couldn´t even make it happen. But yea, a 30k leg costume and removing pets happened. What is a 3k costume compared to that?Also, I hope for Taily and Luna players too get theirs since they are left out along with Mitra from getting a costume FROM AN OFFICIAL COSTUME VOTING EVENT WHERE ALL VOTING HEROES GET A COSTUME IN A FUTURE PATCH.

    I really hope you stick to your promises and don´t bite more than you can chew. Set your priorities straight.

    1. They are reducing the amount of 3000 Ruby costumes and LOH costumes now in favor

      Kasel LOH = 1 costume down from 3 > 2 LOH costumes
      Nyx/Annette = 2 costumes , normal costume batch has 8!
      Hilda/Reina = 2 costumes, normal costume batch has 8!

      So it seems that they think they can sustain their game with these so called Legendary Costukes but they better wake up from that dream soon cos costumes are just COSMETIC and they are nice to have for one minute but once you look at it, it does nothing except change the look of a character.

      The fact we are getting less and less costumes go to show they are suffering financially so they probably have less developers and a small art team.

      I bet internally some staff have had their wages cut and some possibly even quit or got laid off which would explain why the updates have been so empty and lazy.

      Removal of translation team for Spanish/Portuguese players also confirms they are doing poor financially.

  5. Recently, the updates are getting emptier and more meaningless. Are you really that desperate VESTARD?? In a verge of your DOWNFALL i expect something interesting, like maybe the last one proper uptade…..


    • February 2022: New Content Raid “Solenis”, Miruru Legendary costume, Guild Conquest balance, Guild War Rework, more transcendence pages.
    • March 2022: Deletion of German and French languages. Removal of dragon raids, Hero’s Inn, Labyrinth and Tower of Challenge. Balance and
    adjustment of World Boss. 2 new swimsuit costumes (Valance and Isaiah) and Rebel Clause Legendary Costume. More rune pages for weapon. Karma Dungeon.
    • April 2022: Deletion of Russian language. 2 swimsuit costumes (Bernheim and Demia) and rerun of Central Orvel story event. Legendary Costume for Artemia and Morrah. Replacement for Hero’s Inn. Auction House Implementation. RMT between players introduced on 3rd party sites.
    • May 2022: Legendary Costume for Crow (Genderbend) and human form Legendary costume for Oddy. Adjustment to Trials of the God King (Stage 11) and new stage in Devourer Shakmeh. Dominix as playable Wizard support character that powercreeps Veronica.
    • June 2022: Rerun Summer Central Orvel event, new swimsuit costumes batch, LOH costume for Pavel. Legendary Costume for Mirianne and Luna (Luna will be grown up version). Changes to King’s Raid World Map and also Hero screen interface. King’s Raid 2 Previews.
    • July 2021: King’s Raid 2: Remastered, Central Orvel event prelude. Swimsuit costumes part 2. Deletion of the heroes “Dimael”, “Zafir”, “Riheet”, “Ripine”, “Lakrak”, “Kaulah” and “Dakaris” due to their unpopularity. They will be turned into faceless NPCs and players will be refunded 100% of their resources spent. Complaints from players about no balancing to heroes will be addressed in the form of a letter but no action.
    • August 2022: Kings Raid 2: Remastered Release – 4 new heroes, new story about the Empire. Clause is confirmed alive but is now a robot like Kara due to the effects of Technomagic Restoration. Jacks (last Hounds member) betrays Crow and works for Reinhart. Esker’s rival, Lonian also makes an appearance and works for El Moriham. Isolet attacks the Empire with Pandora but soon regrets it after seeing a trinket related to Rose. Isaiah will then appear and it is revealed she is working with one of the new King’s Raid protagonists (who is actually a villain) and they plan to start a war based on the will of Lea. Legendary Costume for Theo and Lucias (Genderbend).
    September 2022: King’s Raid 2 New powercreep and RNG Equipment System. Unique Artifacts. Regular costume batch. Cleo sub-story. Discontinuation of support for devices that are under Android 12, iOS. 15.
    • October 2022: World Boss 4 added. Legendary costume for Kasel and Frey.
    • November 2022: No Update.
    • December 2022: End of support for all languages except Korean, Japanese and English. PD Letter apologising for the underwhelming year. Christmas Costumes batch cancelled.
    • January 2023: Closure of King’s Raid Announcement as stocks hit 100 as King’s Raid 2 is a financial and major flop. Vespa hits and files for bankruptcy.

      1. Chill out, stop being such a beta male pussy

  7. Game optimization ZERO F’s given
    For a game that has been released way back in 2017 it seems you guys are still stuck in that time.
    Game barely even runs well on current flagship mobile phones, for a mobile game that’s just pathetiic. When even more intensive games like CoDM, PUBG, Mir4, BDM etc run well enough and KR still performs really badly goes to show how incompetent your dev team has become, inconsistent and lazy.

      1. @ Nyugen
        No wonder you’re single. Nobody would ever want to be in a relationship with an animal like you. The way you speak is vile. Nobody in Hanoi, let alone Vietnam is gonna want to ever be with you mate. And sorry, nobody wants to “fuck” you as your name indicates.

        Perhaps you should be the one to “grow up”. It would be wise to even go back to school and learn some manners, you poor thing. Or did you only take “White Knight” and “kiss up to Vespa” class at school?

  8. Another trash shit patch, this game gonna die anytime soon with this fucking attitude from vespa. Cut your shits with those legendary costumes and make something that your own fucking community is asking for, retard.

      1. @Nyugen
        Hi gross White Knight, Number One Vespa C0cksucker!

        Here I present your award! 🥇

      2. @Nyugen

        disgusting little troll. you are the retard that keep showing off your lame pvp video on Kings Raid International fb. WeeLolibb is it your ign?

      3. Cut your shit and shove it up your mouth, retarded white knight, feel so sorry for your mom to have such a piece of shit like you in the family

  9. I mean, you guys already knew from the sneak peek that it will be an empty ass patch, though I’m also kinda disappointed seeing the sneak peek last time when it was released, why cry again?

    1. Well actually i’m not crying.

      To be honest i’m amused to see a dying game still stand so desperately in a verge of its DOWNFALL.

      And also seeing those WHITEKNIGHT RETARDS to reject and denied THE TRUTH is so fucking hilarious.

      Becomes my personal entertainment, so funny…..

      1. @ Nyugen

        Such vulgar language. Even if you wanted to white knight Vespa, you could have done it in a more humane manner. I am sorry your parents gave birth to a person like you.

    1. No need to spend even a single amount of ruby. Simply just click preview on the game and then screenshot it. You can use that jane costumes you liked so much for fapping materials to satisfy your libido whenever you wanted.

      You can thank me later.

  10. If you want to satisfy your overflowing libido, worry not. Instead of wasting so many rubies buying that OVERPRICED legendary costumes shit and wasting your time for a dying game, PornHUB and XVideos is there for you and completely FREE.

    You can thank me later…..

  11. Disappointing, very very disappointing.

    It’s really pathetic updates in the last few months no matter how i look at it.

    I play this game for more than 2 years and still remember the joy that i felt back then, but looking at the current state of this game, it’s so miserable.

    Even just a constant heroes balancing will keep me excited even though there is no other event. But……. there was nothing, nothing at all, absolutely nothing for the last few months.

    Now, i can’t enjoy this game anymore like i used to be. All that feeling is now gone, only bore and disgust remains.

    Usually, i log in to the game and just do the event then leave for tomorrow. But now it’s time to say farewell.

    It’s so sad that i must leaving the game that i like to play for so long.

  12. More transcendence pages is something to look forward to, this will absolutely be very useful (I hope it won’t be even more expensive to get them),

    I like the legendary costumes a lot but it’s unfortunate as a f2p I’m very much limited on rubies and it got much worse since the revamp of the repository followed by appoc and all the items put in the special shop constantly in the last few months
    I can’t accumulate some Rubies like before when I was able to save up to 50k Rubies for spending events every 1.5 month or something (I’m not a casual player btw and I’m top 25 challenger every week[3k Rubies])

    I’m not complaining ofcourse, even though I’m just a f2p I do sincerely wish your sales go up since that will contribute to a longer life for the game that I like but,
    Please consider increasing the Rubies income
    btw your last dev notes is making me looking forward very much for the future updates

  13. I see VESTARD you are in a desperate state to avoid your bankruptcy. I believe that there are so few developers remaining to manage this dying game due to your near bankruptcy that you can’t afford paying their wages and fired them or they are simply resigning, leaving the ship that is about to sink before they are getting caught with it. It’s understandable that the update is getting really slow and worthless.

    STOP DAYDREAMING AND BE REALISTIC, If it continues like this your downfall is inevitable VESTARD.


  14. Dude your game is dying.
    It’s quite visible at this point.

    You won’t even be able to save it before KR2 arrives.

    Your stocks hit a new all time low AGAIN today.
    3055 was the lowest point (currently it’s at 3100).

    Amazing how this dropped by -200 in the matter of 2 days. I guess you will be hitting the hundreds in a month due to speed that your stock price is sinking.

    Clearly your developers got A) fired or B) resigned due to the sinking ship and their wages being cut.
    Its pretty obvious that internally you’re suffering problems and that’s why you have to remove translation team.
    It also explains why your art team got cut as well (we used to get 8 regular costumes per batch but now it’s 2 regular costumes! LOH costumes for cut down to one as well!).
    Also I presume your Development team is so small which would explain why the updates in the last 6 months have been terrible. Your stock price tanked exponentially after revamped Challenge Raid/Apocalypsion was introduced.
    Your unwillingness to solve the REAL issues with the game and your focus on keeping on pumping out nothing but costumes isn’t going to salvage anything.