[Patch Note] Update List of December 7th (Tue)

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory.

We’d like to share with you the update list of December 7th (Tue).

※ The screenshots in the Patch Note have been taken in the Test Server.

[Update List]


▶ League of Honor Regular Season 16 Open

– Regular Season Period: December 19th (Sun), 2021 09:00 ~ February 13th (Sun) 06:59 [PST]

– Regular Season 16 Reward Costume will have a [Preview] feature.

– 6 new accessories will be added as Regular Season Ranking Rewards. (Legendary x 3 / Ancient x 3)

– The [Honor Medal Shop] and [Insignia of Honor Shop] will be reset in accordance with the start of Regular Season 16.

– The [Insignia of Honor Shop] item list will be updated.

– You will be able to obtain the Costumes for the Heroes [Hilda, Evan] through the ‘Honor Costume Ticket (Mythic Divine Beast)’ & ‘Glaring Honor Costume Ticket (Pure Mythic Divine Beast)’.

[Season 16 Ranking Reward – New Costume]

– Kasel
텍스트이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

[Season 16 Ranking Rewards – New Accessories]

– [Pride Engraved in Heaven] Mark of Pride (Ancient) / Mark of Infinite Pride (Legendary)

텍스트, 실내이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

– [Pride Engraved in Heaven] Symbol of Pride (Ancient) / Symbol of Infinite Pride (Legendary)

– [Pride Engraved in Heaven] Wings of Pride (Ancient) / Wings of Infinite Pride (Legendary)

▶ League of Honor Content Reward Updates

– The quantity of ‘Honor Costumes’ and ‘Insignia of Honor’ from the [Master ~ Champion] Tier Season Rewards will be changed.

▌Special Shop Updates

▶ New Packages

– Packages will be updated to the Special Shop.

▶ King’s Pass Season 7

– ‘King’s Pass Season 7’ will be updated to the game.

▌Bug Fixes

▶ Fixed an issue where Valance’s ‘Skill 3 Transcendence Perk [Light]’ effect was not activated in some of the hits when using the skill ‘Ultimate Laser Cannon – NCE (Skill 3)’.

▶ Fixed the scene where Valance appears in Mitra’s [Monthly Orvel] Story dressed in her 5 Star Costume.

▶ Fixed an issue where Mediana’s name was shown incorrectly within Nia’s Skill 4 Unique Treasure Story. (Korean Only)

▶ Fixed an issue where ‘Dukedom of Gray’ was written/shown differently in some parts within the game for all languages except Korean.

That was everything for the Patch Note of December’s first update.

Hope you have a great time raiding in KING’s RAID!!

Thank you.

GM Gremory

38 thoughts on “[Patch Note] Update List of December 7th (Tue)”

  1. F you vespa. Not only did you do Kasel costume dirty (doesn’t even look LOH title worthy), you also nerfed the rewards for LOH.

    F you again. This patch is the worst in kings raid history.

    Waiting for the white knights to come for me btw.

    1. Well you are actually right
      Not to mention they literally nerfed diamond reward as they dont get any insignias “increase” and no more costume
      The master to champion tier are getting ‘compensated” with insignias increased

  2. Nice… we waited 2 weeks for a maintenance with just a single kasel costume update.

  3. 4 hours to add one costume and change to LOH rewards.
    Trash update 🗑

    Idk how you plan to compete with other games on the market when your game is so trash

  4. I really hope we do not go back to the 1 costume per season era after this season 😔

  5. Lol so you remove Diamon get LOH costume and force people to play to reach Masters tier+ in your garbage and cancer PvP content to get a costume

    Nah thanks I’ll just wait till it’s available in the store 👋

    1. Wait a moment. The notes say changed from master ~ champion tier. If their English is correct, then it means Diamond was left as is. I do hope that’s the case.
      I gave up on the PvP rat race and just camp in D5 now. It would be shame if the rewards were nerfed.

      1. Good for you, I’m stuck at Platinum even though I use meta heroes. I didn’t even get enough insignia to buy a single costume. Is it even worth doing this content anymore? I don’t think so. Better balance or I’ll quit.

  6. Since you changed the reward the way you did, does that mean from now on there will only be 1 Glaring costume ticket per 60d season of a piece of content ppl already dont care about? If thats the case, can you shorten the seasons? Seems kinda odd to change rewards for a single season…

  7. Just remove the pet system. Yes you updated it, but that doesn’t mean the system becomes better. Horrible UI, disgusting bugs, trash RNG rewards = more works while almost no incentives and introducing instabilities to the game as a whole.

    Also, fix your webpage-based “events”. It crashes a lot, if you don’t realize that.

  8. This has to be the most lackluster update I’ve ever seen, wow my expectations have reached an all time low

  9. this patch note is so plain that they had to shove special shop in HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  10. What is this? No post dedicated to the shop? How can this be? The shop is the main source of resources in the game! I’m shook to my core!





  12. Other games: Tons of Christmas rewards, events, content, costumes, characters

    KR: Here’s one costume and reward penalties for PvP. Thanks and Merry Christmas

  13. Why u guys so toxic
    Although people in rank Dia will not receive the Kasel outfit at ss loh 16, the reward is 4k9 tokens. If you are a main Kasel player, you can buy the Kasel outfit completely at the LoH shop.

  14. Asia player dont pay enough to get vespa attention. Sad

  15. Thanks for fixing Valance costume in mitra’s story, this needed an urgent fix ! Best update ever!

  16. Insignia amount should have been applied to every rank from bronze to champion. No buts. And this is a 🚮 of an update.

  17. What about fixing Valance’s victory line. She doesn’t even say her victory line whether in Index or battle.

  18. Yeh, F. Be$spa also for news shitty (ultra shitty) Lil Pet system.
    When you do two steps forward, next, you make five steps backward.
    F. Vespa.

  19. Like, seriously man?
    I’m speechless for this update.
    You, vespa… Never have right to your words.
    Always lie, apologize, lie, apologize. Have ever you trying to stick ur schedule right? No, you always delayed everything. Incompetent you have there is just unbearable to the player anymore.

  20. So in a nutshell:

    • LOH nerf
    • Only 1 LOH costume
    • Pointless events

    And you need 3+1 hours to implement this crap?

    Bro you can legit quit for 2 weeks and you lose out on almost nothing 😂

  21. I don’t really care whether the update is big or not. I don’t have enough time to do all stuff in the “big” updates anyway. What bothers me though is that I didn’t receive enough insignia to buy A Single Costume at the end of the LOH season this Sunday even though I’ve played every day for the past 2 months. I am disappointing….

  22. increase insignia prizes please. pvp is hard and resource consuming we deserve better