[Patch Note] Update List of December 21st (Tue) (Updated on December 28th (Tue) 17:28 [PST])

※ Fixes

– Additional details regarding the Legend Costumes have been added to the Patch Note. (Updated on December 28th (Tue) 17:28 [PST])

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory.

We’d like to share with you the update list of December 21st (Tue).

※ The screenshots in the Patch Note have been taken in the Test Server.

[Update List]

▌New Costumes

▶ Legend Costumes – Parallel Dreamers

– 3 Legend Costumes, Costumes with unique concepts and appearances, will be released.

JaneNoble Princess of Steel

텍스트, 옷이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

<Jane – Skill Motions>

<Jane – Skill Voice>

Lucikiel – Cruel Empress of Destruction

사람이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

<Lucikiel – Skill Motions>

<Lucikiel – Skill Voice>

MariaSaintess of Pure Light

실내, 옷이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

<Maria – Skill Motions>

<Maria – Skill Voice>

– Legend Costumes can be purchased through the ‘Pre-order’ system. The initial purchase price of the Costumes will be 20,000 Rubies.

※ As the number of Pre-orders increases, the discount rate of the Costumes will be increased as well. Please note that once you purchase through the ‘Pre-order’ system, you will not be able to cancel your purchase.

– During the Pre-order period, a total of 30,000 Legend Costumes will be sold across all servers (Will be closed early if all Costumes are sold)

[Pre-order Period]

– Pre-order Period: After maintenance on December 21st (Tue) ~ December 28th (Tue) 00:00 (UTC+0)

– Pre-order Product Distribution: December 28th(Tue) 10:00 (UTC+0)

※ Upon pre-ordering the Legend Costume, the extra amount of Rubies used (based on the final price discount)  & the pre-ordered Costume will be sent to your in-game Mailbox.

[Legend Costume Effects]

– When owning a Legend Costume, it reduces Stamina spent for Dispatch Battles by 2%. (Can by stacked)

– When equipping a Legend Costume on a Hero, the Hero’s skill effects, motions & voice will be changed.

– When starting a battle after equipping a Legend Costume, a special effect will be applied on the Hero’s portrait.

– When equipping a Legend Costume on a Hero, the Hero’s skill icons and skill descriptions will change according to the Hero’s concept.

※ When equipping a Legend Costume, the appearance of the Hero’s weapon & the hairstyle of the Hero cannot be changed.

※ When equipping a Legend Costume, you will not be able to see the appearance of the Legend Costume through the Room of Purification, Hero’s Inn & Story Cutscenes.

▶ Ashen Costumes

– 3 Ashen Costumes, which can be obtained through the Super Pass (2nd) Event, will be released.

– When owning the Costumes, you will be able to obtain an EXP Boost of 3%.

:: Dark Lord Kasel / Fallen Frey / Rebel Clause

▶ 2021 Christmas Costumes (2nd)

– 3 Costumes for 2021 Christmas Costumes (2nd) will be added.

– You will be able to obtain 3% Gold Boost when owning these Costumes.

※ We will be rewarding Valance’s Costume Ticket for free through the ‘Free Costume Voting Event #8’. (~Before maintenance on January 11th (Tue))

사람, 무용수, 옷이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

:: Valance / Annette / Nyx

▌Special Event/Dungeon

▶ Super Pass (2nd)

– Event Period: After maintenance on December 21st (Tue), 2021 ~ Before maintenance on January 25th (Tue), 2022

– Details: A Super Pass event with missions that will allow you to strengthen Dark Lord Kasel, Fallen Frey & Rebel Clause!

– For more details of the event, please check our post ‘December’s Events (Part 2)’. [LINK]

▶ Ophelia’s Lucky Workshop

– Event Period: After maintenance on December 21st (Tue), 2021 ~ Before maintenance on January 25th (Tue), 2022

– Details: You will be able to access [Ophelia’s Lucky Workshop] by talking to ‘NPC Ophelia’ who will be located at Central Orvel. Use the ‘Lucky Four-Leaf Clover Jewels’ you have collected and craft different kinds of items with these jewels!

– For more details of the event, please check our post ‘December’s Events (Part 2)’. [LINK]

▶ Troublesome Wish Box

텍스트, 실내, 매점이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명
– Event Period: 
After maintenance on December 21st (Tue), 2021 ~ Before maintenance on January 11th (Tue), 2022

– Details: Collect the items ‘Wish Coupons’ as you clear the dungeons of the Special Event. You will be able to exchange your ‘Wish Coupons’ for different kinds of rewards from the Event Shop & the Unexpected Present Dungeon.

– For more details of the event, please check our post ‘Special Event – Troublesome Wish Box’. [LINK]

▌Special Shop Updates

▶ New Packages

– Packages will be updated to the Special Shop.

▌Challenge Raid

▶ Wild Berserker – Garrow

※ Please note that the remaining points will be reset at the end of the season. Points that have not been used will be exchanged to ‘Stamina Potions’ and they will be sent to your in-game Mailbox.

▶ Adjustments to Raider’s Pledge Penalties

– Several adjustments will be made to the Raider’s Pledge as the Challenge Raid’s Boss will be changed to [Garrow].

▌Bug Fixes

▶ Hero Skill Fixes

– Fixed the issue where the duration of the Unique Weapon effects (applied during the duration of [Overcharge]) did not increase when applying Annette’s Transcendence Perk ‘Charge [Dark]’.

▶ Content Display & Function Fixes

– Fixed the issue where Kasel’s weapon from the League of Honor Regular Season 16 Costume could be seen through the [Dressing Room].

That was everything for the Patch Note of December’s second update.

Hope you have a great time raiding in KING’s RAID!!

Thank you.

GM Gremory

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    1. I mean, thats pretty much the worst way imaginable they could’ve taken. Why limit them? Thats just suuuuch a weird thing to do. You cant tell me anymore they dont WANT the shitstorm. Who gets those ideas (at least, as of right now, the bonus is pretty much only style & dispatch speed that doesnt matter anymore).

    1. So 30k can only get the costume at a discount by the amount of people buying it but to pre order it is 20k wish we all know does freebies from last time people already spend them to make there team better soo idk seem like a good one and a bad idea at the same time.

  1. Why limit the Legend Costume to 30K only tho? :think:
    Just sell them w/o having to limit it. Oof move
    Tho 30K Slots seems a lot. Do we even have 30K players at this point?
    Just sell them w/o limit lol

    1. Actually, make sense marketing wise. Making the player more inclined to buy due to its limit.
      Instead of giving the player freedom when to purchase and save for it esp for players who earn rubies w/o paying. It’s just shows what is priority at this moment and for sure its not ‘what the player wants’ but rather ‘how can we sell’.
      Oof moments

      1. I’d say that’s been consistent with most things they have been doing. It gives something to reflect on with regard to their previous notes from PD Jin; and I don’t think it reflects well.

    2. You’re very dumb, the limit applies only to the discounted costumes. After the event, you’ll be albe to buy them for their normal price of 20k rubies. I guess there are no smart people left playing this game, I must be the only one. Seeing how everyone keeps repeating the same crap “whY LiMit thE coStumEs to 30k oNly oMg!!!”, I’ve come to the conclusion that you all must the braindead. I pity your poor parents.

  2. That will be a F if someone is not able to purchase the costumes on time. Why 30k? Maybe they are afraid that the discount rate will be too high. They dont even say what will be the final price if they rich 30k. I mean at least someone will be busy at that moment and as soon as that person logs in, it might be late to purchase. Btw is that rng event again?

  3. Please tell me this is 30k costumes per server at least, because with the different time zone it is clear that this would benefit mostly asian players after maintenance … I understand you want money and push people to spend but why not limit the purchase to 1 day only or something…?

    Merry Christmas guys and congratulations once again killing a lot of people hype! way to go!

    I’m not ungrateful for the events but seeing how you pushed that legendary costume hype so much and ruined this like that I can only applause you.

  4. If Ve$pa ever have good intention, they should reveal how far could the discount go, but nope. For all players, 20k is no small amount, nevermind a whooping 60k. Throw in such huge amount without knowing how many could be return is a huge risk no one want to take.

    1. i could imagine that it would be expensive to get those, but allow only 30k ppl to get it at a price as much as 20k, for only 2%/6% stamina usage reduction? really? you could have done in any different way and u choose that path, nice great job. i guess greed was bound to get to you at some point. i was willing to spend some more
      money for it but, no way in h… i’ll drop that much money to barely get any return.

  5. Vespa: gives ppl tons of freebies
    Players: *sleep*
    Vespa: a LEGENDARY costume costs 20k rubies (can earn by playing) and limited-time discount (which is super normal if you ever go to supermarket)
    Players: what the hell? greedy vespa *angry noises*


    1. The price is too high. For the time being rubies are needed for Apo/trials resets and so in… 20k for the only new appearance with the strange bonus (-2% stamina consumption)…

      At least add these costumes to the donate shop…

      1. whats the difference between limited costume that are meh that is actually locked behind 45k rubies versus this that only cost 20k which can be discounted further?

      2. The difference is dumbass, the 45k one is just a bonus, and you get gears that actually matter for gameplay. Unlike this literal highway robbery.

  6. IDK what to say at this point, the disappointment is just too much,

    Anyway, Honkai Impact 3rd is giving away Herrshcer of Reason, maybe it’s a good time to start playing (again). Also, Warframe started the new quest “The New War” along with new warframe Caliban, you may want to check that too.

    Lastly, let’s wait for divine beings telling me to quit already.

    1. Yeah, play that game again and disappointment again. That game you said give away… Happen after 3 years. While kings raid give free char right away.

      Better yet, just quit this game already. No need God word.

  7. Tons of freebies yet this community somehow manages to find the “bad” move made by vespa. The legend costumes seem good and cool so i think 20k as a starting price is good considering it will be further discounted with the pre-order system.

      1. Only the discounted preorder costumes are limited to 30K, you dumbass. After the preorder period, you’ll be able to get the for 20K rubies. Everyone is stupid, I can’t handle this stupidity anymore.

      1. Tons of UW and UT tickets from the Ophelia event only and you call this bad? Take your pills peasant!

  8. I never post on these because I think most players overreact negatively, but this..is just insane. You said this we would be like a trophy and reward to veteran players but instead it’s become something only whales can afford. No player who wants to progress would ever buy these, even people who spend a little bit of money. Unless they really really love the character or costume. It’s terribly inefficient. 20K RUBIES for ONE, straight up time gated/limited cash grab. If you wanted to reward veterans, you should have made a set amount of legend costumes for popular characters and given them to us for free during an event. Make it a yearly anniversary event so players can show off year after year how many legend costumes you have and from what year. Epic fail directly after that super hype 2022 developer note. Please fix this.

    A disappointed player that loves Kings Raid

  9. I spend ~300 rubies for +gold% bonus on costumes at november and a few days ago in patchnotes I found out that gold will become useless for me as i can no longer get stamina spending billions gold. Now they want to get money for -% stamina usage on dispatch…. go die Gree$pa

  10. Looking forward to getting the costumes at the end of the week. Getting Jane and Boobakiel… though Boobakiel for auction if it happens and Armored Jane for personal use and that armored DRIP.

    Thanks for all the stuff Vespa, sure my luck for the RNG event wasnt that good, but eh, I have my RC and DLK ready for PvP… wish me luck, going to try to get to masters at least!

    1. Also, forgot to mention, Ashen Rebel Clause lookin’ cool as heck. Love it, wish that was his normal since the reason for his transformation felt contrived, but this costume sates my needs. Thank you.

  11. Nowhere does it say that the legend costumes will be limited to 30 000 only. Only the PREORDER amount of DISCOUNTED costumes is limited to 30k. After the event period, everyone who didn’t preorder will be able to buy them for their normal price of 20k rubies. Learn to read, like, seriously. Go back to school, retake your English exam – DO SOMETHING.

    “Preorder” means ordering something in advance, before its general availability to the public and maybe getting a benefit from doing so, usually in the form of a discounted price. With that said, they could have easily discounted the costumes to begin with, instead of doing this stupid event, but I guess they are dumb enough to believe more people will buy the costumes if the discount applies only to a limited number of items. Pure, unadulterated bullshit.

      1. Exactly. We had no way of knowing that and now it’s gone from the shop so it looks like the only way to purchase them IS through preorder.

        This guy jumped to conclusions, throwing insults to others and now he turns out to be wrong, it’s freaking embarrassing. Sounds like a smart-ass 15 year old to me.

  12. Vespa: Limited costume for a total of 45k ruby!
    Players: Yeaaaa boiiii give it to me

    Vespa: Preorder legend costume for 30k ruby and get a discount!