[Patch Note] Update List of August 31st (Tue)

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory.

We’d like to share with you the update list of August 31st (Tue).

※ The screenshots in the Patch Note have been taken in a Test Server.


[Update List]

▌New Content
▶ High Ranked Players Honor Rewards
– For Raiders who have achieved high ranks in specific contents, honor icons will show up in the chatroom according to the ranks that have been achieved.

– The honor icons will be shown for the following contents: [League of Victory/League of Honor/World Boss]
– Gold/Silver/Bronze honor icons will be shown for the high ranked players (1st ~ 3rd) for each of the contents.
– Similar icons will be shown for the 4th ~ 1000th place for each of the contents (server/global ranking are irrelevant).

– [League of Victory] honor icons will be shown according to the server ranking. The honor icon may remain the same depending on the scores of the previous season. Honor icons will be changed when the rankings are changed in the new season.
– There will be differences in icons for [League of Honor/World Boss] according to the ranks per server/global. Icons will be updated depending on the ranks of the new season. (League of Honor Pre-Season will be applied similarly)
– Please note that the honor icons will be applied in the chatrooms after some time as it will take some time to update your honor icons according to your current ranking situation.

텍스트이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

– Honor icons of the contents will be combined into one, and the icon will be shown in the chatroom.
– If both server ranking and global ranking from the same content are achieved, the icon will be shown depending on the higher rank.
– If both ranks from the server/global ranking are the same, the global ranking will be shown first.
Ex) World Boss Content Server Rank 2nd / Global 2nd = The icon from the Global 2nd place will be shown
Ex) League of Honor Content Server Rank 1st / Global 3rd = The icon from the Server 1st place will be shown

▌Special Event/Dungeon
▶ ‘Juno’s Cooking Quest (Re-Run)’ Event Dungeon

– Event Period: After maintenance on August 31st (Tue) ~ Before maintenance on September 14th (Tue)
– You will be able to access the [Juno’s Cooking Quest] dungeon by talking to ‘NPC Estelle’ who will be located at [Central Orvel].
– [Juno’s Cooking Quest] dungeon is consisted of 3 [Story Dungeons] and 3 [Special Dungeons].
:: You will only be able to access the next stage after clearing the stage before it. The [Special Dungeons] will be opened when clearing all the [Story Dungeons].
– [Story Dungeons] can be accessed with ‘Event Entry Tickets’. You will receive 5 initial ‘Event Entry Tickets’, and 1 ‘Event Entry Ticket’ will be charged at 00:00 [Local Server Time] every day. (You can hold up to max 5 Event Entry Tickets)
– For more details about the event, please check our post ‘[Event] Special Event – Juno’s Cooking Quest (Re-Run)’.

▶ Guild War Global Regular Season 9 Open
“Guild War Regular Season 9 will start after a brief interval once the Regular Season 8 ends.”
– End Date of the Regular Season 8: September 3rd (Fri) 07:59 [PDT]
– Regular Season 9 Period: September 10th (Fri) 09:00 [PDT] ~ November 19th (Fri) 06:59 [PST]

▶ Repositorium – Time from Dispatch battles will be applied

– Improvements will be made to the Repositorium’s Entry Gauge. After the updates, Dispatch Battle time will be counted for the Required Battle Time gauge of the Repositorium.

▶ Addition of September’s Story & Cutscenes to the Monthly Orvel
“Congratulate this month’s birthday Hero ‘Isolet”

– Birthday cutscenes for ‘Isolet’ will be added.
– The cutscenes of the Hero will be opened on the date of the Hero’s birthday (September 9th) and you will be able to obtain the rewards after watching the cutscenes. (Rewards will only be given once).

▶ Updates to the Hero’s Inn
– Heroes ‘Hilda’ & ‘Shakmeh’ will appear at the Hero’s Inn after the update.

▌Challenge Raid
▶ Nightmare Wings – Satria

※ Please note that the remaining points will be reset at the end of the season. Points that have not been used will be exchanged to ‘Stamina Potions’ and they will be sent to your in-game Mailbox.

▶ Adjustments for Raider’s Pledge Penalties
– Several adjustments will be made to the Raider’s Pledge as the Challenge Raid’s Boss will be changed to [Satria].

▶ Adjustments for the List of Items of the Raider’s Pledge Shop
[Multi Shop]

※ Boss Artifact Ticket Box: Upon use, you will be able to select and obtain 1 of the World Boss / Velkazar / Shakmeh Artifacts.

[Single Shop]

▌Bug Fixes

▶ Hero Modeling and Skill Fixes
– Fixed an issue where Isolet’s [Wait] motions were shown abnormally when wearing the Costume ‘Beachside Isolet’.

That was all for the third update of August!

Happy Raiding!

Thank you.

GM Gremory

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  1. Is this some kind of dota2 MMR?
    There’s alot that u can do, like buffing hero that not even worth 2 play because they scaling badly down in term of damage/utility in raid, like yanne, bernheim, reina, mitra.
    Old player bored and quit, new player confuse and get butt kicked then quit.
    Make something like time attack world raid between server, the winner get something like bonus random drop, or bonus drop rate for that week. PVP between server for pvp cham from 1-30 for pvp addict.

      1. Then your guild is shit. Reina is terrible in all relevant content lol.

      2. Wow congrats on beating guild raid content. Every guild must be scouting for talents like you.

      3. Yea Reina is fine. Buff Miri and Kibera instead

      4. If you think Galgoria9, SIgfried9, Ascalon9 and ArcdimX3 are irrelevant content, then OK 🙂

        I must agree with you..

    1. They should make it like Genshin. Where you can farm Challenge Raid/event currency by repeating a stage multiple times so we can buy out the entire shop.

      This is where King’s Raid does it wrong and where Genshin Impact does it right IMO.

      Genshin at least rewards all players, new to old and caters across the spectrum (both solo and multi players). And added to that, GI at least has more meaningful and more exciting patches than King’s Raid for the last idk 5+ patches?

      Well tbh I’m sure 99% of players are already tired of waiting.

      Least they can do is release more balance patches if they cant release KR2. These sh!t updates for chat badges was not asked for at all.

      1. If event currency and repeating event stages for event reward they did it already bro. It’s just the content and game improvement and new event they need to update not some gimmick like this.

      2. Dude, when that game give free *5 char/*5 wpn? in every event/month/half-year? And what reward are you talking about? what shop are you talking about? please explain more and compare that game with this game.

  2. Are they coming?
    They aren’t coming.
    Unless what you mean is those whale baits.
    Yeah, whale baits. Gotta milk those whales amidst this pandemic situation before closing the server forever.

    I don’t know what you are expecting, Ve$pa.
    Trying to inflate the number of online players with no-dispatch grindfest?
    Trying to raise funds for your side projects which obviously is not King’s Raid?

    He listens, he changes, yet I’m not sure what he’s been listening.


  3. As usual more no-dispatch events to inflate the average gaming time for your app so you can get investors for your new Time Defenders app.

    The last 6 updates have been absolutely boring and stale. I honestly do not know how you think you can sustain this game until King’s Raid 2 arrives when the patches are so boring.

    Adding something as useless as icons/badges for chat is literally a waste of resources and storage for your app. Not necessary and your time for “development” could have been spent elsewhere.

    1. Yeah… The game is getting boring and it seems some players quitting this game because of boring event and old content.
      They add badges to make players more competitive than before and try to make high rank players stay and chit chat in chatrooms to make the game more lively. But i think they will lose more players because of this. Because mostly only whale will get high rank in this game to showoff to some pitiful low rank players. And ofc another strategy to milk out whale players even more.
      Quite fascinating don’t you think?

  4. Still waiting for CR multi to have solo option.

    Not everyone wants to rely on unreliable teammates. Add option for players to do solo please.

    I don’t mind if it means we must use one less hero. Not everyone enjoys multiplayer CR.