[Patch Notes] Update List of April 27th (Tue) – (Updated on April 26th (Mon) 23:21 [PDT])

※ The End-Date of the League of Honor Pre-Season has been corrected. (May 16th (Sun) -> May 23rd (Sun)) – Updated on April 26th (Mon) 20:19 [PDT]

※ Some of the prices from the Insignia of Honor Shop were corrected. – Updated on April 26th (Mon) 23:21 [PDT]

– The price of Reforge Tickets (10 > 40) / The price of ‘Protection of the God King’ (800 > 200) / Item ‘Unique Gear Ticket’ has been added.

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

We’d like to share with you the update list of April 27th (Tue).

※The screenshots in the Patch Notes have been taken in a Test Server. Please note that the contents you see may differ from what you see in the actual game.

[Update List]

▌Balance Adjustments
▶ Hero Balance Adjustments
– Adjusted Heroes: Cleo / Shamilla

▌ New Costumes
▶ 2021 Wedding Swimsuit Costumes (2nd)
– 8 Costumes for 2021 Wedding Swimsuit Costumes (2nd) will be added.
– You will be able to obtain 2% EXP Boost, 1% Gold Boost when owning one of these costumes.

– Sonia / Jane / Isolet / Chase

– Estelle / Talisha / Lilia / Cain

▶ Costume Signature Motions Added
“Signature motions for the 2021 Wedding Swimsuit Costumes (2nd) have been added.”
– Heroes will have their own specific signature motions even if the costumes are of similar concepts.
– You can check signature motions by going to [Dressing Room] > [See Motions].

▌Special Event/Dungeon
▶ Juno’s Cooking Quest (Re-Run)

– Event Period:
After maintenance on April 27th (Tue) ~ Before maintenance on May 11th (Tue)
– You will be able to access the [Juno’s Cooking Quest] dungeon by talking to ‘NPC Estelle’ who will be located at Central Orvel.
– [Juno’s Cooking Quest] dungeon is consisted of 3 [Story Dungeons] and 3 [Special Dungeons].
:: You will only be able to access the next stage after clearing the stage before it. The [Special Dungeons] will be opened when clearing all the [Story Dungeons].
– You will be able to access [Story Dungeons] by consuming ‘Wooden Chopping Boards’. (Event Entry Tickets)

– You will be able to access [Special Dungeons] by consuming ‘Stamina’.
– You will receive 3 initial ‘Wooden Chopping Boards’ (Event Entry Tickets), and 1 ‘Wooden Chopping Board’ will be charged at 00:00 [Local Server Time] every day. (You can hold up to max 3)
– For more details of this special event/dungeon, please check our event post ‘Special Event – Juno’s Cooking Quest (Re-Run)’.

▌Improvements / Changes

▶ Hero Shamilla’s Skill Effects will be upgraded

– The effects of Hero Shamilla’s skills (Skills 1~4) will be upgraded. (Improving the quality of the skill effects)

▶ League of Honor Global Pre-Season Open
“The League of Honor Pre-season will start after the end of Regular Season 12.”
– Regular Season 12 End-Date:
May 9th (Sun) 07:59 [PDT]
– Pre-Season Period: May 9th (Sun) 10:00 ~ May 23rd (Sun) 07:59
– Ranking rewards will be distributed after the end of Regular Season 12.

▶ Improvements to League of Honor
[Reward Improvements]

– Changes will be made to the tabs in [Info & Reward].

– The ‘Weekly/Victory Reward’ which was shown through the previous [Ranking Reward] tab will now be shown through the new [Ranking Reward] tab.
– ‘Royal Master’ Tier Weekly Reward Box will be added.

The standard for Weekly Reward Distribution will be changed from ‘Server Ranking’ to ‘World (Global) Ranking’.

– Rewards distributed for ‘World (Global) Ranking’ Tier/Ranking will be improved. (Honor Costume Ticket/ Accessories will remain unchanged)

[Improvements to League of Honor Shop]
– The overall list of items of the Honor Medal Shop will be improved.

– Several items from the Insignia of Honor Shop will be changed.

▶ An Episode of Piece of Memory will be added

– The Hero Special Dungeon of [Episode: Shakmeh] will be added to [Memory Archives] > [Piece of Memory].
– You will be able to access the [Story Dungeon 1] of [Episode: Shakmeh] without any specific requirements. Starting from [Story Dungeon 2], there will be some requirements that you will have to unlock in order to proceed the dungeons.
※ Conditions to unlock [Episode: Shakmeh] – Clear Chapter 8
– All battles within [Piece of Memory] can be accessed by consuming Stamina. You will be able to obtain ‘Blood Moon Fragments’ by clearing [Story / Special / Secret Dungeon].
– With the ‘Blood Moon Fragments’ you have collected, you will be able to exchange them for different kinds of rewards through [Send Gift].

[Episode: Shakmeh – Send Gift Rewards]

– Unique Gear Ticket (Shakmeh) : Upon use, you can select and obtain a Unique Weapon or Unique Treasure of Shakmeh.

▶ Improvements to Hero’s Inn

– The following changes will be made to the Hero’s Inn:

The Friendship Points that are consumed when ‘Starting a Conversation’ with the Heroes you want to recruit (Start Relationship) or Heroes that you own will be changed.

The number of Kinship Rate/Affinity will be increased after the update.

– Changes will be made to the rewards that are distributed randomly when a Hero with max Affinity visits the Hero’s Inn.

– The list of rewards of the [Hero’s Inn Mini Game: Roulette of Fortune] will be changed.

※ 5 Star Hero Ticket: You will be able to select the Hero you want. (~Up to Estelle)
– If you own all the Heroes within the Ticket, you will be able to receive ‘Unique Weapon Fragment x 250’.

– The price of the items sold at the Hero’s Inn Shop will be lowered.

▶ Improvements to Stockade Vault
– After the updates, Entry Tickets will be removed, and you will be able to clear all Dungeons 2 times a day. (Reset every day at 00:00 [Local Server Time])
– The attribute for owning ‘NPC Nicky’ will be changed as shown below.

– When using the items [Stockade Vault Keys in the ‘Inventory’, you will be able to obtain the stage 6 rewards of all 4 Dungeons.

※ Dusty Treasure Chest: Upon use, you will be able to obtain 2,500,000 Gold.
– If you have used all of your Entry Rickets before the maintenance, you will be able to re-enter the dungeons once again as they will be reset at the end of the maintenance.

▶ Rewards of the Tower of Ordeal will be upgraded
– Clear Rewards of the Tower of Ordeal will be upgraded.

▶ Improvements to Soul Judgment

– Ether obtained through Soul Judgment will be increased.

▶ Items will be added to Raid Shop (Forge)
– Materials for crafting presents that increases Friendship Points of NPC Heroes will be added.
※ The Raid Shop is reset every Monday at 00:00 [Local Server Time].

▶ Improvements to Accumulated Login Rewards
– The overall Accumulated Login Dates will be shortened. We will be removing some of the old rewards, and we will replace them with up-to-date rewards.

– From the Accumulated Login Rewards you have already received, we will be sending some of the rewards that have been changed to your in-game Mailbox. As for the newly improved rewards, you will be able to receive them through the [Accumulated Login Reward] tab.

– The rewards that will be sent to your in-game Mailbox will be available until May 31st 23:59.

▶ Improvements to Lunch / Evening Hot Time Rewards
– Rewards of ‘Mysterious Fragment’ that were distributed through Lunch Hot Time Rewards will be changed to ‘Fragment Ticket’.
– Number of rewards will be increased for some of the rewards.

▶ Improvements to Estelle’s Special Order Icon
– After you have completed all missions and received all of the rewards of Estelle’s Special Order, the icon of this Special Order will disappear automatically.

▌Challenge Raid
[60th Party Clear Challenge Raid – Urkak]

[Challenge Raid ‘Urkak’ Balance Adjustments]
– Urkak’s ATK / DEF / HP will be increased by 10%.

▌Bug Fixes

▶ Hero Modeling and Skill Fixes
– Soul Weapon Skill Activation Requirements were changed through the balance adjustments of Artemia and Roi, but the color shown on the Skill Gauge of the Soul Weapon were not changed properly. Through this update, we have fixed the issue with the color changes in the Skill Gauge of Soul Weapons..

– Fixed an issue with Yuria where the number of hit targets were not increased when using ‘Binding Karma (Skill 1)’ during the duration of the shield ‘Starlight Sewing (Skill 2)’.

– Fixed an issue where ‘Curtain of Darkness (Skill 2) did not work properly when Roi’s ATK Spd reached a certain level of ATK Spd.

– Fixed an issue where the effects of the Costume ‘Lucias of Glaring Honor (Blooming Blue Flame)’ were missing.
– Fixed an issue where the Weapon effects of the Costume ‘Invitation of Black Butterfly Sonia’ were missing.

▶ Content Display and Function Fixes
– Fixed an issue where negative numbers or the number 0 were shown intermittently when owning over a certain number of Raid Coins.

That was everything for April’s 2nd Update Patch Note.

Hope you have an amazing time raiding in KING’s RAID!
Thank you.

GM Gremory

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  1. Is cool what they add for her
    Judge from reading this her shield is to easy to break thus still making her a single target dps wich is her primal problem since again… Dark Lord Kancer and RC can insta break it.
    Hopefully with some test im proving wrong and that she dont need that at all….

  2. Really hope you guys keep up the balancing and hopefully bring balance at a faster pace (once a month).

    The current rate of balancing is a little too slow considering we get new heroes faster than balance patches. You have a trend for power-creeping with new heroes and this is a problem since it creates a vicious cycle of more heroes being outdated and needing upgrades.

    King’s Raid 2 is just literally just around the corner yet 80% of the heroes in this game STILL remain mediocre or hardly used. Please keep up balancing and bring it at a faster pace.

    1. I’d rather have slow but good patches than fast meme patches (we all know what happened november last year), but I don’t use either of them so can’t tell if their balances are good or not

  3. Grateful for the reward changes. I do wish you could reduce the time for the selection/ban phases though because the team selection phase is literally 5 times longer than the battle. Very tedious.

    Also this new system seems to reward macroers most since only they would have the time to spend 20 tickets a day to buy out the new items in the shop….

  4. Will you increase the medal coins we get per battle in LOH?

    Also please consider reduce the LOH tickets we have from 20->15 or even 10.

    The loading screens and picking phase is so long compared to the actual battles. Using 20 tickets takes over an hour.

  5. GM Gremory,

    Would the event for “Demia’s Chivalry” (I think that’s what it was called) be extended for 1 hour after maintenance? In game, it was supposed to end 1 hour after reset but there’s maintenance currently happening which makes that extra hour useless.

    If it can’t be extended, that’s okay as well.

  6. PvE mains are now forced to play PvP for these new League of Honor rewards. Ugh.

    Well what more of a way to invite players to abuse and build the current meta/dominating heroes like Dark Lord Kasel, Rebel Clause, Evan, Fallen Frey, Cain, Scarlet, Lucikiel etc…

    Really not my choice of tea. Especially when the loading takes 10 years longer than the battle.

    1. Forced? Why? Is the difference in rewards between Diamond (aka 3 games per week and 20 tickets in the last day, to reach it by the end of the season) and higher ranks that big for a 2 month long season?

      The only one that’s forcing you to do LoH is you. We got so many other places to get these rewards from, that the difference is irrelevant. The shop did get some nice things, but you can just avoid buying costumes to get those things, you can get the costumes by reaching diamond anyway.

      1. “So many other places to get these rewards from”

        Yeah totally, because we can get SW reforges anywhere else currently /sc.

      2. @Jane “aka 3 games per week and 20 tickets in the last day, to reach it by the end of the season)”

        If you were to distribute those 20 tickets from the last day, to the 3 per week, you’d get enough per week to buy those SW reforges along with UW/UT depending on your choice. UW is currently the hardest thing to get right now since they made UT/SW/Ether rather easy, but you also need less of those compared to UTs. But regardless, you’ve got the option not to stress yourself over LoH, yet you choose to do it. It’s your fault. The rewards aren’t game breaking, that you need to do LoH 20 tickets every day.

      3. so i am also a Luna main. luna has always been my main ever since 2018. personally, i don’t believe Luna can do 105t in fortress. You said u “seen this” so can I ask where DID u see this and do you have link to SS/Video where u saw this??? Because it’s hard to believe and really not believeable. Prior to estelle highest luna from JP was at 45T.

        I spoke to two JP luna mains on Twitter and they also think Luna ceiling is about 80t on fortress even with new pets, Estelle, Jane, medi etc

        I currently do 52t on fortress with Luna and high supports like A2 Estelle, A2 vero, A2 Pris, A2 oddy, A2 Lavril etc…

      4. @Pyx I assume you’re the guy from Reddit? I remember a while back, when my a0 4* uw Luna with 2* ut2 was doing more damage than your a2 with 5* uw and ut2 in wb3 and wb1. Point is, mains don’t always know how to properly use their characters. In fact, most of the time they use them badly and say how the character is bad and what not, until someone else decides to build said character and proves them wrong.

        And I saw it in a discord server, that’s all I can say, not everyone wants to share things to everyone. Whether you believe it or not is your choice

      5. Well then Happymarmot, I look forward to your video in 2 weeks time showing off your A0 4* 2*UT2 Luna on WB1 doing more than this Luna main and all other JP Luna users. Pretty sure you’re lying since you’re a physical main and I highly doubt you have all the meta magic supports invested to make her perform well enough to decide over 52T+ at A0.

        As usual spilling lies as if it were real fact.

        Can we please just recall that this is the same guy that:

        * Claims Luna can outdps Kirze on WB1. > Lol.
        * Claimed the highest Luna score he seen was 105T on WB1. > But has no PROOF and can’t dig out the SS/video evidence. Says to “just believe”
        * Claimed that pre-buff Roi could kill OW Shakmeh 9 when he couldn’t even target tree. > With no proof/evidence video again, lol.
        * Claims Rebel Clause can kill OW Shakmeh 9 without any difficulty > Again no video/SS evidence.
        (As a A220 RC user who ranks top 250 global in WB3 Xanadus I can say he can’t within the time limit. Let’s not forget how RC is already painfully slow to clear Devourer Shakmeh 9. So please. OW Shakmeh 9, a content that has hardly any defence and a time-limit on top being clearable by RC? Lmao. Also, where are all these ‘amazing & skilled players’ hiding my Happymarmot friend? Why are they all so secretive? How do you somehow happen to know them all?)
        * Says Tanya is his waifu > mains Reina/Requina.
        * Claims his A0 4* Luna does more than 52T+ on WB1 which outdps many other Luna mains at A220. Also says his Luna can do more than many Luna mains in WB3 > Again all words and no solid proof.

        Also the same guy that said:
        * “I dare say Pansirone actually needs buffs now… all because she was designed for WB3 but RC overtook her”
        * “Loman needs buffs because of Shakmeh release”
        > (And laughably, both of these heroes are more versatile than 90% of the heroes in the game and still top tier in most).

        More examples of his no-logic comments:

        • “Chrisha doesn’t need buffs because she is used in eclipse and trials!” (Two content)
        • “Oh but Taily needs buffs because she just used in Siegfried raid and Trials.” (Also two content) – forgets her being ok in Eclipse and niche pick in PvP as well.

        Oh what about Loman/Pansi… two heroes who “needs buffs” according to you. They are still used in PvP, TM raids, Trials, CR, GC etc… so majority of the game’s meaningful content. Why do they “really need buffs” more than others again?

        Please. No logic in your posts as usual. Also no evidence of your outrageous claims as usual.

        Also Pyx and all other Luna mains you’re not bad at using Luna, it’s just Happymarmot being a bad liar.

        If you ever want anyone to take your claims seriously, do show some evidence before saying it like it’s fact. You’ve countless times failed to provide evidence of your claims. Also, next time you talk about who needs buffs again please actually apply some logic across your posts.

        Have you ever wondered why you get downvoted with your highly questionable posts/comments on Reddit? Because you completely disregard others opinions and only like to listen to the sound of your own voice. Even when you’re proven wrong, you hardly ever concede and sometimes go on to even lie/make up some BS (like now) just to insist your view is ‘correct’ and faultless.

        Anyway, I’ll remember this.
        In 2 weeks time, I look forward to your A0 Luna showcase post on Reddit. Or even better, show us your A0 Luna in WB3 performance. Earlier the better.
        If you can’t provide proof of your claims (like usual), then you’ve proven yourself a compulsive liar again. A person who will do anything just to always be ‘right’. Too much pride to admit you, a fellow human can be wrong sometimes I guess.
        Btw, if I’m proven wrong then I’ll salute you for being a true god gamer, who all players should bow down to since you can play every single hero skilfully without fault, even those you don’t main. I mean can you just imagine?! A physical main using a magic hero, a low invest A0 4* Luna and does more than 52T?! Holy, if Happymarmot had Miitaa’s level of investment then he would be doing more in WB1 with Luna than Miitaa will ever do with the meta hero, Laudia! :sarcasm btw:

      6. “while back” 2 simple words and there was proof of that since I showed it to Pyx to tell him that there must be something he’s doing wrong if he’s doing such low dmg. I know it’s hard to read, but I never said that my luna did more than 52t. Never said that my Luna is good either. All I said is that she did more than the so called Luna main back when they showed theirs. And like you said, I’m a physical main so I used physical supports without oddy or vero. I’m sure you’d figure out why there must have been something wrong with the “main”.

        I also used the word “probably” when it comes to Luna vs Kirze, that’s not certainty despite how everyone’s saying that I claimed it with certainty. It’s a simple english word. I said I was wrong on that one. There’s barely any Kirze mains so I barely ever saw any WB runs. Like I said, the sampling is small so we can never truly know what they are capable of.

        If a top 250 RC is struggling with big shak, there’s indeed an issue, since all you need is about 4.7b dps in order to kill within the time limit. I hope you’re not relying on def ignore tm skills to do this, since you’re top 250 and figuring something like this is well.. simple.

        The video of Roi is on youtube, but that one’s hard to look for since the title was all japanese and rather old. You probably missed this, since you decide not to read everything that’s been written… Roi didn’t kill the tree, he killed shakmeh. Same way the ranged dealers did it. Even characters like Lavril can kill shak and you’re surprised that actual dealers can do it (also on youtube, but this video is only 1 month old unlike the other, so you should have easy time finding it, the title’s even very simple Otherworldly bla bla stage 9 bla bla lavril )

        And regarding Loman and Pansi, I’ve already explained it in the topics about those, but here’s a quote from here “And we’re still waiting for characters that are actually bad to get buffed, instead of those like Crow, Theo, Tanya, Chrisha, Lewisia, Viska.”.

        Now to decipher this to you, since apparently it’s some mystical code that makes you think that I don’t think said characters need a buff: What it says is that there are worse characters than them and not that they don’t need a buff. I don’t get why people go and start assuming things that have never been said. I’m writing in simple english, don’t start reading between the lines.

        A lot of people decide to keep things within their discords…. I know, shocking. If velkazar teams weren’t carbon copies, guilds probably would’ve kept those secret as well. And ppl would be like “that’s a lie” “impossible”, well actually.. ppl did go like this until others started revealing things. Everything is impossible if you can’t do it yourself, am I right?

        Besides, it’s always entertaining how so called mains claim their characters can’t do something when others have done it. Maybe this would even give them the incentive to start thinking more instead of just following what others do with said characters.

      7. wait this guy is Happymarmot? Lol I remember him being banned from global discord awhile back and trying to dodge it 😂

      8. Lmao really? Well, it’s easy to guess why he got banned from Discord, seeing the way he speaks to people on both Reddit and here alike.

        Quite a feat to be disliked that much by the community though (wonder if he ever ponders why). Also amusing news to me that he tried to dodge his ban lmao XD

      9. Nope, never pondered over that. It’s the internet, people will hate it if you tell them that they are the reason they can’t do something. Besides, it’s entertaining, how much they fluster, so why stop?

  7. I absolutely hate LOH but now I have to play it, oh god.

    I hope you can increase the medals we get from weekly mission and per battle.

    As I am smartphone user, I cannot macro on my phone lol. Just imagine manual this content everyday just to buy out the shop weekly….

    Like the weekly and daily chores in the game aren’t enough already…

  8. still a shame Sham didnt get any buffs for PVE and is still reliant on her shield. I was at least hoping her S4 would be changed to All Enemies like release Shamilla was but i guess i was dreaming too big.

    Guess we still stuck with the fact that almost every Magic Archer is PVP. I thought after Yuria changes they would do the same to Sham but oh well.

    1. almost … every…. Magic Archer.. is PVP?

      Let’s see, Arch, one of the stronger options for TM raids, the fastest trial of sky clearer, reaches 70+ in Eclipse, can clear big shak 9 (but then again, everyone can clear big shak 9 so no need to mention it again).

      Talisha, not sure if she has reached 80 in eclipse, but she’s very close. Can again clear trial of sky, fairly decent in TM raids (estelle exists, but that doesn’t make Talisha bad)

      Luna, she’s not being talked about, but she has quite the burst allowing her to easily do most pve content. She’s tricky to use in her trial, but she can still clear it. She won’t compete in scoring content, but still does more than the majority (probably a bit stronger than Kirze in single target).

      Dimael, not the best at anything, but still fairly decent in most pve contents (65+ in eclipse, good in all 3 tm raids, that’s the pve that matters.. anyone can bring you to top 200 in WBs)

      Yuria obviously got buffed last balance patch no need to mention her. It’s literally just Shamilla that’s dedicated to pvp and I’m sure if ppl tried she could do most of the non-scoring pve contents

      1. Luna isn’t stronger than Kirze in ST. She’s definitely better than people think she is for sure, but she’s nowhere near Kirze level in ST.

      2. Since when is Dimael considered “good” standard in TM raids? His DMG comes mainly from his auto attacks and he will just keep cast skills when in dispatch unless you’re one of those players willing to leave your phone/pc on all day to auto-repeat whilst online (all just to leave him off auto mode in runs).

        Also using Dimael in TM raids for magic teams over Arch/Talisha/Estelle is rather silly. Especially considering magic teams have a harder time at Galgoria 9 than Physical teams.

      3. Dimael’s def ignore from s4 more than makes up for him casting skills. Like I said though, he isn’t the best, obviously. Yes, there are better options, but it’s not like even the stronger characters aren’t being replaced by those. Even characters like Selene aren’t being used since it’s better to have estelle to support the other dealers. Does that mean that Selene sucks as well? Dimael is still one of the better ones (unless your gear is absolutely attrocious and your team is a disaster).

        For Luna vs Kirze it’s up to debate, since the sampling is so small, but she’s definitely up there with her. All Vespa needs to do is make her a backliner (6000 range for a character that relies on range is just sad, especially when characters with 9000 range exist) instead of having one of the lowest ranges for a midline character (and change her skill range with that as well, ofc) and her a2 and we might see a new powerhouse.

      4. Highest Luna I saw currently deals around 61T on WB1 (single target content) and that is with an entire team of A2s and good TM gear. Her ceiling is probably around 75T~ (if you have LINE pets lol). But compare this to Kirze who does 120T in comparison.

        So while I agree Luna is definitely much better than most people believe her to be, and certainly better in ST compared to many other magic DPS (like Miri, Theo, Epis etc…) who can’t achieve that standard, I have to say it would be a huge mistake to say with such certainty she is “a bit stronger than Kirze in single target”.

        As you said, if she was changed from mid to back hero then this could change, but as of current, Luna is definitely not close to Kirze level.

      5. Like you said, “highest you’ve seen”, I’ve seen Luna deal 105t in wb1, so I guess I stand corrected she’s not higher than Kirze. But like I said, it’s a small sampling so we don’t actually know whether the player that’s using them is good or not. Also Miita has proven that scores differ vastly between players with similar investments (the whales around him). After all, the players that main said characters aren’t always the best with those characters, so I wouldn’t be surprised if more experienced players get higher scores than those.

        If you recall, whales have said that they tested X characters and claimed to be complete trash, then later someone else uses them and does far better. So it’s hard to make judgements based on 1 or 2 people’s scores. But Luna’s definitely not “bad”, she’s not broken however and sadly that’s what people care about and the reason why we get bad balance patches now.

  9. 1) Shamilla buff is actually good and you dont need to rely on her UT3 if you can kill with S1 or S2

    2) Devs think most people don’t want to do LoH because its not rewarding but the main problem people has tired of stressing with cancerous meta that devs afraid to nerf. Like I said before, they should make changes on the LoH core gameplay, like adding more ban slot so people on higher tier can ban those cancer characters

    1. Agree. An extra ban slot starting from Diamond tier or Masters tier would be great considering most players hate it for the following two reasons:

      1. It encourages people to build cancer heroes and you are also forced to fight cancer with cancer. Else you lose.
      2. Loading screens, waiting and picking times takes five times longer than the battle itself.
      3. Too many entries and very tedious to go through them daily (takes me between 1.5~2 hours to use all my tickets!)

  10. Ok Shak buffs thanks. So that makes 3 from the meme November patch getting a redo over.

    Now just waiting for rest of meme November heroes to be fixed (Crow, Theo, Tanya, Chrisha, Lewi, Viska when??)

    1. And we’re still waiting for characters that are actually bad to get buffed, instead of those like Crow, Theo, Tanya, Chrisha, Lewisia, Viska.
      People really need to stop with this “Meme November patch”, the buffs were good, it’s the current buffs that are bad because they powercreep, making it so more and more characters need a buff.

      1. If I remember correctly, you’re the same guy from Reddit (Happymarmot) who got downvoted to oblivion. Pretty sure you said Pansirone desperately needs buffs now because she got overtaken in WB3 and she was designed for it (talk about heroes who “actually need buffs” again??). You’re also the same guy who said Yanne doesn’t and wouldn’t need buffs, if dragons weren’t meaningless content.

        Kinda hilarious you think mediocre heroes such as Chrisha from meme November doesn’t need buffs, but you think heroes like Pansi who is still strong in various content and is more versatile, does need them because she no longer #1 in WB3.

        Oh, and tell me where Chrisha is actually used now except trial and maybe a very few, rare and niche teams in PvP.

        Who doesn’t need buffs again?

      2. @Eden Never said Pansi “desperately needs buffs” what I said, is that EVEN pansi would need buffs with the way things are going with the powercreeping. I’d suggest you to start reading carefully.

        And regarding Yanne, I dare you…. oh, I dare you to quote me on that. Please do. What I’ve said about Yanne is that it would be a mistake to make her dragon damage to non-hero damage because she has way too much of it.

        Also, 90% of the supports aren’t being used, because we’re limited to 7 in scoring contents so you only need to get the best of the best for an easier time. It’s even worse for other contents where you only need 3 supports. That doesn’t make the other 90%s weak (not all of them).

        Just because the characters are slightly weaker, that doesn’t make them weak. There’s a big difference between these 2 things and you really ought to understand that already (it’s nothing hard to understand, so it’s really baffling).

        Also Chrisha is used as dealer in Eclipse, currently floor 78 (with Epis and Selene being 83/82 respectively unless the players got higher with them.. haven’t really checked on that) if I remember correctly? Support by the way.

        Crow, even with his meme buff, still stronger than 80% of the dealers.
        Theo, 20 sec clears of earth 10, bad character btw.
        Tanya, second highest damaging skill behind Crow.
        People tell me Requina is a support, then by all means so is Lewisia. Shame the other support, Gremory, got buffed for no reason so she shat on actual dealers.
        Viska still has a really stacked kit, so she’s only limited by content (but with how characters with boss damage and non-hero dmg buffs are being spammed along with amp and shred, it won’t be long before she’s bad as well)

  11. Yo where were the pvp mains when the WB rewards got buffed did we pvp mains
    complain about being forced to do WB?

  12. Yo where were the pvp mains when the WB rewards got buffed did we pvp mains
    complain about being forced to do WB?

  13. yO Where WEre THE pvp MAIns wHEN THe WB rEwArdS goT bUfFEd diD We PVP mAIns
    coMPlAIn abouT BEINg ForCeD TO Do WB?
    hoW ABoUt tm
    And tRialS
    AnD SHAK?
    yOu thiNK its EaSy foR A pvP MAiN tO Do THOSe?

  14. So the post said the insignia shop was selling 1 reforge ticket for 10 insignia and now suddenly it’s 40.


  15. Yo where were the pvp mains when the WB rewards got buffed did we pvp mains
    complain about being forced to do WB?

  16. Hello. Im really mad af that you keep forcing us playing LOH… sure im not the only one that feels loh is the worst content ever and what are you doing ?? Adding rewards for PVE in PVP content that take ages to farm… unless u use BOTS… that makes me really angry about the game. Are you devs out of mind? Pc loh bots are allready advantaged and it s gonna be worst now. LOH takes hours to farm since ppl take their time to choose their chars and get stucked in loading screens. What s the point ? Forcing players to play a content that is badly designed and take too much time to play…. that s bad and i call any player that read this post to litterally boycott the content till Vespa stops make fun of us. How tf you want us to play this content on phone? 3 runs a week was allready a heavy chore to do now you want us to do it even more… PC BOTS dont mind they just use macros …. and you know it… u just dont mind till ppl play a bit more this content to justify it exists… im just mad af about it…. that s poorly done

  17. The new LOH changes massively benefits MACROERS just like the League of Fortune event. It’s essentially UNLIMITED stamina potions for macro users.

    Unlimited stamina means unlimited Technomagic dungeon runs and countless RUW from Juno event… are you sure you want to turn this into “macro-abuse” game?

    Players who can’t macro will lose out on rewards and stamina, also have to suffer by painfully manually using their tickets for HOURS.

    Please consider giving us more QOL updates (especially for mobile users) and reducing the number of LOH tickets we get daily from 20>10.

    Also please add an extra ban slot starting from Diamond/Master.

  18. The update is great I’ve no complains about it, it’s certainly a step forward so thank you, but please do something about LoH, it takes me 2 hours daily to do LoH, I wish if u guys can do something to reduce this time, I’m not trying to reduce my daily play time, but instead of spending 2 hours in this tedious content I’d rather to use them doing something else…

    1. Totally agree. It’s so tedious to go through 20 tickets daily especially if you aren’t a macro user.

      Vespa really need to reduce the tickets we get daily, or at least reduce the times for hero selection and the loading screens.

  19. I really appreciate the buff to the LoH rewards and the encouragement for more people to do LoH. However, in order to get the most out of the shop, players have to run most of their 20 tickets each day, which sometimes takes upwards of an hour. With all the other things to do in the game, including LoV (another pvp mode), and how many players are limited on time, would you guys consider implementing some more changes to reduce the amount of playtime needed to get the rewards?

    One suggestion I have is:
    Have the first 500-1000 League of Honor medals per day or 3500-7000 per week be acquired at a drastically increased rate while reducing the amount of medals you get afterwards to compensate. This way, players who want most of the rewards only need to run a smaller portion of their tickets each day. Personally, I’d like most of the rewards to be from an average of 5 daily tickets or so, which is about 10-20 minutes of gameplay each day.

  20. It take me 2 hours to use all my tickets because loading and picking screen take too long.

    Please consider reduce number of tickets we receive daily or buff up the medals gain per battle. Thank you.