[Patch Note] 8/12(Fri) Update Details 

Greetings, Raiders.

We would like to share the update details for August 12 (Fri) maintenance.

[Update Details]────────────────


▶ Currency Maximum Limit

– The maximum allowed amount of currencies for each content will be set.

Curreny Maximum Limit

Currency Usage Currency Name First Limit (Initial Implement)
League of Victory Shop Victory Medal 1,200,000
Honor Medal Shop Honor Medal 500,000
Insignia of Honor Shop Insignia of Honor 40,000
Battlefield of Ordeals Shop Ordeal Points 200,000
Raid Shop Raid Coin 1,000,000,000
World Boss Shop Crystallized Power 2,000,000
Guild Shop Guild Coin 10,000,000
Guild War Shop Guild War Medal 200,000

– After the maximum limit is set, the excess currency will remain untouched. But if the limit is exceeded, additional currency will not be obtainable.
– After the initial holding limit is established, the limit will be lowered little by little after each update.
– An item will be added Battlefield of Ordeals Shop, Guild Shop, Raid Shop with unlimited number of purchases.

▶ Divine Punishment Raid

– Mana Addiction will be changed so that it applies differently according to the stage.

Mana Addiction Changes
Stage Mana Addiction Stage
1 ~ 4 No Effect
5 ~ 8 Maximum 1st stage
9 ~ 12 Maximum 2nd stage
13 ~ Maximum 3rd stage

– Required stamina to unlock will be reduced by 60%, and the amount of rewards for each stage will be reduced.

– The ‘Unique Gear Ticket’ of the clear reward will be changed to obtain on probability, not guaranteed.

– The probability to obtain ‘Unique Gear Ticket’ will increase as the level of stage increases.

▶ League of Victory
– Changes has been excluded from today’s update. We will inform the Raiders of the changes in the future.

▌Bug Fix

▶ In-game Issues

– An issue where Conquer World Boss! 1 achievement wasn’t completing properly will be fixed.

That’s it for the Patch Note of August 12th (Fri).

Have fun with King’s Raid!

Thank you.


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  1. Dear King’s Raid Team
    Hi can i get the information about King’s raid 2 ? It’s been year without anything, I’m tired of waiting man. At some point I still believe u guys make myself busy in the game, like farming or doing some shit in the hope that eventually I still alive when King’s raid 2 come. But now I’m really tired man with your delay and your BS. A year without anything? No event To keep your player busy play your game? Well that’s how it is I’m tired, thanks for the memories man it’s been 4 year since i play this game. I hope whoever still play this game i hope vespa reward you with something coz you’re the reason why i still play this game. And for vespa good luck with your new game coz I don’t care about your TD game.