[Notice] NPC Heroes Review Event! – Winner Announcement

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Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

The ‘NPC Heroes Review’ event we held on June has concluded!

We’d like to thank all the participants for taking your valuable time to participate in the event.

Please check below to read more about the BEST reviews that have been selected for this event.

▌NPC Heroes Growth Event! – BEST Reviews

▶ BEST Reviews
– May
① Cloudie (America Server) [LINK]
② LastExile1 (America Server) [LINK]
③ Plebシ (Asia Server) [LINK]

– Nicky

① Funya (Asia Server) [LINK]

– Hanus

① Shalice (America Server) [LINK]

▶ Reward
– BEST Review Reward: Soulstone Ticket x 1

Thank you once again for participating, and we hope to see more amazing reviews next time!

GM Gremory

19 thoughts on “[Notice] NPC Heroes Review Event! – Winner Announcement”

  1. Really hope you guys revisit the Nicky buff eventually. Doesn’t help that you focused on only PVP so PVE saw almost no changes, you also didnt even bother to touch her S1 or S3 in any way whatsoever compared to the other 2 heroes that got at least something for every skill be it perk change, UT change, something. Her PVE usage barely moved and her PVP issues are still the same and werent fixed. She is honestly way too niche imo.

  2. @GM Gremory,

    Asia Server did not receive the rewards for May kinship items.. only hanus and nicky were given.

    Its been sometime asia has been neglected by vespa. Not long ago, asia had a whole day of running man kasel bug with no reimbursements.. and now this..


  3. Vespa
    In what universe…
    in what plane of existence do you guys exist, that you would even qualify last exile’s guide as “good”? Were there just no EU participants?
    I already feel bad for his existing viewers, now you’re going to add more people to it?
    I feel like I should report you to the UN for violating the Geneva conventions with this.

    1. yeah that last exile guy is probably the worst content creator this game has idk why anyone follows him

  4. Were is the reward for raising Nicky/Hanus and May to lvl 100? the 50k friendship stuff it said till the june maintenance its july now … Still no rewards were given out.

  5. Lol why even make it a competition just give it to the no life youtuber’s outright

  6. yall really gave a soulstone ticket to a guy who said ut3 is best for shea….

  7. This SCUMBAG DEVELOPER just keep telling lies after lies.

    I only get npc gift for nicky and hanus.
    WHERE THE FUCK npc gift for may you BRAINDEAD MOTHERFUCKER ?????????

    Im in ASIA full of SHIT SERVER.

  8. I see they’re ignoring the fact that May’s kinship reward from the event is missing.

  9. Poor Nicky.

    Her buff was so bad that she only had one review and it won by default. She can’t PvP with Lucikiels and Scarlets and any ranged because she gets interrupted and the HP% Dmg is so bad. She’s still trash in PvE. Her S3 should pull instead of knockback so you don’t just lose or just give her something to compete against everyone else who got buffed. Nothing really changed from her ‘buff’.