[Notice] Announcement regarding the Discontinuation of In-game Spanish and Portuguese Language Services

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory.

We’d like to announce that the language services for Spanish and Portuguese within the game will be discontinued after the updates on February 22nd (Tue), 2022.

Due to the decrease in number of Spanish & Portuguese users, we are no longer able to provide in-game services for both languages. Therefore, we kindly ask for your understanding on this matter.

▶ Discontinuation of Language Services

– Languages: Spanish & Portuguese

– Date of Discontinuation: After the updates on February 22nd (Tue)

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to our users who have been supporting and playing KING’s RAID in Spanish & Portuguese. We will continue to do our best to provide a better gaming environment for everyone.

Thank you.

GM Gremory.

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  1. También hay miles de jugadores de habla español que han gastado cientos de dólares en tu juego. Por lo menos te pido de favor que mantengas todo lo que esta traducido al español, solo eso te pido como jugador veterano.

  2. Ya me haveis perdido y los q perdereis, meti dinero en el juego y ahora mismo es de lo q mas me arrepiento y tambien tiene huevos como nos lo contais, 4 lineas y para casa, se nota demasiado q no os estais disculpando en serio y os la sudamos. Increible

    1. Es la mayor tonteria que he visto que en vez de defender tu idioma para que se mantenga digas la tonteria del “aprendan ingles”. Yo te dire: aprende coreano asi sabrás su idioma oficial del juego…. además veo que no sabes como funciona esto de la traducción en estos juegos.

  3. The game is dying bois.
    Face reality.
    Vespa stocks dropped from 33000 to 3400. That is a 89.7% drop!
    No surprise since the guild leader of Japan whale guild has quit months back and also Miitaa stopped swiping a hard in the game (the guy has maxed literally nearly everything).

    No wonder VESPA is are cutting translation team.
    They don’t even have enough to feed their employees.
    That’s probably why our patches have been empty as well, since all the Developers have either quit due to the poor wage or been fired/cut, hence there is a non-existent development team.

    Translation team cut✔️
    Development team cut✔️
    Language/translation team cut ✔️
    Kill the game? ✔️
    No content just costumes for half a year ✔️
    Broken promises ✔️
    No communication with playerbase ✔️

  4. As a Spanish speaker, I got to say that I’ve been using the english language cause there are some descriptions in spanish that are difficult to understand. I always thought you were using google translator tbh. Now this isnt a reason to discontinue the language cause there are tons of Spanish speaker players who use the language cause they just dont speak another language. But anyway

  5. Dear Vespa, a couple of days ago I turned 1200 days in the game (and more than 1170 consecutive logins), and I’m still here because at the time this was one of the very few games that had the Spanish language incorporated, which led me to choose it over the other games.

    Coincidentally, yesterday I looked in the general chat at the level of discrimination that there is by US users towards everything around and without being able to report them, and today I come to find out about this news.

    Every day I put up with crashes, freezes, super lag in GC, relog about 10 times per hour (which haven’t fixed anything), but this is already too much. The 4th most spoken language that all games are incorporating and here they discard it.

    I don’t know who makes these decisions, but it makes me sad to see how my favorite game falls apart, it just needs to be said that KR2 is for very high devices and I’m definitely retiring, or at least announcing it as soon as possible so as not to waste more time.

    Querido Vespa, hace un par de dias cumpli 1200 dias en el juego (y mas de 1170 login consecutivo), y aun estoy aqui porque en su momento este era de los muy pocos juegos que tenian el idioma espanol incorporado, lo que me llevo a elegirlo por sobre los demas juegos.

    Casualmente ayer miraba en el chat general el nivel de discriminación que hay por parte de los usuarios de EU hacia todo alrededor y sin poder reportarlos, y hoy vengo a enterarme de esta noticia.

    Todos los dias soporto los crasheos, freezes, super lag en GC, relogear como 10 veces por hora (que no han arreglado nada), pero esto ya es demasiado. El 4to idioma mas hablado que todos los juegos estan incorporando y aca lo desechan.

    No se quien toma estas decisiones, pero me pone triste ver como mi juego favorito se cae a pedazos, solo falta que digan que KR2 es para dispositivos muy altos y me retiro definitivamente, o al menos anunciarlo cuantos antes para no perder mas tiempo.

  6. I would like to say, as a Spanish person who has been playing this game for years. For you to do such a thing knowing people in ur gaming community speaks the language and if you really are deciding to do so, you should pay back the money that they spent.

  7. Eu estou muito triste em saber que o idioma em português e espanhol irá sair.
    Eu acho que a Vespa deveria esperar até o lançamento do KR 2 para tomar essa decisão de corte de idiomas esta todo mundo parando devido as ultimas atualizações e estava todo mundo hypado para o KR 2 que foi adiado para o meio deste ano então achei precoce essa retirada.
    Peço humildemente que revejam essa retirada há várias guildas em português e espanhol também 🙁

  8. Stop deleting my comments GMs.
    Face reality.
    Your stocks sunk even deeper today.

    Your stocks used to be 33000. Today, it’s 3300. Yesterday it was 3400. It dipped again. There was even a point where you hit 3255 in stocks!

    This means you lost 90% of your stocks.

    Yet somehow, you still think you can keep this game alive with just nothing but costumes.
    I’ll be amazed if your game still exists by the end of this year.
    There is NO King’s Raid Season 2 coming.
    It will be King’s Raid: Closure Notice instead.

    Your company is on the verge of bankruptcy and you all know it. This is due to your lack of care for players and your pathetic ‘updates’. 6 hour maintenance (minus the expected maintenance extension) to add one new costume and some ‘fixes’ to costumes. All your players are legit crawling into their graves whilst waiting for a proper update.
    Stop deleting my comments when it’s a fact.

    Even the official Discord is full of people concerned about the game’s standstill status. The excuse “all the resources have been directed to King’s Raid 2” is a lame and exhausted excuse. We’ve saw nothing about KR2 except some facial expressions/animations and characters who-we-still-don’t-even-know-their-names. Didn’t know it took you one year to create some facial expressions for like 5 characters.

  9. Just effin end the players suffering already we all know KR2 is your last hope, just say it clearly no new content no balances no nothing until kr2 just costumes so we need your monies players swipe them cards for rubies so you guys can keep vespa alive for a little while longer