Announcement regarding the ROOOT Campaign in Japan

Greetings Raiders,

This is PD Edge, the new director of KING’s RAID.

First of all, we’d like to deeply apologize to all Raiders

On behalf of the KING’s RAID Studio, we apologize for all the inconvenience and concern we’ve caused due to our lack of communication.

KING’s RAID as a game that has provided service all around the world through a single build, we’re providing similar content rewards to all Global Raiders. As for the community events, the events had different variations depending on the country or the way they were carried out. However, we have calculated the value of the rewards for all global communities equally.

In the case of the Twitter Rooot Campaign, it was originally planned to be carried out as a global event, and it was planned to be proceeded sequentially in all global communities. Despite the preparations we have made, we were not able to communicate enough with our Raiders and we let down the expectations of Raiders who have supported KING’s RAID. Once again, we’d like to apologize for the trouble and worries this may have caused.

As for our future community events, we promise we will be providing thorough guidance and clear communication, so that all global Raiders can participate and enjoy equally.

An event with equal rewards to the Twitter Root Campaign will be held today, and we will be announcing the details of the event through our community pages.

In addition, we have prepared an apology reward to all Raiders for the inconvenience caused.

[Apology reward]

– Protection of the God King x 5

– Mystical Soul Fragment x 2,000

– Soulstone Ticket x 1

※ You will be able to receive the rewards until March 31st, 2021 23:59.

As the new PD of KING’s RAID, I believe that clear communication essential, and we’re aware that we have lacked the enough skills to communicate with our Raiders.

With the goal of reinforcing the transparency of communication and restoring the trust of our Raiders, we are deeply considering different ways to improve communication. But still we’re inexperienced and we’re still making mistakes regarding this matter.

We’re in the process of recruiting more people so that we can reinforce communication with our Raiders. Our KING’s RAID Studio would like to apologize for the inconvenience and confusion this may have caused, and we will try harder in order to regain the trust of everyone.

Once again, we deeply apologize for all the troubles and we promise we will provide better services to our Raiders.

We will also be communicating often through our future development plans of KING’s RAID

Thank you.

From KING’s RAID PD Edge

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  1. I’m glad you’ve responded regarding this case. However you’ve already had MULTIPLE fiascos this year and last year because of poor communication. This should be alarm bells for your HQ that something is not going right.

    • Meme buff/balance patch in November.
    • No-nerf policy statement which caused tons of players rating your game 1* on Google Play/App Store.
    • Costume ratios being unfair.
    • Poor QOL for mobile users, poor game optimisation.
    • Killing off monthly Developer Talks.
    • EN patch notes translating Seria buffs wrong and MISSING out half the information forcing EN players to translate other language patch notes.
    • Shakmeh nerf after tons of whales got him to A220 on first DAY.
    • Phys vs Magic disparity.
    • Now this. No communication on supposed new “global events”.

    May I also bring to your attention this is NOT the first time you’ve been caught giving privileges or showed bias towards Japan server. What’s your answer to these previous occasions of bias then?

    In fact, last year you had to issue an long apology for giving Japan server ten times better rewards and also leaving out every server (PLUG).

    So the sentence “it was originally planned to be carried out as a global event” sounds more like an EXCUSE as to why we didn’t get these rewards more so than a good reason. If it were TRULY supposed to be planned as a “global event” then why not do it at the same time? Why did Japan server get it first and why did other servers have no posts about it happening? Why did you only ‘come out’ of hiding when you got called out?

    Uncanny. Just like last year, you only come out and feel sorry once you’ve been caught treating servers differently. How have your not learned?

    On the other previous occasions where servers got better rewards and there was less explosion of an outburst, I never saw you apologise for those times. So again, it goes to show you ONLY feel sorry when you’ve gotten caught and many raiders cry about it. Maybe less raiders cried on these ‘smaller occasions’ per-se because the rewards weren’t as significant/ground-breaking or as huge a disparity as what we saw today.

    But regardless, whether you’ve been caught being biased or not you shouldn’t even DARE think to continue this behaviour. As the golden rule goes: You should always treat people EQUALLY and how you want to be treated (and yes your players are PEOPLE too). If you don’t want players to riot then treat them equally and well.

    You’ve countless times made empty promises to improve communication but the short time frame between these huge fiascos (nerf-immune heroes/Seria/Shakmeh/Physical vs Magic disparity/Japan bias) makes me actually wonder if you’re making any real effort to “improve communication” as you say. Nothing shows for it.
    > Killing Developer Talks obviously doesn’t help either does it?

    As much as I hated PLUG I wish it was still here just so you can see what more of an outburst you would get from players, lol.

    People say “third time’s the charm” when you fail at something. Then why have you failed in COMMUNICATION (perhaps the most vital skill in retaining your playerbase’s trust) like 100 times?
    Learn and improve. Not just give words. Things are easier said than done. Give us ACTIONS and not words.

    Actions not words. No more empty promises. No more excuses. This is how you “retain players trust” and restore it when it’s been lost.

    1. Well said! I agree with this post! Vespa seriously needs to stop giving us half hearted apologies and instead prevent these situations from happening in the first place. Wouldn’t have happened if they didn’t give Japan server holy treatment all the time

  2. If nobody stepped up, came out and complained you wouldn’t have issued this apology. Isn’t that right ¥€$PA?

    How do I know this? Well because on previous occasions where these was blatant bias towards Japan server (they got server exclusive freebies for no reason) and the matter wasn’t as hugely known as this one, you at ¥€$PA didn’t even say anything and went about your day like usual without issuing any sort of apology. In the end the matter was buried and so was your misconduct.

    Yeah so ya only apologise when you got caught cheating out every server apart from JP.

    Shouldn’t need players to unite every time and calling out your ill deeds for you to feel sorry.

    Waiting for the white knights to defend you when this is like maybe the 200th time you ffed up btw.

  3. A new PD. That is enlightening to say the least. I’m looking forward to what changes in the game’s direction.
    As for the mistake, I personally always knew these rewards would just be handled differently. It has happened before due to SNS discrepancies with JP, and because nobody would allow things like these to happen in a competitive game.
    The point of the communication though is really important and I hope you stick to it.

    1. it would be nice if it was the case, but i also don’t see the fairness in handing out retweet rewards to other servers for jp retweeting a jp promo campaign. they might just make a separate promo campaign for us to retweet, that would make more sense

  4. Vespa is a joke fook your fake arse apology. Y’all don’t even mean it Japan sever got sw transfer tickets and we get dookie. At this point I don’t even know why we should even support y’all since all you do is give us the middle finger.

  5. How can you apologize to us while at the same time being extremely biased?.. your compensation rewards shouldn’t change depending on servers.. then what’s the whole point of the kings raid community you say you building uh?
    Talk about differentiation and favoritism, promoting the same things the world is trying to fight, and this isn’t the 1st or 3rd time.. old PD.. new PD y’all the same

    1. Dude, we will get the same things that JP. This is a COMPENSATION for not telling us before. Basically free stuff while they prepare a different event to give us the same times JP will get.

      How hard is it to read? It is literally in BOLD letters

      “An event with equal rewards to the Twitter Root Campaign will be held today, and we will be announcing the details of the event through our community pages.”

      1. You’d be surprised to find out how hard reading is to some of the people here

      2. while Japan is not getting the free stuff from the compensation…

  6. I m glad that you guys was able to rectify by crediting us the equivalent rewards.

    Its really heartbreaking that the developers has forgotten about players from the Asia, Korea, America & Europe Server from time to time…

    (this is nt the first time that jp has been receiving nice new hidden rewards (i played on jp as well as Asia & EU). This time round its an exception that i wont stay silent since jp is getting a Soul Weapon Transfer ticket)

  7. I am glad this was addressed but this is one of the least convincing apologies I’ve ever read. I can almost guarantee that you had no intention of making this event global until you received sufficient backlash. Players are fed up of your bias towards many aspects of the game and playerbase and if this goes on for much longer people will quit. I hope this is the last time we have to deal with your inequality.

  8. *Spoilers. Japan also got this apology reward*
    But seriously i have that horrible feeling that you guys wer understaffed for a long time, i hope the sometimes dumb directors gives you more budget

  9. Lmao. New PD? Cmon Vespa. We know you don’t care at all about us. It’s all about the Cashshop and more P2W Packages. Everything else is a lie since 2019. It’s all about $$$. Never forget #FreeGalgoria

  10. looking forward for a great news to arrived! overall glad to receive free gift’s XD
    also people/company do make mistakes and that’s inevitable even in games etc. but we should appreciate the effort that they make . anyways I’m sure tons of this mistake will gonna happen again in the future so I’m looking forward for the future compensation rewards HAHAHHA…

  11. Okay, Vespa, I commend you for responding to this issue quickly, and addressing it in a way that hopefully satisfies most of your non-Japanese server player base. So good job there.

    In the future, please, just don’t do any more events that give significant rewards to one server only. Just don’t. It’s a bad idea, period.

    The internet is big and easy to use. We can find out what each server’s players gets in minutes, if not seconds. It’s bad for moral and will reduce (at least my desire) to spend money on the game. I’m sure there are plenty of other players who feel the same.

    Keep the playing field level, and you’ll have loyal customers who will pay for fair products. Skew the game in favor of one subgroup, and soon you’ll lose the rest.

  12. If you really want my heart back then re-implement original blue lorraine skin as selectable variant for a 5* costume. Clause can also be swapped between old and new version, why not her? For the anime that couldnt even get a 6 rating on MyAnimeList? Oh Cmon.. We have enough blondes.
    You absolutely broke my heart back then when you announced this change. Remember that this character was once even used as your game launcher icon.