[Notice] May 25th, 2021 Known Issues (Updated on May 26th (Wed) 09:20 [PDT])

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

We’re here to inform you about several known issues that has been encountered within the game after the maintenance.

Please check the details below for more information.

[Known Issues]

<Fixed Issues>

– An issue in which points are not obtained properly through [Isaiah – New Hero Progression Event]

– Issues in which the rewards of specific Webview events were not sent properly.

All WebView events except the [Ruby Spending Event] & [New Hero Progression Event] have been closed temporarily. We will make sure to make further announcements through our community pages as soon as fixes are made. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

– An issue in which infinite loading screen is shown in the Penteonia Border Area 9 when moving to the stage 2 wave.

– An issue in which the Gear is not shown when using the item ‘1 Star Unique Gear Ticket (Isaiah)’

– An issue in which T1 Gear is obtained through [General Item Summon] when clearing all stages in [Chapter X Penteonia Border Area]

– An issue in which items are not shown through the tab [Special Shop] > [Event]

The [Event] tab is visible when purchasable products are in the list. This tab should not be visible if you’re not a beginner in KING’s RAID. Please note that we will be making the necessary adjustments to this tab.

<Current issues of the game>

– An issue in which battles cannot be accessed when selecting single mode in Guild Conquest.

– [iOS only] An issue in which some of the cutscenes are not shown properly when playing the Chapter X.

– An issue in which Hero Selection is not possible in section 2 when a party member adds a Hero at the same time. This issue is found when playing in multiplayer mode in ARCDIM / ARCDIM X Raids.

Please make sure to select the Heroes in sequential order for a smooth gameplay. We will be fixing this issue as soon as possible.

– An issue in which the open notice of X: The Final Chapter is not shown when accessing Chapter 10. (This issue has been encountered for Raiders who have already cleared Chapter 10-41)

– An issue in which abnormal crashing issues are encountered when clearing the New X: The Final Chapter in devices below 2GB.

We are sorry for the inconvenience you experienced while playing the game and will do our best to provide a better gaming experience while playing King’s Raid.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

GM Gremory

66 thoughts on “[Notice] May 25th, 2021 Known Issues (Updated on May 26th (Wed) 09:20 [PDT])”

  1. There is problem – events “lucky box” and “chapter clear” dissapeared from event list.

  2. already emailed the customer service email, but i got a bug where my Hero Progression Event points should be at 233, but it is frozen at 150.

  3. When will you fix infinite loading screen on part 9 battle part 2?

    So annoying can’t even finish read story and try new raid because of this bug!

  4. What the hell my pre-reg mail disappeared and I haven’t even claimed it yet

      1. I already entered the coupon code in-game then the mail disappeared

      1. Not yet, and I already sent 3 e-mails but they didn’t even bother to respond. “We will make sure to communicate more with our raiders” my a$$ screw you vespa

  5. Just do an emergency maintenance. No use trying to avoid it, cause thats a lot bugs and its causing a lot of inconvenience with the players.

    Honestly, you should have just made the maintenance longer to test out bugs. You guys always go for the shortest maintenence time and we always get extension and bugs, this is constant in every maintenance its kinda annoying.

    Also right now, server is realy slow. I don’t know if its overloaded by players or because of the abundance of errors in the game right now.

    You hype all your players for this huge update, “final story” and this is what we get.

  6. Hei VESTARD, you forgot to write on the patch notes that LAGS, FREEZE AND CRASH are THE NEW FEATURES of this game. And beside internet connection, this game also required player to have a MENTAL DISORDER to be able to play. Just make it clear so they wont be confused.

  7. It’s silly to ruin such hype with this much of lags, bugs, and TONS unhappy players.

    How tf i could buy one of your package if every 10sec a loading kasel-run appear for 12-15. Not to mention that mailbox is practically ruined, making all those shiny reward unable to be claimed.

    Way to kill the hype vespa, nicely done!

  8. you must run an emergency maintenance, the game is not enjoyable with this crashing issue

  9. Shitty update, screw up everything, at this point I think they really hire some monkeys to do the maintenance thingy

  10. As well, several of the levels in Chapter 10 are uncompletable (as in, they crash immediately after succeeding, even if trying to skip the cinematic).

  11. when will you fix the bug with infinite loading on X-9 2nd stage?
    I really wanna finish the story since its got reallt interesting

  12. Wtf there’s no pre regist reward in mailbox when i enter the code? This is beyond disgusting.

    I feel betrayed, i thought vespa finally is getting better. After all this time, you learnt nothing huh?

    Imagine promoting this chapter all the way, makes your current playerbase so hype that they ask their retired friend to comeback, only to get mocked with all lags crashes and bugs. You guys embarassed us.

  13. So some people were able to use their keys for the Web event and recieved items from it. How do you intend to compensate those who have not been able to do the daily pull before you took it down?

  14. Broken login streak, missing rewards, mail box deleted, unstable server, unfair bias. Nice major update. You MAJORLY SCREWED YOURSELF OVER

  15. Patch notes say that Kasel is at central Orvel but the only person there is Talisha. I’ve checked every location in Orvel where do I go to get Kasels letter and the costumes?

    1. Hi Rick, this issue has been fixed through out latest patch. Please make sure to download the latest patch by logging in to the game once again. Thank you.

    2. Thanks for the patch. Kasel and all of the other events are showing up now. Thanks for the fast fix.

      1. Same here, never have imagined that the lag can totally destroy ingame mailing.

        Was actually planning to buy some package, but now even no mood to play it.

  16. [Isaiah – New Hero Progression Event] missing point are not fixed. Please look into it, some players are still missing the points to claim the final reward.

    1. Same here, mine still show 331/350… I can’t claim the last reward…
      Please fix this Vespa…

  17. Dear Vespa,

    I see that your team already fixed the problem about some event from the last update. I honestly appreciate your work about that, Thank you. Then again, Vespa, please response this case too. many of us Raider have some issues about reward that has not received till now. As for my case, i still not get my rewards from Pre-registration coupon that i already used, but still didnt come in my mailbox since 23.30 (GMT +7). Also some of rewards that i should received form mailbox like from Spending Ruby event and Isaiah Celebration event. I hope you can fixed this and give us the rewards that we should get. please follow up this problem, because the case occur in many Raiders not just me. Thanks for your hard work, i really hope a good response from you.

    Yours Sincerely

    Ign : lDiehártl
    Id : 2569376
    Server : Asia

    1. Yeah same here.. already email to vespa regarding this problem. They said they are aware of this matter and try to fix this. Not sure when but i hope they will fix it soon

  18. Entered the coupon, ingame mail received, unable to claim, now the gift fucking gone, code already used, only available once, 10/10 nice game will enter coupon again. Thank you suckers

  19. Before the patch, I entered the coupon code from pre-resignation. Now after the patch, the mail is empty. Please get the items back

  20. I have same issues like the other my inbox went missing and same with my pre regist reward too

    My id : 2837413
    Ign : ArdDLies
    Server : Asia

    Thank you
    The best game i ever played

  21. Fix pre-reg rewards please, my reward lost like ghost, I can’t understand, why

  22. I have issues in whuch inbox prize went missing regarding pre regist reward

    My id : 457569
    Ign : Blitzzle
    Server : Asia


    1. I have issues in whuch inbox prize went missing regarding pre regist reward
      can someone help me for fix this problem?
      thank you

  23. I have issues in whuch inbox prize went missing regarding pre regist reward
    can someone help me for fix this problem?
    thank you

  24. Its been a freaking day and vesfuckingpa has done nothing to fix their own shit, bet they gonna remain silent til we all forget about this, vespa you fucking greedy shit

  25. Ah yes, another known issues update and THE FUCKING BUG THAT PEOPLE LOST THEIR PRE REGISTERED REWARD DID NOT MENTIONED, very well played vespa, you played both your fucking selves and your players.

  26. I guess it’s done guys, they will never give us the pre-regis reward since it is NOT AN ISSUE AT ALL.

    To Vespa: if you think the reward is too good to giveaway, just don’t make it an advertisement for attracting people. Such a clumsy tactics.

  27. Please vespa fix the pre-registration rewards problem
    i have redeem the pre registration code in e-mail, but the rewards wont appear in my KR account mail.

    Game ID : 2326852
    IGN : xYoshoku
    Server : Asia

  28. I run many accounts (3) and only one account got the count down to the release of chapter x and it was just 1500 ut frags. can you fix that event too?

  29. Please vespa fix the pre-registration rewards problem
    I have redeem the pre registration code in e-mail, but the rewards won’t appear in my KR account mail.

    Game ID : 1536419
    IGN : UM4MI
    Server : Asia

  30. myself including many others didnot receive pre reg reward. sent mail to cs they said aware of the issue. but it is not updated in the known issue???

      1. They will probably announce it soon regarding that matter since majority of players are complaining about it. Just wait what will happen.

    1. Same here.. been waiting and trust them.. the CS said same thing also to me.. maybe they only di copy+paste the email to those who complain the same thing.. i did reply back and mention about my disappointment regarding this issue and after the emergency MT still the issue isn’t fixed yet.. but they don’t reply anymore.. PERHAPS THEY RUNNING OUT OF THEIR IDEA OR MAYBE CAN’T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT IT… hahaha what a joke

  31. Vespa why don’t you answer regarding this bug you have made? It’s not the player’s fault.. it’s your own fault.
    Why don’t you give us a statement regarding this mailbox bug issue?
    Have u postpone or cancelled it from the beginning so all the raider didn’t receive it in the first place i could understand.. but this is just unfair when you see some players received it and some many players still got bugged.
    I was planning to buy some packages to make a huge advancement for my account but this makes me don’t wanna play anymore.. even asked my friend to play your game and hype them with the pre REG reward.. but look what happened.. what a way to disappoint your players.